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Is Epilepsy Classed As A Disability

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People Who Automatically Qualify For A Blue Badge

Ch.3 Coordination | Nervous Disorders | Paralysis & Epilepsy | class 10 New biology book | STBB

You automatically qualify for a badge if you are over 2 years old and meet at least one of the following rules:

  • You receive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance
  • You receive the mobility component of PIP and have obtained 10 points specifically for descriptor E under the planning and following journeys activity, on the grounds that you are unable to undertake any journey because it would cause you overwhelming psychological distress. This rule does NOT apply in Northern Ireland


In Scotland you are also automatically eligible if at least one of the following applies:

  • You scored 12 points in the planning and following journeys part of your mobility assessment for PIP
  • You previously received the higher rate of the mobility component for DLA indefinitely
  • You have had a mandatory reconsideration for PIP accepted by the Department for Work and Pensions In this case you would be eligible for a 1 year badge


In Wales you are automatically eligible if you scored 12 points in the planning and following journeys part of your mobility assessment for PIP.

Health Insurance Life Insurance

As stated above, the ADAs employment requirements prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of benefits. Thus, employers may not deny health insurance coverage to selected members of their workforce based on diagnosis of disability. Additionally, employers may not refuse to hire applicants because of a feared or actual increase in insurance costs. Insurance policies which limit coverage for certain treatments or procedures do not violate the ADA. Also, the law does not affect pre-existing condition clauses included in insurance policies a policy can exclude coverage for an individuals epilepsy- related treatment.

If Your Employer Says They Dont Think You Have A Disability

You should explain why you think you have a disability. You’ll need to explain:

  • what impairment you have – if you dont know what the impairment is, explain its effects
  • why its long term
  • what the substantial adverse effect is – without aids, medication or treatment

Then ask your employer why they disagree.

If your employer disagrees, you can continue with your claim but they might still dispute that you have a disability. If you decide to take legal action, they could challenge the basis of your case by saying you dont meet the definition of having a disability.

The tribunal would decide if you have a disability by considering evidence from both parties. It will listen to what you say, but you might also need to show them medical evidence – like a letter from your GP or consultant.

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How Do I Claim Pip

To start your claim call the DWP on 0800 917 2222. Someone can make the call on your behalf, but you need to be with them when they call. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Making your claim by phone means your claim starts from the date of the phone call.

You can also write to the address below and ask for a form. Bear in mind this can delay the decision on your claim, as the form can take 2 weeks to arrive.

Personal Independence Payment New Claims Post Handling Site B Wolverhampton WV99 1AH

For more information on how to claim, including what information youll need to provide, visit the website.

When Do Epileptic Adults Qualify For Social Security Disability Payments

Epilepsy is not contagious

Adults with epilepsy may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income . To qualify for either SSI or SSDI, epileptic seizures have to occur regularly .

Because epilepsy is often controlled with medication, it is not always a disabling illness. Social Security examiners will want to see evidence that your condition is disabling even though you are taking your medication.

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Can I Get Social Security Disability Ssdi Ssi For Epilepsy

Claims based on Epilepsy need to be credible and supported with strong medical evidence

Does Social Security consider Epilepsy to be disabling?

How exactly does Social Security evaluate a disability claim based on Epilepsy?

Step 1: Non-Medical CriteriaStep 2: Severe ImpairmentStep 3: Medical ListingsStep 4: Past WorkStep 5: Other Work

Wondering If You Qualify?

Find out if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in just seconds with our free evaluation.

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Epilepsy And The Workplace

Epilepsy is a very diverse condition, so the main point employers need to take away is to avoid making assumptions and instead, talk to the employee and find out what type of epilepsy they have, what their epilepsy is like and how exactly it could affect their work. By talking this through, you will clearly understand any specific warning signs to look out for and what must be done in the event of an epileptic seizure. This safeguards your employee further, as people can end up hurting themselves if appropriate action isnt taken. Other reasonable adjustments that employers can offer employees with epilepsy include:

  • A low-stress working culture as seizures can be brought on by stress or tiredness
  • Encouragement of epilepsy sufferers to inform their colleagues of their condition, so that they can identify the warning signs/symptoms of a seizure and understand what to do
  • A flexible approach to the way they work, working hours and time off as some people can return to work quickly after a seizure, whilst others may need more time
  • Risk assessments based on an individuals circumstances, that only include factual information.

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Proof Of Epilepsy Diagnosis

Your long term disability insurance company will require proof of your epilepsy diagnosis for your long term disability claim.

Testing used to diagnose epilepsy and determine the cause of seizures may include:

  • A Neurological Exam. Your doctor may test your behavior, motor abilities, mental function, and other areas to diagnose your condition and determine the type of Epilepsy you may have.
  • Blood Tests. Your doctor may take a blood sample to check for signs of infections, genetic conditions, or other conditions that may be associated with seizures.
  • Electroencephalogram . This is the most common test used to diagnose Epilepsy. In this test, doctors attach electrodes to you scalp to record the electrical activity of your brain. If you have Epilepsy, its common to have changes in your normal pattern of brain waves, even when youre not having a seizure. Your doctor may monitor you on video while conducting an EEG while youre awake or asleep to record any seizures you experience.

Educational And Developmental Considerations

Seizure Disorders and the School – Secondary.m4v

Its not unusual for seizures to interfere with a childs development and learning. For example, if a student has the type of seizure characterized by periods of fixed staring, he or she is likely to miss parts of what the teacher is saying. If teachersor other caregivers such as babysitters, daycare providers, preschool teachers, K-12 personnelobserve such an episode, its important that they document and report it promptly to parents .

Because epilepsy can affect a childs learning and development , families will want to learn more about the systems of help that are available. Much of that help comes from the nations special education law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act , which makes available these two sets of services:

  • Early intervention | A system of services to help infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.
  • Special education and related services | Services available through the public school system for school-aged children, including preschoolers .

In both of these systems, eligible children receive special services designed to address the developmental, functional, and educational needs resulting from their disability.

To access early intervention services for a child up to his or her 3rd birthday, ask your childs pediatrician for a referral. You can also call the local hospitals maternity ward or pediatric ward, and ask for the contact information of the local early intervention program.

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Descriptive Data On Family Carer Coping

Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and Caregiver Strain Index

Mean scores for the anxiety and depression sub-scales of the HADS were 8.33 and 5.06 respectively . Using the conservative cut-off of 11 or greater, 24 carers had a clinically significant level of anxiety symptoms and eight had clinically significant depressive symptoms. HADS anxiety and depression scales correlated at r=0.602 in our sample. The CSI has not previously been used with carers of people with intellectual disabilities. Reliability coefficients, therefore, were calculated and Cronbachs was found to be 0.80, indicating acceptable internal consistency. Mean value on the CSI was 6.03 and 43 of the 72 carers had higher than usual stress. HADS anxiety and HADS depression sub-scales correlated with CSI , suggesting that the HADS and CSI have at least 70% unshared variance. Half of the carers with higher than usual stress on the CSI were cases according to HADS anxiety scores, whereas 71% of case on the HADS anxiety subscale had higher than usual stress. This suggests that the HADS is a more conservative measure than the CSI.

What Should I Do If I Want To Get Disability For My Seizures

Successfully obtaining Social Security disability benefits as a result of epilepsy or another seizure disorder is a difficult and involving process that contains many different factors and considerations. In order to optimize your chances of obtaining benefits if you do suffer from seizures, it is important to retain an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer who understands the Social Security disability system and seizure disorder. Our office will do everything in our power to aid you in the process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits. Contact one of our attorneys today for a free consultation.

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Medical Evidence About Your Epilepsy

  • The name and contact information for your neurologist and other medical providers who can discuss your condition and the type of seizures you have .
  • A complete list of medications, both past and present, along with any side effects youve experienced from them, as well as results for medical tests such as CT scans, MRI, and EEGs.
  • A description of how epilepsy impacts your ability to do activities like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and other tasks of daily living.

Comparative Data On Psychopathology

Pin by Melissa Class on Life with lupus

Psychiatric Assessment Schedule for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

PAS-ADD data were available for 172 participants . More than one-quarter scored at or above threshold for possible neurotic or affective disorder, with 7% and 10% respectively reaching thresholds for possible organic and psychotic disorders. One-third of participants rated at or above threshold for at least one classification. There are no published norms for the PAS-ADD Checklist. However, data were available from a community health survey in England Moss, personal communication) and we extracted information from the only published report ). Sample I comprised a heterogeneous group of adults with intellectual disability . Sample II comprised 81 males and 46 females in the age range 1989 years. These demographics are similar to our own.

Table 1

Psychiatric classification using the PAS-ADD checklist

Aberrant Behaviour Checklist

Internal consistency and performance data on the sub-scales of the Aberrant Behaviour Checklist

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General Information About Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures. It is also called a seizure disorder.4 A seizure happens when abnormal electrical activity in the brain causes an involuntary change in body movement or function, sensation, awareness, or behavior. People diagnosed with epilepsy have had at least two seizures and may have had more than one type of seizure. A seizure can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Some individuals recover immediately from a seizure, while others may be dazed and sleepy for a period of time following a seizure. The severity of epilepsy and the type of seizure vary from person to person.5

Today, almost three million people in the United States have some form of epilepsy, and about 200,000 new cases of seizure disorders and epilepsy are diagnosed each year.6 One in ten adults will have a seizure sometime during his lifetime.7 Although there is no cure for epilepsy, antiepileptic drugs successfully prevent seizures in the majority of people who take them regularly and as prescribed. It has been estimated that seizures can be completely controlled in 50 percent of individuals with epilepsy for substantial periods of time, while another 20 percent experience a significant reduction in the number of seizures.8

How Do I Claim Dla

Download the claim form from the website or call 0800 121 4600.

In Northern Ireland you can download a claim form, or contact the Disability and Carers Service or your local Jobs and Benefits office.

Cerebra is a charity for children with neurological problems, including epilepsy. They have a free step-by-step guide to filling in the DLA claim form. The guide also has information on what to do if you are unhappy with a DLA decision. You can download it from the Cerebra website, or request a copy by calling 0800 328 1159, or emailing

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Help From Social Services

Depending on what your epilepsy is like, you may be entitled to have a social care needs assessment. An assessment normally takes place in your home and looks at whether you have any physical or health difficulties, social or housing needs, and what support you already receive, for example from family or friends. If the assessment identifies that you have needs which meet the local authoritys criteria, then they have a duty to arrange relevant community care services for you. These services may include meals, home help, adaptations to the home such as installing a shower or personal alarm, and access to leisure activities. You may need to pay some of the costs.

Contact your local social services department to ask for a needs assessment.

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Can I Work With Seizure Disorder

Tourettes Syndrome Class Presentation | What is my Disability? And How Can You Help?

Seizure disorder, more commonly called epilepsy, is a condition that causes episodes of excessive, abnormal activity of neurons in the brain. As the name implies, the most notable symptom is seizures. Although there is no known cure for seizure disorder, it is often well controlled with medication or surgery.

If your medication does not sufficiently control your seizure disorder, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, as uncontrolled seizures can have a serious impact on your ability to perform safely on the job. There are more than 40 distinct types of seizure disorder, some of which are considerably more debilitating than others. Additionally, all forms of seizure disorder may be present in varying degrees of severity and may respond differently to medication.

If you have seizure disorder, you should be under a doctors care. Besides the obvious reason of trying to eliminate or reduce the negative impact of seizures on your life through appropriate medication, you will need thorough documentation of what treatments have been attempted and your response to them if you are to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

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Is Epilepsy Considered A Disability Under The Ada

As a result of changes made by the ADAAA, individuals who have epilepsy should easily be found to have a disability within the meaning of the first part of the ADAs definition of disability because they are substantially limited in neurological functions and other major life activities (for example, speaking or

Check If You Have An Impairment

You have an impairment if your physical or mental abilities are reduced in some way. This could be the result of a medical condition – for example, if you have arthritis in your hands and you cant grip or carry things very well.

An impairment doesnt have to be a diagnosed medical condition. If youre suffering from stress, you might have:

  • mental impairments – like difficulty concentrating
  • physical impairments – like extreme tiredness and difficulty sleeping.

If you don’t have a diagnosis, you still need medical evidence to show your impairment has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to do day-to-day activities.

Your impairment doesnt have to stop you doing anything, as long as it makes it harder. It might cause you pain, make tasks take a long time or mean you can’t do an activity more than once.

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Failure To Make A Reasonable Adjustment

Under the Equality Act employers and organisations must make sure that disabled people can access jobs, education and services as easily as non-disabled people. This is called the duty to make reasonable adjustments. This could include:

  • Making changes to a rule, requirement or practice
  • Making changes to buildings or premises
  • Providing equipment that will help you

The organisation or employer must not pass the cost of any adjustments onto you. Failure to make reasonable adjustments could be unlawful under the Equality Act.

What counts as ‘reasonable’ depends on a number of things, including:

  • How practical it is for the organisation to make the adjustment
  • How much it would cost
  • How much it would reduce the disadvantage you face

Examples of reasonable adjustments:

Your epilepsy means you sometimes struggle to remember things, so your college arranges equipment for you to record lectures.

An employer allows you to start and finish work later than other employees, if you usually have seizures first thing in the morning.

This is unwanted behaviour towards you related to your disability, where the behaviour:

  • Has the purpose or effect of violating your dignity or
  • Creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for you

The Equality Act also protects your family and friends from being harassed at work or when using services, if the harassment is because of your epilepsy.

Examples of harassment:

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