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Where Is The Disability Resource Center Located

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How To Find Us

From Pendleton Street Garage

Pendleton Street Garage provides accessible parking with visitor parking at meters on levels 1A, 1B and 2A .

From the garage:

  • Travel 1 block along Pendleton Street.
  • Turn right onto sidewalk beside a parking lot. Close-Hipp is the building on your left.
  • Continue straight to reach the front, main entrance .
  • SDRC is to the left after you have entered the building.
  • From Close-Hipp Garage

    Close-Hipp Garage provides accessible parking with visitor parking at meters on the top level.

    From the parking lot:

  • Enter the side of the building closest to the parking lot .
  • Enter the main lobby area on your left.
  • SDRC will then be to your left.
  • For additional parking information, visit the Garage and Lots webpage provided by Parking and Transportation Services.

    The Disability Resource Center Located In Tom And

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    The Disability Resource Center Located in Tom and Betty Petway Hall, Building 57 First Floor Office 1500 https: //www. unf. edu/drc

    DRC Students 1253 registered students in 2018 The DRC provides academic accommodations for students with diagnosed disabilities that include, but are not limited to: Learning Disabilities Deaf or Hard of Hearing Autism Spectrum Disorder Orthopedic Disabilities ADHD/ADD Medical Disabilities Traumatic Brain Injury Blind or Low Vision Speech Disabilities Mental Health Disabilities

    Accommodations are mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. 1. Facultys legal obligation to provide accommodations begins when the accommodation letter is received. 2. Accommodations must be provided as they are stated on the accommodation letter. 3. Accommodations are confidential. Disability information is not included in accommodation letters and should not be questioned by faculty. 4. Contact the DRC If you have questions or concerns about properly implementing an accommodation in your class. DRC Contact 904 -620 -2769 edu r. edu

    Online Course Accessibility Center for Instruction and Research Technology provides support to faculty to ensure that all online course materials are accessible. https: //www. unf. edu/cirt/LMS_Support/Canvas_Accessibility_Home. aspx

    The Disability Resource Center Provides Services For Students With Physical Learning And Other Types Of Disabilities

    The DRC is located in AC-115. Services will be based on the level of disability and the academic needs of each student. Students may be interested in:

    • improving job skills
    • pursuing personal enrichment
    • planning to transfer to a four-year college.

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act mandate that students with learning, physical or other types of disabilities receive services to allow an equal experience in education. The Disability Resource Center is the central area for these free services.

    Building A Culture Of Access At Utc

    DRC Fall 2021 Information



    It is the mission of the Disability Resource Center at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to provide leadership for cultivating a proactive culture of disability awareness on our campus and in our community. By developing partnerships with a broad diversity of people, the DRC facilitates in the removal of barriers and the creation of accessible environments, programs, and services. The DRC provides opportunities for education and advocacy in collaboration with students, faculty, and staff in support of our university’s core values.

    New Procedure To Requesting Accommodations

    Disability Resource Center Relocates to the University ...

    All students previously registered with the DRC: Beginning fall 2021, requests for the Accommodation Notice must be made and processed using AIM. Students who prefer printing and providing the Notice to the course instructor directly will be able to print the Notice in AIM. Please see the AIM section to access the system and training/tutorial information.

    Our Mission And Vision

    We are committed to fostering accessible learning opportunities and environments for qualified students with disabilities. We aim to inform, educate and support students with disabilities in ways in which allow them to achieve their educational, career and life goals, on the basis of their personal skills, abilities, interests and values.

    To support our mission, we serve as a resource for students and instructors alike and value student self-empowerment, self-direction and self-determination, while believing that access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities should in no way compromise the intended learning outcomes of any educational opportunity or environment inside or outside of the classroom setting.

    We emphasize equity in access, rights of privacy and the integrity of academic programs, policies and practices.

    To access the student and faculty portals use the links below:

    AIM-Faculty Portal

    Drc Services During Remote Operations

    If you need help with accommodations for my class and would like to talk to your DRC coach:

    How to use accommodations in online classes Discuss your SAS and which accommodations you will need with each instructor. They can work collaboratively with you and your DRC Academic Coach to make sure that you have access to the course materials and activities. If you experience specific barriers, please notify your DRC Academic Coach so they can assist you. DRC Academic Coaches are currently meeting with students via phone or video conference.

    How to request a Signed Language Interpreter:If this is a one-time request , please fill out the One-Time Interpreter Request Form at least five days prior to your meeting. The Disability Services Manager will assign an interpreter to your request.

    • If your meeting is online, the interpreter will need a link to join your meeting. Please include the link in the comment section of the form.
    • To create a digital copy of your schedule:
    • Sign in to myCNM and click on Cashier tab.
    • Under the Make a Payment heading, select Your Schedule/Bill. Select Fall 2020 to open your schedule.
    • Right-click on the schedule and select Print or press Ctrl + P on the keyboard. Select the Print as PDF option. This virtually prints your schedule as a PDF.
  • Sign in to myCNM and click on Cashier tab.
  • Under the Make a Payment heading, select Your Schedule/Bill. Select the term for which you’d like to request materials to open your schedule.
  • Access Services At The Disability Resource Center Office

    CSU students interested in registering with the Disability Resource Center must complete the DRC Intake Packet, which can be downloaded from links below, or by picking it up at the Disability Resource Center, located in Edgewater Hall, Suite 255.

    Please note: Students enrolled in Continuing Education courses must still register with the DRC; however, they do not need to complete the Student Responsibilities for Testing Form and should review and sign the Policies and Procedures Form specific to Continuing Education, which can be downloaded from the links below.

  • Students can return the completed intake packet to the Disability Resource Center in-person or via fax to 678-466-5467, along with medical/disability records from a licensed medical/treatment provider.
  • Please refer to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Documentation Criteria for further information regarding documentation guidelines at: USG Academic Affairs Handbook
  • It is the responsibility of the student to contact the medical professional, obtain any required additional information and ensure that is is received by the DRC.
  • Once the intake packet is received, DRC professionals will review the submitted documents and students will be notified of whether their documentation meets CSU criteria or if additional documentation is needed.
  • Coming This Fall: Services Offered Virtually Or In

    The Disability Resource Center office is pleased to offer students with the option to meet either “in-person” or virtually with DRC staff; just state your preference of meeting type when you schedule. 

    Visit COVID-19 Resources for Students for a list of campus and online resources to help students with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

    Welcome To The Office Of Disability Resources And Services

    Disability is an aspect of diversity. Disability Resources and Services is the designated department by the University to determine reasonable accommodations and services. At the University of Pittsburgh, we are committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities.

    Students with disabilities are integrated as completely as possible into the University experience. DRS shares with you, the student, the responsibility for creating equal access toward achievement of your academic goals. Through an interactive process, we work individually with each student to provide access to University classes, programs and activities. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

    Plan For Stage 3 Of Bc’s Reopening

    July 9th 2021 Announcement

    NDRC staff met this week to come up with a plan for BCs latest Covid updates. BC has lifted the indoor mask mandate and put these protocols back in the hands of organizations. As an organization that works with seniors and vulnerable people with many different kinds of disabilities we have decided to play it safe and are requesting people still wear masks until all of our staff and volunteers have received their second dose. 

    Parking Permits/ Resource Wall

     We have lifted our max client occupancy to 5 in the main lobby and turned our chairs around so more people can sit and those who come in together can sit together. We also still have the option of renewing parking permits by phone or mail. 

    Computer School

    We will continue to run the computer school as 1-1 sessions throughout the summer. Home visits will resume two weeks after computer school coordinator, Marie, receives her second dose. Once BC enters Stage 4 we will revise this plan to include structured and unstructured classes.

    Accessibility And Disability Resource Center

    Learn about the support services and resources offered by the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center for students, employees and faculty. The ADRC encourages full participation for those with disabilities and help ensure equal opportunities that meet your needs.

    The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. Any student or employee with a disability is eligible to request in order to equalize opportunities.

    Accommodation information

    Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to register with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center so their needs and accommodations can be met. The University of Oklahoma uses a centralized model of accomodation. Any accommodation request is provided through the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center.

    Welcome To Lamar University Disability Resource Center

    Students Petition for Disability Resource Center, Equity ...

    Welcome to Lamar University and the Disability Resource Center . We are committed to supporting students with disabilities at Lamar University through the appropriate use of advocacy, accommodations, and supportive services to ensure access to campus courses, services, and activities. The DRC is the university-designated office that determines and facilitates reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

    The Disability Resource Center is dedicated to supporting students with disabilities with inclusive opportunities and equitable learning environments. This support extends to the diverse background of our students and celebrates difference as something that helps set Lamar University apart from other institutions. As a department, we will work to ensure our events, practices, services, and goals support and celebrate the diverse multicultural backgrounds of students, faculty, and staff at Lamar University.

    Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm 

    Virtual Services. Accommodation requests, faculty notification letters, e-text requests, and notes can still be accessed virtually through AIM. AIM login can be accessed on this website by clicking the red button labeled on the right side of each page. 


    Emergency Contacts 


    Assisting Students With Disabilities In Higher Education

    The Disability Resource Center was created to meet the unique educational needs of undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities. 

    The DRC is dedicated to providing a coordinated program of support services which are not furnished by other university offices or outside organizations. The DRC assists students in negotiating disability related barriers and strives to improve access and opportunity. This enables all levels of students with disabilities to become integrated into campus life, and become more successful undergraduate or graduate students while maximizing their independence. Our services are free of charge.

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