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Does Universal Studios Have A Disability Pass

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Option #: Military Ticket Office

Universal Attraction Assistance Pass

Your local base has community support for service members called MWR .

If you didnt already know about the program you can receive a lot of great deals through their ticket office.

MWR offices are located at more than 2,000 facilities in the United States and throughout the world.

We recommend that you contact your local base Military Ticket Office and ask if they participate in the Universal Studios military discount.

If so, they will be able to provide you with current rates.

If not

Universal Studios Hollywood Attraction Assistance Pass For Autism And Sensory Conditions

Our own froggy;niece needs some extra help when navigating the park and is even at an increased risk of wandering away or eloping from our group. She has autism, and weve found that the AAP is also incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating the park with this increasingly common condition.

Weve found that waiting in line seems perfectly fine to the rest of us, but it can be overwhelming for this sweet froglet, so the AAP helps us find a safer, more appropriate option for her and the entire frog family.

Universal’s Guest Assistance Pass Entry Cards

If the AAP doesnt meet your familys needs, Universal makes a smallnumber of these cards available on a strictly limited basis. Basically, aGAP Entry Card is identical to a One-Day/Two-Park Universal ExpressUnlimited Pass and provides immediate entry to any attractions UniversalExpress queue, regardless of the standby wait. Like the UniversalExpress Pass, GAP Entry is valid only at attractions that offer UniversalExpress, which excludes Pteranodon Flyers, so youll still want an AAPor Virtual Line reservation for that attraction.

If you want a GAP because long standby lines make the AAPunworkable for your party, be prepared to plead your case to a GuestServices supervisor and endure some time-consuming scrutiny. If youget turned down or youd just rather not deal with the hassle, you canalways purchase a regular Universal Express Pass .

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Universal Studios Hollywood Attraction Assistance Pass For Invisible Disabilities

Our friend Adam falls into the category of special needs that aren’t visible to others. We hopped along with him on his trip to Universal Studios Hollywood to learn about the process of acquiring and using the AAP card. He has no mobility issues, but he has some nonphysical disabilities, plus he does not sweat. You might think that is a good thing, but it means he has to be careful that he does not overheat and pass out.

The AAP helped Adam stay cool, but we learned that it’s best to follow some tips and strategies when using it. He carries a spray bottle with him. In between ride times, he makes frequent visits to the fountains to cool off. He also got a good soaking on Jurassic World The Ride to keep him cool in the Lower Lot on a hot summer day. For the most part, the AAP helped meet his emotional and physical needs so he could have a toadally great time. Chances are, you may need to make some accommodations of your own to support the person in your group, whether that’s noise-cancelling headphones or watching ride videos on our YouTube channel so you know what to expect.

Pass You Will Need: Disability Access Service Card

How Autism Friendly is Universal Studios Hollywood ...

About the pass

Unlike other Orlando parks, Disneys DAS is an electronic system. This was upgraded from a paper system in April 2015. Disneys DAS systems purpose is to alleviate the stress of queuing for its guests. This does not mean you will have skip-the-line access, however, it does mean you will be able to wait in a setting of your choosing before joining the ride, rather than waiting in a queue. DAS cards will not usually be provided for guests whose disability is based on the need of a wheelchair or scooter. However, guests who use a wheelchair or a scooter can receive a return time, alleviating the need to wait in line.

The DAS card can be used in all four Disney Parks .

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Accessibility At Walt Disney World Resort

General accessibility at Walt Disney World is very good. Disney provide additional accommodations such as sign language interpretation, assistive listening systems, and Braille guidebooks. Access to rides is based upon the return times principle, meaning you wont have to queue for a ride, you will be given a time to return to the ride when you will be able to come back and go straight onto it.

There are certain restrictions in place for service animals, as there are areas where they are not allowed. See here for the full information. The blog Wheelchair Travel Adventures has a vast number of posts detailing trips to Walt Disney World in a wheelchair, so check the blog out for first-hand tips and reviews of almost every Disney park!

Hershey Park In Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey Park;provides a military discount for those visiting during their regular summer hours, as well as those who wish to attend the Hershey Park in the Dark Halloween event and the Hershey Park Christmas Candy Lane. In addition to the discounted tickets for the amusement park, all visitors can also enjoy a free ride through Hersheys Chocolate World.

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Amusement Parks That Offer Military Discounts

In addition to Universal Studios Orlando, many other parks offer discounts for military members and veterans. Since many of the parks are located near Universal Studios, you can plan a complete vacation with discounts, especially if you are traveling to the Orlando area.

Disney parks also offer discounts. It might be possible to plan a trip to the so-called happiest place on Earth without breaking the bank good news to military families who dont have a lot of extra money to spend on travel and vacations.

Remember that some parks offer discounts on certain days, such as Memorial Day or Veterans Day. In other cases, there might be blackout dates on holidays, so its important to check in advance so your plans wont have to change at the last minute.

In addition to Universal Studios and various Disney parks that offer discounts, what other discounts are available for military members and veterans from amusement parks?

Universal Orlando: Complete Guide To Attraction Assistance For Special

Universal Studios & Disabilities… Know Before You Go!

Universal offers the Universal Orlando Resort Guide for Rider Safety and Accessibility for all guests to become familiar with attraction restrictions and requirements that are necessary for riding, as well as certain ride elements that not everyone may be able to enjoy . This guide not only covers those with disabilities but also provides information on height restrictions, restraint systems, and other topics that may be of use to visitors.

Note: the disability pass program described below is specifically intended for guests or their families who are visiting Universal with intellectual and select physical and learning disabilities. If that is not you, please return to our;OI Center;for over 300 other pages of vacation-planning information.

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How Do You Qualify For The Universal Studios Military Discount

The Universal Studios military discount is open to all active duty and retired U.S. military personnel.

The discount is available year round, and not just limited to certain seasons or blackout dates.

In order to qualify Universal Studios mentions that you must serve as active duty , retiree, 100% disabled veteran, or Medal of Honor recipient.

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The military discount is also available to military spouses and dependents so long as they have a verifiable military ID.;

The discounted tickets are much better value if you go through a participating military base compared to the actual ticket office at Universal Studios.

The official box office of Universal Studios will only grant you $3 off each ticket, which is pretty lousy.

How To Buy Freedom Passes

Freedom Passes can only be purchased at your Base Ticket Office or as part of a Military Discounted Package through your Travel Agent.

When you purchase tickets/passes as part of a package they are protected because if you change or cancel your reservations, the whole package is refunded.

Jen Novak is Our Recommended Universal Studios Travel Agent!;Just click this link to get your Quote

Planning a Universal Orlando Trip? Want to get the best military discounts that are available? Feeling a little confused? Get Our Email Newsletter

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Disney World’s Fastpass+ Vs Universal Express Pass

Not all fast track passes are created equally. There are key differences between Disney World’s FastPass+ and the Universal Express Pass.

  • At both Disney World and Universal Orlando, the fast pass ticket can be used for a selection of the most popular rides and attractions. Note that the list of participating attractions at Universal Orlando does not include some of the parks’ most popular attractions.
  • At Disney World, each guest automatically gets three FastPass+ tickets per day and can get three more after those are used.;Each FastPass+ can be used on one ride or attraction. At Universal Orlando, the Universal Express Pass is an all-day pass. .
  • A Disney FastPass+ must be scheduled in advance, while the Universal Express Pass does not.
  • There is no way to buy additional FastPass+ tickets at Disney World, and every guest gets the same number. At Universal Orlando, the only way to get a Universal Express Pass is to purchase it separately or to acquire it as a perk of being a guest at the on-site resort.
  • Because so many guests have Universal Express Passes compared to the crowd-controlled Disney World FastPass+, the fast track lines at Universal Orlando tend to be noticeably longer than those at Disney World.

Universal Orlando Resort: Universal Studios And Islands Of Adventure


Universal’s Accessibility Information for Guests with DisabilitiesAttraction Assistance Pass .How to Use the AAP – Attraction Assistance Pass for guests with disabilities including autism:

  • Present Universal Orlando’s Attraction Assistance Pass for guests with disabilities including autism and other developmental disabilities to the attendant at the entrance to each attraction.;If the posted wait time is less than 30 minutes, you will be directed to an alternative entrance/queue which is usually the Express Pass line.; If the posted wait time is 30 minutes or more, the attendant will write on;the pass what time to;return to ride;that attraction.; When you return at the designated time, you will then be directed to the alternative entrance or Express Pass line to enter the attraction.;

PLEASE REMEMBER The AAP should still be used for attractions that do not accept Express Pass:In Islands of Adventure:Guest Assistance Pass Entry cardNote for those who are season pass;holders:

  • Use our;;There is no additional cost to you and we receive a small percentage of all completed orders.;
  • Advertise on our website and/or in our newsletters. For more information about advertising with us, please;visit our Advertise page.
  • Consider making a contribution through the PayPal link below.;

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Discount Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets

Our favorite Disney-approved re-seller,;Get Away Today,offers the best Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets around. In addition to great discount prices, their customer service and easy support is absolutely fantastic. They have an entire department dedicated to making sure every order has a wonderful experience and they are on-call to help you during your vacation if you need them.

Buying tickets from Get Away Today is easy and convenient since all their tickets are sent electronically. You can take their vouchers and head straight to the gate without needing to wait in any ticket booth lines. They also offer layaway plans so you can pay off your vacation over time.

You can read my review on my personal experiences booking through Get Away Today and how much you can save here!

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What Type Of Mobility Scooters Can I Rent At Universal Orlando Resort

You can rent a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, or electronic convenience vehicle to use at Universal Studios.; All you need to do is make a reservation either;online;or by telephone and then the scooter will be delivered to your hotel, resort, or residence.;Cloud of Goods offers;four scooter rentals to choose from.;They are transportable and will fit in your car.;A scooter that folds-up or easily disassembles and fits in the trunk of your car or a rental taxi will be greatly appreciated if you want to dash off for a shopping trip at a mall.

Our Lightweight mobility scooter rental;is easy-to-disassemble. This powered scooter provides stability on outdoor terrain. It has a weight capacity of 200 lbs and a driving range of 8 miles.

The heavy-duty mobility scooter rentalis quite comfortable. This scooter can be used as;a heavy-duty travel scooter. It is still;very;portable. Perfect fit for everyday use with the longest range. This scooter model;has a weight capacity of 350 lbs and a driving range of 12;miles.

The extra-large heavy-duty mobility scooter rental is the perfect fit for a high-performance operation with a sleek, sporty design. It comes with an LED battery meter. This scooter rental has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and a driving range of 15.5;miles.

The electric kick scooter rentalis designed for the daily use of commuters and other adults. Equipped with Honeycomb never-flat airless rubber tires.;

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Universal Orlando For Guests With Special Needs

Universal Orlando strives to accommodate every visitorin accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act . The resort offers a free Riders Guide for Rider Safety & Guests with Disabilities,describing each attractions restrictions and requirementsin detail at You can download the booklet foreach of the three parks in PDF format before your visit or get printed copies at Guest Services, at resortfront desks, or at wheelchair-rentallocations inside the parks. Thelimitations youll face at Universal Orlando, and the accommodationsyou can take advantage of, will vary according to the nature of yourspecial needs.

How Accessible Is Universal Orlando Resort

My 4 “Disability” Passes (from Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios, and Knott’s)! 🙂

Very! Universal has been committed to making sure that its resort is ADA compliant. Both wheelchairs and ECVs are available to rent, and all Universal parks, CityWalk, restaurants, restrooms, and hotels are wheelchair and/or ECV accessible, with elevators or ramps typically available wherever there are stairs.

Attraction queues are wheelchair accessible, and queues have been adjusted to meet or exceed ADA standards. Ramps are built at the recommended incline, and there are courtesy manual wheelchairs available for use by ECV riders . Many ride platforms or ride vehicles have also been adapted for easier transfer, and if mobility aids cannot be taken on a ride, they are held by team members and returned when the rider disembarks.

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Will I Be Able To Use The Das Pass For Character Meet & Greets Or For Reserved Seating For Fireworks

Note: As we mentioned above, Genie+ and Lightning Lanes will soon replace the now retired FastPass+. When that happens, we will update the language below to reflect the new names. However, at this time, the lines in the park are still labeled as FastPass+.

You can definitely use the pass for character meet & greets if they offer a FastPass+ option. However, the DAS pass can not be used for attractions, entertainment and character meet and greets that do not offer both a standby line AND a FastPass+ option.

There are limited handicap areas to view the parades that are available on a first come, first served basis for those using wheelchairs or scooters.

What About Stairs In Ride Queues At Universal Orlando

The following rides utilize stairs as part of their queue experience, but elevators are available and may be used by any guest with mobility or health-related issues simply speak with a team member, who will help you find the closest one. Entrances to shows will be marked with universal handicapped/disabled signs use these if you cant climb or descend stairs.

Some attractions load guests from both sides of a ride vehicle. This usually means that the queues will have stairs that may go over the ride track, so;you may need the use of the elevator. Those who do use the elevator are automatically sent to the side of the track that doesnt need to use steps. If you cant climb/descend stairs or are using a wheelchair, ECV, or stroller with a stroller as a wheelchair card, make sure you inform the employee that you will need to return from the same side of the track from which you are boarding. This is also important if you have parked your ride outside the building, as they wont have any way of knowing you will need this assistance.

On all rides, make sure the attendant knows youll need your wheelchair/stroller on the platform for use when you disembark the ride vehicle.

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How The App Works At Universal Studios For Guests With Disabilities

The Attractions Assistance Pass is similar to how the Disney Disability Access Service system works. The Universal Studios guest will receive a placard with the date, the guest’s name, number in party and a barcode imprinted on it.; The party heads to the attraction of choice and gives the placard to the attendant. If the conventional line is less than 30 minutes, the group will wait in an alternative queue. The group may also wait in a Universal Express line if available. If the wait time is more than 30 minutes, a return time will be assigned. Upon returning, the party will be directed through the alternate queue.

The pass may only be used one attraction at a time. However, if the wait time is less than 30 minutes on a different attraction, you and your party can wait in the alternate queue there and not lose your return time for a different attraction. Unfortunately, attending peak season can find guests using the AAP spending a lot of time waiting due to the crowds. An alternate suggestion is to also purchase the Universal Express Pass, available at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando. This specially purchased pass allows guests to skip the line and go straight to the front.

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