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Is Adhd A Learning Disability Or Mental Illness

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A Mental Illness Can Vary In Impact Ranging From No Impairment To Some Of The Most Common Include Adhd Hyperlexia Learning Disabilities And Speech Delays

MY mental health | ADHD and learning disability

Adhd is the disability so focus on one thing at a time and not being able so stand or sit still for long periods of a mental disability is something that impacts a person’s mental abilities, such as their ability to learn certain things. A learning disability means a pupil experiences problems with learning and demonstrating their knowledge in the traditional way. Learning disability, learning disorder, or learning difficulty is a condition in the brain that causes difficulties comprehending or processing information and can be caused by several different factors. An expert tells you how to recognize the signs that your child is being bullied. How attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is treated. The jcvi has set out that people with a severe/profound learning disability and individuals with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, or any mental illness that. Although there’s no cure for adhd, it can be managed with appropriate educational support, advice and support for parents. Symptoms of adhd include inattention , hyperactivity adhd is diagnosed as one of three types: There are many different mental. Children with adhd may also. It’s important to note that some children with. Learn about the specifics of mental illness including: Adhd can occur in people of any intellectual ability, although it’s more common in people with learning difficulties.

Adhd In Boys Vs Girls

ADHD often goes undiagnosed in girls, as their symptoms are less overt. Both girls and boys experience academic and social setbacks due to ADHD, but boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed.

Girls tend to exhibit more internal ADHD symptoms, such as inattentiveness and low self-esteem. Boys tend to be physically aggressive, while girls tend to be verbally aggressive. Due to low diagnosis, ADHD is more likely to affect mental health in girls.

How Is Adhd Diagnosed In Children Teens And Adults

To diagnose a child, the healthcare provider must perform three tasks. The healthcare provider must: 1) identify the presence of ADHD symptom criteria, 2) rule out alternative causes of symptoms, and 3) identify comorbid conditions .

But, the job is not yet done. Certain conditions must also be met. First, the symptom behaviors must be present in two or more settings such as at home and in school. Second, the symptoms must be impairing. Its not just that they occur as everyone engages in these behaviors sometimes. Third, symptom behaviors must have been present in childhood, typically before the age of 12 years. Last, the symptoms cannot be corollaries to another disorder that is not ADHD. For example, sometimes, when a person is depressed or anxious, inattentive behaviors may occur. The clinician will identify ADHD symptoms by asking you questions about your childs behavior s at home and school . Next, your provider will rule out other possible conditions that share some similar symptoms. These conditions include:

  • Anxiety.
  • Lead toxicity .
  • Sleep problems.

A sudden life change may also result in behaviors that could be confused with ADHD).

Sometimes, an adult will recognize the behaviors of ADHD in himself or herself when a son or daughter is diagnosed. Other times, adults will seek professional help for themselves and find that their depression or anxiety is related to ADHD.

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Is Adhd A Learning Disability Or Mental Illness

Is Adhd A Learning Disability Or Mental Illness. However, adding therapy to an adhd treatment plan may help patients and families better cope with daily challenges. Adhd is not a specific learning disability.

Adhd also affects many adults. Adhd is better described as a pattern adhd is not a learning disability, though it certainly can impair learning. The jcvi has set out that people with a severe/profound learning disability and individuals with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, or any mental illness that. Adhd can occur in people of any intellectual ability, although it’s more common in people with learning difficulties. A diagnosis is based on the symptoms that have occurred over the past six months.

For Parents And Caregivers Of Children With Adhd

Pin by CBD Instead on CBD and Mental Health

Children with symptoms of ADHD should be referred to and evaluated by a mental health professional who specializes in treating children, unless your primary care doctor has experience in treating this disorder. The diagnostic evaluation should include behavioral observation in the classroom and at home. A comprehensive treatment plan should be developed with the family, and, whenever possible, the child should be involved in making treatment decisions. Educational testing should be performed when learning disabilities are present.

Treatment for ADHD is effective for most children. Early identification, diagnosis and treatment help children reach their full potential. The most effective treatments for ADHD include a combination of medication, behavioral therapy, and parental support and education. Nine out of 10 children respond to medication, and 50 percent of children who do not respond to an initial medication will respond to a second. When ADHD co-occurs with another disorder, such as depression or anxiety, a combination of medication and psychotherapy is shown to be particularly effective. Although the value of medication has been well-documented, parents should feel free to discuss any concerns about medication use with their childs doctor. Click;here;for a guide to medications used in the treatment of childhood ADHD.

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Box 4how It Feels To Have Autism

If you have an autistic-spectrum disorder the world you inhabit is a very scary place. If you cannot predict what other people may be thinking or feeling, any change in your normal routine can throw you into a panic. A new school escort, school bus, or teacher can precipitate an outburst of extreme agitation. Problems filtering out sensory information can make some places intolerable. In a supermarket it may be the hum from the overhead strip lights, the fans in the fridges, the echoing of voices, the hordes of strange unreadable people or the fact that you cannot predict how long you will have to endure the outing before you are returned to the safety of your home.

A screaming fit or aggression will usually lead to you being removed to a place you feel safe. To prevent such experiences you may refuse to leave the house, strip off your clothes or work yourself up into such a state that you vomit.

When A Mental Illness And Learning Disability Occur Together

Having a disability or a mental health disorder are two very different diagnoses. Yet, they are much more likely to occur together. As many as 25% of individuals with a learning disorder, such as ADHD, will suffer from a psychological illness. In a majority of these cases, a learning disability may have contributed to the onset of the psychological illness.;

Depression is most commonly diagnosed in combination with a learning disability. Sometimes the frustration that coincides with managing ADHD can bring upon overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. In these cases, getting mental and behavioral health care could restore the quality of life for the suffering individual.;;

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Auditory And Visual Processing Problems: The Importance Of The Ears And Eyes

The eyes and the ears are the primary means of delivering information to the brain, a process sometimes called input. If either the eyes or the ears arent working properly, learning can suffer.

Auditory processing disorder Professionals may refer to the ability to hear well as auditory processing skills or receptive language. The ability to hear things correctly greatly impacts the ability to read, write, and spell. An inability to distinguish subtle differences in sound make it difficult to sound out words and understand the basic concepts of reading and writing.

Visual processing disorder Problems in visual perception include missing subtle differences in shapes, reversing letters or numbers, skipping words, skipping lines, misperceiving depth or distance, or having problems with eyehand coordination. Professionals may refer to the work of the eyes as visual processing. Visual perception can affect motor skills, reading comprehension, and math.

Common types of learning disorders
Visual Processing Disorder; Difficulty interpreting visual information Reading, math, maps, charts, symbols, pictures

Mental Health Issues That Co

Alternativelover – Learning disabilities( adhd , add, dyslexia, mental health)

Kids with ADHD are up to 5 times more likely to have depression compared to kids who dont have ADHD. A prominent study found that 14 percent of kids with ADHD also have depression. Other studies make even higher estimates.

Kids with ADHD are up to 3 times more likely to have an anxiety disorder than kids who dont have ADHD. A prominent study found that 18 percent of kids with ADHD also have anxiety disorder. Other studies make even higher estimates.

Studies also show that 15 to 50 percent of kids with ADHD have oppositional defiant disorder .

Whats the connection? We dont know a lot about the link between ADHD and mental health issues. However, ADHD can cause trouble with emotions, which could impact mental health.

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Other Disorders That Make Learning Difficult

Difficulty in school doesnt always stem from a learning disability. Anxiety, depression, stressful events, emotional trauma, and other conditions affecting concentration make learning more of a challenge. In addition, ADHD and autism sometimes co-occur or are confused with learning disabilities.

ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , while not considered a learning disability, can certainly disrupt learning. Children with ADHD often have problems sitting still, staying focused, following instructions, staying organized, and completing homework.

Autism Difficulty mastering certain academic skills can stem from pervasive developmental disorders such as autism and Aspergers syndrome. Children with autism spectrum disorders may have trouble communicating, reading body language, learning basic skills, making friends, and making eye contact.

Treating Adhd: Learning Disability Vs Mental Illness

Although numerous studies have been conducted on what makes the ADHD brain different, there are many inconsistencies. Its individuality that often makes this tricky. ADHD symptoms can range significantly from gender to age and are often different in boys than in girls. On top of that, it may take more than medication to work through the behavioral side of ADHD. That is if medication is even an option for the individual.;

Getting care from a professional mental health care facility is always going to be the best option. Furthermore, ADHD testing and screening use multiple methods and sessions to rule out the possibility of mental illness.;

Inpatient treatment centers offer a well-rounded means of diagnosing methods to place priority on the needs of each individual. While in the safety of the residential program, individuals of any age can receive one on one evaluation with a specialist. Not only is it the safest way to approach treatment, but underlying mental health disorders can also be focused upon.;

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What Strategies Can Help An Adult With Adhd Succeed In The Workplace

If you struggle at your job, it may be because your job requires strong organization, focus and decision-making skillsthe very skills that people with ADHD struggle with. Your healthcare provider can help. Ask your provider for referral to other professionals, such as a professional ADHD Coach, who can offer the following tactics that can help you thrive at your job:

  • Time-management training to help get to work on time, handle tasks and attend meetings at designated times and meet deadlines.
  • Relaxation and stress management training to help cope with new and difficult situations and people.
  • Occupational therapy to teach strategies for organizing home and work activities.
  • Job coaching or mentoring to support better working relationships and improve on-the-job performance.

What questions should I ask my childs healthcare provider about ADHD?

  • Does my child have a learning disability in addition to ADHD?
  • What type of ADHD does my child have?
  • Does my child have a psychiatric illness in addition to ADHD?
  • How do I explain to my child what ADHD is?
  • Whats the best medicine for my child?
  • How do I improve my childs self-esteem and self-efficacy?
  • How do I talk to my childs teachers about his/her ADHD?
  • How do I judge if a medication is worth the side effects that come with it?
  • What are the side effects of the prescribed medications?
  • What are my childs strengths? What are my childs weaknesses?

What questions should I ask my healthcare provider about ADHD?

A Diagnosis Is Based On The Symptoms That Have Occurred Over The Past Six Months


Learning disabilities should not be confused with learning problems which are primarily the result of visual, hearing, or motor handicaps; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not just a childhood problem. A learning disability is a disorder which inhibits someone’s ability to process and but they don’t change the fact that the best treatments for mental illness are holistic. Or of environmental, cultural or economic disadvantages. A person with adhd is six times more likely to have another psychiatric or learning disorder than most other people. Children with adhd may also. A mental illness is a condition that affects a person’s thinking, feeling, behavior or mood. I have always had compassion for students strugglin with dyslexia and such, but strictly speaking, no; Any mental illness, according to the nimh, is a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder. Parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and specific learning disabilities face an analogous situation. Adhd is a developmental disorder defined by inattention . The term mental illness is a very broad term for any type of condition that affects mood, behavior or thinking. Later dissocial personality disorder, criminality and.

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Is Adhd A Developmental Disability

Yes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , ADHD is among the most common developmental disorders for children, impacting neurodevelopment. Along with autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, vision impairment and others, ADHD is also considered a developmental disability.

The Differences Between A Disability And Mental Health

ADHD can be a very distressing illness. Much like a mental illness, it can bring about unwanted feelings and affect the cognitive function of the individual. While learning disabilities and mental illnesses do have many more things in common than differences, specific criteria set them apart. Three main components distinguish a learning disability and mental health disorder from each other.;

  • The first is the onset. An individual with ADHD associated disorders will have had ADHD all of their lives and will continue to. Learning disabilities do not come and go. People are either born with them, or develop into having them, or are genetically predisposed. ADHD is not transient, meaning it does not come and go. That said, it is possible to be diagnosed as an adult. Sometimes as children and adolescents, we are better able to cope until becoming fully independent adults.;
  • The second factor that sets apart disability and mental health inquiries, is that ADHD, and all learning disorders, arent curable. Learning disabilities are the miscommunication of the messages sent out and received by pathways of the brain. The individual will be impacted by their illness throughout the entirety of their lives. That said, some can be successfully managed with medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy.;
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    Learning Disabilities In Language

    Language and communication learning disabilities involve the ability to understand or produce spoken language. Language is also considered an output activity because it requires organizing thoughts in the brain and calling upon the right words to verbally explain or communicate something.

    Signs of a language-based learning disorder involve problems with verbal language skills, such as the ability to retell a story, the fluency of speech, and the ability to understand the meaning of words, directions, and the like.

    Is Test Anxiety Considered A Disability

    Mental health â Behaviour disorder, ADHD

    Test anxiety in and of itself is not considered a learning disability under the ADA, and there are some differences in opinion regarding whether it should be. As stated earlier, unless the disability substantially limits a major life activity, it does not entitle the individual to special accommodations.

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    The Diagnosis And Testing Process For Learning Disabilities

    Diagnosing a learning disability is a process. It involves testing, history taking, and observation by a trained specialist. Finding a reputable referral is important. Start with your childs school, and if they are unable to help you, ask your doctor or friends and family who have dealt successfully with learning disabilities.

    Types of specialists who may be able to test for and diagnose learning disabilities include:

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Sometimes several professionals coordinate services as a team to obtain an accurate diagnosis. They may also ask for input from your childs teachers.

    Integration, sequencing, and abstraction: Technical terms for how the brain works

    A professional learning disorders specialist might refer to the importance of integration to learning. Integration refers to the understanding of information that has been delivered to the brain, and it includes three steps:

  • Sequencing, which means putting information in the right order.
  • Abstraction, which is making sense of the information.
  • Organization, which refers to the brains ability to use the information to form complete thoughts.
  • Signs And Symptoms Of Learning Disabilities And Disorders

    If youre worried, dont wait

    If you suspect that your childs learning difficulties may require special assistance, please do not delay in finding support. The sooner you move forward, the better your childs chances for reaching their full potential.

    Learning disabilities look very different from one child to another. One child may struggle with reading and spelling, while another loves books but cant understand math. Still another child may have difficulty understanding what others are saying or communicating out loud. The problems are very different, but they are all learning disorders.

    Its not always easy to identify learning disabilities. Because of the wide variations, there is no single symptom or profile that you can look to as proof of a problem. However, some warning signs are more common than others at different ages. If youre aware of what they are, youll be able to catch a learning disorder early and quickly take steps to get your child help.

    The following checklists offer some common red flags for learning disorders. Remember that children who dont have learning disabilities may still experience some of these difficulties at various times. The time for concern is when there is a consistent unevenness in your childs ability to master certain skills.

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