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Vietnam Veterans Of America Pick Up Donation

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About the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America)

Thank you for providing a great free service! Pickup was easy to use and I feel great I can support Vietnam Veterans of America .


Our automated text messaging service can be reached by sending a message with the keyword DONATE to .Message and data rates may apply. By using this service you are opting in to receive future messages.To opt out at any time, reply STOP.

Puede comunicarse con nuestro servicio de mensajería de texto automatizado enviando un mensaje con la palabra clave DONAR to .Se pueden aplicar tarifas de mensajes y datos. Al utilizar este servicio, acepta recibir mensajes en el futuro.Para optar por no participar en cualquier momento, responda STOP.

  • DONATE – to schedule a pickup
  • CXL – to cancel your currently scheduled pickup
  • RESCHEDULE – will cancel your currently scheduled pickup and offer you the next available date if there are any
  • CONFIRM – to confirm that you have a future pickup scheduled
  • TAXSLIP – request a link to a downloadable tax slip
  • HISTORY – receive previous year donation dates
  • STOP – to opt out of being notified the next time we are in your area

A Free Simple And Privacy

Our email notification service and personal donation pickups make supporting US Veterans easier than ever before. was built to make it easy for people to donate their unwanted belongings while benefitting US Veterans. Proceeds from our donation pick up service go directly to the Vietnam Veterans of America charity organization. We send out email notifications when our donation pick up trucks are in your area, making it easy to donate your used clothing, kitchenware, appliances, toys, and more. Our email notification system is a step above the last generation of notification methods, such as phone calls that interrupt your dinner or door-hangers that waste resources and get swept away by the wind. In addition, our organization can offer personal, scheduled pick ups if one of our regular pick up times doesn’t work for you.

Vietnam Veterans Of America Clothes Donation Pick Up Area

Vietnam Veterans of America services people all over the United States. The profits from your VVA clothing donations will go towards advocacy for Vietnam veterans as well as our next generation of veterans. With you can schedule a free Vietnam Veterans of America donation pick-up online for the time and place of your convenience, and in return youll receive a tax-deductible receipt upon pick up.

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Salary Of Key Persons

Presented here are up to five of this organization’s highest compensated employees. This compensation data includes salary, cash bonuses, and expense accounts and is displayed exactly how it is reported to the IRS. The amounts do not include nontaxable benefits, deferred compensation, or other amounts not reported on Form W-2. In some cases, these amounts may include compensation from related organizations. Read the IRS policies for compensation reporting

Schedule Vietnam Veterans Of America Clothing Donations Furniture Donations Or Household Item Donation Pick Up

Vietnam Veterans of America Clothing Donation Program

With, scheduling a free Vietnam Veterans of America donation pick up all over the United States has never been easier. You can schedule a VVA donation pickup for the time and place of your convenience, whether that is at your home or place of business, and youll receive a tax deduction receipt upon pick-up for your Viet Nam Veterans of America donations.

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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

This organization has not provided information regarding the diversity, equity and inclusion practices it is presently implementing. As such, the organization has not earned a score on this metric. Charity Navigator believes nonprofit organizations implementing effective DEI policies and practices can enhance a nonprofit’s decision-making, staff motivation, innovation, and effectiveness.

Donate Clothing And Other Items To Dav

Donating new and gently used items to support DAV and veterans is simple and easy! The proceeds from your donation allows DAV to continue providing a lifetime of support for veterans of all generations and their families.

Our program makes it simple. We come to your door and pick it up for free. We eliminate the hauling step, making tidying easier and turning your donation into support for disabled veterans!

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Enter Your Zip/postal Code To Find Pickup Dates

Can’t find a pickup date?Donations in your zip code may need to be scheduled through VVAPICKUP.ORG or by calling 1-800-459-8387.


Did you know? We also accept pots/pans, toys, electronics, small countertop appliances, and other household items! For a complete list of items we accept, !

It’s easy to schedule a free home pickup of your used clothing and household goods. Just enter your zip code above to get started. Donations collected by Vietnam Veterans of America help fund local programs and services to support our mission. With your help we can better serve our community, as well as give the donated items a new life outside of a landfill.

Registering for an account will allow you to:

  • Easily schedule donation pickups in the future
  • Reschedule or cancel existing pickups
  • Obtain your tax-deductible receipt

Please read below before scheduling:

Thank you for your support!

I prefer to drop off my donation.Where do I go?

How Does Vva Help Us Veterans

Schedule a Donation Pickup and Support the VVA!
  • Aggressively advocates on issues important to veterans
  • Seeks full access to quality health care for veterans
  • Identifies the full range of disabling injuries and illnesses incurred during military service
  • Holds government agencies accountable for following laws mandating veterans health care
  • Creates a positive public perception of US veterans
  • Seeks the fullest possible accounting of America’s POW/MIAs
  • Supports the next generation of America’s war veterans
  • Serves our communities

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Vietnam Veterans Of America Donation Pick Up Charitable Services

With the profits from VVA thrift stores across the country, Vietnam Veterans of America provides several charitable services. Some of the services are:

  • Advocacy for veterans issues
  • Striving towards to quality health care for all veterans
  • Identifying all military related illnesses and disabilities
  • Pushing for laws mandating health care for veterans
  • Accounting for American POW and MIAs
  • Supporting next generation veterans

Vietnam Veterans of America is there to stand up for veterans to ensure they are treated fairly and appropriately by our government with access to adequate health care and that all their military related illnesses are recognized. To help VVA in their mission to represent veterans, donate clothes and donate household items to Vietnam Veterans of America thrift stores. Schedule a VVA donation pick up!

Do My Donations Go Directly To Veterans

No, the donations are sold to thrift stores and the money received from the sale of the goods is used to fund our programs. However, VVA sponsors a program that provides vouchers to veterans in need of household items and clothing that can be used at the thrift stores we contract with.

If you are or know of a veteran in need of shelter, please call the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET .

  • To request to be taken off the VVA mailing list please return the solicitation form you received, with a note explaining that you would like to be taken off the mailing list, to:

    Vietnam Veterans of America 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100 Silver Spring, MD 20910

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    Vietnam Veterans Donation Pickup Acceptable Donations

    Schedule a Vietnam Veterans of America clothes donation pickup now. VVA accepts a variety of donations including clothing donations, household items donations, and jewelry donations. Donate furniture without the hassles of transporting heavy or bulky items. All donations are tax-deductible and youll receive a tax deduction receipt when your donations are picked up. Make your Viet Nam Veterans of America clothing donation pickup appointment online today!

    Vietnam Veterans Of America Donation Questions

    A lot of potential donors have questions about the VVA donation pick up program. We have compiled some answers, but your best bet is to use our online donation scheduling directory to contact your local veterans donation pick up program.

    I need a place to donate things to Vietnam VeteransDoes VVA offer donation pick ups? YES, in many areas of the country like Los Angeles, Denver, Long Island, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

    How to schedule a Vietnam Veterans donation pick up? How can I donate to Amvets? How do I schedule an Amvets pick up? Contact them to schedule a donation pick up. You can use our Donation Town directory for contact information .

    What type of donations does the VVA accept? How can I donate clothing to veterans? Can I donate clothing to Vietnam Veterans? Will VVA pick up clothes donations?Can you donate toys to VVA? Typically most veteran donation pickup programs accept clothing, furniture, shoes, books, toys. Just about anything. When you use the Donation Town directory you can get the local contact information for your VVA donation pick-up service and ask them directly about specific questions regarding your donations.

    Are donations to VVA tax deductible? Yes they should be, BUT you should always contact your CPA for more details.

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    Serving The Local Economy

    We serve the California area and economy. All of your donated items given through our pick up service are used to help California residents and create jobs in the Golden State. Using our service helps bring used goods to your neighbors, creates local jobs, and helps US Veterans who keep our state safe from harm. supports the Vietnam Veterans of America. Here’s a few quick facts about the VVA:

    • Congressionally Chartered.

      Founded in 1978, the VVA is dedicated exclusively to helping Vietnam-era veterans and families.

    • More than 65,000 members

    How Can I Donate To Vva

    VVA accepts donations of household goods and clothing in 30 states in the continental United States. To make a donation, please schedule a pickup online or call toll-free 1-888-518-VETS .

    Vietnam Veterans of America also accepts monetary donations through its foundation, which can be made online at or by sending check or money order to:Veterans Support Foundation

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    A Little Information About The Donation Program

    Your generous donations and charitable contributions of clothing, household goods, books, shoes, small appliances, electronics, and more make a big difference in the lives of Americas Veterans and their families.

    The Vietnam Veterans of America sells your donated items to private companies by annual bid which generates the majority of the funding to support the local, state, and national programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Your donations make it all possible so we thank you for your support.

    Vietnam Veterans Of America Donation Pick Up Service

    Pick Up Please Donation Pick Up Service – Free Donation Pickups Made Easy!

    Make a veterans clothing donation, household items donations, and furniture donations to Vietnam Veterans of America by scheduling a free VVA donation pick-up through Donation Town. Donation Town will give you all the information you need to schedule a Vietnam veterans donation pick up in your local community. Visit the donation pick up scheduling webpage. Vietnam veterans donations can be pick up right at your home!

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    An Easy Free Donation Pick Up Service That Benefits The Vietnam Veterans Of America And The Environment’s Email Notification Service allows us to let you know when our donation trucks are going to be on your street. In addition, each clothing or other used item donation that we pick up helps support the Vietnam Veterans of America, a great charity dedicated to helping all US Veterans and their families.

    Just take a few moments to type in your email address, and we’ll let you know when our donation pick up trucks are going to be in your area. We’ll pick up your clothing and household-item donations free of charge, and your gift will support US Veterans who have fought to keep this country safe.

    Vietnam Veterans of America

    Donate To The Disabled American Veterans Of Minnesota

    We no longer accepting furniture.As a reminder, we are unable to pickup donations in alleys.

    Thanks for your interest in supporting the men and women who have been injured in the service of our nation. Our mission at the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota is empowering Minnesota veterans, their dependents and survivors to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.

    Your help makes a difference! Find out more about the different ways you can support Minnesota’s disabled veterans by reading through the options below.



    Do you live in the Twin Cities metro area? You can schedule a pick-up of your donated items. We visit most communities in the area once every six to nine weeks. To find out when we’ll be in your neighborhood next, enter your zip code in the ‘GET STARTED” box above or call 651-487-2002.

    Once you’ve completed our simple registration process, you can:

    • Schedule donation pickups
    • Reschedule or cancel existing pickups
    • Obtain your tax deductible receipt


    There are drop-off locations in many areas across the state of Minnesota! Chances are there’s one in your neighborhood that will be convenient for you. DAV MN has partnered with Savers Thrift Stores to accept donations.

    Visit the Community Donation Center at any of these Savers Thrift Stores and donate to DAV MN:

    Apple Valley 7608 150th St. W, Apple Valley, MN 55127

    Burnsville 14308 Burnhaven Drive, Burnsville, MN 55306

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    If It Fits In A Box Or Bag Well Take It

    On the day of your pickup, have your items placed in a location that is visible to our driver by 7:30 a.m. Have the items in bags or boxes labeled “For VVA” to ensure our driver picks up the correct items. If you forget to place your items out, well leave you a note telling you how to reschedule your pickup.

    Schedule A Free Donation Pick Up Now

    Photos for Vietnam Veterans of America

    Disclaimer : We use our best efforts to provide accurate information regarding the charitable donation community, however, we make no promise, guarantee, representation, or assurance regarding any particular entity published on our Site, including without limitation its tax or legal status or the quality or safety of its services. You should thoroughly investigate any charity to which you are considering making a donation directly. Do not to rely on the information published on our Site for answers to any question that may have tax, legal, or other serious consequences. Donation Town does not provide tax, legal or other professional advice. All trademarks or copyrights published on Donation Town are the rights of their respective owners. Use of our website signifies your agreement to our Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy.

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    Label Your Bags And Boxes & Place In A Visible Location

    On the day of your pickup, have your items placed in a location that is visible to our driver by 7:30 a.m. Have the items in bags or boxes labeled “For VVA” to ensure our driver picks up the correct items. If you forget to place your items out, well leave you a note telling you how to reschedule your pickup.

    Car Donation Proceeds Benefit The Vietnam Veterans Of America

    Our United States Vietnam Veterans were there when we needed them the most. Now they need your support. Please donate your car to the Vietnam Veterans of America. You get a tax deduction and your car donation will be helping those who have given us so much, our veterans. Vietnam Veterans of America is chartered by Congress and has been supporting our dedicated Veterans and their families for over 30 years.

    The donation process is simple, fast and secure, and your car donation will help us to provide critical support services for our defenders of freedom in their time of need. Call toll free today at or use our easy online donation form to schedule your free towing and join the thousands of other satisfied car donors who have already helped our veterans.

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    The Vva Is A Critical Support Service For Our Veterans Vva Became A Membership Organization In 1979 And Set To Work On The Issues It Remains Committed To Today:

    • Improving …

      the general welfare and hospital care of all veterans, especially homeless and disabled veterans

    • Assisting …

      veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and other disabilities

    • Working …

      closely with veterans of other conflicts

    • Leading …

      the topics on women and minority veterans issues

    Why Donate Old Clothing

    Vietnam veterans group takes donations to WKY

    Because your old clothes could be a lifeline. Support our vets. Schedule a pickup today.

    VVA accepts donations of household goods and clothing in 30 states in the continental United States. To schedule a pickup, please call toll-free 1-888-518-VETS or schedule online.

    Your donations are urgently needed especially clothing. We pick up all types and sizes, clothing accessories, and shoes . Household goods are also appreciated like baby items, glasswares, books, toys, bikes, stereos, radios, portable TVs, all bedding, draperies, curtains, kitchenware, usable small furniture and rugs, small appliances, tools , jewelry and cosmetics almost anything!

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    Promoting Donations For A Healthier Earth

    Americans on average recycle only about a third of their waste material. That means two-thirds of all waste material you generate goes to the trash! wants to see a world where landfills are an artifact of the past. It’s our mission to help Americans bring that recycling number to 50% of their waste. That would mean that millions of tons more material would get reused rather than thrown away.

    We’ve discovered that one of the most important aspects of recycling is donating used belongings. But most folks don’t think of donating as recycling! Most cities provide recycling bins to residents, but not for unwanted belongings like toys, clothes, kitchenware, and blankets. But these items have utility and continued value even after you’re done with them. Give to Veterans was created to address this missing infrastructure and help “rebrand” used item donations as a form of recycling!

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