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What Disability Does Carla Have In The Other Sister

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Filmthe Other Sister Directed By Gary Marshall Starring Juliette Lewis Giovanni Ribisi Touchstone Picture

The Other Sister.wmv

The Other Sister stars Juliette Lewis as a mentally challenged 20 something woman amidst an all star cast including Diane Keaton. Tom Skerritt by the lengthy and disengaged story.

Louis, in her first performance since her drug rehabilitation, tackles the challenging role of Carla Tate, a young mentally-disabled woman returning home after coming of age in a secluded private residential school. she is escorted to her affluent family’s home is San Francisco by her eager and understanding father Radley Tate . There Carla is greeted by her two sisters Caroline and Heather, Caroline’s new fiance and an overbearing mother . Ambitious Carla Soon enrolls at Bay Tech Junior College where she meets Daniel McMare , another mentally challenged 20-something student. Danny, unlike Carla, attended mainstream public school and now lives on is own through her relationship with Danny, which later becomes romantic, Carla realizes and seeks independence, something her guilt-ridden mother is not ready to grant. Quickly the tate family’s influence and prodding convinces Keaton’s character to help Carla find her own apartment, giving her “Independence and dignity.” Throughout the film, Carla and Danny struggle to discover their place in the world while Mrs. Tate battles with the idea of once again losing control over her daughter.

Description Of The Problem

Tate currently has a lowered IQ and impaired cognitive processes. Her mother and father report that these symptoms were also present in early childhood. She also displays impaired social behaviors by violating social norms and over sharing. Tates physical condition is very healthy. She is in her weight class for her height. She has not reported physical problems and none have been observed. Her mood is very positive and open. However, she sometimes displays rapid mood swings and quickly gets upset at what most view trivial things.

Rose Dancing At Lughnasa

ever again? ). Discuss the presentation and role of Rose in this extract and elsewhere in the play.Although mentally handicapped, Rose Mundy is perhaps the most fearless of all her sisters. Her role in Dancing at Lughnasa is key in highlighting the morally and religiously restricting traits in her sister Kate as well as outlining the confining constraints of living in very rural Ireland. As the plot unravels, the audience become increasingly aware of Roses dispersing innocence when symbolic

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Which Is The Best Movie About A Disabled Person

The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for. Director: Oliver Stone | Stars: Tom Cruise, Bryan Larkin, Raymond J. Barry, Caroline Kava Votes: 93,406 | Gross: $70.00M 8. The People vs. Larry Flynt

Audience Reviews For The Other Sister

The Other Sister
  • Jan 11, 2012Good acting and even entretaining, but The Other Sister present a strong sentimentalism and an embarrassing way to use the mental problems as a good plot.Lucas MSuper Reviewer
  • Jan 15, 2011One of the most pleasant movies made about the mentally retarded people. It had that ‘celebration of life’ kind of feeling to it. Every time I hear ‘Animal Song’ this movie just pops into my head. The video of the song was a perfect testimonial to this movie.Sajin PSuper Reviewer
  • May 15, 2010This was a very touching story about a mentally retarded girl who wants to grow up to live a life like any other normal girl. Her mother is very protective and doesn’t believe that her daughter can make it on her own but she keeps on proving her wrong. She gets to move to her own apartment, gets a boyfriend and begins going to college against all odds.The actors were great and made this movie very believeable and sweet. I really loved this movie and wouldn’t hesitate to watch it again. Superb.Naughtia NSuper Reviewer

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The Other Sister Analysis

The Other Sister was release February 26 1999. After watching the movie I best believe it best relates to Chapter 5 learners with intellectual disability. In the movie, the main character Carla has an intellectual disability. Her parents at a young age send her away to a school that can cope with her needs. After leaving the school 10 years later, Carla moves back in with her parents. She finds the urge to want to be independent so she makes the step by going to school. her parents were very skeptical

What Disability Does Carla Have In The Other Sister

The movie The Other Sister portrayed a child with an intellectual and developmental disability specifically down syndrome. Carla Tate was a child who behavior as a young child her parents could not handle. Because she grew up in a rich and affluent family, she was sent away when she started to become a problem.

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Who Are The Actors In The Movie Disabled

In this tragic, dark, anti-war satire, a patriotic young American in WW1 is rendered blind, deaf, limbless, and mute by a horrific artillery shell attack. Trapped in whats left of his body, he desperately looks for a way to end his life. Director: Dalton Trumbo | Stars: Timothy Bottoms, Kathy Fields, Marsha Hunt, Jason Robards 16.

Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist after feeling betrayed by the country he fought for. Director: Oliver Stone | Stars: Tom Cruise, Bryan Larkin, Raymond J. Barry, Caroline Kava

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    The Other Sister Reflection Essay Example

    Then as I watch, I realized that I was wrong with my presumption and I ponder that its more far from but deeper than that. I remembered her lines, Yes, I can if you will give me a chance, mother, which drew me to a fact that more often than not, our parents worry too much to the point of impeding our capacity to grow. For me, she struggles a lot of being alienated inside her family when she felt at first uncomfortable with them, when they sent her away to a far special school, and when they still cant fully accept her disability.

    Alienation because they seem cant hear the voiceawhich cries aloud within her, cant feel the hunger in her heart and cant see the real her. They want to view her the person they want her to be. It might be because they still have in their minds the little Carla whom they can easily dictate or manipulate. She is hardly begging for a chance a chance not only to be independent but also to search for self-identity and to contemplate whom she wants to be despite of her disability.

    The Sun Also Rises Summary

    He purposely consumed the alcohol just to get drunk. If we refer to the word wine, it indicates that he just wants a moderate and relaxing situation of inebriation as he wants to enjoy the night by himself. This part reveals Jake real character as we know that getting drunk is one of the human nature, but, it differs according to different type of people. In this story, Jake is a cool, impotent and unaggressive person and the way he gets drunk will be different compare to other character such as Cohn, Bill and Mike. His friends will most likely end up doing a sex with a woman as if they are drunk but this is not for Jake.

    • 1520 Words

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    The For A Good Reputation

    1.Tenacious adjective tending to keep a firm hold of something cling on to something The couple was tenacious in the sense that they kept holding on to their marriage. Although they were had problems they would cling on to the thought that it was all going to get better. They were so tenacious because they had kids and did not want anything to change. They later realized it was not worth it and nothing was going to change. They decide to stop being so tenacious and got a divorce.2.Tenure

    Character Analysis Of ‘the Bipolar Syndrome By Theodore Redwell’

    Watch The Other Sister on Netflix Today!

    Luckily, one day he decided to finally end it, where he meets Violet Markey. They help each other off the tower and soon become close friends. Violet is the only reason he is alive.Violet Markey – Violet Markey is also a high schooler who used to be the most popular girl, she was a cheerleader and a writer. Until her sister, Eleanor, was killed in a car crash. She then became known as the girl whose sister died and personality took a turn for the worse. She stopped writing, she broke up with her

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    What Is The Movie The Other Sister About

    Carla Tate has never been like her sisters. Sent at a young age to a school for children with intellectual impairments, a maturing Carla returns to her family home in San Francisco. Her overbearing mother, Elizabeth , and patient father, Radley , struggle to come to terms with Carlas growing independence as she embarks on her dream of attending college and pursues a romance with Danny , a young man with a similar disability.The Other Sister/Film synopsis

    Summary Of The Metamorphosis By Kafka

    impoverishment of human psychology with respect to the ways in which changes in ones circumstances and conditions reshape notions of justice and mercy. These themes will be explored further in this character analysis of Gregor in The Metamorphosis”.While it is the subject of this character analysis, Gregor who has been mysteriously and inexplicably reduced to one of the lowest forms of animal life in this story by Kafka representing the absurd, it isGregors family in The Metamorphosis whose psychological

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    The Other Sister Character Analysis

    Other Sister was released in 1999, by Touchstone Pictures. It was directed by Garry Marshall, and featured Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi. The Other Sister is a heart-warming and humorous movie about two young adults journey to find their independence. It also happens to feature two main characters that have intellectual disabilities. The Other Sister is a movie about a young woman, Carla Tate, who has an intellectual disability. The movie begins with Carlas father, Radley, picking her up

    Who Is The Deaf Woman In Little World

    Sisters and Soulmates (Living with Five Disabilities)

    In this animated short set in the Victorian era, Little World tells the story of a young Deaf woman called Beth. She visits the crumbling old Deaf school where she grew up, and she remembers fondly how it shaped her. 19. Long Ago, Tomorrow Error: please try again. Bruce Pritchard is paralysed mysteriously after his Brothers wedding.

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    English Class Reflection Paper

    thought into my arguments. As a result, I am better equipped to gather necessary information to begin writing my assignments.Professor Duclos-Yourdons guidance was crucial in helping me develop my critical thinking skills. Our first literary analysis essay was the most difficult one for me in this course as I had not written an academic paper in nearly ten years. I decided to write my first paper on The Yellow Wallpaper and wanted to submit my rough draft for initial feedback. For fear of not

    The Portrayal Of Intellectual/developmental Disability In Film

    This week in class, we watched a movie that differed in the usual genres we have been viewing. The Other Sister is a romantic comedy starring Juliet Lewis as Carla Tate, a young woman with an intellectual disability who moves home to San Francisco, from a special boarding school for those with disabilities. Her mother Elizabeth Tate, who likes to controll Carlas behavior, is played by Diane Keaton. I personally enjoyed the film, and found it to be a unique film for the romantic comedy genre.

    The film begins with Carlas father taking Carla home from her boarding school. Carlas father, Radley Tate, played by Tom Skerrit, seems extremely excited to see Carla after so long, but she feels neutral, and leaves her Doctor with a big hug. It is interesting to see this because she shows no excitement to come home, which foreshadows her past pain. The film goes to a flashback where we find that Elizabeth getting upset with a child Carla, for eating with a knife instead of a fork. This caused Carla to become upset and angry, and we find out that Elizabeth could not handle Carla, and wanted her sent to the same boarding school she returned from. In the scene we see Elizabeth getting upset with Carlas erratic behavior, and complaining to Radley, asking him to sign the papers to send her. He disagrees with Elizabeth initially, but decides to sign the papers, sending Carla to boarding school.

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    The Other Sister Essay Example

    Carla lived with her two parents Radley and Elizabeth Tate . Radley and Elizabeth had two completely different approaches with raising Carla, which is very significant throughout the film because if it were not for Radley, Carla would not accomplish the goals she wanted to complete in her life. Carlas mother, Elizabeth was very uptight when it came to raising Carla.

    She did not want her to be taken out of her special school and did not want her to live in her own apartment. On the other hand, Carlas father, Radley supported Carlas independence and determination.

    The first character with a disability was again, the protagonist, Carla Tate. Her meticulous disability was never mentioned exactly in the film, it was clear to the viewer that she had a social disability with some traits thats can be found in Aspergers Syndrome as well as learning disabilities which can be seen in mild mental special education.

    Carla, however, was not hindered by her disability in the cases of being able to attend a regular college and by being able to live alone without supervision. The other character in the film with a disability was Daniel McMann.

    Another important aspect of the film was when Carla established a romantic relationship with her classmate . This shared to the audience that Carla knew what love was and what love felt like towards someone other than her family. This film is also important for parents that have a child with a disability to watch.

    Public Order Crime Prostitution Is Not A Victimless Crime Essay

    Watch The Other Sister on Netflix Today!

    stay in that line of work. For example a woman pays a Coyotaje to bring her sister from China over, she told once the sister gets to the states she will be reunited with her sister but they keep her against her will in a illegal massage parlor. They will now tell her sister that she owes more money a huge amount and unless she pays it off her sister will be forced to have to pim herself until her debt is payed off. The sister who ‘s held against her will doesnt want to do these thing but she has no

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    Jeffrey Eugenides ‘s The Virgin Suicides

    use of the word we. Shostaks article gives deep insight into the complexities of the plural narrative and provides a foundation for future analysis of the text. However, what Shostak does not address is how this perception of otherness, by both the narrators and the community in which they reside, ultimately leads to the downfall of the Lisbon sisters. My argument is twofold. Firstly, I will address how the perception by the narrators that the girls are radically different from themselves and

    Finding The Underlying Conflict Sam

    should educate society. Are these filmmakers setting a stage for stereotypes and jokes that should not be laugh matters?In I Am Sam, Samuel Dawson is fun-loving, extroverted, and detail-minded. He favors routine and shows consistency in his love for others. When hes not dressed in his Starbucks uniform, he is generally found wearing a neutral- colored polo and jacket. Sam is presented as a persistent and determined father who cares for anyone present in his life. His actions of love are displayed in

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    The Other Sister Reflection

    This movie portrays how a family, who has a member with a disability, encountered and overcame adversities from within triggered by several environmental factors. The protagonist, Carla Tate, who has an intellectual disability, seeks freedom from her mother, acceptance from others, and attention/love from opposite sex. Eventually she got those as the story developed. This only means that a disability should never serve as a hindrance in achieving your dreams. On the other hand, it also gives us an idea that persons who have sibling/s with a disability are also crying out for their parents attention because they too have needs.

    I never had the chance to experience having a sibling but I wish I had one. Actually, I cant even relate when my cousins/friends speak of sibling rivalry. The bottom line of this is parents should be fair with their children there should be no room for favoritism because it can serve as the root of quarrels and divisions. One thing that really intrigues me a lot is its title. It made me think about why it is called The Other Sister. When I heard it , I supposed that the protagonist is an illegitimate child.

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