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Is Ssi Disability Going Up In 2020

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Will I Receive A Payment Even Though I Didnt File A Tax Return


You do not need to have filed a tax return in the past two years in order to qualify for the coronavirus stimulus check. The IRS will automatically send you a payment.

However, please note that in order to receive the $500 payment for dependent children, you will need to either file your taxes for 2018 or 2019. Alternatively, you can submit non-filer information to the IRS to ensure that you receive the proper payment.

Questions Answered About When Ssi Ssdi Recipients Will Get Stimulus Checks

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The third stimulus check is on its way to millions of people. Here are the new qualification rules for SSI and SSDI recipients and their dependents, a timeline for when the payments could arrive and what to do if any money is still missing from the first two checks.

The IRS is continuing to send out the first wave of $1,400 stimulus checks to eligible individuals and families with direct deposit on file with the agency heres how to see where your payment is. But if youre a recipient of Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you may not get your check during the first wave. Well help answer questions you have about when to expect your third stimulus check and more.

Other details, however, are more complex for example, if you stopped or started receiving SSI or SSDI in 2019 or 2020, your situation could become complicated now that its tax season. Well explain how to claim any money youre missing from the first two stimulus checks even if you dont usually file taxes and can help answer how your third payment might arrive.

What About Lost Stimulus Payments

If you did not receive any of the three stimulus payments and believe it was lost, you may request that it be traced by the IRS. There are, however, waiting periods based on the payment method.

You must wait five days from the date of a direct deposit and four weeks for payments made by check. If a lost check went to an address that you no longer live at and the mail was forwarded by the post office, you must wait six weeks from the date the IRS mailed the check. The waiting period for checks mailed to a foreign address is nine weeks from the date of mailing.

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Ssi Federal Payment Amounts For 2021

Maximum Federal Supplemental Security Income payment amounts increase with the cost-of-living increases that apply to Social Security benefits. The latest such increase, 1.3 percent, becomes effective January 2021.

SSI amounts for 2021 The monthly maximum Federal amounts for 2021 are $794 for an eligible individual, $1,191 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $397 for an essential person.

In general, monthly amounts for the next year are determined by increasing theunrounded annual amounts for the current year by the COLA effective for January of the next year. The new unrounded amounts are then each divided by 12 and the resulting amounts are rounded down to the next lower multiple of $1.

Calculation details

Full Retirement Age Continues To Rise

Social Security benefits, taxable wage base go up in 2019 ...

The absolute earliest that you can start claiming Social Security retirement benefits is age 62. However, claiming before your full retirement age will result in the payout being permanently reduced. For those who turned 62 in 2020, the full retirement age was 66 and eight months.

Under current law, retirement age for Social Security purposes is set to increase by two months each year until it hits 67. If you turn 62 in 2021, then your full retirement age is 66 and 10 months. Unless the law changes, anyone born in 1960 or later will not reach full retirement age until they are 67.

If you delay collecting Social Security past your full retirement age, then you can collect more than your full, or normal, payout. In fact, if you put off claiming until age 70, then you will receive up to a 32% higher annual payout than if you started receiving benefits at full retirement. After age 70, there is no further incentive for delaying.

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Eligibility For Disability And Working

An applicant for disability benefits through the Social Security disability insurance or SSI programs must be making less than $1,260 per month to qualify for benefits. . Anyone working above those limits is considered to be doing “substantial gainful activity” .

However, people who are currently receiving SSDI who attempt to return to work can make more during a trial work program. A month counts as a trial work period month when an SSDI recipient makes more than $910 per month .

For people who are receiving SSI, the new federal income limit for SSI is $783 per month, but complicated rules govern what income is countable and what income is not. Over half of the income made by an SSI recipient is not counted toward the limit, so you can actually receive SSI until you make up to $1,650 per month . However, any income received between $0 and $1,650 will reduce the monthly benefit. In some states that make extra payments to SSI recipients, the income limit for SSI recipients may be higher.

The income exclusion amount for students receiving SSI is now $1,900 per month .

How Much Can I Earn While On Ssi In 2020

The Social Security earnings limits are established each year by the SSA. For 2020, those who are younger than full retirement age throughout the year can earn up to $18,240 per year without losing any of their benefits. After that, youll lose $1 of annual benefits for every $2 you make above the threshold.

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Ssi Student Income Exclusion

Students who are under the age of 22, going to school full-time and receiving SSI benefits may qualify for the earned income exclusion. Next year, the exclusion applies to the first $1,930 of income, which is an increase of $30 compared to last year. The annual limit for this exclusion goes up $100 in 2021 to $7,770.

Social Security Disability Thresholds

Why did they take away my SSI disability benefits in 2020? Attorney Hnot

Eligibility for disability benefits means not engaging in substantial gainful activity . Earning over a certain monthly amount, depending on the nature of your disability, is considered engaging in SGA.

In 2021, non-blind disabled recipients will be able to earn up to $1,310 a month without having their SSDI or SSI benefits terminated. This threshold is increasing $50 a month or an extra $600 annually.

Blind disabled recipients could earn up to $2,190 a month without losing their SSDI benefits . This threshold is increasing $80 a month or an extra $960 annually.

In a trial work period , SSDI recipients may test their ability to work and still be considered disabled. This is true regardless if they earn more than the SGA limit. In 2021, any month in which earnings exceed $940 will be considered a month of services for your TWP, up $30 from $910 this year.

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Maximum Taxable Earnings Rose To $142800

In 2020, employees were required to pay a 6.2% Social Security tax on income of up to $137,700. Any earnings above that amount were not subject to the tax. In 2021, the tax rate remains the same at 6.2% , but the income cap has increased to$142,800.

The flip side is that as the taxable maximum income increases, so does the maximum amount of earnings used by the SSA to calculate retirement benefits. In 2020, the maximum monthly Social Security benefit for a worker retiring at full retirement age was $3,011. In 2021, the maximum benefit increases by $137 per month to $3,148.

Social Security recipients can receive a 32% larger payment each month if they claim benefits at age 70 instead of at their regular full retirement age.

These Changes In Social Security Taxes And Benefits Take Effect Jan 1

Every October, the Social Security Administration announces its annual changes to the Social Security program for the coming year. Below is our analysis of the Social Security changes that were announced in October 2020 to take effect on Jan. 1, 2021, according to the SSAs annual fact sheet. Keep them in mind when you update your Social Security information.

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Did The Consumer Price Index Track An Increase In July And August

The CPI-W is the index used by the SSA to calculate the COLA increase each year.

From 2019 to 2020, the CPI-W increased from 250.200 to 253.412. This increase corresponded with a 1.3 percent COLA. The historic predictions for the 2022 COLA are based on the CPI-W data from July and August, where the CPI-U averaged 267 an increase of more than fourteen points, over levels recorded in the fourth quarter of 2020. Based on the rates from July and August, the COLA would be somewhere around 5.5 percent, but many assume that the September data will bump this figure up even further.

How The 2022 Benefit Increase Affects Military Veterans

2020 VA Disability Pay Chart

Retired military service members can expect $59 more per month for every $1,000 they currently receive in VA pension benefits. Relatives of deceased veterans who qualify for VA survivors benefits will also receive a 5.9% monthly pay increase. For VA disability compensation, the pay increase depends on your current P& T rating:

  • $8.50 more per month for vets with a 10% VA disability rating
  • $185.65 more per month for vets with a 100% VA disability rating

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Proposed Changes To Social Security Disability Insurance Could Undermine Your Retirement Security Even If Youre Not Currently Disabled

Americans with breast cancer and lung cancer are among those who may see more regular medical audits … if proposed changes to Social Security Disability Insurance are implemented


In November 2019, the Social Security Administration released proposed changes to two programs, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income . SSDI and SSI are both rooted in a very simple idea: people who cant work due to an illness, injury, or other form of disability deserve to live, and nobody can live without money for housing, food, and other basic needs.

Under the proposal, some recipients of SSDI and SSI would have to more regularly prove that their medical conditions havent improved. Many SSDI and SSI recipients would be required to take part in a more frequent continuing disability review that some liken to a medical audit for those already shown to be medically disabled. Public comment closed on these changes on January 31 of this year, meaning we can likely expect the rules to be added to the federal register sometime in 2020.

The Social Security Administration explains that theyre trying to make sure benefits stop as soon as recipients have experienced medical improvement. By increasing the number of CDRs they conduct each year by 18%, they expect to spend $2.6 billion less on disability benefits between 2020 and 2029.

Why CDRs Cause Disabled Americans To Lose Benefits

How This Could Impact You, Even If Youre In Good Health Today

Increase In Payments For Seniors And Other Americans Reflects Surging Inflation During Pandemic

Roughly half of Americans aged 65 and older relied on Social Security for 50% or more of their income in 2019.

Seniors and other Americans receiving Social Security benefits in 2022 will see the largest increase in their payments in four decades, reflecting surging inflation during the pandemic.

Next years cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, will be 5.9%, the Social Security Administration said Wednesday. The increase will translate to an addition of $92 to retirees average monthly benefit next year, bringing the amount to $1,657, the agency estimates.

The nearly 6% cost-of-living adjustment is the largest since 1982, according to Social Security Administration data. The adjustment is calculated based on the Labor Departments measure of inflation faced by blue-collar workers.

The Labor Department said its broader measure of inflation, the consumer-price index, rose 5.4% in September from a year earlier, the largest annual gain since 2008.

The Social Security Administration also said the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax will increase to $147,000 in 2022 from $142,800 this year, a 2.9% increase.

That smaller increase is based on the agencys own calculation of the change in annual wages. Other data shows recent wage increases are not keeping up with inflation. Average hourly earnings for private-sector workers rose 4.6% in September from a year earlier, according to the Labor Department.

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The Next Social Security Raise May Hit A 40

Consumer prices soared in June and July at an annual rate of 5.4, the highest since 2008. Steeper prices for gas, food, cars and countless other things are squeezing Americans, especially older ones with fixed, often modest incomes.

But there’s a bright side: The spike in inflation could provide seniors next year with their biggest Social Security boost in almost four decades. In fact, advocates just raised their prediction for how large the 2022 cost of living adjustment, or COLA, is likely to be.

Meanwhile, members of Congress have proposed changes in the way the COLA is calculated, which could result in even bigger benefit checks for 55 million retirees, their dependents and survivors.

Seniors are now scrambling to find ways to save money as inflation takes its toll. Will the next Social Security increase be enough?

What Social Security Administration Says

My Top 4 Tips To Get Approved For Social Security Disability In 2020

No updates have been shared by the Social Security Administration since March 12 when its website stated: The IRS is reviewing the tax provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, signed into law on March 11, 2021. We will add helpful Q& As to this page soon, like we did for each of the first two rounds of EIPs.

If you still subscribe to receive updates from us when we update our EIP1 and EIP2 pages, we will automatically add you to a subscription list for this new EIP page, the website notes.

Asked Thursday when SSDI and SSI recipients can expect to receive their stimulus funds, a spokesperson for the SSA directed Newsweek to reach out to the IRS Press Office for a response to our query.

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The Source Ofand Solution Tothe Problem

When the current Social Security formula was put in place in 1977, no provision was made for the contingency that economic conditions would be so dire that average wages would fall in any given year. This problem first surfaced in 2009 during the Great Recession. The AWI, however, fell by a relatively small amount, and policymakers chose not to do anything about it. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the decline in the AWI is likely to be about four times as big now as it was during the Great Recession.

There is ample precedent for fixing this problem. The first precedent concerns Social Security cost-of-living allowances . As mentioned above, payments in years after beneficiaries first year of retirement are indexed to inflation using a version of the consumer price index . However, under the law, if prices fall in any year, benefits are not adjusted downward rather, they remain the same. The second precedent concerns the Social Security contribution and benefit base, also known as the taxable maximum. The taxable maximum is the dollar amount of annual earnings above which the Social Security payroll tax does not apply. The taxable maximum is indexed to the AWIbut like COLAs, it is never adjusted downward.

Will My Disability Check Go Up In 2020

The Social Security Administration has announced a 1.6% increase in SSDI and SSI benefits for 2020 . The Social Security Administration has announced a 1.6% increase in Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for 2020 , a significantly smaller cost-of-living increase than the year before.

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Can I Get Additional Benefits If I Have Children/dependents

Children up to age 18 or who have not graduated from high school are entitled to benefits if a parent is deceased, retired or disabled.

Generally, dependent children of a disabled parent will receive about 50% of the disabled parents monthly benefit.

The 50% payment is divided equally among all eligible dependents.

Supplemental Security Income Application Process And Applicants’ Rights



We strongly recommend you check the eligibility requirements for SSI before you start your application or contact us to make an appointment. If you are unsure you may qualify after reading these requirements, call us at 1-800-772-1213 .

You can apply for SSI benefits by:

    Visiting our Apply Online for Disability Benefits website to start the disability application process online. You may be eligible to apply for SSI through the online disability application.

    Having someone else call and make the appointment for you or assist you with your application for SSI. For more information, see our chapter on HOW SOMEONE CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR SSI or

You will have to provide information and work with us to get documents concerning SSI eligibility.


Apply as soon as possible so that you do not lose benefits. We cannot pay benefits for time periods earlier than the effective date of your application.

If you call us to make an appointment to apply and you file an application within 60 days, we may use the date of your call as your application filing date.

If you are in a public institution but you will be leaving within a few months, you may not be eligible for SSI until you leave. You may, however, be able to apply before you leave so that SSI benefits can begin quickly after you leave. Check with the institution and contact us about filing an application under the “prerelease procedure.”

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