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Social Security Office Piqua Ohio

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Ohio Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Spokane’s Social Security office open to walk-ins for first time since start of pandemic

If you are disabled and want to attempt to work but are unsure how to go about it, Vocational Rehabilitation Services can help you. They provide services that assist disabled individuals find, obtain, and retain employment in the work force. Ohio has multiple offices throughout the state to help its residents. To find the closest VR office to you, visit our VR Offices page or contact the the Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation .

Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

150 East Campus View BoulevardColumbus, Ohio 43235614-438-1200 Local

Piqua Oh Office Hours:

Office Hours Notice: Beginning Wednesday, January 2, 2013, offices close at noon on Wednesdays to the public. You should call this PIQUA, OH office ahead of time to verify their hours of operations.Monday:

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Social Security Office FAQs

How do I schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment?The Social Security Administration does not currently have an online appointment scheduler. However you do not need an appointment to file for benefits or appeal a disability decision. You can file for the following benefits online at

  • Retirement
  • Spouses
  • Disability

If you do not want to apply for benefits online, or you need to speak to the Social Security Administration for any other reason, you can schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday,Also, you can find your local social security office on our site and call it directly.

Local Social Security Office Locations

Social Security News & Information

Addresses Of The Nearby Local Social Security Office In Piqua Ohio

There is no guarantee that you will qualify for the first time especially if you have not gathered all your necessary documents. In such a case it is advised that you hire an expert that is social security attorney. A professional will do all the job and you will also get the guidance of an expert. The majority of the social security beneficiaries rely on social security attorneys when it comes to filing the claim. This raises the chances of getting your claim in time .Social Security office near me

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My Social Security Card Was Lost/stolen What Should I Do

If your Social Security card has been lost or stolen, you need to act immediately! You will need to request a replacement card, but you should also take the proper steps to prevent identity theft. Thieves could use your information to apply for loans, obtain credit cards, or file fraudulent tax returns in your name. You should place a fraud alert on your Social Security number and keep a watch on your credit report. Also be aware of scams that attempt to steal your SSN.

Social Security Office Holidays

Piqua, OH Social Security Office  SSA Office in Piqua, Ohio

The Social Security Office in Piqua observes all federal holidays and will be closed during that time. Here’s a list of all holidays that the office will be closed:New Year’s Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

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Piqua Social Security Office 45356

As of April 7, 2022, local social security offices will restore in-person services, including for people without an appointment.

The Piqua Social Security Office location is in Piqua, Ohio 45356. This page provides the contact information for this location including the Social Security office phone number, office hours and driving directions.

If you have questions or issues about your retirement Social Security benefits, or you need to schedule an appointment, then call the Piqua Social Security Office listed below. The Ohio SSA handles several federal programs such as retirement, SSI, Medicare and disability benefits.

  • Get a copy of your proof of benefits
  • Apply for Social Security retirement benefits
  • Apply for benefits for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Apply for Social Security spousal or survivor benefits
  • Apply for Medicare or get a replacement Medicare card
  • Set up direct deposit for your Social Security benefits

Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

So, what are the Social Security disability requirements? You are eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits if you are an American citizen or a legal resident. In the SSDI application process, youâll need to prove that your disability may last for at least one year. And often you will also need to prove that youâve been working for several years and are no longer able to earn an income above a certain threshold.âThe Social Security Administration uses a five-point test to determine whether you meet the SSDI definition of disability:

  • 1. Are you working?
  • 2. Is your disability âsevereâ?
  • 3. Is your disability listed by the SSA or equivalent to a listed disability?
  • 4. Can you do the work you did before?
  • 5. Can you do any other work?

Under each of these questions, the SSA evaluates various criteria to determine whether you qualify.

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What Happens If My Ssdi Application Is Rejected

If your SSDI application is denied, you have the option to appeal. Youll only have 60 days to begin your appeals process, so its important not to wait too long. You can begin the appeal process by applying online, and youll have a few options for what kind of appeal to do. If you disagree with their assessment of your disability, you can request reconsideration and youll get a new review completed by different people. You could also opt to have a hearing before an administrative judge, an appeals council, or in some cases, a federal court, to explain why you believe your case was wrongly denied.

Social Security Offices By State

BBB of Central Ohio received hundreds of social security scam complaints

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Social Security Piqua Oh

Social Security is one of the biggest financial programs in the United States and millions of residents are taking advantage of it. Payments to the individuals are made who are eligible for the program. Eligibility for most of the social security program is based upon the work history. The general categories of Social Security are:

  • Disability SS benefits
  • Spousal benefits and
  • Lump-sum death benefits

There is one social security administration program and that is SSI. Eligibility for the SSI program is based upon the financial needs of an individual and not the work history. To know more about the SSI program, you can visit your Social Security office Piqua OH.

How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability

The SSA says that applicants should expect it to take three to five months before they receive a decision about their case. If you send incomplete or incorrect information in your application, that could delay your decision. You should send in all the requested materials as soon as possible to decrease your wait time. In some cases, you may be asked to provide follow-up information for a review, which may also add a few more months before your case is approved or formally denied. If they accept your application, you can generally expect to start receiving payments in one to two months.

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A Guide To Your Local Ssa Office Visit

The Social Security Administration local office is the location that handles all types of Social Security claims and applications, from retirement to Social Security Disability Insurance to Supplemental Security Income . When you visit, you can get more help if you have questions ready for the representative who serves you.

Use these tips to ensure your SSA trip goes as smoothly as possible, with few hassles and hiccups. It helps to go prepared.

  • Schedule Your Visit
  • Show up with Your Documents
  • Bring a List of Questions
  • Be Polite and Patient
  • Ask What to Do Next
  • How Can I Check My Social Security Benefits

    Piqua City Offices

    The easiest way to check your benefits is by logging into your My Social Security account online through Once you get logged into your account, you can view benefit statements, benefit estimates, earnings history, and the status of any pending applications. That site should be your go-to for any information related to your Social Security account.

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    Process For Replacing A Social Security Card In Piqua Oh

    If youâve lost your social security card, had it stolen, or damaged your card, it is very important that you get a replacement social security card in Piqua OH as quickly as possible. A social security card is required for getting a job, applying for loans, and receiving government services like retirement benefits or disability benefits. Also, if someone else was to obtain your social security number, you could fall victim to a social security scam like identity theft. Below are the steps for replacing a social security card in Piqua OH.

  • Complete an Application for a Social Security Card, also known as an SS-5 Form
  • Gather your Required Documents – Documents needed to prove citizenship include a U.S. birth certificate or passport. Documents needed to prove identity include a U.S. driverâs license, state-issued non-driver identification card, or U.S. passport.
  • Submit your application to your location social security office in person or via mail
  • How Does Coronavirus Impact Social Security

    Due to COVID-19, many local field offices are closed to the public. In most cases, you can call the office to schedule an appointment if you need to complete a transaction that can only be done in person. Otherwise, you will need to take care of your situation over the phone with the central office or online through the Social Security website.

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    Different Types Of Social Security Disability Claims

    There are several options for disabled people to receive assistance from the Social Security Administration. Individuals who have worked paid into the Social Security system may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance . These claims are often denied if not done properly.

    There is also a federal income supplement program called SSI which is based on financial need and not on whether the person has worked or not. There are several other programs for disabled widows and widowers as well as disabled adult children.

    Social Security Resource Guide

    Can you work if you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

    Doing a bit of research can help you prepare for the application process and collect the correct information. It can reduce stress and hassle to prepare a bit beforehand. Read the Social Security Administration Benefits Resources Guide to find links and resources for each kind of SSA benefit.

    David Duford

    David Duford is the owner of He owns numerous businesses including life and Medicare agencies, dedicated to helping seniors with their insurance needs. David resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and four chlidren.

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    What Is Social Security Disability Insurance

    Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program that provides financial support to people who become disabled and lose their ability to work.Some people buy disability insurance on their own or through their employer, which roughly replaces your take-home pay during the time youâre disabled or until the end of a predefined benefit period. But if you donât have a separate disability insurance policy, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, and they’re free. If you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, these are benefits that youâve earned by working and paying payroll taxes to the Social Security Administration. But itâs notoriously difficult to qualify for SSDI. The vast majority of initial SSDI applications are denied, and after all levels of appeal the final acceptance rate has averaged a mere 34%. It can help to find a

    Piqua, OH

    Social Security disability lawyer near you to assist with your application.

    Social Security Offices Within 100 Miles

    This website is not associated with the Social Security Administration or any government services and is for general information only. Although we attempt to keep the information up to date, some information may be out of date. Please contact your local Social Security Office to obtain information directly from the SSA.

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    How To Change My Address When I Move

    It is a requirement that you notify the SSA when you move. If you do not report your change of address in time or if you do not report your change of address at all you may lose your Social Security payments.

    You can change your address online by:

  • You can visit the SSAs website.
  • Once you are on their homepage, click Sign in/Sign up from there click my Social Security. That will take you to the my Social Security login page.
  • If you do not have a my Social Security account you can create one. To create your my Social Security account you will need a valid email address, your SSN, and a mailing address.
  • If you already have a my Social Security account, go ahead and log in. Once you are logged into your Social Security account you can go to My Profile.
  • From your profile page, you can view your personal information. You can change your address from this page.
  • You select Update Contact Information then type in your new address. You select when you want the update to go through. Make sure the address you typed in is error-free and then select Submit.
  • If you have moved abroad you can change your address online. This is the easiest method for someone living outside of the USA. If you cannot change your address online you may need to phone the SSA.
  • To learn more about the reporting deadline and the consequences of missing the deadline read the article How To Change My Address. This article covers common questions, methods of reporting, and what to do if you move abroad.

    Piqua Oh Social Security Office: Fax Number Phone Number And More

    Fomer Piqua SS office coming down

    Social Security Office Piqua OH is located in Piqua OH 45356. Social Security Office near you can be helpful for various things such as application submission, benefits, social security card, issues, and questions. Our dedicated web-page offers information about phone number, office hours , direction map, and other information.

    How do I talk to a real person at Social Security office? How do I get a replacement Social Security card? These are the common questions among the citizens. This is a dedicated page featuring information about social security office address, phone number, direction map, office location, office hours, and more. So, lets see!

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    How Do I Make An Appointment With The Piqua Ohio Office

    Even in situations where your local office is open normal hours, it is always better to schedule an appointment to help cut down on your wait time. You can call the Piqua, Ohio office at 1-866-931-2520 to schedule your appointment. When you make the call, they can also let you know what documents you need to bring to your appointment.

    How An Attorney Can Help

    An attorney can often resolve your particular legal issue faster and better than trying to do it alone. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, while avoiding costly mistakes or procedural errors. You should seek out an attorney whose practice focuses on the area of law most relevant to your issue.

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    Social Security Disability Lawyers

    How much does a Social Security disability benefits lawyer cost? SSDI lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case. SSDI lawyer’s fees are taken out of your SSDI backpay award . If you donât get awarded SSDI benefits, you pay no legal fees.By law, the maximum fee a

    Piqua, OH

    Social Security disability lawyer can charge is 25% of your SSDI backpay award up to a maximum of $6,000. Typically, the Social Security disability lawyer’s fee is less than the maximum $6,000 amount.

    What Is Social Security

    New affordable housing also boasts nearly zero or no utility bills

    In 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. This new federal legislature started the collecting of taxes in 1937. Since then, working citizens across the United States began paying into social security in order to have a form of guaranteed income once they reached retirement age.

    The Social Security Act was initially meant to be a form of basic retirement for working individuals. However, in 1939, an amendment was made to the act that allowed spouses and/or children to begin receiving social security survivor benefits if a parent or spouse was deceased and qualified for social security income.

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    Social Security Field Offices Dds & Odar

    The residents of Ohio can receive assistance with Social Security Disability through the 57 Social Security Field Offices, 1 Disability Determination Service offices and 6 Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review.

    If you have any questions regarding the Social Security Disability application process or want to know the status of your application, please contact your relevant office below.

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