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Is Obesity A Disability In Ontario

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What Is A Learning Disability

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A learning disability is a kind of learning problem. It happens when a person with average or above-average abilities for thinking and reasoning has trouble learning certain skills.

  • Is a specific difficulty in one area
  • Can range from mild to severe
  • Is not the same as an intellectual disability . An intellectual disability causes learning problems in many areas.

Mental Health Disabilities And Addictions

Although mental health disability is a form of non-evident disability, it raises particular issues that merit independent consideration. Section 10 of the Code expressly includes mental health disabilities. The courts have confirmed that addictions to drugs or alcohol are protected by the Code. People with mental health disabilities and addictions face a high degree of stigmatization and significant barriers. Stigmatization can foster a climate that exacerbates stress, and may trigger or worsen the persons condition. It may also mean that someone who has a problem and needs help may not seek it, for fear of being labelled.

The distinct and serious issues faced by people with mental health disabilities and addictions prompted the OHRC to hold a province-wide consultation specifically on discrimination based on mental health. In 2012, the OHRC published its findings in a consultation report entitled Minds That Matter. The OHRC relied on these findings, as well as on developments in the law, international trends and social science research to inform its Policy on preventing discrimination based on mental health disabilities and addictions , which was released in 2014.

The OHRCs Mental Health Policy provides user-friendly guidance to organizations on how to define, assess, handle and resolve human rights issues related to mental health and addiction disabilities. It also addresses:

Dont Wait To Get Help For Your Condition

Is borderline personality disorder a disability that prevents you from functioning normally in society? Has it caused you to abuse drugs or alcohol? Rise again with the help of The Ranch, Tennessee. Contact us at today to connect with an intake specialist wholl answer your questions and schedule your appointment.

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What Is Diabetes And Does It Qualify For The Disability Tax Credit

Diabetes prevents the body from either not producing or correctly using insulin. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose in the blood. Diabetes leads to high blood sugar levels, which can damage organs, blood vessels and nerves. The body needs insulin to use sugar as an energy source.

There are two types of diabetes:

Changes To Welfare Incomes

A profile of persons with disabilities among Canadians ...

The graphs below show how the total welfare incomes for each of the four example household types have changed over time. The values are in constant 2019 dollars, taking into account the effect of inflation as measured by the national consumer price index.

  • Welfare incomes for households with children increased in the late 1980s and early 1990s until a sharp decrease in 1995. Welfare incomes receded further until the mid-2000s when they began to gradually increase. The larger increase from 2015 to 2017 were the result of changes to federal child benefits.

  • In 2019, a single parent with one child received $21,788 in welfare income. A couple with two children aged 10 and 15 received $31,485.

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Impulsive Anger Is One Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder

This disorder also may involve impulsive anger and behavioral expression grossly out of proportion to any provocation. Perhaps you lost your temper at your supervisor or other employees. Other examples might be road rage that results in your getting out of your car and pounding on someone elses car. Or, for example, you might chase another driver in your car because you are angry. Likewise, you may think you are the only person at work who can do the job correctly. Perhaps you threaten other employees when you think they are not doing a good job. These are extreme examples of impulsive anger. Does this sound like you?

Examples of disorders in this category include paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, and borderline. It also includes avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive personality disorders, and intermittent explosive disorder. Obviously, there are many titles and definitions in this category of mental illness. Most of the symptoms of these disorders involve difficulty getting along with others. This may make you ask, what is borderline personality disorder? For purposes of disability benefits, it is best to focus on the disabling symptoms of the disorder. A list of the possible symptoms are found below.

Am I Eligible For Disability Benefits If Im Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder is a prolonged disruption of personality function in people over the age of 18 years. BPD sufferers experience abnormal mood instability, leading to unstable interpersonal relationships, as well as an unstable self-image and self-identity.

As the personality disorder worsens, the more likely a person with BPD may disassociate themselves from their loved ones, or activities they once enjoyed. Allowing the disorder to continue untreated can have serious consequences, such as suicidal tendencies.

Treatment for borderline personality disorder are similar to cures for other mental disorders, either in the form of medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two. The treatment process for BPD is typically lengthy, especially in regards to psychotherapy.

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Interpreting The Ontario Code The Need For A Disability

The Supreme Court also noted that, apart from the above conclusion, the cause and origin of the handicap, to use the term in the Quebec Charter case before it, were not relevant:

It is important to note that a handicap may exist even without proof of physical limitations or the presence of an ailment. The handicap may be actual or perceived and, because the emphasis is on the effects of the distinction, exclusion or preference rather than the precise nature of the handicap, the cause and origin of the handicap are immaterial. Further, the Charter also prohibits discrimination based on the actual or perceived possibility that an individual may develop a handicap in the future.

What Causes Learning Disabilities

Sleep, Exercise & Obesity

Most learning disabilities are present at birth, and result from the way a childs brain develops. It is also possible for a child to develop a learning disability after a brain injury or other problems that effect the brain . Learning disabilities are not caused by poor parenting, poverty or a childs lack of motivation . There is no cure for a learning disability, and children dont outgrow them. But with support, children and youth can learn to manage LDs effectively in their daily lives.

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How To Help A Child Or Teen With A Learning Disability

There are many ways to make learning easier for children and youth with LD:

  • Break down large tasks into smaller ones.
  • Teach specific skills. Children and youth may need help learning to organize their time, use an agenda or follow a schedule.
  • Accommodate the student. Change the learning environment to making learning easier by:
  • Developing an Individual Education Plan that is based on the students needs and strengths. Ask the teacher if an IEP is possible.
  • Offering a resource period in high school, so students have more time to complete school work.
  • Special seating assignments.
  • Creating assignments that match with the students abilities.
  • Modifying tests .

Examples of accomodations for students with a writing disability:

  • Give written handouts to students with writing disabilities
  • Allow students to use keyboards for notes and assignments
  • Give extra time for tests and assignments

Accomodations for students with spelling disabilities:

  • Allowing spell checkers, electronic dictionaries

Teach compensatory strategies. Teach students to use their learning strengths to go around their learning disability.

For example:

  • Allow students who learn better by listening to talk aloud to themselves to organize their thoughts.
  • Use drawings, diagrams or demonstrations to explain things to students who learn better by seeing .
  • Teach students to speak up for themselves . Teach students how to explain their unique learning needs to others and to ask for appropriate supports and accomodations.

How Can I Claim The Disability Tax Credit

The National Benefit Authority is committed to guiding differently-abled Canadians in attaining the Disability Tax Credit and refunds that have yet to be claimed. Our experts follow up directly with the CRA, enabling us to efficiently determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, and submit your completed DTC application straight to the agency.

Our clients have enough to manage, so allow us to alleviate some of that extra pressure and stress by allowing the NBA to work on your behalf. Weve helped over 40,000 Canadians receive their Disability Tax Credit, as high as $50,000 per application!

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Borderline Personality Disorder Disability Under 1208

DISABILITY BENEFITS FOR BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER Disability benefits are available if you have Borderline Personality Disorder. To determine if you are eligible for benefits for this mental disorder, you need to look at SSA Listing 12.08. Borderline Personality Disorder is inflexible and maladaptive patterns of behavior. The disease usually begins in adolescence or youngRead More »

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My personal experience with this company was great. My sister was denied several times before we decided to go through an attorney. The process is more complicated than you think and it helps so much to have someone helping that knows all the steps.

This team has a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to helping people with disabilities get the benefits they deserve. They have years of experience with disability law and helped my brother win his case. I highly recommend them.

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Tips For Family And Caregivers

Public Health Sudbury &  Districts

To help a friend or relative with the disorder:

  • Offer emotional support, understanding, patience, and encouragementchange can be difficult and frightening to people with borderline personality disorder, but it is possible for them to get better over time
  • Learn about mental disorders, including borderline personality disorder, so you can understand what the person with the disorder is experiencing
  • Encourage your loved one who is in treatment for borderline personality disorder to ask about family therapy
  • Seek counseling for yourself from a therapist. It should not be the same therapist that your loved one with borderline personality disorder is seeing

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Does Diabetes Count As A Disability In Canada

While diabetes is one of the eligible conditions under the DTC, you will only be eligible for the tax refund if you spend an excessive amount of time maintaining the disease.

Due to its impact on activities of daily living and the time spent maintaining the disease from constantly monitoring blood sugar levels to injecting insulin, the CRA considers diabetes a disability.

The CRA provides a tax refund to help offset the costs of insulin shots and lifestyle adaptations through the DTC, which is available to those with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. However, your physical and mental health conditions may/will also be considered.

The CRA will look at many different factors when determining if an individual is eligible for the DTC. To be found eligible, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Live with a prolonged impairment, marked restriction, two or more significant restrictions, or depend upon life-sustaining therapy.
  • You or your supporter pay federal taxes.

Personality Disorders Disability Benefits

In the United States, there is an unfortunate stigma associated with asking for help on a mental health condition. This is as true in the military world, if not more, as it is in civilian society. Though millions of people face an array of mental health challenges in this country, many choose not to seek help in the face of mental illness. For veterans whose jobs and families require unwavering mental fortitude, seeking help isnt just a good idea its often the only way to survive.

Unfortunately, personality disorders are not recognized as disabilities by the VA. For veterans to receive benefits for personality disorders, their condition must stem from a psychiatric condition incurred in or aggravated by their military service. For example, borderline personality disorder benefits are not granted if there is evidence of the condition pre-dating the veterans service. This distinction makes seeking disability benefits from the VA even more difficult than usual, but it can be disputed if your military service aggravated the condition.

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Disability Tax Credit Guide For Diabetes

Over the last few decades, diabetes has been on the rise in Canada and is now one of the most common chronic diseases in the country, affecting close to 2.5 million Canadians.

With the numbers of those who have diabetes growing, many Canadians face hefty bills attached to the disease, costing thousands of dollars each year, which they must pay out of pocket.

If you are reading this article, you or a family member may have diabetes and you are probably looking for information about the Disability Tax Credit and how it can help Canadians suffering from diabetes.

We wrote this article to help diabetic Canadians better understand the Disability Tax Credit, whether theyre a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic so that they can use the DTC and apply for it with confidence.

Among breaking down what the DTC is, if youre eligible, and more, we will also be explaining the following:

  • Does diabetes qualify for the Disability Tax Credit?
  • How much money can you receive if found eligible for Disability Tax Credit?
  • Am I automatically eligible for the Disability Tax Credit if I use an insulin pump?
  • The difference between type 1 and type 2 when applying for the Disability Tax Credit
  • Is life-sustaining therapy a marker for the Disability Tax Credit?
  • Common reasons those with diabetes are denied for the Disability Tax Credit

Does Type 1 Diabetes Qualify For The Disability Tax Credit

How the World Weve Built Challenges Both Weight and Health

Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes, occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and kills the pancreas beta cells. As a result, sugar builds up in the blood instead of being used as energy. No, or very little, insulin is released into the body and must be administered as needed, which takes a significant amount of time, money, effort to maintain. About five to 10 percent of people with diabetes have type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes generally develops in childhood or adolescence but can grow in adulthood.

Type 1 diabetes requires consistent maintenance through things such as monitoring glucose levels, injecting insulin and more. If caring for the disease takes up to 14 hours per week to tend to, you will be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

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Infection Prevention And Control Measures And Personal Protective Equipment

  • Long-term care homes for people with disabilities: The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19: Interim Guidance for Long Term Care Homes. This guidance document outlines the infection prevention and control guidelines and recommendations for long-term care homes and can be adapted to long-term care homes and group living environments accommodating people with disabilities.
  • Congregated residential settings , shared homes and private homes for people with disabilities: The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19: Interim Guidance for Home Care Settings. This guidance document outlines the infection prevention and control guidelines and recommendations for Home Care and can be adapted to supportive care and other supports for those working in the homes of people with disabilities.
  • Cleaning and disinfection: Ongoing cleaning and disinfection should be performed as per the guidelines outlined in the infection prevention and control guidance documents listed above, with particular attention to high touch areas/surfaces such as entrance doors reserved for persons with disabilities, handrails of ramps or staircases, accessibility knobs for doors reserved for people with reduced mobility and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Can You Get Disability For Arthritis

    The Canadian government acknowledges the severity of arthritis by qualifying severe arthritis for certain Canadian disability benefits.

    The Canadian Disability Tax Credit, for example, was designed for this exact purpose: to upkeep a differently abled persons standard of living and quality of life, post-diagnosis. These disability tax refunds should relieve some of the stress of living with a physical or mental disability, allowing the person to focus on their well-being.

    The National Benefit Authority works along those parameters, too: were here to alleviate the stress of your, or a loved ones, disability. We do this through our Disability Tax Credit service, created for differently-abled Canadians to easily submit and claim their deserved Canadian disability benefits.

    Our specialists assist with all the leg work in the DTC application process, including helping to determine your Disability Tax Credit eligibility, completing your application , and submitting it directly to the CRA on your behalf. We find that many Canadians who qualify for disability benefits dont file a claim, either because theyre unaware of the programs, or they simply cant be bothered with the cumbersome process.

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    What Additional Criteria For Disability Do I Need To Satisfy To Win My Claim

    • Your personality disorder must either meet the severity requirements listed in Section 12.08, or your condition must be so severe that you cannot engage in SGA.
    • A doctor must expect your disability to last a year or longer.
    • Your disorder must severely impact your ability to perform work-related duties, despite treatment.
    • Given your condition, age, education, and skills, you are unable to adjust to different work.


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