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Is Ssi The Same As Social Security Disability Benefits

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Dependents And Social Security

Am I eligible to receive SSDI benefits and SSI at the same time?

One key difference between the two programs is how dependents are treated. Dependents may be eligible to collect Social Security after monthly benefits begin. Family members can receive a combined total equaling 150 to 180 percent of your Social Security benefit after you die. Child eligibility extends to age 18 unless the child is a student, in which case benefits continue until he graduates, or becomes disabled before age 22. Ex-spouses also may qualify two years after the divorce, provided the marriage lasted 10 years and they are at least 62.

What The Programs Have In Common

Both SSI and SSDI are government assistance programs that provide cash assistance to people with disabilities.;They can both be a big help to people struggling to pay medical and other bills. Thats why its understandable that many confuse them for each other. Both programs use the same five-step criteria to determine if you qualify as disabled. The programs ask five questions to determine your eligibility:

  • Are you working?
  • Is your condition severe ?
  • Is your condition on the list of disabling conditions?
  • Can you do the work you did previously?
  • If not, can you do any other type of work?

Although the requirements differ, both programs have additional eligibility requirements that can be somewhat complex. Both also look at your income as one factor in determining your eligibility.

Get Help Qualifying For Disability Benefits

The truth is, applying for disability can be a long and sometimes frustrating process. Most first-time applicants are denied, and appeals can take months. However, this doesnt mean you should give up hope. With the help of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer, you can increase your odds of being approved the first time and strengthen your claim should you need to go through the appeals process.

To find out the difference having dedicated representation on your side can make, contact us at Social Security Disability Advocates USA today. Well arrange a free, no obligation consultation with our legal team to review your disability claim and help you make the right decision for you and your family. Get in touch 24/7 by calling , connecting with one of our LiveChat agents, or by filling out this form to request your complimentary case review.

This is attorney advertising. SSDA, LLC is a group of attorneys that pursues claims for Social Security Disability benefits on behalf of its clients against the Social Security Administration. SSDA, LLC is in no way a part of the Social Security Administration. Further, the information on this blog is for general information purposes only. Nothing herein should be taken as legal advice. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, a representative-client relationship.

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How Many Hours Can You Work While On Social Security Retirement

In general, if you work more than 45 hours a month in self- employment, youre not retired; if you work less than 15 hours a month, youre retired. If you work between 15 and 45 hours a month, you wont be considered retired if its in a job that requires a lot of skill, or youre managing a sizable business.

Overpayments Underpayments And Missed Benefits

Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration indicates that their “greatest payment accuracy challenges occur within the SSI program.” Further, the agency notes administering “the SSI program is complicated by the statutory requirement for us to determine SSI eligibility and calculate SSI payments on a monthly basis.” Because payment accuracy is sometimes the result of “program requirements themselves”, the agency is seeking ways to simplify the program.

An overpayment occurs when the Social Security Administration pays an individual benefits that they are not eligible for. This may occur if an individual exceeds the income or resource limit for a given month. The overpayment amount is calculated as they difference between the amount that was paid and the amount for which the individual was eligible. To avoid overpayments, individuals should make sure to comply with their reporting responsibilities . Additionally, individuals should be aware of the resource and income thresholds that determine eligibility. To avoid overpayment, when an individual knows they will surpass a resource or income threshold for a given month, they should proactively report this to the Social Security Administration.

An underpayment occurs when the Social Security Administration pays an individual benefits below the amount they are due. Underpayments in SSI often occur if the agency is unaware of changes in a beneficiary’s earnings or living arrangements.

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Qualifying For Social Security Disability Insurance

First, lets consider eligibility requirements for SSDI. The person must meet the definition of disability established by the Social Security Administration . This includes that the condition has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months , the individual is unable to perform previous work, and is unable to adjust to other types of work.

The mental or physical condition must be severe enough and be found in the SSA Listing of Impairments. Finally, the individual must have worked long enough and recently enough to have earned an adequate number of work credits.

How To Qualify For Ssi

For both programs, you need to establish that you have a disability, but SSI has a slightly broader definition. Specifically, SSI is available to people who are disabled, blind, or over 65. SSDI doesn’t consider non-disabled senior citizens, since this group would qualify for Social Security retirement benefits on their work record, making SSDI eligibility a moot point.

In addition, SSI qualification is based on your resources. Specifically, if your resources are worth more than $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple, you’re considered to be ineligible. This amount includes most personal property, but excludes certain items, such as your primary home.

There are also strict income requirements for SSI eligibility. When determining your benefit eligibility, the first $65 in wage income you earn each month is excluded. Over that amount, every two dollars you earn will result in a one-dollar reduction in your monthly benefit.

For the complete details on SSI eligibility, check out this guide from the SSA.

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Differences Between Social Security And Veterans Disability

One major difference between Social Security disability and veterans disability is that you don’t need to be totally disabled in order to be eligible for VA compensation. In fact, most veterans who receive VA compensation do not receive a total disability rating. Veterans can receive a compensable rating as low as 10%, and can even have a rating as low as 0%.

Social Security disability, conversely, does not compensate disability claimants based on a partial loss of employability. You are either totally disabled or not disabled under Social Security’s definition of disability.

In the past, another difference between the two programs was due to Social Security’s “treating physician rule.” Until March 27, 2017, a “treating physician’s” medical opinion was generally given a great deal of weight. In VA law, the treating doctor’s opinion is not given deferential weight, because of the important VA principle that decisions be based on the entire file, so as not to give any particular evidence extra weight. After March 27, 2017, neither program gives deference to the opinions of a treating physician.

How Monthly Payment Is Established When Collecting Concurrent Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits

Lets say an individuals unearned income must be less than $741 per month to qualify for SSI. After applying for SSDI, the SSA approves the claim and determines the individual is entitled to receive $900 each month in SSDI payments. Since that amount is higher than the maximum income limit of $741 to qualify for SSI, SSI wouldnt be available.

However if the disability payment is $600, the individual would be entitled to both SSDI and SSI since its less than $741, but only up to the maximum SSI payment. In New York, the maximum payment for a person living alone is $808, which includes the federal and state payment.

Another advantage with concurrent benefits is that the individual might be entitled to Medicare. Those who only qualify for SSI generally cannot get Medicare coverage. But if the person is collecting concurrent benefits, then it may be available. Keep in mind there is a two-year waiting period from the date of eligibility for SSDI.

But those who receive SSI are automatically entitled to Medicaid . Its important to note that with regard to Medicare and Medicaid, coverage for either isnt necessarily guaranteed. Its important to consult with Social Security to learn more about eligibility.

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Calculating The Ssdi Benefit

The Social Security Administration calculates your Social Security Disability Insurance benefit by using a formula which uses your earnings record and your age. The SSDI benefit’s calculation uses your average earnings for all the years you have worked and not just your most recent work history.

SSDI benefits are given solely based on your earnings record, not on the calculated cost for food, rent or any other housing expenses. There is not a minimum Social Security Disability benefit. The Social Security Administration does have another disability benefit program called Supplemental Security Income and if your Social Security Disability Insurance payment is small enough, and you meet other income and resource requirements, you may be able to qualify for additional SSI disability benefits.

Assistance In A Community Living Bc Residence

For payments issued for the May 2021 benefit month:

  • If you are living in a Community Living BC funded residence, you may get up to $1,358.42 per month in disability assistance
  • From your $1,358.42, you pay your Community Living BC service provider $716.13 per month for your basic living costs
  • This;leaves;you with up to $642.29;for personal expenses

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Disabled Before Early Retirement Benefits Start

If you drew less than a full monthly retirement benefit for some period of time, and then were approved for disability benefits, Social Security can make up the difference between the early retirement amount and the full disability amount for those months you were disabled but receiving early retirement benefits retroactively.

For example, say you quit work due to health problems, started to collect early retirement benefits for a time, and then applied for and got approved for disability benefits. If your disability started before you began collecting early retirement, Social Security would pay you the difference between your disability payment and your early retirement payment for the months that you received early retirement payments.

In addition, when you reach full retirement age, you would get your full retirement benefit, as if you had never opted to collect early retirement payments.

Social Security And Ssi Differences

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides ...

People who apply for Social Security retirement, disability, and survivor benefits are based upon employment credits earned over an individuals lifetime. Retirement age and earnings prior to reaching an individuals full Social Security retirement age are also factors used to calculate Social Security benefits. According to Social Security Administration, benefits are approximately equal to less than half of the individuals earnings before retirement.

In contrast, people who apply for SSI arent required to have a work history or access a close relatives Social Security credits in order to qualify.

SSI is a federal program for low income people and families. In 2016, the maximum SSI benefit is USD 733 for a qualified individual and USD 1,100 for an eligible individual and his or her eligible spouse. All individuals who qualify for SSI benefits are paid according to the current SSI federal benefit rate. This amount may change depending on cost-of-living adjustments, marital status, housing costs, and statement supplements/other income. Not all types of income reduce the SSI benefit. For instance, a tax refund isnt considered as income for individuals receiving SSI.

Dependents of qualifying beneficiaries are treated differently as well:

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Monthly Social Security Payments

Three factors determine a retiree’s monthly Social Security benefit: retirement age lifetime career earnings money earned prior to reaching full retirement age.

SSA sets an annual earnings limit and deducts $1 from your Social Security payment for each $2 you make when you retire early. It also reduces your payment by $1 for every $3 you earn during the year you reach full retirement age. According to the SSA, benefits equal approximately 40 percent of pre-retirement earnings. Those unable to work due to a disability and meet the SSA’s strict definition of a disabling condition can receive Social Security payments based on their lifetime earnings, although any other financial assistance received from other governmental agencies reduces their monthly benefit.

Is It Legal To Work While On Disability

Yes, its even encouraged. The Social Security Administration helps disabled people find employment through work-incentive programs. How much a disabled worker is allowed to work and earn depends on several factors, and the two primary forms of assistance Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance work very differently.

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Apply For Benefits Online

You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. Follow these easy steps to apply online for disability:

  • To start your application, go to our Apply for Benefits page, and read and agree to the Terms of Service. Click Next.
  • On that page, review the Getting Ready section to make sure you have the information you need to apply.
  • Select Start A New Application.
  • We will ask a few questions about who is filling out the application.
  • You will then sign into your mySocial Security account, or you will be prompted to create one.
  • Complete the application.

You can use the online application to apply for disability benefits if you:

  • Are age 18 or older.
  • Are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record.
  • Are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death; and
  • Have not been denied for disability in the last 60 days.
  • Note: If your application was recently denied, our application is a starting point to request a review of the determination we made.

You may be able to file online for SSI at the same time that you file for SSDI benefits. Once you complete the online process above, a Social Security representative will contact you if we need additional information.

Can You Work While On Social Security Disability Yes But Use Caution

Can I Get Workers Comp Benefits & Social Security Disability Benefits At The Same Time?

Social Security Disability benefits are for individuals who genuinely need financial help and cannot maintain full-time work.;Can you work while on Social Security Disability? Yes! However, its important not to abuse the system. Use caution and make accurate earning reports when choosing part-time work to supplement your disability benefits from the SSA.

If you need help navigating the rules of your disability benefits, we can help! Contact our team;or call us 617-825-0965.

Home » FAQs » Social Security Disability » How Many Hours Can I Work While On SSDI?

To receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must meet specific criteria. If you are earning money, you can only make up to a certain amount to qualify for benefits. For most people, how many hours you work doesnt count as much as how muchyou earn per month on SSDI.

The Social Security Administration will determine whether youre engaging in substantial gainful activity . SGA means:

  • You are earning more than a certain monthly amount .
  • For 2020, the SGA amount is $1,260 per month. For blind individuals, the SGA is $2,110 per month.
  • Its essential to check the SGA each year, as it can increase.

Most of the time, how much you earn matters more than work hours. However, there are exceptions.

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Working After The Extended Period Of Eligibility

If you have monthly earnings over $1,310 after the 36-month extended period ends, SSA will likely decide that you are no longer disabled. Your benefits will be terminated.

You do not have to file a new application if the same disability later keeps you from working during the next 5 years. You can receive temporary benefits for 6 months while SSA determines your case.

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Aged Disabled Or Blind

In order to be eligible for SSI, a person must meet the definition of being aged, disabled, or blind.

Aged Being deemed aged consists of attaining the age of 65 or older. The Social Security Administration, like the United States Government in general, follows English common law and considers a person to attain an age the day before their birthday.

Disabled Being deemed disabled consists of meeting the general disability definition used by the Social Security Administration to be eligible for SSDI:

“Disability means inability to engage in any SGA by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death, or has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.”

“The 1967 amendments specified that workers shall be determined to be under a disability only if the physical or mental impairment or impairments are of such severity that the individual is not only unable to do his previous work but cannot, considering his age, education, and work experience, engage in any other kind of substantial gainful work which exists in the national economy. This is regardless of whether any of these are true:

  • Such work exists in the immediate area in which the claimant lives.
  • A specific job vacancy exists.
  • The claimant would be hired if they applied for work.

Blind Being deemed blind consists of meeting the following definition:

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