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Veterans Life Insurance Death Benefits

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Life Insurance For Retired Military

Service Disabled Veterans Insurance: Dont Miss This Opportunity

All people retired from the military service are veterans, but not all veterans are military retirees. For the most part, this distinction wont affect the life insurance plans available to you. Military life insurance after retirement includes the same options as veterans, including VGLI, S-DVI, and private civilian insurance. Military life insurance If you want to keep your military provided coverage after retirement, youll have to convert it to VGLI within 485 days of leaving active duty, though that may not be your most affordable option.

How Much Does It Cost

An accelerated death benefit rider is frequently inserted as part of a life insurance policy at no additional cost. As a result, you might acquire a life insurance policy with the rider and avoid paying higher premiums.

Some insurance companies and policies may ask you to pay an extra fee for this coverage. Even if the policy is free, you may have to pay costs if you use the rider to get payouts.

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Expenses Covered By Life Insurance

In addition to providing death benefits, life insurance covers several other expenses like monthly bills, child care, and planning an estate.

Heres a breakdown of a few of them-

Monthly Bills

To ensure that your family lives the same way after you are gone, it is recommended that you purchase insurance that is at least 15-18 times your current salary. In general, a traditional policy would cover monthly expenses like rent, mortgage, child care, utilities, and groceries.

Co-signed Debts

If you have an ongoing co-signed debt like a students loan or a mortgage, a life insurance policy will cover that too.

Tuition Fees

If you are the one responsible for paying off the tuition fees and providing school supplies to your kids, you can find solace in the fact that a traditional policy covers that too.

Funeral Expenses

On average, death and funeral costs are usually around $7,640. Life insurance helps your family cover up your death fees so that they dont go through financial turmoil while planning your funeral.

Child or Dependent Care

A life insurance policy also helps cover the expenses and costs of taking care of a child or a dependent after your death.

Estate Planning

Leaving a Legacy

Contrary to popular beliefs, leaving a legacy is not always about donating to an organization following your death. You can also purchase trust funds and ensure that you leave a considerable amount of money behind to help your family with long-term care and expenses.

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Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance Coverage

Unlike traditional life insurance, this does not offer death benefits. Instead, it helps your family cover-up for the mortgage payments after your untimely death.

This plan is exclusively for severely disabled Veterans and the active military. Veterans with severe burn injuries can also apply.


This plan offers coverage of up to $200,000, which can be used to pay mortgage installments. Additionally, the amount received will go directly to the company providing the loan.

Application Procedure

To apply for this plan, you must be receiving the Specially Adapted Housing Grants. If you do not receive SAH, you must apply for that before applying for VMLI.

Can A Life Insurance Claim Be Denied

 Va Death Benefits

Perhaps you have wondered how often life insurance claims are denied, and beneficiaries bear the financial burden.

A successful appeal has little chance of changing anything unless there is a genuine error.

  • The insurance company would deny the claim if the applicant lied on their application. The insurer will provide a detailed explanation.
  • No point in contesting a denial if there is no evidence that a mistake was made.

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Qualification For Veteran Life Insurance Death Benefits

There are conditions at which you may be qualified to receive death benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In this regards, you will be eligible if you pay for the veterans burial and funeral costs and there is no other organization that will reimburse you.

You will also be eligible to receive the death benefits if you are the surviving spouse, partner, child, parent or the executor of the veterans estate. However, the requirement is that you must receive the honorable discharge and pass away due to certain conditions. This way, also make sure that you were receiving a veteran pension or disability compensation and claim open for the pension. However, these are just a few examples.

Pros and Cons of Veteran Life Insurance

Veteran life insurance death benefits are preferable for some people due to the following reasons:

On the other world, the veteran life insurance with the death benefits are not always a good choice if it doesnt meet your need most. Below are the reasons why people need to search for another choice elsewhere.

How To File A Life Insurance Claim

The process of filing a life insurance claim is simple.

First, contact the insurance company that issued the policy. Their representatives will be able to provide you with a claims form and directions for how to proceed. Typically, you will need to submit a completed claims form and the certified death certificate to start the claims process.

The company will verify your identity to make sure that you are a beneficiary of the insureds policy. This involves asking for your name, date of birth, and Social Security number. You may have to provide proof of your identity to the company. Additional steps may be required if you live outside of the U.S. or are not a U.S. citizen.

The insurance company will also make sure the policy is still active and that the policy owner hasnt lapsed on any payments and that the term has not expired. If the policy is no longer active, the company will not pay out a death benefit.

Note: If there are two or more beneficiaries, only one certified death certificate is needed. However, each beneficiary will need to be in contact with the insurance company to initiate their claim, as the benefits due to each beneficiary can be different depending on the designations put in place by the policy owner.

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Types Of Death Covered By Life Insurance

Heres a quick breakdown of the types of deaths covered by life insurance.


Deaths caused due to a motor vehicle accident, drowning, accidental drug overdose, and poisoning are covered under basic life insurance.

Natural Causes

If you die due to a stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, cancer, infection, or other natural causes, your family would be eligible to receive the death benefit upon your death.


Technically, life insurance covers a death caused due to suicide. However, if the death occurs within the contestability period, which is usually two years after getting the policy, your family might not be able to receive the death benefit.


An insurance policy also covers death caused by murder, unless the beneficiary is the murderer or is closely related to the murderer.


If your death occurs due to COVID-19, your family will receive the death benefits, given it is mentioned as a clause.

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When Does The Death Benefit Become Available

VA Death and Burial Benefits Explained

Once you initiate the claims process, the insurance company may make part of the death benefit immediately available. Even if this is not a possibility, most claims are paid out within 3060 days provided that the insurance company has received all required documentation.

Note: Upon notification of the insureds death, Navy Mutual may release 10% of the death benefit up to $10,000 for immediate use.

There are two exceptions, however. Most insurance companies have what is called a contestability period. This is a two-year period from the policys issue date during which the insurance company can contest paying the death benefit. If the insured dies within two years of the issue date, the insurance company can start an investigation into the insureds death. This is to ensure that the policy owner did not provide false information on the application .

Insurance companies also often have a two-year suicide clause, meaning that if the insured commits suicide within two years of the policys initiation, the insurer is not required to pay out the death benefit.

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Commissary And Exchange Benefits41

Purpose: “To provide quality merchandise and necessary services to authorized patrons at moderate prices and to generate reasonable earnings to supplement appropriated funds for the support of Department of Defense morale, welfare, and recreation programs.”42

Under regulations, a surviving spouse of a member who dies while on active duty remains eligible to use commissary and exchange stores until the spouse remarries. Unmarried dependent children retain commissary and exchange store privileges until the age of 21, or until the age of 23 if they are a full-time student. Eligibility for commissary and exchange stores may be extended for a dependent if the child is incapable of self-support because of a mental or physical disability and the condition existed prior to age 21.43

Beneficiaries Will Receive Less Benefits When You Die

Since accelerated death benefits are deducted from your policys death benefit, your life insurance beneficiaries will not get the total amount when you pass away. The payout can be taken at a reduced rate early if you want your loved ones to have enough money for a mortgage or other living expenses. For instance, instead of taking 80% of your death benefit, you can take 50%.

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When To Convert Sgli Into Private Life Insurance

Some insurance companies partner with the military to offer civilian life insurance policies to veterans. Service members with SGLI have 120 days from the day they leave active duty to convert their policy to a private life insurance policy with a participating provider.

These providers dont require a medical exam to convert your policy, so youll be approved for the same amount of SGLI coverage you had at a predetermined rate. If you know you want a private insurance policy but have health concerns that will raise your rates, this is worth considering. However, you have a shorter window to compare quotes for your new policy than veterans with VGLI.

What Happens When You File A Life Insurance Claim

Veterans ID Cards

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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Navy Mutual, a non-profit Veterans Service Organization .

As the beneficiary of someones life insurance policy, you understand that at some point, you may have to file a claim. Navy Mutual understands that it can be difficult to take action while you are mourning the loss of someone that you love and our Claims and Beneficiary Services representatives are here to provide a sympathetic ear, help you submit documentation, and get your claim processed as smoothly as possible.

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Veterans Life Insurance Death Benefits

Veterans who die within 120 days of their release are eligible for a $1l00,000 tax-free death payout to help with final expenditures and grief.

Your beneficiaries are paid the death benefit when you pass away, but it is not automatic. Insurers are not immediately notified of a policyholders death a beneficiary must initiate a claim to get information.

Lump-sum payments can be made via check or direct deposit into a bank account, depending on the death claim form.

Alternatively, the death benefit can be converted into an annuity by depositing the proceeds in an investment account and paying out annual payments until the fund is depleted. Annuities may be subject to taxes. In most cases, lump-sum fees are better for budgeting, but a competent financial planner can help you choose the right option.

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Submit The Completed Forms

SGLV 8283, Claim for Death Benefits, should be submitted to the Office of Servicemembers Group Life Insurance by the branch of service casualty assistance office.

When the insured died, he was not on active duty. In the case of members of the Reserves or National Guard or if the insured was on leave from active duty, please include the following information with the claim:

  • One will also need a copy of the original death certificate
  • The DD214, Certificate of Release or Discharge
  • Form NGB-22, Report on Separation from Military Service
  • Divvying up the separation documents

FSGLI Claims for Family Members

The branch of service casualty assistance must submit the SGLV 8283A, Claim for Family Coverage Death Benefits, to the Office of Servicemembers Group Life Insurance .

SGLI Traumatic Injury Claims

The form SGLV 8600, Application for TSGLI Benefits, is available for downloading from the service departments point of contact. The form must be submitted with the supporting documentation to the service branch indicated on the form.

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Life Insurance For Veterans With Ptsd

The number of veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder varies by service era. The VA estimates that between 11% to 20% of veterans who served most recently in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom have PTSD in a given year.

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, it may be difficult for you to purchase a private life insurance policy at an affordable rate, especially if the diagnosis is new or if PTSD keeps you from working.

You can usually get life insurance if you have PTSD, but your rates will be higher if your diagnosis is more severe or harder to manage. The life insurance company will want to see a long history of successful treatment with medication and therapy and evidence that you can work.

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Veterans Group Life Insurance Claims

Veterans’ Benefits You May Not Know

SGLI can be converted into inexpensiveterm life insurance.

  • An SGLI policyholder and is eligible for VGLI coverage.
  • Their active duty or reserve service has ended in the last year and 120 days.
  • During active or inactive duty for training for fewer than 31 days, the individual was injured or disabled and no longer qualifies for standard premium rates.

At discharge, SGLI coverage continues for 120 days at no cost to the member so that VGLI will not kick in until day 121. Members who qualify for VGLI will receive three applications:

  • Usually within 60 days after separation.
  • Within 120 days of the end of the SGLI free coverage period.
  • The application deadline is sixteen months after the application deadline.

Even if the member does not receive a mail application, they must still apply before the deadline.

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Va Dependency And Indemnity Compensation

Purpose: “To authorize a payment to the surviving dependents of a deceased military member partially in order to replace family income lost due to the member’s death and partially to serve as reparation for the death.”20

VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation benefits are integrated with the military Survivor Benefit Plan or SBP . In other words, payment received via DIC brings about a dollar-for-dollar reduction in SBP benefits. DIC benefits can also be terminated as a result of remarriage by the surviving spouse. The DIC benefit is $1,091 per month for the surviving spouse and a children’s payment of $271 per month for each child as of January 1, 2006 for the survivors of members who died on or after January 1, 1993.21 Add $233 if the veteran at the time of death was entitled to disability compensation rated as total disability for the eight years immediately preceding the death and if the veteran was married to the same spouse for the same eight years. Additional benefits may be provided to a spouse if the spouse is housebound, has dependents under age 18, or between the ages of 18 and 23 and attending school, or the dependent became permanently incapable of self-support before the age of 18 due to a mental or physical disability.22 Surviving parents in some cases may also be eligible for DIC benefits, depending on the parents’ income and marital status.23

Look For Other Policies

SGLI and VGLI conversions, as well as riders, are offered by the company. The company wins our teams top rating. Our search for the perfect life insurance company has led us to New York Life.

A New York Life agent or local financial professional can help customers find the right plan.


Over the age of 65, Prudential provides life insurance policies to veterans. Prudential policies can be converted from SVGI and VGLI policies.Term life insurance and universal life insurance are both available from Prudential. Individuals with disabilities can apply for waivers of premiums under Prudentials riders life insurance plans, including living and accidental death benefits. As well as estate protection and overload protection, prudential universal life insurance policies offer estate protection riders.

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Insurance Plans Offered By Private Insurance Companies

Although SGLI and VGLI life insurance options are offered to eligible servicemembers, the coverage may not meet all of the veterans’ needs. Choosing a plan with a private insurance company may offer more of the benefits you desire. It all depends on what youre looking for in a life insurance policy.

Aflac offers various term and whole life insurance options with a variety of benefits that may be available for Veterans.

Veterans Affairs Life Insurance

Pin on Veteran Resources

Veterans Affairs Life Insurance provides guaranteed acceptance whole life coverage of up to $40,000 to Veterans with service-connected disabilities. Lesser amounts are available in increments of $10,000. Under this plan, the elected coverage takes effect two years after enrollment as long as premiums are paid during the two-year period.

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Group Life Insurance Coverage

Group life insurance is a benefit employers offer to their employees as part of an employee benefits package. It is essentially term life insurance, which ends once you leave that organization.

While this policy comes with low coverage, it can be quite beneficial as they are usually free of cost. The basic coverage offered by this policy ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

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