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Can You Live In An Rv On Disability

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Do You Want To Save Money By Avoiding Rv Parks And Campgrounds


Our Beginner’s Guide to Boondocking eBook gives you a detailed look into our preferred way of RVing and traveling.

Boondocking is camping totally self-contained with no commercial power, water, sewer, or any other on-the-grid service.;

We get questions every day from other RVers wondering How do you do that? In this step-by-step guide, we show you exactly how to boondock in your RV!;

Saving On Your Rv Expenses

Many campers are looking to maximize their RV tax deductions to increase their savings. Before deducting left and right, talk to a trusted professional to make sure your RV usage qualifies. There are many expenses that may qualify, so be sure to save receipts and additional paperwork to support your RV tax deductions this tax season.

Disabled Parking And Camping

With a campervan disabled parking permit, you can park your vehicle in a disabled parking space as long as it fits. Some campgrounds or parks have disabled parking available, so make sure to check out the places you plan on stopping before you leave in order to work out the best places to park your vehicle. With a little planning, those with disabilities can participate in a variety of camping activities but remember that what each place may consider accessible can vary, so its important to do your research.

When it comes to parking your campervan at home, its important to note that there may be laws in your town, city, or neighborhood that preclude you from parking on the street, even if you have a campervan disabled parking permit. Always check the local laws to see if parking your RV on the street is allowed, and remember to be considerate of your neighbors by not blocking views or access.

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Principal Place Of Residence

Unless you own more than one home the SSA, will assume that the property is your principal place of residence. However, if you own a second home you must tell the SSA:

  • how much time you live at each place
  • where you are registered to vote, and
  • which address you use for your mailing address or for tax reasons.

The SSA will then use this information to decide which home is your principal place of residence.

Youll Have To Get Used To Dumping Your Own Waste

Can I Live In an RV on My Own Property?

This is something that most people dont want to think about.

In fact, you may even be deterred from full-time RV living altogether if youre a bit squeamish.

Heres a rundown of how most RVs work to see if you may be able to handle it.

Most RVs will have three tanks: freshwater tank, gray tank, and black tank.


This is the water that you drink. Depending on how big your rig is, this tank can get up to 60 gallons.

Gray tank:

This water is used for the sink and shower.

Black tank:

This water is used for your waste.

RV parks and campgrounds will have sewer hookups or dump stations where you can empty your tanks.

All youll have to do is pull a lever that says black or gray and thats it!

Its pretty easy, but the thought of doing it yourself can sometimes turn people off.

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Direct Costs Of Rving

There are many fixed costs an RVer on social security should think about before deciding to go full time. ;Some of these include RV payments, rent, RV maintenance, utilities, and insurance. Here are some example costs to consider.

RV Payments: ;As we discussed earlier, RV payments can range from $0.00 to much much more. ;

Here is the breakdown of RV payments for a few different loan amounts. For illustrative purposes, well assume each loan is at a rate of 4.5%.

Loan Amount
Leos Key West Campground Full Hookup, Bathhouses, Laundry Facilities Off Season) 1 Month $1,400 a month

As you can see from the first four examples, state park prices can vary dramatically based on what type of site you decide to stay in.

They can also vary depending on the length of your stay.; Weekly rates will almost always be less than daily rates.

Next, I put examples of different campgrounds in the same area and you can see that one is 10% more per night than the next one.; Even within the same campground, the rates can vary based on daily or monthly stays and even the time of year youre staying.

If you want to save even more money at a resort-style campground, you can always find one away from major tourist attractions that offer seasonal rates.

In this case, youll probably find that the rates are much less expensive than an apartment would be.

This is especially true if you have a motorhome since youll have to maintain living quarters as well as the vehicle components of the motorhome.

Va Home Loans For Disabled Veterans

If you were injured while serving in the military, then the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs can potentially help you with a grant or loan to buy or build a home that is adapted to your needs. The VA has;Specially Adapted Housing Grants or Special Housing Adaptation Grants;to help you buy, build, or remodel a home.

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You Should Also Do Your Research Before Buying Land To Park Your Rv On

Heres something that may surprise you: most counties in the US will not allow you to live full-time in an RV on your property!

The actual restrictions vary widely from county to county, and many counties do allow you to store or temporarily stay in an RV while you are building a home, but most specifically prohibit using an RV as your permanent residence.

This is why most full-timers can be found in RV parks!

Having said this, there are a few counties that may allow you to live full-time in an RV on your property.

HudspethCounty, Texas .

ElkoCounty, Nevada .

PanolaCounty, Mississippi .

Delta County, Colorado .

Brown County, Wisconsin .

Eureka County, Nevada .

Custer County, Colorado .

Ravalli County, Montana .

Almost anywhere in rural Alaska lacks zoning or land use regulations, but you have to weather the winters.

This list is based on our research, but as always, please contact the county yourself to confirm.

Also, keep in mind that incorporated areas of these counties may have more restrictive regulations regarding RV use.

Advantages Of Rv Living When You Have A Disability

5 Pro Tips for Full Time Stationary RV Living Frugal RV Living

Toxic Mold Allergies

For our family, RV living is our only choice! About three years ago we discovered that we were not living alone in our beautiful farm house. We had an unseen predator living with us, and this predator was making our family deathly ill. This predator is known as toxic mold.

We are now unable to live in conventional housing, because of the possibility of mold getting in walls and growing. This is where the advantages of RV living when you have a disability caused by toxic mold come in. RVs are great for those with allergies to molds because an RV is not as likely to get infested with mold. This is in large part due to the fact that many RVs do not have hollow walls. This makes it hard for mold to get the upper hand. If mold does start to grow in an RV, it is much easier to get rid of, and not nearly as expensive.

Back and Body Pain Disabilities

For those who do not get around well like my husband, son and I, RV living is great. First and foremost, cleaning is so much easier in an RV than a big house or an apartment. RVs come equipped with built-in everything, so there is little to move in order to clean well, and there is very little space to clean, because lets face it, RVs are not very big in comparison to a conventional home.


Moving with disabilities


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Type Of Ownership Interest

You can own the house outright by yourself or your ownership interest can be “shared” or “equitable.”

Equitable Ownership

Equitable ownership is when you have an ownership interest in a property even though your name isn’t on the deed. You may have equitable ownership if you help pay the mortgage, do the work to make improvements to the home , or pay to make improvements to the home.

You Should Get Some Quality Insurance

You can never be sure of anything when living on the road.

Accidents happen along with thefts, illnesses, injuries, you name it!

Study up on the right kind of insurance before you leave home and make sure you get coverage.

Two types are absolutely necessary.

For the replacement value of your RV should it be damaged

For the replacement of personal belongings should they be stolen

In the end, this coverage should mimic homeowners insurance.

You should also look for health insurance.

This is often offered specifically for full-time RV living as well.

While it may be expensive, dont skimp!

The last thing youd want is for your home or health to be damaged and for you to be in a tough spot financially because of it.

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You Wont Have The Little Luxuries

This may go without saying, but in case you need a reminder just how good your home is before you leave it, your RV isnt going to have those little luxuries.

Do you love to come home after a long day and take a bath?

Do you hate doing dishes by hand?

Cant live without premium wifi?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but your RV is unlikely to have all of these luxuries.

Youll have to learn to live without some of those things you never thought were so important to you.

Initial Costs Of Rving

Can You Live in an RV on Someone else

One thought to keep in mind is that many older RVers on social security tend to own their RVs outright. ;;This cuts down on their monthly costs as they do not have to spend money on monthly home payments.

With an RV purchase comes appliances, furniture, and almost everything else you might need to live the RV lifestyle. ;This means that the RVer wont have to worry about buying new items for the house.

Maintenance will need to be done on the RV but this cost will generally be less expensive than doing maintenance on a more traditional home.

On the other hand, not everyone owns an RV prior to going on social security. ;A new motorhome can cost well over $100,000.00 to buy. With a 15 year loan, a person might expect to pay about $765.00 a month on a $100,000.00 motorhome without putting any money down. ;

This would be about half a persons social security check and a bank may not even finance them for a loan this large with only social security checks to satisfy the loan.

Of course, just because youre RVing full time, it doesnt mean you need to buy a brand new motorhome to do it in. ;A $50,000.00 motorhome with a 15-year loan might only cost the owner $382.50 a month. This would be less than 25% of the persons social security income which is much more feasible. ;

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You Should Do Research Before Staying At An Rv Park And A Trailer Park

Did you know the two are different?

RV parks are places where people who engage in full-time RV living are set up and are designed for temporary stays.

A trailer park, on the other hand, is a more permanent residence.

RV parks typically cost around $35 per night, but can easily get more expensive.

You can get RVing memberships from organizations like Passport America and Good Sam, which can help get you discounts and save.

You can also look into seasonal camping sites if you are looking to spend a few months in one place.

If youre on a tight budget the best thing you can do is do your research before deciding where youll stay.

How Much Do Luxury Wheelchair Accessible Rvs Cost

Depending on whether your budget allows you to purchase new, pre-owned or modify your existing RV to be wheelchair accessible, the price range can vary greatly.

Buying New You can purchase a new RV from either Newmar or Winnebago which are the only manufacturers currently building mobility lines. Prices begin at around $200,000 and can go up to almost $500,000 depending on the amenities selected.

Buying Pre-Owned Start by doing a Google search for Wheelchair Accessible Class A RVs for sale, but they are not easy to find. Probably the best idea is to select a dealer that sells new motorhomes that are wheelchair accessible and let them know you are in the market for a pre-owned unit should they get trade-ins. I found a few in the $100,000-$200,000 price range but its hard to tell the quality without seeing the RVs in person.

Make Your RV Wheelchair Accessible- Depending on your needs, it might be possible to make your existing motorhome wheelchair accessible. Minor modifications such as handrails and RV handicap ramps are possible but adding wheelchair power lifts and widening doorways may not be structurally possible or cost-effective. The cost varies but begins at around $1,000 for a basic ramp and can quickly reach $5,000-$7,500 for lifts.

If you need a lift for your mobility scooter or golf cart on your RV, you may want to learn about the differentRV Cargo Lift Systems.

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State Laws Against Recreational Vehicle Use As A Dwelling

RVs arent generally considered permanent dwellings by the federal government. They can be used for travel, camping, and recreation, but usually not permanent housing. The use of recreational vehicles as permanent dwellings is generally prohibited except in certain specially designated properties and zones.

Most states and counties have restrictions against using a recreational vehicle as a dwelling within certain zones. If theres any indication that the recreational vehicle is being used as a permanent dwelling, you might be subject to legal action. Some land, like parks and campgrounds, is specifically zoned for recreational vehicle dwelling.

Average Social Security Income

Can You Live In An RV – I Do and Love It

According to the Social Security Administration, the average monthly social security payout is currently $1,461.00 or $17,532.00 per year. ;This is significantly less than the median income per person in the United States which is $3,250.00 or $39,000.00 a year.

However, people who are not working do not have as many expenses as people who are. ;

A person living on social security may not have to spend money on commuting, eating out, or work clothes.

Also, a person living on social security is not restricted to having to live near a job. ;This means that this person can choose to live in an area with a lower cost of living.

In fact, an RVer could choose to live somewhere that doesnt have any rental costs at all. ;For example, many RVers living on the west coast of the country choose to live on BLM land full time. ;These people get to live on this land rent-free with the understanding that they must switch locations every 14 days.

Another thought to consider is that $1,461.00 is the average monthly social security payout. ;This means that some people will get paid much less and some people will get paid much more.

The minimum social security payout right now is $848.80 per month or $10,185.60 per year. ;The maximum social security payout right now is $2,861.00 a month or $34,332.00.

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Before You Rv On Social Security

The point isnt to scare you, but it is to make sure you are prepared.;

There are rumors that traveling full time in an RV on Social Security is cheap. If you already have cash on hand to help supplement your travels, it is very doable.;

But for those with little or no savings and just rely on social security, the best thing you can do is get on a written budget, put money into savings, and consider a way to make a supplemental income.;

Heres a book we highly recommend if you want to move forward with RV life. The author, Jerry Minchey, is a trusted source with valuable insight. Weve had the pleasure of meeting him multiple times to discuss RV life.

The book is called: The Secrets of RVing on Social Security.

Is There A Minimum Budget For Fulltime Rv Life On Social Security

Of course! Isnt money always a consideration?

I would suggest $2,000 per month on average as the absolute bare minimum. Even though youre not paying rent, per se, full-time RVing does cost money.;

But you should be aware that if you only earn $2,000 per month from Social Security, living on the road will be challenging.

Here are a few tips that will help:

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Research And Planning Are Important

People in wheelchairs may think that the only things they need are ramps and wider doorways, but those will not suffice.

This is why handicapped individuals need to do a lot of research and planning before they purchase a travel unit.

Knowing what is available for your specific situation is the only way youll be able to make a good buying choice.

Ive attached a video of a travel trailer that is extremely well designed for use by disability travelers.

It is my belief that a travel trailer is likely the best choice for this purpose because they sit lower to the ground than other RVs thus making access much easier for those who have difficulty walking. Take a look and see what you think!

There are a number of manufacturers building disability equipped RVs of different types, so make sure to do a thorough search for them.

Below is a discussion of the basic amenities a really well designed disability coach should have.

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