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Is Being A Midget A Disability

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Tourette Syndrome/tourettes Syndrome/tourettes Disorder

Parenting with a Learning Disability

Background: TTourette syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by tics, sudden, purposeless and rapid movements or vocalizations, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders. Such tics are recurrent, involuntary and non-rhythmic. The disorder was originally named for French neurologist Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette, who first described the condition in 1885, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

While those with Tourette syndrome often can suppress tics by focusing on them, the disorder also can be treated with medication, relaxation techniques and therapy. Although involuntary cursing is commonly thought to be a key trait of the disorder, only a minority of those with Tourette syndrome exhibit this symptom.

Terminology for the disorder is varied. It is interchangeably referred to as Tourette syndrome, Tourettes syndrome and Tourettes disorder. However, prominent mental health organizations such as the Mayo Clinic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Tourette Syndrome Association, refer to it as Tourette syndrome.

AP style: The AP merely defines Tourette Syndrome as, A neurological disorder characterized by involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations.

Limited Or No Use Of Arms

Handicap placards can be issued to people who have limited or no use of one or both of their arms. If you have a deformity or have had an arm amputated, youll be able to get a disabled parking permit. There are also conditions that can limit the use of your arms, such as spasms or joint disorders. Some states even permit hand disabilities to be qualifying conditions. Additionally, if youre missing a limb, some states allow you to skip the full medical certification process. With a disability like this, you can just show up at the DMV and apply for a handicap placard right there without a signature from a physician.

Insane Asylum/mental Health Hospital/psychiatric Hospital

Background: Hospitals that cared for people with various mental illnesses, often for long periods of time, were once commonly referred to as insane asylums. The term has largely gone out of use and is now considered objectionable and inaccurate.

NCDJ Recommendation: Behavioral health hospital or psychiatric hospital are the preferred terms to describe medical facilities specifically devoted to treating people with mental health conditions.

Conforms to AP style

See also Insane/insanity/mentally deranged/psychopathology

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It’s Time To Get The Benefits You Deserve

Suze Orman shares how to get disability benefits in less timeâwith no out-of-pocket costs

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    Disabled Parking Availability And Qualifying Conditions

    Quaden Bayles: Bullied Disabled Dwarfâs Age âHoaxâ Story ...

    There are many conditions that fall into the category of handicap parking permit allowance. People with advanced lung or heart conditions, limited mobility or a partial use of their legs, vision problems including partial or low-vision, certain neurological conditions, arthritis or arthritis-related diseases, and the loss of limbs all qualify for a handicap parking placard.

    Image by arembowski on Pixabay: Parking lots require a certain amount of handicap spots depending on their size.

    Being overly short or tall isnt enough to qualify for a handicap parking permit unless it has a direct influence on a persons health and mobility. Generally speaking, one of the aforementioned conditions needs to be present for someone to be considered a candidate for a handicap parking permit.

    However, if being short or tall has led to a mobility issue or other health problem, it could be said that it is the first step towards being able to qualify for a handicap permit. Some believe that changes to the ADA should be made to accommodate people with limited or excessive stature, but those changes have yet to take place for Americans.

    Featured image by SnapwireSnaps on Pixabay

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    Opportunities Fund For Persons With Disabilities

    The federal government has a fund which assists persons with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment. It supports a wide range of programs and services, including job search supports, pre-employability services, wage subsidies, work placements and employer awareness initiatives to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities. The fund is delivered across the country by Service Canada Centres, in partnership with organizations in the community.

    The Canadian Human Rights Act

    The Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977 protects Canadians from discrimination when they are employed by or receive services from:

    • the federal government
    • First Nations governments and
    • private companies that are regulated by the federal government like banks, trucking companies, broadcasters and telecommunications companies.

    People can turn to the Canadian Human Rights Act to protect themselves against harassment or discrimination that is based on one or more of the 11 grounds of discrimination. The Act prohibits discrimination based upon physical or mental disability.

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    The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a part of the Canadian Constitution, which is a set of laws containing the basic rules about how our country operates. Section 15 of the Charter makes it clear that every individual in Canada regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, colour, sex, age or physical or mental disability is to be considered equal. This means that governments must not discriminate on any of these grounds in its laws or programs.

    At the same time as it protects equality, the Charter also allows for certain laws or programs aimed at improving the situation of disadvantaged individuals or groups. For example, programs to improve employment opportunities for people with mental or physical disabilities may be protected under subsection 15.

    For more information on the Charter, see Your Guide to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The guide is an educational publication that explains the purpose and meaning of each of the Charter’s sections.

    What Else Should I Know

    The media’s perception of little people and the disability community: Becky Curran at TEDxLowell

    People with dwarfism can lead healthy, active lives. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects their rights.

    Types of skeletal dysplasia and the severity of medical needs vary from person to person. In general, with proper medical care, life span is not affected by dwarfism.

    Most of the complications that happen in people with dwarfism are physical, not intellectual. In fact, little people often find clever ways to do things in the average-size world. They also interact with people unfamiliar with dwarfism who make assumptions about it. While that can be tough and awkward at times, it’s also a chance to enlighten people who don’t know much about dwarfism.

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    The Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities

    Canada ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2010, after consultations with the provinces and territories, Aboriginal self-government and Canadians particularly those from the disability community. With ratification, Canada committed to apply the rights found in the Convention it is also bound by the Convention under international law.

    The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is available in American Sign Language and Langue des signes Québécoise.

    The Convention:

    • protects the rights to equality and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities
    • explains the types of actions countries should take to ensure that rights are enjoyed by persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others
    • complements Canada’s existing protection for the equality and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities, such as the equality rights that are guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and
    • is monitored by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which reviews how the Convention is being implemented by all States Parties.

    As part of our nation’s commitment to this convention, Canada must submit a report to the United Nations every four years about how it has worked to further the rights of persons with disabilities.

    Additional Accessibility Blockers For Cognitive Disabilities

    Oftentimes, if you cannot do something on your own, the common response is just ask for help. However, this is not an appropriate response to a person with a cognitive disability, as they should be able to access the web with the same independence as a person without a disability.

    Sometimes people with cognitive disabilities just need information presented in a different way. Lets review how that could apply to if someone learns best from videos. Here are a few examples of accessibility blockers in a video that could exist for a person with a cognitive disability.

    • Difficult words The words and examples in the video script might be too difficult.
    • Complicated directions The video may not break things down so the steps are easy to follow. Do you ever get lost when the directions are too complicated?
    • No captions Many people use the captions, including some people with cognitive disabilities. If the captions are not there, some people may not be able to follow along. They may not remember the information as well. Or they may not learn the new vocabulary.
    • Not able to turn captions off For other people the captions can be distracting. If you are unable to turn off the captions, they may have difficulty focusing on your content.
    • Cant play video And what if you cant control the video player using your way of interacting with a computer ? You may not be able to use the video at all.

    Potential accessibility blockers could be:

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    Dwarfism And Social Security Disability

    While most people dont let their dwarfism hold them back, the condition often comes with many other health problems that can cause physical and financial hardship. If you find your dwarfism is more than you can handle on your own, the Social Security Administration might be able to help you.

    Social Security Disability Insurance is paid by Social Security taxes, so you are only eligible if youve paid into those taxes, usually for five of the last ten years. Once you are approved for SSDI, you are automatically eligible for Medicare 29 months after your reported onset date . For children or young adults with no work history, Supplementary Security Insurance is the better option. There are strict financial limits, $733 of countable income for an individual with less than $2,000 in assets or $1,100 for a couple with less than $3,000 in assets. SSI also gives you access to Medicaid in most states.

    Dwarfism Condition and Symptoms

    While its likely that dwarf parents will have a short-statured child, its not definite. Most dwarf children are actually born to normal size parents, and many dwarf parents have normal sized children.

    There are over 300 conditions that could cause dwarfism, most being genetic. Genetic causes are apparent at birth, usually because of a gene mutation in the womb or an inherited gene. Its also possible to develop dwarfism in infancy or early childhood if the child does not get the necessary nutrients.

    Dwarfism and Your Social Security Disability Case

    Rights Of People With Disabilities

    Mom Shares Emotional Video of Son After Being Bullied for ...

    Canada seeks to reduce barriers and increase opportunities for people with disabilities, to ensure their full participation in our society. Our nation has a strong legislative framework that guarantees the equal rights of people with disabilities. In addition, a range of federal programs support the lives of Canadians with disabilities.

    On this page:

  • The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
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    I Am 4 Feet 9 Inch Am I Eligible To Get Disability

    Adults who are 4’10” or shorter fit within the definition of dwarfism and qualify for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act . Short stature alone does not qualify an individual as disabled but commonly associated conditions may qualify you for disability benefits. You may want to consult this nonprofit’s website for additional information:

    Service Animal/assistance Animal/guide Dog/seeing Eye Dog

    Background: Service animals are trained animals, usually dogs, that provide services to people with disabilities. They also are sometimes called assistance animals, guide dogs, or Seeing Eye dogs.The federal definition of a service animal applies to any guide dog, signal dog or other animal trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. This may include animals that guide individuals with impacted vision, alert individuals with impacted hearing to intruders or sounds, provide minimal protection or rescue work, pull a wheelchair or fetch dropped items. If they meet this definition, animals are considered service animals under the ADA, regardless of whether they have been licensed or certified. For more information, consult the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Section.

    NCDJ Recommendation: The terms service animal, assistance animal and guide dog all are acceptable. Avoid use of Seeing Eye dog as Seeing Eye is a registered trademark of The Seeing Eye school in Morristown, N.J. Be aware that licensure and/or certification of service animals is a contentious issue in the disability community, so it may be best to refer to the federal definition.

    AP style: Although there is no entry for service animal, the style book takes note of the Seeing Eye dog trademark and says guide dog is prefered in all references.

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    Suffers From/victim Of/afflicted With/stricken With

    Background: These terms carry the assumption that a person with a disability is suffering or has a reduced quality of life. Not every person with a disability suffers, is a victim or is stricken.

    When renowned scientist Stephen Hawking died in 2018, media accounts referred to him as finally free of the wheelchair he used for decades. The references angered disability rights advocates, who argued that Hawking achieved remarkable success while using a wheelchair and a computerized voice system, not despite those devices.

    NCDJ Recommendation: It is preferable to use neutral language when describing a person who has a disability, simply stating the facts about the nature of the disability. For example: He has muscular dystrophy, and avoiding characterizing those conditions as afflictions.

    Conforms to AP style that suggests avoiding descriptions that connote pity.

    Functionally Equal The Listings

    Why Is Space Travel Easier Than Taking a Train If Youre Disabled? | Tanyalee Davis | TEDxLiverpool

    Ifyour child does not meet the listing for growth impairments, your childmay be able to “functionally equal the listings” if they havesignificant functional impairments. To “functionally equal thelistings,” your child must have impairments that can be considered equalin severity to the listings in the Blue Book. There are six functionaldomains that Social Security assesses in determining this functionalequivalency, including movement, self-care, and health and physicalwell-being. Your child must have two “marked” limitations or one”extreme” limitation within the six functional domains.

    Thosechildren with growth impairments may have physical difficulties due totheir short height with regards to movement and self-care, especially ifyour child has shorter arms as a part of their growth impairment.Examples of difficulties may include difficulty climbing stairs ordressing themselves due to physical limitations. However, it is fairlyrare for a child to functionally equal the listings for growthimpairment. For more information, see our article on functionally equaling the listings.

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    Art And Media Depictions

    In art, literature, and movies, dwarfs are rarely depicted as ordinary people who are very short but rather as a species apart. , artists, and moviemakers may attach special moral or aesthetic significance to their “apartness” or misshapenness.

    Artistic representations of dwarfism can be found on Greek vases and other ancient artifacts, including ancient Egyptian art in which dwarfs are likely to have been seen as a divine manifestation, with records indicating they could reach high positions in society.

    The Bhagavat PuranaHindu text devotes nine chapters to the adventures of Vamana, a dwarf avatar of Lord Vishnu.

    The Dwarf Don Sebastián de Morra

    Depictions of dwarfism are also found in European paintings and many illustrations. Many European paintings of the 16th19th centuries depict dwarfs by themselves or with others. In the Talmud, it is said that the second born son of the EgyptianPharaoh of the Bible was a dwarf. Recent scholarship has suggested that ancient Egyptians held dwarfs in high esteem. Several important mythological figures of the North American Wyandot nation are portrayed as dwarfs.

    In September 2014, Creative Business House, along with Donnons Leur Une Chance, created the International Dwarf Fashion Show to raise awareness and boost self-confidence of people living with dwarfism.

    Is Being A Midget A Disability

    Why? Because I wanted to, that’s why!

    Why? Because I wanted to, that’s why!

    Jenn said:I suppose it would be considered a disability for work purposes because they physically cannot do some jobs due to their size and the workplace cannot adapt to a minority?I’m sure many of them have “normal” jobs though, just not as much choice as average size people.

    i would say really tall people could be described as disabled as they have the sameproblems

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