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What Conditions Qualify For Disability Benefits

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Disability Evaluation Under Social Security 900 Endocrine Disorders

Does your medical condition qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits?

Section 9.00 Endocrine Disorders

A. What is an endocrine disorder?

An endocrine disorder is a medical condition that causes a hormonal imbalance. When an endocrine gland functions abnormally, producing either too much of a specific hormone or too little , the hormonal imbalance can cause various complications in the body. The major glands of the endocrine system are the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, and pancreas.

B. How do we evaluate the effects of endocrine disorders? We evaluate impairments that result from endocrine disorders under the listings for other body systems. For example:

1. Pituitary gland disorders can disrupt hormone production and normal functioning in other endocrine glands and in many body systems. The effects of pituitary gland disorders vary depending on which hormones are involved. For example, when pituitary hypofunction affects water and electrolyte balance in the kidney and leads to diabetes insipidus, we evaluate the effects of recurrent dehydration under 6.00.

2. Thyroid gland disorders affect the sympathetic nervous system and normal metabolism. We evaluate thyroid-related changes in blood pressure and heart rate that cause arrhythmias or other cardiac dysfunction under 4.00 thyroid-related weight loss under 5.00 hypertensive cerebrovascular accidents under 11.00 and cognitive limitations, mood disorders, and anxiety under 12.00.

Medical Conditions We Cover

If you have suffered a serious condition which has left you disabled and unable to return to work, you may qualify for disability benefits. This area of the law can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially when you are going up againstdisability insurance companies.

These disability insurance companies are not focused on your best interest, but ourlegal team at Dabdoub Law Firm is committed to our clients. Our entire law firm is dedicated to fighting for disability insurance benefits for our clients.

Please reach out to our firm now at to speak with a disability attorney today.

Accidents Related To Service

While most benefits cover anyonewho experienced an event or situation while on duty in the military, there are specific clauses that are put in place to those who have developed any type of injury or disability while in the military, even if they werent on duty.

Technically speaking, when you are on active duty, you are on active duty 24/7, no matter what. Even if youre off duty, youre really on duty. Therefore, if there is an accident or event that has resulted in an injury, a veteran can claim this is service connected.Thus, any kind ofaccident a veteran may have experienced while on or off duty could be considered service connected.

These service-connected injuries or disabilities can also include if a veteran was traveling to and from work and/or leave, when a vet was on a military base at any time or off hours, or when a vet was on leave. Every situation is different, but most will be covered because an active service member is always an active service member, no matter what. So, if an accident has occurred while you werent on duty , you might be able to gain some benefits from that harrowing situation.

Now, if you were at fault for the accident, thats completely different. In any situation, if a veteran was at fault for an accident that resulted in theirown disability, they will not be able to gain benefits from the VA benefits system. We simplify and discuss those that are considered ineligible for disability benefits, and their situations, below.

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Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits With Heart Failure

Social Security Disability benefits can provide an individual who is suffering from heart failure with a monthly income as well as medical insurance to cover medical expenses.

When an individual suffers from heart failure, it can be impossible to maintain a full time job. Working a job with heart failure can be dangerous, yet the lack of income caused by an inability to work can result in significant financial stress. While it may seem like a vicious cycle, the good news is that Social Security Disability benefits may be the solution to this problem. Social Security Disability benefits can provide an individual who is suffering from heart failure with a monthly income as well as medical insurance to cover medical expenses.

How Spinal Conditions Affect You

What Medical Conditions Qualify For Disability Benefits ...

There are numerous spinal disorders, and you could have different symptoms that affect you to varying levels depending on the severity of your condition. Most people with a spinal disorder do have some difficulty performing physical work because the spinal cord affects almost every bodily function to some degree.

Most people who suffer from a spinal disorder will suffer pain to some extent. When you file your claim for disability benefits, you will want to make sure Disability Determination Services understand how your range of motion and physical abilities are restricted by your pain.

You will need to provide hard medical evidence that supports your claim. Medical records and physician notes should include how your pain affects you, your limitations, and restrictions that you face because of your medical condition daily.

Corroborating evidence will help you ensure your claims success. Be sure to provide a thorough list of all healthcare providers and include the dates of service and their contact information so the records can be thoroughly reviewed.

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What Do Va Disability Benefits Encompass What Are They

Basically, VA disability benefits are monthly payments that are sent to individuals who qualify for benefits based off of their own, individual situation. You canbe eligible for these benefits by applying and completing a disability claim.

The amount that disabled veterans receive monthly depends on the individual situation this person faces. Some veterans may receive more monetary payments than others, depending on their degree of disability and currentstatus. Through the VA disability program, veterans also gain benefits that can include coverage of travel expenses if used for medical treatment or rehabilitation.

You can apply if you meet these guidelines:

  • You must be a veteran of the US military service
  • You must have been recently diagnosed or have a disease
  • There must have been some type of incident during your time of service that resulted in your disability
  • The disability must be proven to have been work-related you must have gotten this disability through what you were doing while in the military

Am I Eligible For Va Disability Compensation

You may be eligible for VA disability benefits or compensation if you meet both of the requirements listed here.

Both of these must be true:

  • You have a current illness or injury that affects your mind or body, and
  • You served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training

And at least one of these must be true:

  • You got sick or injured while serving in the militaryand can link this condition to your illness or injury , or
  • You had an illness or injury before you joined the militaryand serving made it worse , or
  • You have a disability related to your active-duty service that didnt appear until after you ended your service

Presumed disabilities

  • Veterans
  • Qualified dependents

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Contact An Experienced Disability Lawyer Today

Under the best of conditions, the Social Security Disability benefits process could be overwhelming. If you have a listed medical condition, you still must provide sufficient proof to the SSA. For claimants who suffer from unlisted impairments, the path to disability payments is much more difficult. Having our experienced Greenland, AR disability attorney working alongside you will increase your chances of success. Our lawyers have been handling difficult disability claims for over twenty years. To schedule a free appointment, call 316-0438.

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What medical conditions qualify for CPP disability

Disability insurance, sometimes called disability income insurance, covers an individual for loss of income due to a disability, which may be due to a physical injury, an illness, or a psychological disorder. Many people have a short-term or long-term disability policy through group insurance provided by an employer. These plans can also be purchased as part of a private or individual insurance policy.

What coverage is available with both short-term and long-term insurance varies depending on the policy. Each policy will include details such as:

  • how much you will receive
  • the maximum amount could be paid
  • the definition of disability

You may still qualify for long term disability benefits even if your condition is not listed above. Each case is unique, so we encourage you to contact us for help determining whether will be able to access long term disability benefits. We will help you determine if you qualify to receive benefits under the terms of your insurance policy.

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Disability Must Be Lasting

No matter how serious or completely disabling your illness or injury is, you will not qualify for disability benefits unless your condition has lasted, or is expected to last, for 12 monthsâduring which time you are unable to perform substantial gainful work. The disability will also qualify if it is expected to result in your death. Even though the disability must be expected to last 12 months, you do not have to wait 12 months to apply.

As soon as the condition is disabling and a doctor can predict that it is expected to last a year, you may qualify for disability benefits. And if, after you begin receiving benefits, it turns out that your disability does not last 12 months, Social Security cannot ask for its money back. You are not penalized for recovering sooner than expected, as long as the original expectation that the illness would last 12 months was a legitimate one. Social Security does do continuing disability reviews, however, and can terminate your benefits at a later date.

What Medical Conditions Let Me Get Disability Insurance

Your medical conditions, even if they are disabling, may not actually be covered by the policy that you have. Some policies limit the period of time that you can get coverage, , for mental nervous conditions. Some people have made applications where there are preexisting medical conditions that might be excluded, as a cause of disability. Conditions like migraines, diagnoses like fibromyalgia, and other uncommon types of conditions may also be excluded. It is essential that you understand any limitations on your coverage before you apply so that you can do so in the right way.

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What Happens If The Adult Child Gets Married

If he or she receives benefits as a disabled “adult child,” the benefits generally end if he or she gets married. However, some marriages are considered protected.

The rules vary depending on the situation. Contact a Social Security representative at 1-800-772-1213 to find out if the benefits can continue.


To speed up the application process, complete an Adult Disability Report and have it available at the time of your appointment.

The Blue Book Lists The Medical Conditions And Impairments Due To Illness Or Injury That Qualify An Individual For Payments

Disability benefits: Theyre not welfare, but difficult to get

Among the medical conditions and impairments that are included in the Blue Book are: heart disease cancer vision and hearing loss immune system conditions such as HIV/AIDS, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis liver and kidney diseases and neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. Mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders and depression are also included in the Blue Book as well as conditions related to the autism spectrum.

Applicants with medical conditions that are not listed in the Blue Book may still be able to qualify for disability benefits if the impairments are severe enough to cause them to be unable to work full time. Some of the conditions not listed in Social Security Administration’s official listing that could qualify for benefits include but are not limited to, celiac disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative disc disease, and fibromyalgia. Whether a medical condition or impairment is listed in the administrative standards or not, medical documentation from a doctor treating the patient would be necessary for proving and supporting an applicant’s case for their disability benefits claim.

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The Right Medical Records And Statement From Your Doctor Will Go A Long Way In Getting Approved For Disability Benefits

When applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration , you will need to present evidence showing that you have been unable to work for at least a 12-month period. You can help satisfy this burden by having your primary care doctor complete what Social Security calls a “medical source statement.”

Here’s what the doctor should include in a good medical source statement.

Sensory And Speech Issues

Sensory and speech issues can qualify both children and adults for SSDI. For example, within the blue book, it is possible that someone with a visual feel deficiency of 20% or less may qualify for SSDI. Additionally, its possible for someone only hearing loss to obtain SSDI. The primary element to consider with the sensory and speech problems is that the Social Security Disability office expects needs adults to return to work after the initial adjustment period.

For example, when it comes to hearing loss, the conditions are applicable for SSDI with the use of a cochlear implant. Additionally, conditions relating to vision all refer to the vision in the best eye after the best correction. Meaning that if youve suffered vision loss, but laser surgery is an option, and that surgery will offer the best correction, its the option you need to take to apply for SSDI with a qualifying condition.

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The Determination For Ssdi Is Based On Your Medical Condition And Your Work History

Disability benefits claims are handled by the state Disability Determination Services . When a DDS examiner reviews your application, they will utilize a five-step process to analyze your disability benefits claim. Your medical condition alone may not be enough to qualify for disability benefits. If at any point your disability benefits application fails to meet one of the legal requirements, your application may be denied. The requirements are, in order:

  • You must be engaged in substantial gainful activity before your disability occurred. Most forms of employment and even certain types of volunteer work will meet this requirement.
  • Your impairments must be severe. They may be physical or mental impairments, but they must amount to a complete, not partial, disability.
  • Your disability must be included on the federal Listing of Impairments. If your disability is not on the official list, the DDS examiner must deem it to be equivalent to one that is included.
  • You must be unable to do any type of work you have done in the past. Your work history, experience, and any training you might have had will be taken into account.
  • You must be unable to do any other type of job. If you are over 50, the SSA has different requirements and may not apply this to your disability claims application depending on circumstances.

Social Security Disabling Conditions

What Conditions May Qualify You For Presumptive Total Disability Benefits In Your LTD Policy?

The Social Security Administration awards Social Security Disability benefits based on the type of disabling condition the claimant is suffering from. These are conditions that affect an individuals ability to gain substantial employment. The SSA’s impairment listing manual, also known as the “Blue Book,” contains a list of these conditions. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, then you maybe eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income . Fill out your information to receive a free case evaluation. Start the disability benefits process today.

Here are a few examples of conditions that can qualify:

  • Musculoskeletal issues, for example fractures to the back.
  • Cardiovascular conditions, such as coronary artery disease or heart failure.
  • Sense and voice difficulties, such as vision impairment and hearing loss.
  • Breathing conditions, such as COPD.

In addition to the disabling conditions, the SSA also has a list of 88 conditions that automatically qualify for disability benefits under the Compassionate Allowances program. The Compassionate Allowances program is intended to expedite the application process for those with severe medical conditions.

Listed below are the Disabling Conditions recognized by the SSA. These are conditions listed in the Blue Book that may qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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How Does The Ssa Evaluate Disabilities

A claimant could submit an application to Social Security by telephone, mail, or online. The application and other forms request a description of the medical condition, treatment sources, and other evidence or documentation that supports the alleged disability. The SSA field office is tasked with reviewing an application for non-medical requirements, including age, marital status, employment, work credits, and Social Security coverage information. Once completed, the applications are forwarded to Disability Determination Services for evaluation of disability. The DDS is a state agency, funded by the federal government, responsible for developing and reviewing medical evidence in order to render an initial determination on whether a claimants medical condition qualifies as a disability for benefits purposes.

In most cases, the DDS will want evidence from the claimants primary medical sources. If the information is unavailable or inconclusive, the DDS could request a consultative examination to obtain additional medical evidence. To improve your chances of approval, it is best to provide the required medical evidence. Relying on the CE would likely result in a denial.

Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

You can apply for disability on your own or with the help of a friend, family member, disability advocate, or Social Security attorney. Applications for SSDI can be filled out and submitted online, via the SSAs website, or you can apply in person at your local SSA office. You have the option of appealing the SSA’s decision if it is denied initially.

Your doctor is an ally of central importance when you apply for benefits as well. He or she can ensure your medical records are shared in a timely manner with the disability examiner that reviews your claim for benefits. Your doctor can additionally help you understand the various listings for qualifying conditions for SSDI and under which listing youre most likely to be approved for benefits.

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