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Does Disability Get The Extra $600 A Week

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The End Of $600 Unemployment Benefits Will Hit Millions Of Households And The Economy

Now, at least two studies show that America’s poverty rate hasn’t worsened significantly, despite the onslaught of the worst recession since the Great Depression. That’s because this additional payment is keeping many low-income families afloat and is even allowing them to spend a little more than they normally would.

Economists say the spending exposes the large numbers of people living paycheck to paycheck and that it is time to examine policies to help with better distribution of wealth in this country.

So who’s getting the $600?

What we know is that currently, about 30 million people in America are receiving it and the payment is set to expire July 31. Because of the way the state unemployment payment is scheduled, the last of the $600 would have gone out this past weekend just as there’s evidence of more people losing jobs with the latest spikes in cases in the South and West.

The intense debate now in Washington is whether to extend these benefits or replace them with something else.

Of particular worry is that lower-income households and women are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19 job losses. Research from the University of Chicago shows that over 57% of women making less than $30,000 lost their income during the first month of crisis.

So even if the government paid money for people to go back to work as proposed by some there won’t be jobs to return to.

The economy now relies on it

Corrections July 28, 2020

Will My Stimulus Check Be Affected If I Owe Taxes

… or child support?

… or overdue on student loan payments?

While the CARES Act suspends debts like overdue student loans or back taxes that typically lead to the garnishment of tax refunds, it doesn’t apply to delinquent child support payments. That means the government’s relief checks will still be garnished if you’re overdue. And some spouses who are filing joint tax returns with their late-paying partners are upset their stimulus money is being trimmed or withheld, even if they typically qualify for relief in situations like tax refunds.

Even if your spouse is solely responsible for the debt, a shared tax refund or stimulus check could be at risk.

…. If I owe child support, does the stimulus money go to my ex?

The stimulus payment that is reduced or withheld by the child support owed will go to the appropriate collecting office for the taxpayer’s state. From there, that collecting office will issue the money to the custodial parent, the person due the child support. 

As ‘hero’ Pay Ends Essential Workers Wonder What They Are Worth

“I felt very angry,” she says. “I have to go to work. And I make less money, being essential. $600 a week that’s almost the whole paycheck for me. Even with hazard pay, I still don’t make that much money.”

Thomas received an extra $2 an hour for working during the pandemic. It was part of the temporary bumps in pay called hero pay, thank you pay or hazard pay that many employers, like Kroger and Amazon, paid workers who risked their health to continue to work during the pandemic. That extra pay of between $1 to $3 an hour has now largely gone.

When the unemployment office is competition for business owners

The $600 a week works out to about $15 an hour, which is higher than what employers pay workers in many parts of the country. So if a jobless person receives $340 per week in state unemployment benefits the national average then with the additional payment from the federal program, the total before taxes would be $940 each week.

These expanded federal benefits were no match for coffee shop owner Sky Marietta, who paid her employees between $10 and $15 an hour in Harlan, Ky. She voluntarily decided to close her coffee shop and lay off her employees so they would qualify for expanded unemployment benefits.

“Not because they did not like their jobs or because they did not want to work,” Marietta said, “but because it would cost them literally hundreds of dollars per week to be employed.”

Universal basic income is here. Should it stay?

When Will The $600 Federal Unemployment Check Be Paid

… I got my first unemployment check but not the $600.

The pipeline for these payments is still unclear.

… Ive been unemployed since January 2020. Is the $600 weekly benefit retroactive from then or just from the date it was announced?

Depending on when your state entered into an agreement with the federal government, the $600 weekly benefit could be retroactive back to March 28. It ends July 31. 

… Are furloughs eligible for the federal $600?

Yes. If the person isn’t being paid, they are considered unemployed and can receive that federal assistance.

 Charisse Jones

How To Qualify And Apply

Defenders Q&A: Do you get an extra $600 a week if you ...

In states where FPUC funds are available, payment is generally automatic and does not require a special application. In most states, to get the extra $300 weekly bonus:

  • You must be eligible forâand receivingâunemployment benefits, including unemployment compensation .
  • You must be able and willing to return to work.
  • You must have become unemployed or had hours reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond stated eligibility standards, it’s up to each state or territory to decide what, if anything, you need to do to actually receive the money.

Apply for unemployment benefits at the local unemployment office in the state where you live. Even if you became unemployed in another state, start with your state unemployment office for information on how to apply for benefits in the state where you became unemployed.

States and territories run the FPUC program, not the Federal government. Check with your state unemployment office for details and requirements where you live.

How To Apply For Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation

To apply for Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, you must file a claim for regular benefits with the UI program in the state where you worked. Depending on the state, you can file a claim in person, online, or over the phone; most states recommend filing online. When you file a claim, you must provide your Social Security number, contact information, and details about your former employment. To find out the rules in your state, check with your state’s unemployment insurance program.

Under the current FPUC program, states administer an extra $300 weekly payment to eligible people who receive regular unemployment benefits , as well those collecting benefits from the following programs:

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation
  • Payments under the Self-Employment Assistance program

When states provide the extra payment, eligible people will receive retroactive payments.

FPUC was extended by the American Rescue Plan to go until September 6, 2021, however, a number of states have chosen to end their enrollment in the program earlyâmeaning your $300 supplement may run out before then. Check with your state’s unemployment office to determine the duration of your benefits.

Under the CARES Act, states that waive their usual one-week “waiting period” for benefits will be fully reimbursed by the federal government for benefits paid that week, plus any associated administrative expenses.

Timing Of Base Period

Here’s a chart showing your base period for recent and upcoming quarters.

Date Claim Filed

July 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019

April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019

Oct. 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019

July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Jan. 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020

Oct. 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019

April 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020

Jan. 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019

July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020

April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020

Oct. 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Jan 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021

Oct 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020

April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021

Jan 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020

Because the state uses your highest-paid quarter of your base period to calculate your weekly payment, the date you file your claim can affect your benefits amount. You can use this to your advantage by choosing the date that will give you the base period with the highest wages, but you must file a claim with EDD within seven weeks of becoming unable to work.

Payment For Children With Disabilities

If you are the parents of children with disabilities, you should receive the one-time payment.

For cases of shared custody, the payment will be split among care providers, like the Child Disability Benefit payment and the Canada Child Benefit.

In cases where there has been a change in custody, the primary care giver of a child with a disability as of June 30, 2020 should receive the $600 payment on behalf of the child.

You can visit the CRA Canada Child Benefit for more information on eligibility for cases of shared custody or a change in custody.

Agencies and care providers of children in their care will receive the payment as per the Childrenâs Special Allowance Act.

In rare cases where we were not able to identify the caregiver, the payment will be issued directly to the child.

What If I Dont Have Money In My Base Period Because I Was Unemployed Before I Became Disabled

There are two rules that may help you if you do not have earnings in your base period due to unemployment:

First, if you have an unexpired claim for unemployment insurance benefits when you are seeking SDI, then you may use the base period you used for your unemployment insurance claim.

Second, if you were unemployed during any quarter of your base period meaning out of work for 60 or more days and looking for work you may disregard that quarter and begin your base period three months earlier than the period set forth in the above chart.  For each quarter you were unemployed, you may go back another quarter.

My Employer Offers Private Short

Typically, yes.  If the benefits are integrated, the EDD will pay you an amount for SDI, and your employer or its insurance carrier will pay you an additional amount to cover some or all of the difference between SDI and your full wages.

If you dont know whether your employer integrates benefits with the EDD, ask your HR department or manager for information.

Youve Lost Your Job Or Had Your Hours Reduced

You may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance if youâve lost your job or had your hours reduced because of COVID-19. For more information about eligibility, visit Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Requirements.

File an Unemployment Insurance Claim and we will determine if you are eligible. The fastest way to apply for benefits is through UI Online. To learn how to register, file or manage a claim, and more, review:

Unemployment Benefits Debate Continues

The $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief law, known as the CARES Act, enhanced jobless pay for these individuals. However, the extra cash, currently $600 a week, will end after July 31. Some states are ending it a week earlier, on July 25. That $600 is a lot higher than the $378 a week in state unemployment benefits prior to the relief law, according to the Labor Department. The law boosts that weekly total to $978 a week a 159% increase.

Normally, the state would replace about 40% of an unemployed person’s wage but the extra benefit topped up their income to help during the pandemic. Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project, says 31 July was an arbitrary date picked and does not reflect anything on the horizon reflecting a recovery.

In late March, we all thought this was going to pass in a few months, says Evermore. “Now, I really dont think were going to be back to business as usual for a quite while.

Some states have offered unemplyed people an extra 13 weeks of benefits and others have offered 26 as part of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program for workers who have exhausted their state benefits. Montana, for example, are offering unemployed citizens 41 weeks of unemployment.

Ending the extra $600 on August 1 would wreak havoc in the economy, says Evermore.

You’re Sick Or Quarantined

Need help. Will I automatically be transferred and get ...

You may be eligible for Disability Insurance if you are unable to work because you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have symptoms related to COVID-19. You must submit a certification from your treating physician/practitioner or by a state or local health officer. If your physician/practitioner is certifying, telehealth and virtual appointments are acceptable for a physical examination, but certifications are still required.

For fastest processing, submit your Disability Insurance claim online and have your supporting medical certification submitted online soon after. If you are eligible, we process and issue payments within a few weeks of receiving a claim.

Not eligible for Disability Insurance? If you are not found eligible, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Learn more about benefits available if youâre not eligible for Disability Insurance.

If Im Injured On The Job Am I Eligible To Collect Sdi

In general, no.  If youre injured on the job and cannot work, you should qualify for temporary income replacement through Workers Compensation.

There are two exceptions.  First, if the amount of money paid to you from your Workers Compensation benefits is less than what SDI benefits would pay, then you may make a claim for SDI to cover the difference.  Second, if there is a delay in your Workers Compensation application you may apply for SDI benefits until the dispute is settled.

If your Workers Compensation claim is later approved, you will have to pay back the SDI you received so that you dont get double benefits for the same period of time. If you receive both Workers Compensation and SDI benefits for the same injury, be sure that you keep the EDD updated on your Workers Compensation claim and the Workers Compensation carrier updated on your SDI claim, so that you can avoid an overpayment.

Support For Teachers And Students With Disabilities

Teachers and special educators are facing significant challenges around how to provide a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities when you can only connect through a computer screen. The bill will give states more than $30 billion dollars to provide Emergency Education Relief grants to help teachers and students with and without disabilities to make the switch to online learning and virtual classrooms.

These grants will specifically help teachers meet the needs of students with disabilities in these trying times. Likewise, some of those funds can be used to provide summer learning, supplemental after-school programs and online learning for students with disabilities.

Disability advocates had been very concerned that the original bill included several provisions waivers from the explicit requirements of laws such as Individuals with Disabilities Education Act . The new version of the bill requires the Secretary of Education to report to Congress within 30 days about where, how and why waivers are being used and students with disabilities are accessing online learning.

Filing A Claim For Sdi

You can file a claim online at the SDI Online page of EDD’s website or you can file Form DE 2501, Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits, which you can request be mailed to you from the EDD website. You have only 49 days from becoming disabled to file a claim. You’ll also need to ask your doctor to fill out a medical certificate of disability or register online and certify your disability online.

If the EDD approves your application for SDI benefits, you will be sent a notice of eligibility, which will include an estimate of your weekly benefit amount.

What Is The Dtc And What Are Some Other Benefits To Applying

The DTC is a non-refundable tax credit intended to help defray extra medical costs borne by Canadians with severe or prolonged mental or physical impairments.

It reduces the amount of taxes someone eligible owes and can be claimed retroactively up to 10 years. It can be transferred to family members or caregivers.

The DTC is a qualifying factor for a variety of other financial relief products/services and tax reliefs, for example: Canadas Worker Benefit, Child Disability Benefit, The Registered Disability Savings Plan , and more!

Visitherefor more information. 

Three New Unemployment Programs Under The Cares Act

In addition to the FPUC program, the CARES Act extends unemployment benefits through two other initiatives: the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program and the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program. Here is how they compare:

Extends benefits to self-employed, freelancers, and independent contractors. 
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extends $300 per week benefits for up to 53 weeks until Sept. 6, 2021.*

*A number of states have chosen to end their enrollment in these programs early. Check with your state’s unemployment office to determine the duration of your benefits.

Will The $600 In Unemployment Benefits Be Extended

The House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act on May 15, which would extend the unemployment measures from the first stimulus package, including the extra $600 weekly benefit through January 2021, and unemployment benefits for gig and contract workers through March 2021. But it’s unclear if Senate will pass the bill, too.

Social Security Disability Insurance

  • The stimulus payments are categorized as unearned income

  • SSDI benefits are not impacted by unearned income

  • The stimulus payments will not have an impact on SSDI or Social Security Retirement benefits

  • The stimulus payments will also have no impact on Medicare premiums or eligibility

  • SSDI recipients do not need to do anything to receive stimulus payments

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council has a helpful FAQ document on the Economic Impact Payments: https://nhchc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/FAQ-on-Economic-Impact-Payments.pdf

What About The Other Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Coronavirus: Can I get the extra $600 a week if Iâm ...

Beyond the extra $600 a week, the federal government is funding 13 additional weeks of unemployment insurance benefits via the CARES Act’s Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program for workers who have exhausted their state benefits. Workers in most states are eligible for 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. With this program, most people will get 39 weeks of unemployment insurance.

However, a handful of states do not offer that many weeks of UI, like North Carolina, which only gives 12. In these more complicated cases, workers can still get 39 weeks of unemployment benefits by taking advantage of a combination of the CARES Act’s unemployment programs. In North Carolina, the worker would get 12 from the state, 13 from the PEUC and then an additional six weeks from regular Extended Benefits, says Evermore. 

That means virtually everyone who qualifies for unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic can receive benefits for up to 39 weeks . These extended benefits will continue past July 31, ending on or before December 31, 2020. As of now, they will not extend into the new year.

If you are currently receiving benefits and cannot find a new job, you should continue to recertify each week, says Evermore. 

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It took Charis Hill several days of searching online and contacting their state assemblymember to discover that they did not automatically qualify. A Sacramento-based disability activist who lives on $1,027 per month from SSDI, Hill eventually deduced that they could qualify not because they were disabled, but rather because they had done freelance writing and speaking last year.

Hill would have to file taxes, something they hadnt done in years because their earned income is far below the filing requirement. They decided it was worth it. Their expenses have jumped during the pandemic, especially as theyve opted for grocery deliveries instead of shopping in stores because they are immunocompromised.

Hill said that, unlike many disabled people, they were fortunate to have internet access and a friend who could help them file their taxes. They were lucky to be able to work last year despite experiencing constant pain and fatigue from an inflammatory condition called axial spondyloarthritis. But, they said, its wrong that the Golden State Stimulus program is basing a disabled persons value on their ability to work.

How Much Stimulus Money Can I Get

If you’ve already filed your 2019 taxes, the Internal Revenue Service will use those returns to determine your payment. If not, your 2018 returns will be used to calculate your check.

Individuals with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less will be eligible for a one-time payment of up to $1,200 and $500 for each qualifying child. Those with little or no tax liability also will get $1,200 .

The payments will start to phase out for Americans who earn more than $75,000, or $150,000 for a joint return. The amount you receive will be decreased by 5% of the amount your income exceeds $75,000.

You can use this calculator to estimate your check amount.

 Charisse Jones

Will The Additional $600 Unemployment Payment Be Taxable

Yes. Unemployment benefits are considered taxable income, according to the IRS. Those benefits typically last for 26 weeks, but Congress added 13 additional weeks on top of that for a total of 39 weeks. Unemployed workers will get an extra $600 per week of unemployment benefits on top of their unemployment checks, which will be paid retroactively to March 29 or when you became unemployed.

Jessica Menton

Who Qualifies For Unemployment

While each state sets its own guidelines for UI benefits eligibility, you usually qualify if you:

  • Are unemployed through no fault of your own. In most states, this means you left your last job because of a lack of available work.
  • Meet work and wage requirements. You must meet your state’s requirements for time worked or wages earned during an established base period.
  • Meet additional state requirements.

I Dont Have The Disability Tax Credit But I Think I Might Be Eligible How Do I Apply

You can learn more about eligibility for the Disability Tax Credithere. The Government of Canadas website also hasstep-by-step instructions about applying for the DTC.

If you decide to apply for the DTC, you have until December 31st, 2020 to get your application submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency. If you have already applied for the DTC you can find out the next steps for your application here.

For help sheets, tips, and more information about the DTC, visitDisability Alliance BC.

Note that it can take up to 8 weeks for the CRA to inform you of their decision as to whether you are eligible for the DTC.

Half A Million Canadians With Disabilities Could Be Excluded From Newly Announced Financial Support

Many Canadians with disabilities will soon be receiving a cheque in the mail for $600.

Michael Richards, who has been living with a disability for 40 years, is one of those recipients.

Everyone is going through a hard time, everybody has stresses but add on disability to that and its incredibly hard, said Richards.

Its the first time since the pandemic started that the feds have provided financial support to Canadians living with disabilities.

Recently, the federal government passed legislation allowing a one-time payment of $600 to people with disabilities following more than a month of discussions and previous dismissals by the leaders of various parties.

But it appears that many of those who need the $600 wont be able to even qualify for it.

According to the governments website, in order to qualify, an individual must have or be a recipient of either a Disability Tax Credit from the Canada Revenue Agency, a Canada or Quebec pension plan disability benefit or disability supports provided by Veterans Affairs Canada. The federal government says approximately 1.7 million Canadians with disabilities will be eligible for the one-time payment.

Furthermore, Canadians who qualify for the Disability Tax Credit have up to 60 days to be approved for the credit.

READ: House passes bill to extend and reform wage subsidy, introduce disability benefits 

While the federal announcement is welcomed, Richard says a one-time payment of $600 just isnt enough.

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