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How To Fill Out Work History Report For Disability

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What Happens After I File Form Ssa

How to Fill Out the Work History Report Form | Cleveland, Ohio Social Security Disability Lawyer

Along with Form , this report starts your Social Security Disability claim.

In California, an SSA claims representative forwards this form to a state Disability Determination Services office.

DDS is a state division that makes an initial decision on your case.

After DDS gives its opinion, an SSA claims examiner evaluates your application.

Its important to provide complete and accurate information on this form. Missing or wrong information can cause your benefits to get delayed or denied.

Thats why you should double-check details such as exact job titles, dates and duties.

Providing thorough information also increases the chance that the claims examiner will understand your situation.

Job Title No 1 Section

For the Job Title No. 1 section, you describe the job. What did you do all day? How did you do it? Then it lists machines, tools, equipment, and thats pretty straightforward. Again, if you were actually out there in the trenches, you really want to underscore the fact that you were in the trenches, that you were not sitting behind some fancy desk pushing papers, because thats not how you did the job.

Where it says, In this job, how many total hours each day did you: walk, stand, etc. Again, the more physically demanding your job was, the easier it is to win. But again, consistent with the truth. Some days you may have only stood for a couple hours, and other days, you may have stood for six hours. Work with the most demanding of days. You can put a range that I walked anywhere from two to six hours, but put the six hours in. Dont minimize it because it really translates into a whole different series of questions that Social Security then has to address.

Important Details When Describing Your Work History

When youre filing for Social Security Disability Income benefits, there are many forms youre required to complete. One of them is a Work History Reportform SSA-3369-BK.

This form must include a detailed list of all the jobs youve held for the past 15 years. The Social Security Administration reviews this report, along with the other information, forms, and details provided with your disability application.

Your history report is a critical component the SSA uses to determine how your current medical condition or illness impacts your ability to do any type of work.

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    How To Fill Out A Work History Report

    Form SSA

    When you apply for benefits, you will have to fill one of these reports out. This does not look like a very important form, but it is. Social Security is not using it to check to see if it matches their payroll information or anything like that. Rather, it will be used to determine what kind of work you have done in the past. That is a critical factor at Steps 4 and 5.

    Remember, you can fill it out yourself or have someone else fill it out for you. You can do it by hand as well. If you do not understand a question, get some help.

    Social Security only cares about the work you have done in the past 15 years. Nothing before that is relevant at Step 4 and Step 5.

    Section 3:

    • This is where you explain what you did not get a chance to do earlier because you ran out of space.
    • If you had more than six jobs listed, use Section 3 to finish Section 2.
    • If you worked for one temp agency, but the work you did varied from week to week, Section 3 is the place to explain it.

    Final tips:

    1. Use scratch paper to help you formulate your answers. Especially for Section 2, try to put your jobs in order.

    If your handwriting is poor, you can always type out your responses using this pdf.

    2. Think about your answers ahead of time and think about why you cannot do your old jobs. For each job, make sure that requirement is in that description. If you leave it out, DDSD will determine that you can go back to that old job.

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    The Importance Of Your Work History

    Why are details about your past work important? The majority of Social Security disability approvals are “medical-vocational allowances,” which are decisions that take into account a disability applicant’s work history, education, age, and medical impairments. Your past work figures heavily into this equation. Learn more about how past relevant work affects your disability claim.

    : Tim Moore, former Social Security disability claims examiner

    How To Tackle The Social Security Administration Form 3369

    Looking for a primer on filling out SSA 3369-BK to report your work history in your disability claim? Dont worry: youre in the right place for the help you need.

    Reporting your work history when applying for disability benefits isnt an interrogation process, its simply a filling out a form to show whether youre able to perform the same work duties you have done all your life now that you have an injury or chronic condition. When assessing this form, the Social Security Administration must make two important evaluations. The first is determining your medical condition according to your medical records. The second is to determine whether, given your current and expected medical condition, youll be physically capable of performing the duties within your skill set in the future.

    In other words, the SSA needs to document your ability, or disability, to continue to work.

    Having a disability can put great strain on a familys finances when it prevents the breadwinners of the household from returning to work. SSA disability benefits can help relieve the stress that results from a shrinking income, and help you make ends meet. But applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance must meet specific qualifications before they can be awarded disability benefits.

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    What Is Considered Past

    The SSA will determine your residual functional capacity level and declare whether you are able to do heavy work, medium work, light work, sedentary work, or less than sedentary work. If it has been decided that you can only do less than sedentary work, you will likely qualify for benefits.

    However, if you have been assigned any of the other levels of work, the SSA will then decide what type of work you can still perform.

    In order to be approved for a medical-vocational allowance , you will need to prove that you can no longer work in your most recent field of employment and that you cant succeed in any other job either.

    You will be required to complete form SSA-3369, which is a work history report form. This form will help the SSA to understand how your condition might affect your ability to do the work that you are qualified to do.

    The information that you provide will include the types of jobs youve performed, the skills required to do those jobs, and the physical and mental requirements of each job.

    The SSA evaluates only those jobs performed in the last fifteen years of your life. Therefore, if you were an accountant right out of school, but left that career more than fifteen years ago to become a landscape designer, that job will not be considered as past-relevant work .

    Older workers over the age of 50 may be able to qualify based on their ability to work and the severity of their condition, you can find more information about that here:Qualifying Over Age 50

    How To Complete The Disability Work History Report

    Social Security Claim – Filling Out Your Work History Report

    by Joel Ban | Apr 1, 2018 | Social Security Disability

    eeSome people who apply for disability may feel that the disability work history report is a straight forward task. Unfortunately, there are a variety of traps that need to be explained. I will attempt to do so in this article so that Social Security understands your work history.

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    Is There Any Work You Could Do Using Your Prior Job Skills With Your Rfc

    Thedisability examiner will next use the Social Security Administration’s medical-vocationalguidelines to see if you should be expected to do other work. The medical-vocationalguidelines set out a grid that states when a claimant is disabled or notdisabled, given his or her age, education, prior skills, and functionallimitations .

    The examiner must knowwhat job skills you learned in prior jobs to determine if your skills could betransferred to another job in the national economy. Without a detailed work history, a disability examinerhas to guess at the tasks associated with prior jobs. For example, if you were anadministrative assistant 10 years ago, the examiner could assume that you arefamiliar with certain scheduling or spreadsheet programs, that you can type 65 wpm,and that you can answer multi-line phones. The examiner could find other jobsthat require these skills and “send” you to that work . So youdon’t want the examiner to assume you have skills you don’t. If you don’t actually have those skills, the jobs the SSA could send you to may be much morelimited.

    Be Detailed And Thorough Describing Job Duties

    Its important to cite all of the tasks you performed in any of your past jobs. For example, if you worked as a secretary or an administrative assistant, you might state that your job duties required you to work on a computer, answer the phone, and greet visitors.

    However, claimants often make a critical error by leaving out other tasks. You may have also carried boxes of bottled water and placed the drinks in a refrigerator. You may have carried heavy boxes of printer paper and toner to a work room. You may have been asked to drive to pick up food for company lunches and functions. These details are important because, even if you didnt perform these tasks every day, they were part of your responsibilities, and the SSA reviewers may then see your position as a composite job.

    This means the job has significant elements of two or more occupations. Thus, with a full and complete picture of all your tasks, the SSA might find it more difficult to determine your ability to return to employment it’s deemed as a composite job.

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    Tips For Filling Out Your Social Security Claim Job History

    When youre unable to work due to a medical condition or an illness and apply for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration , you’ll receive a number of forms to complete. One of these is a work history report . For many disability claims, this form has a significant impact on the approval of your claim.

    How Does My Work History Affect My Disability Application

    How to Fill Out the Social Security Work History Report ...

    Submitted by Bryan on Sun, 12/20/2020 – 15:47Bryan’s Blog

    When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance , the first step of the process will be to determine if you are currently eligible for disability benefits due to your illness. The SSA uses a medical guide, known as the Blue Book, to determine whether or not a condition is severe enough to warrant disability payments.

    While you may be quite ill, not all applicants will qualify for disability benefits through the Blue Book.

    In fact, the majority of applicants are initially denied at this step of the process.

    If you are denied benefits through the list of impairments, the Social Security Administration will evaluate your remaining abilities, or your Residual Functional Capacity .

    You will need to prove that your current medical condition prohibits you from working your most recent job, a job that youve performed in the last 15 years, or any job in which you are qualified for.

    This medical-vocational analysis will determine what type of work, if any, that you are capable of performing.

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    How To Complete An Ssa 3369 Bk

    When completing your SSA-3369-BK, you should ensure that you answer every question on the form. Do not leave blank spaces. Indicate when you do not know the answer to a question or if you do not know the answer.

    To complete a SSA-3369 form, you will need to provide the following information:

    • Section 1 – Information About the Disabled Person
    • Name
  • Section 2 – Information About Your Work
  • Job title
  • Second Error: Stating That You Dont Lift Anything

    One of the biggest mistakes people make on the Work History form is stating that they never lifted anything at their old jobs. Every single job in the entire country requires some ability to lift. The SSA puts jobs into categories based on how much lifting the job requires.

    For example, sedentary work is 10 pounds or less of lifting. Light work is 20 pounds or less of lifting. Medium work lifting no more than 50 pounds at a time with frequent lifting or carrying of objects weighing up to 25 pounds. If someone can do medium work, then they can also do sedentary and light work. Of course, there are other elements of how to define work, but lifting is the most important one.


    On the Work History form, you should be very careful about what you write down when it asks you what you lifted at work. The form asks you to write down the heaviest weight you lifted. It also asks you to explain it. Before you answer, think about it. Did you lift a 5 gallon bucket of paint? A 5 gallon bucket of paint weighs approximately 60 pounds. Perhaps you had to lift boxes of copy paper? A standard box of 10 reams of copy paper weighs 25 pounds. The best thing to do is think of the heaviest weight you lifted and look it up online to see what it weighed.

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    How To Complete A Social Security Disability Work History Report

    April 22, 2021 by Andrew Price

    A few weeks after you file your application for Social Security Disability Insurance , youll find a Work History Report in your mailbox. This Work History Report, sent by Determination Services , is typically due within 10 days of receipt. And, it is one of the most important documents youll complete during your process of applying for SSDI or Supplemental Security Income .

    The Work History Report is important to your claim because it gives you the opportunity to provide a thorough description of your past work. It is critical that the Social Security Administration knows your work record. And, what kind of work you did in the past.

    Use Accurate Job Titles

    How do I fill out the Work History Report (Form SSA-3369)?

    Some claimants cite a past position was in management, or they were responsible for supervising other employees, when in reality they were simply acting as a mentor for workers on a new project or assisting new employees.

    Keep in mind the SSA looks for skills that are transferable to another job or position. Thus, if you state you managed and/or supervised others, SSA claim evaluators may see these as transferrable skills that can be used in almost any occupation, making it difficult for you to prove disability.

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    Social Security Disability Work History Report

    June 6, 2014 By Renee Borage

    Before you can receive disability benefits, you will need to do some work to prove that you are unable to work. And by work, I mean paperwork. One of the most important forms you will complete is the Social Security disability work history report. In filling out this report, you will help the SSA understand your health condition and how it has affected your work life. If youre struggling to complete this form, let us show you how its done. Read on for some helpful tips.

    How To Fill Out Work History Report Generally

    The report has a remarks section which is critical because the checked boxes do not allow for a full description. It is critical to provide as much detail as possible. Use the remarks section to include detail such as mental demands of past work. There is no space for this information within the main part of the form. In the remarks you could describe how much memory and concentration is required, how much interaction with people was required, and how well you responded to supervisors, other workers, and the public. There are many circumstances that you would use the remarks section such as when you did tasks that were different than your normal job. You could detail that in a trucking job you also had to do significant unloading or loading in addition to driving the truck.

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    Cite Your Work Dates And Hours Precisely

    Any job youve held must meet specific criteria for the SSA to consider it past relevant workwork you did within the last 15 years that you performed long enough to learn thoroughly, and worked at full time.

    If you only worked part-time, or held a technical or skilled position for a few months, its important to make this clear. Neither job should count toward your past relevant work because you didnt perform the work long enough or with enough consistency to be proficient and effective. Be honest and detailed so the SSA cant make assumptions about any of the jobs youve had.

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