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How To Check On Social Security Disability Claim

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How Much You Will Receive

How Can I Check My Social Security Disability Claim Status?

The amount of your monthly SSDI benefit is based on your lifetime average earnings covered by Social Security.

If you don’t already have an estimate, you can get your Social Security Statement online with your personal mySocial Security account or use our Benefit Calculators to determine how much you could get if you became disabled right now.

Is It Legal For Insurance Companies To Hire Someone To Follow And Videotape Me

Yes, it is legal and normal for insurance companies to hire investigative companies to photograph and videotape claimants in order to assess the validity of their disability claim. The reason for this is that they want to ensure that there are no fraudulent claims or misrepresentations. Therefore, it is important that you be honest when filing your claim and speaking with doctors, specialists, your insurance company and your lawyer.However, if you feel as though investigative companies are putting you in danger, are trespassing, invading your privacy, or otherwise breaking the law you should contact the police.

Reason #: Knowing The Right Questions To Ask

When it comes to checking in, your Social Security disability lawyer can assist you because they will know when you should follow up and what questions you should ask in order to get the answers you need. For example, if the Social Security Administration needs additional information, your advocate will know to ask if the organizations need information from hospitals, doctors and/or labs.

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Why Should I Hire An Attorney

While it is possible to file for and receive Social Security Disability benefits without an attorney, the process can be complex and confusing. The initial stages involve a significant amount of paperwork that can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is suffering from a disabling physical or mental condition. And, as most people are not awarded benefits until the hearing stage, having an attorney experienced with this process can help ensure that all your paperwork is correctly completed, all your medical records are collected and properly submitted and that you are properly prepared for the hearing. An attorney can also ensure that a proper record is made so that you will be able to appeal all unfavorable decisions. In fact, having an experienced attorney will better your chances of winning Social Security Disability benefits. Lastly, it is easy to say the wrong thing or present your claim in a way that may hurt you later. We have the experience and knowledge to present your case for your best advantage. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this process.

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Should I Sign Up For Direct Deposit

Social Security Disability

Direct deposit is a great convenience. It is very dependable. You can sign up by contacting your local Social Security office. But if you dont sign up before your disability hearing then it might be too late to have your back benefits paid by direct deposit because the Social Security Administration may have already sent out your check for back benefits.

There are a couple of problems with direct deposit of past due benefits. SSA sometimes has people sign up for direct deposit right when they apply for benefits. Sometimes, people forget that they even signed up and they keep looking for a check in the mail when the money has already been deposited to their bank account. Worse yet, sometimes people close the bank account that they told the Social Security Administration they wanted to use for direct deposit. If this were to happen to you, you would find that it will take a while to straighten this out. It might be necessary for you to go to the Social Security office to update the Social Security Administration on your current account information.

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How To Check Your Social Security Disability Status

Much to the chagrin of SSI and SSDI applicants nationwide, disability claims can be notoriously slow to process. In many cases, the Social Security Administration takes at least several months to return an approval or denial. Once youve filed a submission, youll probably want to periodically check your application status while your claim is under review. The Philadelphia and Bucks County social security attorneys of Young, Marr & Associates explain how.

If youre considering filing for disability in Philadelphia or Bucks County, or if your claim has already been denied and you want to appeal the decision, our legal team is here to help. At Young, Marr & Associates, we have over 20 years of experience handling thousands of claims, and offer free initial consultations for new clients.

To get started discussing your legal options, call our law offices at 701-6519 in Pennsylvania today. We will always keep your information confidential.

Check Your Bank Account

If you gave the SSA direct deposit information and you were approved for disability, you may see a deposit from the U.S. Treasury in your bank account before you receive a letter in the mail.

If you do get a disability payment before you receive your approval letter and you want to understand the specifics of your application approval, contact SSA at 800-772-1213, as a representative there can give you an explanation of your benefits over the phone and even provide information on back pay, if applicable.

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Benefits For A Disabled Child

A child under age 18 may be disabled, but we don’t need to consider the child’s disability when deciding if he or she qualifies for benefits as a dependent. The child’s benefits normally stop at age 18 unless he or she is a full-time student in an elementary or high school or is disabled.

Children who were receiving benefits as a minor child on a parents Social Security record may be eligible to continue receiving benefits on that parents record upon reaching age 18 if they are disabled.

What Is The Disability Determination Process

How long after receiving my first monthly check, will I get my Social Security Disability back pay?

Most disability claims are initially processed through the network of local Social Security field offices and State agencies. In Louisiana, the state agency is called Disability Determination Services . Subsequent appeals of unfavorable determinations may be decided by Hearing Officers in the DDS’s Hearing Units or Administrative Law Judges in SSA’s Office of Hearings and Appeals.

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Condition Progression With Copd

COPD is generally a long progressive illness. Most people slowly decline over a period of years. But everyoneâs experience with COPD can be slightly different. So much depends on your overall health history, your will to keep living a quality life, and how well you respond to treatment.

But most people progress through these 4 stages:1

  • Stage 1 There are few, if any symptoms, and you may not even be aware there is a problem.
  • Stage 2 Respiratory symptoms become severe enough and persistent enough that you see a doctor about them. This is the stage where most people are diagnosed.
  • Stage 3 Shortness of breathflare-up is frequent and symptoms begin to interfere markedly with daily activities of living and your quality of life.
  • Stage 4 Symptoms interfere with all of your activities flare-ups occur frequently and you have chronic respiratory failure.
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    Medicare Coverage If You’re Disabled

    We automatically enroll you in Original Medicare after you get disability benefits for two years. However, if your disability results from ALS, Medicare coverage begins sooner, generally the first month you are eligible for disability benefits.

    • Medicare Part A helps pay for inpatient hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing facility, hospice care, and some home health care. The taxes you paid while you were working financed this coverage. Its provided at no cost to you.
    • Medicare Part B helps pay doctors’ services, outpatient care, some medical supplies, and other preventive services. You will need to pay a monthly premium for this coverage if you want it.

    Most people have both parts of Medicare. If you have questions about this coverage, you can contact Medicare toll-free at 1-800-MEDICARE to speak to a Medicare Customer Service Representative. TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

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    How Much Work Do You Need

    In addition to meeting our definition of disability, you must have worked long enough and recently enough under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits.

    Social Security work credits are based on your total yearly wages or self-employment income. You can earn up to four credits each year.

    The amount needed for a work credit changes from year to year. In 2021, for example, you earn one credit for each $1,470 in wages or self-employment income. When you’ve earned $5,880, you’ve earned your four credits for the year.

    The number of work credits you need to qualify for disability benefits depends on your age when you become disabled. Generally, you need 40 credits, 20 of which were earned in the last 10 years ending with the year you become disabled. However, younger workers may qualify with fewer credits.

    For more information on whether you qualify, refer to How You Earn Credits.

    Start Your Claim For More Than Just A Copd Va Rating

    How to Determine the Status of Your Disability Claim ...

    Sometimes as we work with our veterans, we find out they may also be eligible for a C-Pap machine, SMC benefits, or an Aid and Attendance benefit. Weve helped thousands of veterans from every branch, wartime or peacetime, men and women, get the VA benefits they deserve. If you have a respiratory failure or any other lung problems that you believe could be related to your time in the service, call us today. The call is free and well do all the paperwork. We only get paid 20% of your back pay and case expenses if the VA claim is successful.

    Can you Get VA Benefits for COPD?

    Yes, if you can prove a service connection, you can get rated for COPD which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

    What is the VA Rating for COPD?

    The rating will vary depending on what your FEV-1/FVC Level is. Check out this chart to see where your FEV-1 level lines up.

    Can I get VA Disability for Asthma and Bronchitis?

    Yes and No. You can get VA disability for one of those diagnoses, but not both. The VA is required to give you whichever rating is higher, so if you have both, make sure you get the higher rating.

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    Other Ways You Can Apply

    Apply With Your Local Office

    You can do most of your business with Social Security online. If you cannot use these online services, your local Social Security office can help you apply. Although our offices are closed to the public, employees from those offices are assisting people by telephone. You can find the phone number for your local office by using our Office Locator and looking under Social Security Office Information. The toll-free Office number is your local office.

    Apply By Phone

    If You Do Not Live in the U.S. Or One of Its Territories

    Contact the if you live outside the U.S. or a U.S. territory and wish to apply for retirement benefits.

    Mailing Your Documents

    If you mail any documents to us, you must include the Social Security number so that we can match them with the correct application. Do not write anything on the original documents. Please write the Social Security number on a separate sheet of paper and include it in the mailing envelope along with the documents.

    Who Qualifies For Social Security Disability Benefits

    First, to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you must have worked at a job. Self-employed workers can also qualify. Generally, youll need at least 10 years of work experience to accumulate the credits needed to qualify. You can learn more about the Social Security work credit system via the SSA website.

    Second, you must have a medical condition that qualifies as a disability in accordance with the Social Security Administrations definition of the term. The SSA defines disabilities as conditions that significantly limit your ability to do basic work such as lifting, standing, walking, sitting, and remembering for at least 12 months.

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    Social Security Disabilities List

    Social Security has a separate disabilities list for adults and children. Both Part A and Part B cover conditions that fall within 14 different categories, though there are slight variations between each list. Here are the 14 categories for adult disabilities:

    • Musculoskeletal System

    You can consult the SSA Disabilities List for more information.

    Applying For Disability Benefits

    Social Security Disability Insurance: What are the benefits?

    You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online or in person at your local Social Security office. You will be asked to fill out a number of forms, which you should complete with as much detail as possible, and you may be asked to attend a consultative exam. After completing the disability application process, you will receive a decision from the SSA within two to four months. If you are approved for benefits, this notice will tell you when benefits will begin, which benefits you will be receiving, and how much you will be receiving each month. If you are denied benefits, you have 60 days from the date of denial to appeal the SSAâs decision to deny benefits.

    If you do need to pursue a Social Security Disability appeal, do not give up hope. A number of applicants who are denied during the initial stage of the application process go on to successfully receive benefits through the process of an appeal

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    How To Check The Status Of Your Disability Application

    You can track the progress on your disability application in two ways:

    • Check the status on the SSA website. This is the fastest and quickest way to keep updated.

    For both ways of tracking your application, you will need the following information:

    • Your personal information, such as your name and Social Security number
    • Your home address
    • Phone number where the SSA can reach you

    How To Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits

    If you meet the criteria above and the SSA determines that your condition is severe enough that you cannot continue work in the same field or a new one, then you can begin the application process. To apply for SSDI online, visit and follow the instructions to begin the application. You can also visit your local Social Security Administration office or call the SSA by phone at 1-800-772-1213.

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    Why Is It Important To Periodically Check For Updates

    Whether you do it on your own or rely upon the lawyer handling your claim, checking the status of a claim or appeal may avoid unnecessary delays. For instance, Social Security eventually notifies you when your application for benefits has stalled in the review process either because of information missing from the application itself or because additional medical evidence is needed. Unfortunately, notices are sent by mail that could take time to get to you provided they do not get lost.

    Using one of the methods available to check the status of a claim alerts you to issues that you may be able to act on immediately rather than waiting for a letter to be generated and make its way through the postal system. It allows you to speed things up, which is important when dealing with the financial pressures of a disability that prevents you from working.

    An all-too-common example of an application being held up for a reason that may be easily addressed has to do with requests for medical records by Disability Determination Services. To evaluate your disability claim, DDS may request medical records from your health care providers.

    If, in checking the status of the claim, you or your SSI lawyer may discover that it is being delayed because the DDS request has not been responded to by the physician or provider. It may take nothing more than a call from your lawyer to the medical provider to prompt compliance with the DDS request.

    Will I Have To Pay Taxes On The Social Security Disability Benefits I Receive

    How to Check the Status of Your SSDI Claim

    Probably not, but this depends on the amount of your total income. Most people wont have to pay taxes on their Social Security disability benefits. Couples whose combined incomes exceed $32,000 and individuals with income exceeding $25,000 will pay income tax on a portion of their Social Security disability benefits. The IRS has an odd way of figuring out total income for this rule. The IRS uses adjusted gross income as reported on Form 1040, plus one-half of the total Social Security benefits received for the year, plus non-taxable interest.

    Single people with incomes over $34,000 and married people with incomes over $44,000 pay tax on a higher percentage of their Social Security disability benefits.

    Heres an odd thing: People whose Social Security benefits are reduced because of the workers compensation offset or offsets for other public disability benefits must count the amount of Social Security benefits not paid when determining taxability of their benefits. But if a child receives benefits on a parents account, those benefits count only for determining if the child must pay taxes on Social Security benefits received.

    Tax law is very complex. Please talk to a tax specialist if you have any questions about taxes on your Social Security benefits.

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    How Much Does Ssi Pay

    Its important to remember that SSI is completely separate from SSDI. However, you can apply for and receive both SSI and SSDI at the same time. As of 2020, the basic monthly SSI payout is $783 for an individual and $1,175 for a couple. However, the amount typically goes up every year to account for inflation. Also, keep in mind that everyone may not get the same amount. Some states add to the amount provided by the federal government, while some do not.

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