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What Illnesses Qualify You For Social Security Disability

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What Is A Migraine

Does your medical condition qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits?

A migraine is a neurological condition that is usually identified by a severe headache; however, migraines are much more than a simple headache. There are four distinct phases of a migraine: prodrome, aura, headache, and post-drome. Not all people experience all stages.

  • The prodrome stage may occur as much as two days before a severe migraine headache and may be indicated by mood changes, food cravings, neck stiffness, increased thirst, and frequent yawning. Any change in behavior or mood may indicate the beginning of a migraine cycle.
  • The aura stage typically occurs hours before the headache begins and may include disturbances in visual, sensory, motor, and speech abilities. Muscle weakness, vision loss, weakness or numbness, difficulty speaking, and hallucinations are all common.
  • The headache stage of a migraine is typically what people refer to when describing their symptoms. It can last anywhere from four to 72 hours if untreated. Headaches may include severe pain on one or both sides of the head, pulsing, throbbing, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, and fainting.
  • The post-drome stage can occur for up to 24 hours after a migraine headache attack. It can include weakness, confusion, moodiness, dizziness, and even elation for some people.

Special Senses And Speech

The common types of sensory impairments primarily deal with those individuals who are affected by blindness, deafness, and speech incapability.

There are several tests for these conditions such as blindness tests that determine whether an individual is considered blind. By the SSAs standards, their vision must be 20/200 or less in the better eye.

Testing for deafness will also be administered to show hearing loss and the severity. Common conditions associated include macular degeneration and Menieres disease. Conditions that cause vertigo are also considered under this section.

Applying For Disability Benefits

You can call toll free 772-1213 to make an appointment to apply at your local Social Security office. You may apply for SSDI benefits;online. You can also start an SSI application;online. However, you will need to go into a Social Security office to complete the application.; When you apply, you will need to give SSA information about:

  • Your medical conditions and treatment,
  • How your medical conditions affect your ability to function,
  • Information about your past work, and
  • Information about your education.

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Health Coverage For People With Disabilities

If you have a disability, you have three options for health coverage through the government.;

  • Medicaid provides free or low-cost medical benefits to people with disabilities. Learn about eligibility and how to apply.;

  • Medicare provides medical health insurance to people under 65 with certain disabilities and any age with end-stage renal disease . Learn about eligibility, how to apply and coverage.

  • Affordable Care Act Marketplace offers options to people who have a disability, dont qualify for disability benefits, and need health coverage. Learn about the .

Talk To A New York Disability Attorney To Learn More About What Qualifies As A Disability

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability in Tennessee ...

By working with a disability attorney, you can increase the odds that you will present a complete picture to the;SSA;and;DDS;when you apply for benefits.;Hermann Law Group, PLLC will work tirelessly to help you. We will collect data, reach out to doctors, and ensure that your application shows as complete a picture as possible.;Contact us today.

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Qualifying For Disability Benefits With Ptsd In New Jersey

Post-traumatic stress disorder can severely impact the lives of those affected by it. The memory loss, insomnia, hypervigilance, depression, difficulty concentrating, and other debilitating symptoms may render those that suffer from it unable to work and carry on a normal life. Due to the inability to work that may result from PTSD, sufferers may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance .

If you are suffering from PTSD in New Jersey, our lawyers can help you qualify for social security benefits. Call 781-4058 today for a free consultation about how you and other NJ residents can prepare and file a disability claim for benefits for post traumatic stress disorder.

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Social Security Disability Benefits For A Seizure Disorder

If you have seizures, you know how scary they can be. Seizures may render you helpless, and those around you may be confused and unsure of how to assist. Millions of Americans suffer from seizures. Seizures are the fourth most common neurological problem following migraines, Alzheimers disease, and strokes, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

An experienced Hackensack disability lawyer can help you understand how to obtain disability benefits for a seizure disorder.

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Let Our Team Help You Fight For Social Security Disability Benefits

A medical or psychiatric disability might prevent you from meeting your own personal needs or working to support yourself. Whether your disability is one you were born with, one that developed over time, or as the result of another medical issue, its severity might mean you qualify for SS disability benefits.

If you or a member of your family has a medical or mental health disorder that keeps you from working, you might be able to obtain health care and monthly financial benefits from an SSA program designed to help disabled people meet their financial needs.

One of the first steps toward obtaining benefits is compiling the medical, personal, and other evidence SSA officials require to consider your application complete. A Social Security disability lawyer might be able to help you submit a complete and accurate application with evidence that supports your diagnosis and application.

Find out more about the types of disabilities that qualify for Social Security assistance and the possible SSD benefits you may be entitled to receive. Contact the case review team at Farmer & Morris Law, PLLC, by calling today for a free consultation.

Types Of Disability Policies

What conditions qualify you for Social Security disability?

There are two types of disability policies.

  • Short-term policies may pay for up to two years. Most last for a few months to a year.

  • Long-term policies may pay benefits for a few years or until the disability ends.

Employers who offer coverage may provide short-term coverage, long-term coverage, or both.

If you plan to buy your own policy, shop around and ask:

  • How long do benefits last?

  • How much money will the policy pay?

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A Doctors Statement Is Not Enough

While having a note from your doctor is a great piece of evidence that bolsters your case for having a disability, it alone is not enough for you to claim disability benefits. The Social Security Administration will look at much more than the medical professionals statement. They must make sure, for example, that medical records and laboratory tests support your doctors opinion. Because many doctors use different definitions of disabled, its likely that you may still not meet the definition according to SSA standards.

In addition, receiving Social Security disability benefits is more often than not a legal issue, not a medical one. This essentially means that all technicalities have to be accurately reported before you can receive benefits. Nothing can be overlooked.

For example, if you are currently working, proving disability becomes much more difficult. The Social Security Administration will probably not offer you benefits if they think you can work. That doesnt mean just your current form of work; if they think you can do any form of work , you probably wont qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Because Social Security is so strict when it comes to disability benefits, it can be sometimes challenging to follow all their rules and present all needed evidence to prove you indeed qualify for disability benefits.

How To Qualify For Disability Benefits

In order to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, you must first have worked in the US. You also must have a; ;medical disorder that fits the Social Security criteria of disability. In addition, you must be expected to be out of work for a year or longer.

The amount of job credits that you need;to apply for SSDI;depends on your age before you become ill. Generally, you require 40 credits, 20 of which have been obtained in the last 10 years of the year you became disabled. However, younger employees could be eligible with fewer credits.

Benefits normally continue until you are able to work on a daily basis again. There are also a set of special laws, named ‘working incentives,’ which allows you to;continue receiving;benefits and health care services to help you make the transition back to work.

If you receive Social Security Disability Payments before you reach maximum retirement age, the disability benefits will automatically be converted to retirement benefits, but the payment will remain the same.

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Social Security Disability Lawyers In Essex County New Jersey

If physical, mental or emotional impairments prevent you from working on a full-time basis, you may be eligible to receive disability benefits through the Social Security Disability program.

Greenberg Minasian, LLC, is a New Jersey law firm devoted to helping disabled individuals secure the Social Security Disability benefits they need to make ends meet. Serving clients throughout central New Jersey, our Essex County SSDI attorneys are passionate about helping disabled people through the complexities of the Social Security system.

Pay Attention To Financial Qualifications

Learn How to Apply for Disability Benefits From the ...

While the basic rule for Social Security disability is defined as a condition that has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 months, that should not necessarily determine when you apply for benefits.

“If an individual is not working and earning income, then they’re allowed to apply now,” Geist said. “There’s not a set period of time where they have to wait to apply.”

However, there are certain financial restrictions that claimants will have to meet to be approved.

For starters, you must have paid so-called FICA taxes into the system. Generally, you have to contribute for at least 10 years in order to be eligible.

Additionally, your condition must meet Social Security’s definition of a disability. It must be so severe that you can no longer work. It must also be expected to last for at least a year or result in death.

In addition, your income must fall below certain a certain threshold known as substantial gainful activity. In 2021, that limit is $1,310 per month for non-blind individuals.

Those who have not paid FICA taxes may instead qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI. However, those benefits are means tested and come with strict asset limits of $2,000 per individual, or $3,000 per married couple.

While some disabled workers may be tempted to take advantage of expanded pandemic unemployment insurance benefits that are still available in some states, that could hurt your chances of getting approved for disability benefits, Geist said.

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Not All Disabilities Are Visible But You May Still Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits If You Have An Invisible Disability

Now more than ever before, Americans are recognizing that just because someone looks healthy does not mean that they actually are.; A disability does not have to be visible to exist.;; These conditions are often called invisible disabilities.; While they may be challenging to prove, an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can make a strong case for benefits for a person with an invisible disability.

Fibromyalgia Social Security Disability Cases

Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened and painful response to pressure. Additional symptoms run the gamut from fatigue and stiffness to irritable bowel syndrome. While fibromyalgias specific causes are unknown, the FM patient experiences pain amplification due to abnormal sensory processing in the central nervous system, according to the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association. The disorder affects roughly 5% of the world populationincluding an estimated 10 million people in the U.S.and is more prevalent in women, who make up anywhere from 75 to 90% of sufferers.

People who suffer from fibromyalgia and other chronic pain may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if the condition is severe enough to prevent the person from working for at least one year.

At Hermann Law Group, PLLC, our Social Security disability lawyers have helped obtain Social Security Disability benefits for hundreds of disabled individuals suffering from fibromyalgia. We have more than 50 years of combined experience representing clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in the claim process, and we understand the issues facing people who suffer from this debilitating and painful disorder.

Our offices are conveniently located in New Yorks Westchester and Dutchess counties as well as in Hackensack, New Jersey, and Danbury, Connecticut. Please call or contact us to set up an appointment.

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How To Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

One of the most common questions we get is how to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. To receive benefits from the Social Security Administration, you must meet all these requirements to qualify:

  • You must have proof of a disability.
  • You must have enough work credits.
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year, or will result in death.

Understanding what medical conditions meet the Social Security Disability qualifications can be challenging. Only certain disabling medical conditions qualify for disability coverage. You can also receive Social Security Disability benefits for a mental diagnosis. The key is to show that you meet the criteria and that you are receiving treatment.

We have more information on all of this below but qualification for Social Security Disability benefits is a very complicated topic. We have specialists standing by to help walk you through the process. Call the number at the top of the page for any questions you may have.

To Collect Social Security Disability Benefits Your Condition Must Meet The Legal Definition Of A Disability

Social Security Disability Disabling Conditions

By Barbara Kate Repa

Many injuries and illnesses are obviously disabling, such as late stage kidney disease, congestive heart failure, and advanced cancers. There are others, however, such as chronic illnesses that become acute with age, or residual conditions that deteriorate over time, that eventually become disabling even though they were not initially too severe. For example, a worker may have had a previous back injury that is aggravated through the years to the point where work is extremely difficult or impossible. That person may become eligible for disability benefits even though the original illness or injury was not disabling.

Because Social Security disability is a government program, its features include a good number of qualifying rules and regulations. To receive Social Security disability benefits, all three of the following must be true:

  • You must have a physical or mental impairment.
  • The impairment must prevent you from doing any substantial gainful work.
  • The disability must be expected to last, or have lasted, at least 12 months, or it must be expected to result in death.

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Social Security Disability Benefits For People With Mental Illnesses

The terms mental illness and mental disorder refer to a wide range of impairmentsincluding autism, bipolar disorder, and depressionthat affect a persons thoughts, feelings, mood, and ability to relate to others, and as a result make it more difficult to cope with the ordinary demands of life. According the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly one in four American adults experiences a mental health disorder each year. While all people are at risk, doctors believe that factors such as genetics, environment and social influences determine a persons propensity to develop a mental illness.

Depending on the nature of the condition, mental illnesses are treated through medication, and psychosocial, behavioral and interpersonal therapies as well as support groups and other community services. Treatment is largely aimed at managing the conditions effects, allowing the person to significantly reduce the illness impact on his or her independence and achievement.

The attorneys at Hermann Law Group LLP represent persons suffering from both mental and physical impairments in claims for Social Security disability benefits. Weve represented thousands of clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut over a combined 50 years of experience. Contact our firm toll free at 877-773-3030 for a consultation at no cost to you.

  • Organic mental disorders
  • Substance addition disorders
  • Autistic disorder and other developmental disorders

Emphysema Test #: Dlco

This emphysema test measures the gas exchange levels across your lungs cell membranes. Or, how efficient are your lungs at transferring oxygen from the air you breathe into your red blood cells? The SSA averages your two DLCO measurements. Your exam doctor then uses that final number to evaluate your respiratory disorder.

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Qualifying For Disability Benefits With Multiple Sclerosis

Applying for disability benefits is a long and arduous process regardless of the disease you are fighting. Multiple sclerosis can be particularly challenging because there is no set course for how the disease will progress. Some people are completely functional and can manage the disease with medication. In other cases, the disease progresses rapidly and the patients condition continually worsens. There is no cookie cutter approach for MS disability cases and you need a New York long term disability lawyer who has experience handling complex medical disability cases.

What Medical Conditions Qualify For Short

What Medical Conditions Qualify for Social Security ...

To qualify for short-term disability your medical condition must prevent you from doing your regular job duties. You must show how the symptoms or impairments from your medical condition interfere with your ability to perform you job duties.

To do this you will need to have an official list of your job duties. Then you can get your doctor review the list of duties and confirm that you cannot perform the majority of these duties because of your medical condition.

Most short term disaibltiy plans will require you to be continuously disabled for 7 days or so before you can qualify for benefits. This is called a waiting period or elimination period.

Following is an example of typical wording of the disability requirement for a short-term disability plan. Please note this is only an example, the exact wording is different for each plan:

An employee is entitled to payment of a short-term disability benefit if that employee proves that:

  • the employee became totally disabled while covered
  • the total disability has continued beyoned the elimintation period
  • the employee has been following appropriate treatment for the disabling condition

An employee wil be considered totally disabled while the employee is continuously unable due to an illness to do the essentional duties of the employees own occupation in any setting.

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