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What Are The Rules For Working While On Disability

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Working And Ssi Benefits

Social Security Disability FAQ: Can I Work while applying for Disability?

You can begin to work and continue to receive SSI benefits as long as your wages and other resources do not exceed the SSA’s income limit for SSI however, your monthly benefit amount will be reduced in proportion to your income.

Here’s how the SSA reduces your income. Both the federal benefit amount and the SSI countable income limit are $794 . The SSA will reduce your benefit by the amount of your countable income. Fortunately, not all of your income is countable income.

If your only income is from your job, the SSA does not include the first $85 you earn toward your countable income. After taking the $85 adjustment off of your income, the SSA will deduct, from your monthly benefits, 50 cents for every dollar you earn. For example, an individual who earns $1,000 a month from working has $457.50 of countable income . The individual’s monthly SSI benefit amount would be reduced by $457.50.

Your monthly benefit amount is also affected by the amount your state adds to the federal SSI payment, if any. For more information, see our article on how much SSI pays.

If your SSI payments stop because you earn too much money , but you are subsequently forced to quit work because of your disability, the SSA will reinstate your benefits without the need for a new application for a period of five years.

Learn more about the SSI work incentive programs.

Disability Help Group: Winning Case Study

George stopped working in 2013 because he had a car accident. Unfortunately, he was unable to go back to work. He suffered from chronic back pain. George didnt know he could file for Social Security disability benefits when he stopped working. He contacted Disability Help Group for assistance in 2019. At that time, his date last insured had expired in December 2018. George had to go to a disability hearing. We were able to help George provide all of his medical records to the judge since his accident. Therefore, George was able to show that his medical conditions kept him from working before his DLI. He was approved for benefits.

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Social Security Disability Insurance : The Basics

There are two basic rules for getting SSDI:

You must meet both of these requirements to get SSDI benefits. However, there are some other situations where you may get similar benefits from Social Security:

  • If you are an adult with a disability that began before you turned 22, you may qualify for Childhood Disability Benefits .
  • If you havenât turned 19 yet, you may qualify for childâs benefits if one of your parents gets SSDI or Social Security retirement benefits, or if a parent died. You do not need to have a disability.
  • If your spouse or ex-spouse qualifies for SSDI or Social Security retirement benefits, or qualified before dying, you may be able to get benefits.

If you qualify for SSDI or these other benefits, the amount you get each month is based on your Social Security earnings record . The more youve worked and the more youve paid in Social Security taxes, the higher your benefits will be.

After getting benefits for two years, you automatically get Medicare health coverage.

Social Security has two disability benefits programs with very similar names:

If you have questions about SSDI and need to talk with somebody, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or 1-800-325-0778 or visit your local Social Security office.

If you want to ask about how work might affect your SSDI benefits, try contacting:

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Can I Work If Im Approved For Disability

If you are approved for benefits, the impact of your work varies depending on the type of benefit you are receiving. In the case of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits , the SGA limit continues to apply, but there is a trial work period. During this 9-month period of time, you can earn more than the SGA limit without it affecting your continued disability. If you continue earning above SGA after the nine month period, your benefits may terminate due to your return to work.

In the case of Supplemental Security Income , income of any kind, whether earned or unearned, will affect the amount of your benefit. The amount of the SSI payment will be reduced by $1 for every $2 of income and if you work at SGA levels beyond the trial work, you will no longer be considered disabled under the SSA rules.

Cathy Try And Hang In There

Can You Work While on Disability? Yes  But Know the Rules ...

Cathy try and hang in there, i am in current situation, have disc problems, surgery made it worse, it& #039 s been 4 years without money, worked in soda business 24 years straight, I& #039 m about to lose my house in September due to back taxes, very suicidal as of late, I never dreamed that this can happen to people in America who paid into Social security for over 20 years, someone has to step in and stop these atrocities, an alj who has no background in medicine, in my case she admitted she never even read my reports, not to mention I waited 2 full years for my hearing, to have people losing evythng they own is just ashame. If I end up homeless I just can& #039 t see me continuing on, what do I tell my grandchildren, all I want Is what I paid into it for 24 years, good luck Cathy I hope you live a long happy life

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Your Work Activity Moves The Focus To Your Ongoing Work Away From Your Disability

Think about how a social security disability decision-maker, such as an Administrative Law Judge, would consider the typical disability case in which the claimant is not working.

For the non-working claimant, the ALJ simply must assess why that person can no longer work. The focus is on the medical conditions that you have. But if you are continuing to work, the ALJ will naturally focus on your work activity.

In particular, she will be considering the following:

  • Have you restricted your work activity so that you will not exceed the substantial gainful activity amount?
  • How did you decide on the work level you are performing?
  • Is there a medical basis and evidence to support your inability to perform substantial gainful activity, given that you are in fact able to work part-time?

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Why Would Someone Work While Collecting Disability

Many people do start working before their disability benefits end, and they do it for legitimate reasons. People on disability might feel frustrated and depressed, and getting back to work could ease these feelings. Most people hope to return to work, so they perform a few activities to see whether they could handle workplace responsibilities.

Some providers stop paying benefits immediately when the employee returns to work while others continue to provide partial benefits. Talking to a disability insurance attorney (click here to visit can help people to understand their policies and their rights. Retaining a lawyer is a great strategy for self-protection, helps workers to maintain their benefits during the transition, and makes returning to work as painless as possible. Unfortunately, some workers make the mistake of not talking to their disability payment providers.

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Report The Death Of A Social Security Or Medicare Beneficiary

You must report the death of a family member receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits. The Social Security Administration processes death reports for both. Find out how you can report a death and how to cancel benefit payments. In addition to canceling SSA and Medicare benefits, find out what other benefits and accounts you should cancel.

Can An Employer Cancel Health Insurance While On Disability

Can You Work While on Social Security Disability

Can Your Employer Cancel Your Health Insurance while You Are Out on a Disability. Under the terms of the FMLA, you wont be terminated for sustaining an injury on or off the job. Under most circumstances, the Family and Medical Leave Act will protect your health insurance benefits until youre ready to return to work.

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Does Working While Disabled Affect Your Case

We understand that it is necessary to continue working in some form while waiting to decide whether to apply for disability benefits. However, this may pose some problems to your case.

Overall, it is more difficult to prove that your disability inhibits your ability to work if you are still working when you apply.

However, you cannot simply move to a part-time job to prove your disability. In this case, the SSA may also review how many hours you are able to work to receive your income level. If they see you are able to perform 20 hours of work per week, you may not qualify as disabled.

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How To Earn Extra Money And Keep Your Disability Benefits

How to Earn Extra Money & Keep Your Disability Benefits. While on disability, its still possible to earn income on the side without losing your disability benefits completely. The Social Security Administration agency even has a trial work period program in place to help transition disabled individuals back into the workforce.

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Important Rules To Follow If You Try To Work While Receiving Social Security Disability

It is possible to work while you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits, but there are limits to how much you can earn. At the time of this writing, in 2018, you can work part-time, earning up to $1,180 per month. This limit is called SGA, which stands for substantial gainful employment.

Note that there are 2 months each year with 5 weeks, whereas the other 10 months have 4 weeks. This can result in you earning more during those two 5-week months, and it is important to ensure you do not exceed the $1,180 limit. Plan ahead to be sure not to make this mistake, as it can result in you losing your benefits.

There is also the option to try working full-time, and Social Security will work with you to determine a trial period of 3 to 6 months if you choose to do so. They want to encourage you to work if you can, rather than punish you. You would not receive benefits while working full-time. Coordinate with them, and if you determine during the trial period that you cannot do the full-time work, let them know you want to resume receiving benefits. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have questions about Social Security Disability, or if you have additional questions, call us at 609-771-8611. I welcome your call. Review our media library on our website at to learn more about Social Security Disability.

Gaylord Popp

The Trial Work Period Incentive

The Rules of Working While on Disability

You can continue to receive your Social Security disability benefits while working during whats referred to as a Trial Work Period . For 2014, if you earn more than $770 in any given month while receiving SSD, you will be automatically begin a TWP.

Under the TWP incentive, you can receive your full benefits for nine months in any five-year period while earning $770+ per month. If your income falls below $770 in any given month, it does not count toward your nine-month TWP.

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I Am A Surviving Spouse Can I Get Survivor Benefits

Yes, if all these are true:

  • You were married for at least nine months immediately before your spouse died.

  • Your spouse was fully insured according to Social Security, meaning he or she had worked and paid into the system long enough to qualify for benefits.

  • You are one of these:

  • 60 or older.

  • 50 or older and disabled.

  • Caring for a child who is under 16 OR getting Social Security disability benefits on your spouses earnings record.

  • You have not remarried before age 60 .

  • Your monthly Social Security benefit must be lower than what your spouse got, UNLESS your own benefit is higher than the survivor benefit you would get and you are applying for survivor benefits to delay retiring on your own earnings record.

  • *A surviving divorced spouse may also be eligible for survivors benefits if s/he was married to the eligible deceased person for at least ten years.

    Before Going Back To Work

    Many experts recommend doing some volunteer work for a certain number of hours per week to test both physical and emotional readiness to return to work. If volunteering proves energizing, then employees can either talk to their former employers about accommodations or start looking for new jobs.

    Insurance fraud, of which Leroy Barnes stands accused, is a duplicitous act committed to gain improper payment from an insurance company. People who communicate openly and honestly with both their insurers and employers have nothing to fear about returning to work.

    Ryan Kh is author at LeraBlog. The author’s views are entirely their own and may not reflect the views and opinions of LeraBlog staff.

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    To Work Or Not To Work

    If youre going to a job a few days a week, the SSA might have a hard time believing your disability is severe enough to award benefits to you. Working while you wait for your benefits to begin is not forbidden. However, its a good idea to consider the type of work you do and where you do it while the Social Security Administration decides your condition and benefits.

    The SSA is on the lookout for SGA . While they dont want you to have a disability that keeps you from working, if youre applying for benefits, you need to have a disability that keeps you from maintaining SGA.

    If your part-time job looks like its providing you with too much income, you wont qualify for disability benefits. To avoid breaching the substantial gainful activity threshold:

    • Non-blind individuals can earn no more than $1,260 per month
    • Blind individuals can earn no more than $2,110 per month

    The SSA monitors your earnings to make sure you arent exceeding the maximum each month. In some cases, when you earn too much money in a month, you could receive a lower benefit payment that month.

    Assistance In A Community Living Bc Residence

    Social Security disability application requirements & working while disabled in 1 hour for 2018

    For payments issued for the May 2021 benefit month:

    • If you are living in a Community Living BC funded residence, you may get up to $1,358.42 per month in disability assistance
    • From your $1,358.42, you pay your Community Living BC service provider $716.13 per month for your basic living costs
    • This leaves you with up to $642.29 for personal expenses

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    Our Tulsa Disability Lawyers Discuss How Income Could Affect Payments

    Individuals wanting to work who currently receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income may be concerned about their ability to rejoin the workforce. The Social Security Administration offers a number of programs that can allow those on SSI or SSDI to return to work without, or without immediately, losing disability payments. Understanding whether your employment qualifies as Substantial Gainful Activity is crucial when determining if you can continue receiving disability while working, of if working will drastically affect or end these benefits.

    Working While On Social Security Disability

    Many people assume that you cannot work if you are receiving Social Security Disability. While that is generally true in most cases, there are some exceptions. If you meet the Social Security Administrations specific criteria for working while on Social Security Disability, you may still be able to remain employed and receive benefits.

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    How Much Money Can I Earn While On Ssi In 2019

    SSI earnings limits for 2019 are $771 per month for an individual and $1,157 per month for a couple. An individual earning an amount above the SSI earnings limit will not be eligible for SSI benefits for that month.

    Additionally, the SSA also has an income limit related to the reduction of SSI benefits, of $85. The SSA does not count the first $85 of an individuals monthly gross income, yet every dollar earned in excess of $85 will result in a reduction of SSI benefits of $0.50.

    How Many Hours Can You Work And Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

    Can You Work While on Disability? Yes  But Know the Rules ...

    When it comes to receiving social security disability benefits, several factors come into play. These factors are why the Social Security Administration rejects about two-third of the applications they receive. A social security attorney in Milwaukee can help if you apply and get denied.

    Ordinarily, Wisconsin law grants benefits to those who are disabled. But when a disabled person is fit to carry out their job duties, the question becomes how long they can work and still be eligible to receive social security disability benefits. Read on to get the answer.

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    Ssi Vs Ssdi Whats The Difference

    To be eligible for either program, the Social Security Administration first determines if applicants are disabled using a specific definition.

    According to the SSA, disabled means applicants:

    • Are totally disabled .
    • Cant do work they previously could before the disability.
    • Are unable to adjust to other work because of a medical condition.
    • And the disability has lasted for at least one year or will result in death.

    Beyond this definition, the programs vary greatly.

    Sometimes even beneficiaries dont get the distinction between the two, says Kathleen Romig, a Social Security policy expert at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. And the work rules are totally different.

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