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National K9 Veterans Day 2022

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K9 Veterans Day History

March 13th, 1942, marked the first time that canines officially became a part of the U.S. Armed Forces. That date would go on to become the day we use to celebrate Canine Veterans Day, albeit unofficially, when the Army began training military working dogs as part of their War Dog Program to create their K9 Corps.

National K9 Veterans Day isnt an official day of celebration everywhere in the country, as no federal legislation has been passed declaring it such. Vietnam War Vet Joseph White created the idea of K9 Veterans Day in 1987 as a passion project that came from his own experience as a trainer and handler of War Dogs.

Sadly, White passed away in 2009. However, Whites wife, Sally, is still working hard to make the day an official national holiday. On the bright side, many states, including New York and Virginia, have introduced or passed their own bills to make Canine Veterans Day an official holiday.

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How Does A K9 Become A War Dog

It will come as no surprise that the most common military dog breeds are German Shepherds and Labs. However, other popular military dog breeds include Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, and even Boxers.

K9s that are set to become War Dogs are bred and brought up by the 341st Training Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio, where theyre well-socialized before they enter into their unique training plan. Socialization is completed by placing the puppies into short-term foster homes in the nearby area, usually for about five months, before returning them to the Training Squadron.

Eventually, the dogs face a four-month training process. This involves obedience school, combat tactics training, and learning to find contraband and other dangerous items.

Afterward, the dogs are trained to work alongside humans. This isnt a one-way street, either! The service members who will be working with dogs also need proper training so that they can recognize the important, and potentially life-saving, signals that the dogs will convey during real-life situations.

After both dog and human are properly trained, the dogs are officially given the title of War Dog and sent off throughout the world to assist in military operations.

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About National K9 Veterans Day

How long until National K9 Veterans Day?
National K9 Veterans Day .
Dates of National K9 Veterans Day
2024USAWednesday, March 13thNational K9 Veterans Day2023USAMonday, March 13thNational K9 Veterans Day2022USASunday, March 13thNational K9 Veterans Day2021USASaturday, March 13thNational K9 Veterans Day2020USAFriday, March 13thNational K9 Veterans Day
Military dogs play an important role in many operations, and March 13th is a day top recognize and remember the contribution they make.

National K9 Veterans Day is March 13th. U.S. Air Force Security Forces military working dogs and their handlers work together to provide safety and security at home and overseas. The dogs are capable of a variety of tasks, such as helping handlers hold suspects, locate harmful substances and search vehicles.

K9 Veterans Day commemorates the service and sacrifices of American working and military dogs throughout history. The day honors all service dogs, from military dogs to police and customs dogs to search and rescue dogs to border patrol dogs to veterans assistance dogs.

Even though the goal is for K9 Veterans Day to be designated a national holiday, not all U.S. states have yet bought into the concept. New Jersey was the first of 15 states to pass legislation recognizing the day as a holiday in 2010. Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Virginia, and West Virginia are among those that later followed. Wisconsin held its first official recognition of K9 veterans in 2015

K9 Veterans Day On March 13th

National K9 Veterans Day in 2021/2022

The reason for the season that is K9 Veterans Day has existed for over 5,000 years. Ever since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, humans have been taking dogs to battle. In the modern day, dogs are insanely well-trained for dozens of different tasks that support government and military-related operations.

Without our furry, and sometimes ferocious, friends, military operations wouldnt go down as smoothly as they do today. Our K9 Veterans are integral to our military successes, and March 13th is when you should take some time to reflect on K9 Veterans service to our country.

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A Brief History Of Military Working Dogs

Dogs have been part of military campaigns for centuries. Documentation of their use during wartime dates as far back as the mid-7th century BCE.

During WWI, the US military began to utilize dogs for message delivery between troops. The need for military dogs became so great that American families began to donate their dogs to the war effort. It has been estimated that approximately 1,000,000 dogs were killed in action during the war. During the war, dogs were reported to have performed acts of bravery and heroism during combat. One such dog was Sergeant Stubby.

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Sergeant Stubby was purported to be both the most decorated war dog of WWI, and the only dog to be nominated and promoted to the rank of sergeant through combat. Stubby was smuggled overseas by Corporal Robert Conroy. He served with Corporal Conroy and the 102nd Infantry Regiment for a total of 18 months.

During this time, Stubby participated in four offensives and 17 battles. Though he was injured several times, Stubby always managed to recover and return to the front lines to help the regiment.

One such injury was the result of a mustard gas attack. After Stubby recovered, he was outfitted with a specially designed gas mask so he could return to the trenches and rejoin his regiment. Stubby also learned to help his unit and warn them of impending danger.

Upon completion of training, MWDs were deployed to several places both at home and abroad:

United States K9 Corps & War Dog Program

A war dog program officially began in 1942. When the U.S. entered World War II, the American Kennel Association and Dogs for Defense group took dogs to the Quartermaster Corps of the U.S. Army for training.

According to

The Quartermaster Corps would ultimately hand off responsibility for what later became known as K9 Corps dogs, K-9 Working Dogs, or simply military working dogs. Security Forces would take over responsibility for the dogs and since have served in many major conflicts including the Vietnam War, Korean War, and the raid which killed terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

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National K9 Veterans Day 202: How To Celebrate

National K9 Veterans Day is an official national holiday and a time to honor the service and sacrifice of military dogs who have served our country. These dogs have bravely served in many ways, from detecting explosives and drugs to providing emotional support to troops in combat. In 2022, National K9 Veterans Day falls on March 13.

But why is this holiday so important? Just like human war vets, dogs have given their lives for our freedom. Dog’s have brought out men home safe, often sacrificing themselves. Dogs throughout American history have been heroes, and National K9 Veterans Day is the perfect day to celebrate them and maybe spoil your pup just a little extra.

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How Do People Celebrate K9 Veterans Day

CBC News: The National | Deadly Egypt fire, Preserving B.C. reefs, Sunflower selfies

National K9 Veterans Day provides an opportunity to honor all of the military dogs who have served our country and raise awareness about the work these dogs do. If youre looking for ways to celebrate National K9 Veterans Day, consider doing one or more of the following:

  • Thank a military dog or their handler for their service. Maybe even buy a K9 veteran a new bone, toy, or treat!
  • Share a story about a military dog to help raise awareness on social media using the hashtag #K9VeteransDay or #NationalK9VeteransDay
  • Donate to an organization that helps support military dogs see our lsit below for a starting point
  • Visit a war dog memorial site, or attend a special event or ceremony honoring military dogs
  • Volunteer with a veteran service dog organization to help unite disabled veterans with a four-legged service companion.
  • The mission of Patriot PAWS is to train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities to help restore physical and emotional independence. Patriot PAWS builds partnerships with state and community organizations to help develop and support this goal.

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    National K9 Veterans Day History

    National K9 Veterans Day is celebrated on March 13th on the official birthday of the US Army K9 Corps, which was formed in 1942. Joseph White, a retired military working dog trainer, originated the idea for the day.

    K9 FAQ

    Q. Does a K9 live with its human partner?A. Yes. In most cases, the K9 officer is responsible for the dog they are assigned to.

    Q. Do K9 officers receive special training?A. Yes, K9 officers receive specialized training for this unique unit of a police department.


    Fifteen-year-old Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine received the first patent for earmuffs.

    The comedy duo Abbot and Costello copyright their baseball comedy routine Whos on First.


    RCA Victor releases Elvis Presleys self-titled first album. The album included songs Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon, and I Got a Woman.


    Walt Disney releases The Love Bug nationwide. Starring Dean Jones, Michele Lee, David Tomlinson, and Buddy Hackett, the movie features a lovable and single-minded Volkswagen Beetle.


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    Abigail Fillmore 1798

    The fourteenth First Lady of the United States was the first of many teachers in the White House. When her husband Millard Fillmore took office after the death of President Zachary Taylor, First Lady Fillmore turned her attention to creating the first White House library.

    Albert William Stevens 1886
    William H. Macy 1950

    Notable Mentions

    National K9 Veterans Day 202: Best Messages And Inspirational Quotes

    Wishing a very Happy National K9 Veterans Day to everyone. Let us remember and thank all the veterans for all the sacrifices they have made for the country.

    We are truly blessed to have such patriotic veterans born on our land. Let us express our gratitude towards them on the occasion of National K9 Veterans Day.

    The occasion of National K9 Veterans Day reminds us all to celebrate and honor the services and sacrifices of American veterans. Warm wishes on this day to all.

    Happy National K9 Veterans Day to everyone. This is one of the most important days in our country and we must celebrate it by honoring our veterans.

    Let us salute all the veterans in our army that have offered their services to our country. Warm greetings on the occasion of National K9 Veterans Day to all.

    The celebrations of National K9 Veterans Day are a reminder to each one of us that we have so many veterans to thank and to be proud of.

    Let us make the occasion of National K9 Veterans Day a memorable one by saluting and thanking all the veterans for their services to our country.

    There are so many veterans our country has seen and each one of them is special. Wishing a very Happy National K9 Veterans Day to all.

    Let us make the occasion of National K9 Veterans Day an inspiring day to salute the services of all the veterans that our country has been blessed with.

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    Historical Events On March 13

    • 1862: The United States Federal Government forbids Union Army officers from returning fugitive slave. This effectively annuls the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.
    • 1865: The use of African-American troops are authorized by the Confederacy during the American Civil War.
    • 1881: Alexander II of Russia is killed by a thrown bomb near his palace.
    • 1930: Harvard College Observatory receives news of the Pluto discovery.
    • 1933: After U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt had previously closed the banks for a bank holiday to avoid a run on them, U.S banks reopen on this day.
    • 1943: The Jewish ghetto in Krakow is liquidated by German troops during World War II.
    • 1969: After the test of the Luna Module, Apollo 9 returns back to Earth safely.
    • 1991: Its announced by the U.S Dept. of Justice that Exxon has agreed to pay a billion dollars for the clean-up of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.
    • 1992: An earthquake hits eastern Turkey and kills almost 500 people.
    • 1996: Sixteen children and a teacher are killed during the Dunblane School Massacre in Scotland. The shooter ends up committing suicide.
    • 1997: A mass UFO sighting is observed by hundreds of people in Arizona and by millions of people on TV. This event would be known as the Phoenix Lights Sighting.
    • 2003: Its reported by Nature that footprints that are over 350, 000 years old have been discovered in Italy.
    • 2016: 18 people are killed and another 33 are wounded when 3 gunman attack 2 hotels in Grand Bassam.

    Famous Birthdays On March 13

    National K9 Veterans Day in USA in 2021
    • Greek diplomat and poet, Giorgos Seferis is born in 1900.
    • American author and screenwriter, Barry Hughart is born in 1934.
    • English author and screenwriter, David Nobbs is born in 1935.
    • American R& B and Gospel singer, Erma Franklin is born in 1938.
    • American actor, screenwriter and director, William H. Macy is born in 1950.
    • Spanish-American singer, actress and guitarist, Charo is born in 1951.
    • American actress Dana Delany is born in 1956.

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    National K9 Veterans Day 202: Why And How To Celebrate

    National K9 Veterans Day is an official national holiday and a time to honor the service and sacrifice of military dogs who have served our country. These dogs have bravely served in many ways, from detecting explosives and drugs to providing emotional support to troops in combat. In 2022, National K9 Veterans Day falls on March 13.

    But why is this holiday so important? Just like human war vets, dogs have given their lives for our freedom. Dog’s have brought out men home safe, often sacrificing themselves. Dogs throughout American history have been heroes, and National K9 Veterans Day is the perfect day to celebrate them and maybe spoil your pup just a little extra.

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    Military Dog Names You Should Know

    If youre planning on celebrating K9 Veterans Day with the rest of us dog lovers, you should brush up on your knowledge of famous military dogs.

    Sergeant Stubby, a Boston Terrier mix, is perhaps the most well-known K9 Veteran out there as he was the most well-decorated military service animal during World War I. He is also the only dog who was ever nominated for an official military rank!

    Sergeant Stubby took part in 17 battles during WWI and was able to help locate missing soldiers and alert his comrades to duck for cover when he could hear the high-pitched whistling of incoming artillery long before Soldiers could see or hear anything coming, themselves. We salute you, Sergeant Stubby!

    Lucca is another popular K9 Veteran. This German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix took part in over 400 bomb detection missions during her six-year military career. She saved countless lives by finding more than 40 explosives and other unexploded ordnance during these missions.

    The best part? Not a single human died under her watch. She retired in 2012 after losing her left front left leg to a rogue detonation beneath her , and she received the Dickin Medal in 2016.

    Sergeant Stubby and Lucca are just two among hundreds of hard-working K9 Veterans who have saved lives and made our country proud.

    National K9 Veterans Day occurs on March 13th, so prepare your celebrations now!

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    Military Dogs Who Deserve To Be Honored For K9 Veterans Day

    K9 Veterans Day is celebrated on March 13th, which is the date that the US Army K9 Corps was founded in 1942. Its a chance for us to honor the four-legged heroes who help serve our armed forces and keep our troops safe.

    K9 handlers in the military can tell you how dedicated these dogs are to doing their jobs and protecting the members of their teams. They should be honored alongside our human troops, and K9 Veterans Day is an opportunity for us all to remember and reflect on the invaluable contributions these dogs make.

    Here are five out of the countless dogs who deserve to be celebrated for their service on K9 Veterans Day.

    Military Working Dog Training And Specialties Of Today’s Decorated War Dog

    2022 National Model Aviation Day Airshow fundraiser – Full scale Biplane Flyover

    Around 2,300 military working dogs are deployed worldwide and serve in many roles. And each dog excels at different tasks. For example, some dogs love finding lost children, some dogs that are trained to find bombs, and some that help transport supplies.

    Across the years, there have been many decorated K9 veterans. Some horses have been awarded honors, including a few dogs earning a purple heart. Furthermore, these heroes often receive their own retirement ceremonies.

    Natural Cravings salutes our heroes. Thatâs why our natural chews are 100% U.S. sourced and made. Shop today.

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