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How To Make Money With A Disability

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Ideas For Making Money At Home While Disabled

How To Make Money When You’re on Disability & You Have A Chronic Illness

by Rubi Beltran | Sep 13, 2019 | SSD Benefits

If you are physically or mentally disabled, it can be difficult to take care of your bills while deciding on your options to apply for Social Security Disability benefits or take another path. If youre stressed about how to make money at home if youre disabled, here are some alternatives to consider.

Need immediate assistance applying for disability benefits? Complete this FREE evaluation form. There are no upfront costs to work with us. We only receive a fee directly from the Social Security Administration if you win your disability case no out-of-pocket expense for you!

The Startling Rise Of Disability In America

In the past three decades, the number of Americans who are on disability has skyrocketed. The rise has come even as medical advances have allowed many more people to remain on the job, and new laws have banned workplace discrimination against the disabled. Every month, 14 million people now get a disability check from the government.

The federal government spends more money each year on cash payments for disabled former workers than it spends on food stamps and welfare combined. Yet people relying on disability payments are often overlooked in discussions of the social safety net. The vast majority of people on federal disability do not work. Yet because they are not technically part of the labor force, they are not counted among the unemployed.

In other words, people on disability don’t show up in any of the places we usually look to see how the economy is doing. But the story of these programs — who goes on them, and why, and what happens after that — is, to a large extent, the story of the U.S. economy. It’s the story not only of an aging workforce, but also of a hidden, increasingly expensive safety net.

For the past six months, I’ve been reporting on the growth of federal disability programs. I’ve been trying to understand what disability means for American workers, and, more broadly, what it means for poor people in America nearly 20 years after we ended welfare as we knew it. Here’s what I found.

Make Money Online And Offline By Doing Things For Other People

One of the best sites for finding ideas to make money fast is TaskRabbit. On TaskRabbit, you can help people in your area with things like moving, furniture assembly, home improvement, being a personal assistant, and heavy lifting. If you have the skills or can carry heavy boxes, this one is a simple way to make extra money.

Who knows? Maybe you can even turn it into something to leave your day job. There are some “taskers” who make $2,000 per week on TaskRabbit.

With that kind of money, it’s at least worth a look even if you only need to do it for a short time. Use my affiliate link to try TaskRabbit for yourself.

MONEY TIP: and learn about more ways to earn extra income. Plus, you’ll get weekly money-savings tips sent to you.

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Can I Work While Getting Supplemental Security Income

The other program that you may be eligible for is called Supplemental Security Income. SSI is different from Social Security Disability Insurance they are two totally different programs. If you are on SSI and you are earning an income, Social Security will take 50 cents of every dollar that you earn.

If youre on SSI and youre getting $600 a month and you go out and earn $600 extra, Social Security will take $300 out of your check, so youll get $600 from your employer, your $600 Social Security check will be cut to 300, and your total monthly income will be $900. It is still more than you were going to get from just SSI, but it will be reduced. Just know if youre on SSI, you can work, but they will reduce your check.

If youre on SSDI, you can work and they will not reduce your check. SSDI is not reduced by earning income. Just something to note.

You Can Make Money By Being Part Of An Online Jury

Money for Disabled Persons: A Guide to Surviving Financially

In this post on side hustles, we discussed 10 different ways you can make extra money. One of the more unique ways was by participating in an online jury.

Check out the details of this interesting money-making opportunity:

How would you like to help prepare lawyers for trial? Well, you can play the part of jury online via sites like Online Verdict, where the lawyer “tries” the case in a mock trial.

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Sell Stock Images Online

If you have a passion for photography and you have the ability to capture amazing moments and breath-taking scenery using your camera, then you can sell your images online.

How to start?

You can also show your work on your blog and even offer photo coverage services for weddings, birthdays, prenups, and special occasions if that is within your abilities.

Freelance Writing Web Design Programming And More

Freelancing is one of the most flexible working arrangements out there. You can pick projects that align with your skills, limit your workload according to your comfort level and income targets, and handle all of your tasks from home.

There is a variety of freelancing categories available too. While writing articles or blog posts for a person or company is one option, many other technical projects can fall in this category as well. If you have web design skills, then creating sites for others might work. If you have some programming know-how, then you could create or customize software and applications. Essentially, if you can perform your work at a computer and deliver it online, there could be a freelance role that could work for you. If you want to see what is available, check out some of the leading freelance websites such as Upwork and Guru.

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The Ssa Giveth And The Ssa Taketh Away

Getting approved for benefits had come as such a relief. James had heard horror stories of how it takes some applicants months or even years to get approved.

He qualified for benefits because his condition is permanent. It affects his speech and fine motor skills. He says those deficits, combined with the stereotypes about people with disabilities, have left him unable to secure a full-time job despite having a masters degree in instructional technology.

If you receive SSI or SSDI, did not file taxes in 2019 and did not receive a stimulus check this year, you can still use the IRS Non-Filer Tool until Nov. 21, 2020.

So James does gig work because not working at all goes against his nature. Thats not who I am, he says.

But navigating Social Securitys work-related rules is very, very frustrating.

Disability benefits experts say discrimination, confusion regarding the rules and fear of benefits being cut at any time are all too common. And thats despite the official Social Security position that people on disability should work to their fullest potential.

How Much Money You Can Earn While Receiving Social Security Disability

How those with disabilities can save money without losing government benefits

Typically, the Social Security Administration does not consider your hobbies when determining whether you can work. However, if you get paid for what you consider to be a hobby, then your hobby is relevant in the Social Security disability eligibility or continued disability eligibility determination.

The Social Security Administration must find that you are completely disabled and unable to support yourself by working before it begins sending you Social Security disability benefits.

More specifically, the Social Security Administration must find that you are unable to engage in substantial gainful activity.

The amount that you can earn and still qualify for Social Security disability benefits changes annually. For example, in 2020, substantial gainful activity, or the amount that you could earn and still qualify for benefits, was set at $1,260 per month for non-blind Social Security disability recipients and $2,110 per month for blind Social Security disability recipients.

If you want to make money at your hobby, however, it is not enough to make sure that your earnings are below the substantial gainful activity threshold. While you cant make more than the substantial gainful activity amount, you need to be careful that the Social Security Administration doesnt think that you are purposefully holding back on earning an income so that you remain eligible for disability benefits.

In making its determination, the Social Security Administration may consider things such as:

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I Will Lose My Ssi/ssdi Checks When I Start To Work

It is a common concern to be worried about starting work and not earning enough money to pay your expenses and, at the same time, not getting your SSI/SSDI checks anymore.

Both SSI and SSDI have rules to protect your benefits so you can try working and not worry about losing your cash benefits if you cant keep working, or you need to work fewer hours. Some of these rules are the same if you are on SSI or SSDI, but most of them are different. It is important to know if you are on SSI or SSDI, or both. If you are not sure, you may want to request something called a Benefits Planning Query from your Social Security office to find out. For more information on BPQY, click here. You can also read the first page of this section, which has information on figuring whether you are on SSI or SSDI.

o Be paid by you and not paid or reimbursed by another source

o Relate to a serious medical condition, and

o Be necessary without it, you will be unable to work

Service Animals And Emotional Support Animals

Service animals are trained to complete work and tasks for the specific, individual needs of people with disabilities. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act , dogs may qualify as service animals. In some cases, the ADA also recognizes miniature horses as service animals.

Unlike service animals, emotional support animals do not typically perform specific tasks. Instead, they serve as companions to people with disabilities. They are not considered service animals under the ADA, but some state and local governments permit people to take them into public places.

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Sell Your Breast Milk

How much can you earn?: $300-$1200 per month

Believe it or not, there’s a huge market for breast milk and not just for mothers unable to produce their own for newborns but also bodybuilders and athletes who use it to increase energy and muscle tone!

The price for a mother’s milk is based on the age of the baby which influences the composition of the milk.

As of now, the industry is completely unregulated so make sure to test your breast milk for harmful bacteria before donating it. Once you do, hop over to to get started.

My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn’t stand the sideline. Michael Jordan

You Can Make Money With Your Home While On Vacation

How To Make Money When Your Disabled

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of AirBnB, right? Well, since you’re going on vacation or a few long weekends every year anyway, why not use that time to make extra money?

This especially goes for those of you who live in a tourist area. Rent out your place on AirBnB or a similar website and make money while you’re on your own vacation.

Use my affiliate link for AirBnB to get $40 towards your first trip. Try it out and also list your home with them. Not a bad deal.

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What Are The Top 10 Disabilities

What Are the Top 10 Disabilities?

  • Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue. This group made up 29.7% of all people receiving Social Security benefits. …
  • Mood Disorders. …
  • Nervous System and Sense Organs. …
  • Intellectual Disabilities. …
  • Schizophrenic and Other Psychotic Disorders. …
  • Other Mental Disorders. …
  • Injuries.
  • The Standard Deduction And Personal Exemptions

    • The standard deduction for 2021 is $12,550 for individuals and $25,100 for married people filing jointly, up from $12,400 and $24,800, respectively, in 2020.
    • For those age 65 and older or blind, theres an additional standard deduction amount in 2021 of $1,350 for married taxpayers and $1,700 for single or head-of-household filers.
    • No personal or dependent are exemptions allowed.

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    I’m Living With A Friend

    I& #039 m living with a friend and pay them 300.00 A mom. To stay . So a social security worker is falsely saying because the guy owes mortgages I have to pay more than 300.00 A mon . And he does not even own any property. He rents where I& #039 m staying.. So she takes 250.00 out of the750.00 now I& #039 m only getting 500.00 How can this even be fair when it& #039 s all a lie. This worker has no proof of the mortgages. Because there is none. And I shouldn& #039 t be responsible for his mogages anyway. Is this unfair. Where are my rights of being discriminated against.

    Start A Youtube Channel

    Make Money While on Disability with ABLE Accounts

    This side hustle list for the blind wouldnt be complete without mentioning Andrea Boccelli, a blind musician, writer and musical producer that has sold more than 75 million records.

    Another example is Kodi Lee, a blind and autistic singer who stunned the crowd of Americas Got Talent.

    If you happen to have a passion for music, you can sing well or you can play musical instruments like piano, guitar, or violin, starting a YouTube channel is a good potential income stream.

    You can record videos of your performance and upload it on your channel. If you are really talented, you will surely gain a following and it will open up doors of opportunity for you.

    Of course, considering your visual impairment, you may need a family member to help you with this gig .

    You can earn money with YouTube by affiliate products, getting sponsorship, selling your own merchandise, or via Google AdSense.

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    Speak Clearly Listen Well

    If you are working with a person who has a developmental disability or other cognitive issues, use clear sentences, simple words and concrete concepts. Gauge the pace, complexity and vocabulary of your speech to match theirs. Unless you are informed otherwise, remember they can make their own decisions. Allow people with speech impairments to finish their own sentences. Dont talk for them or interrupt.

    Make Money With A Punchy Pun

    Feeling creative?

    Write messages for greeting cards for a bit of extra cash!

    Although this is a very competitive market, a lot of money can be made from writing witty lines, and its an exciting industry to work in. A punchy pun could earn you up to £150!

    The most popular cards are funny, likeable and witty puns. Who doesnt like a clever joke that puts a smile on our faces?

    However, other greeting card types include sentimental messages and traditional cards that use rhyming poetry.

    The first step to getting your message published is research galore. Decide which type of message youd like to write in greeting cards, and find out who publishes these types of messages.

    Its worth visiting a high street card shop such as Clintons. Spend time viewing the cards and note the relevant publishers that you want to contact. You can find the publisher on the back of each card.

    Keep an eye out for niche shops that sell greeting cards, e.g. book stores, garden centres, craft shops and gift shops.

    Also, visit greeting card trade fairs where you can gain publisher contacts and do some networking. You could even pitch to them and show them your example greeting card messages.

    Golden Rules:

    It may take a while to get going, but many people make good careers from greeting card writing, and its a very creative, interesting industry to work in. Check out the Greeting Card Association site for freelance work.

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    Take Online Surveys To Make Money

    While online surveys arent going to provide you with life-changing sums of money, they can provide you with a bit of extra cash, which will definitely come in handy. This is something you can easily do while you are watching television on an evening.

    However, it is important to choose survey websites with care. Somesurvey sites are known for crashing or not paying out, so do your research beforehand. The most reputable websites will have tons of polls and surveys for you to choose from.

    Once you have completed them, you will be credit with points, which can be exchanged for cash you can withdrawal. It is also worth pointing out the fact that a lot of these surveys will require you to enter a competition as part of the process. So, you never know, you could end up winning something too.

    Learn more about making money with online surveys.

    Extended Period Of Eligibility

    How to Make Money on Disability

    If you earn more than $940 per month during your nine-month trial work period but less than $1,310, you can qualify for an extended period of eligibility after your trial work period. This extension lasts for an additional 36 months. Youll remain eligible to receive SSDI benefits every month, but you will not receive a payment for any month in which you earn more than 2021 SSDI income limits .

    If, after your 36-month extended period of eligibility, you continue to earn more than $1,310 in one month, your SSDI benefits will lapse. The good news is that, even if you do end up losing your benefits after an extended period of eligibility, youll be able to get approved for benefits much more quickly if youre unable to work again in the next five years. With Expedited Reinstatement of benefits, your condition will be reviewed again, but youll start receiving monthly payments immediately in the interim.

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