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How Much Money Do You Get For Va Disability

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How Do I Get A 100 Percent VA Disability Rating

By Carl O. Graham

When a veteran has a service-connected disability, she may be entitled to receive VA disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs. If the disability rating assigned by the VA is under 50%, then a retired member must waive retirement, dollar for dollar, to receive VA disability.

Why waive retirement to receive disability? Two reasons – first, disability is not taxable, and second, the payments are not divisible by the a domestic relations court.

Do Va Lenders Require Mortgage Insurance

A big reason VA loans are so affordable is that they dont require mortgage insurance like other mortgage options. This benefit helps veterans and service members stretch their budgets and maximize affordability.

Conventional buyers often need to pay for private mortgage insurance unless they can make a 20 percent down payment.

Examples Of Disabilities That Result In A 10% Va Disability Rating

There are two ways a 10% VA disability rating can be assigned in response to a VA disability claim.

  • The rating is capped at 10%: Some disabilities can only receive a 10% disability rating. For example, tinnitus, glaucoma, and alopecia areata cannot be rated above 10% regardless of the severity or impact on a veterans earning ability or quality of life.
  • The veteran lacks symptoms for a rating above 10%: Many disabilities present a range of symptoms. The VA uses the symptoms manifested to rate the disability. When the symptoms are minor, such as mild cases of osteomyelitis, mental disorders, or eating disorders, the VA can approve the claim, but with a 10% rating to reflect the disabilitys relative lack of impact on the veterans earning ability or quality of life.

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Standard Va Disability Claims

With standard VA disability claims, the VA gathers evidence and compiles all supporting documents.

If the VA is unable to obtain a needed document, they may require your help. When help is required, it typically applies to documents not held by a federal agency, such as private medical records, employer information, and documents from state or local governments.

As with all claims programs, be prepared to provide your DD214 , service treatment records, VA medical records, and private medical records about your claim. Those needing help applying for their VA disability claim may also work with an accredited attorney, claims agent, or Veterans Service Officer .

Your Monthly Payment Amount Is

If I work and receive TDIU, are there any VA ...

Have you ever wondered how the VA came up with the combined rating that it gave you?; Have you ever noticed that 1 + 1 does not equal 2 with the VA?; One of the most common complaints we get from veterans is How in the world did the VA get the combined rating that they did with all the ratings I have?

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Tips About Va Compensation And Social Security

  • SSDI and SSI are not intended to provide a full living wage; the Social Security official site itself advises that in 2019 alone, Social Security paid an average monthly disability benefit amount barely enough to keep a beneficiary above the 2018 poverty level and any additional assistance you can apply for is crucial.
  • If you have the ability to apply for VA benefits first, it can help to do so if you already have a 100% disability rating from the VA. Some vets cannot do this, but those who can should take advantage of the option to have their SSDI or SSI benefit application expedited as described above.
  • VA compensation and military retirement pay combined may render some applicants ineligible for SSI, but SSDI compensation may still be possible.
  • Your financial need will determine which Social Security program you qualify for when claiming disability benefits.
  • VA rules for disability pay require the veteran to establish or provide proof that establishes that the medical issue occurred on active duty or was aggravated by it.
  • SSDI and SSI are federal programs, but not limited to the military.
  • VA disability compensation is limited to the service member, but some VA benefits are payable for spouses, caregivers, and other family members. Be sure to ask about these.

Extra Benefits For Severe Disabilities

Veterans who suffer from severe disabling conditions or injuries due to time spent in the service may qualify for additional disability benefits through the VA Special Monthly Compensation Program. Severe disabilities include the loss of a limb or conditions that cause paralysis or leave a person immobile. Veterans who suffer from conditions involving blindness or deafness may also qualify under the Special Monthly Compensation Program.

Additional monthly benefits also apply in cases where a person has two or more severe disabilities, such as blindness and paralysis in a limb. Situations where a veteran’s condition leaves him bedridden or home-bound may also qualify for benefit amounts over the 100 percent entitlement.

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Special Monthly Compensation Rate Payment Variations

Effective December 1, 2020

Levels K and Q are special rates called SMC;rate payment variations. We may add Level K to your basic SMC rate.

SMC;rate payment variations

How this payment variation works
SMC letter designation 111.74 How this payment variation works If you qualify for SMC-K, we add this rate to your basic disability compensation rate for any disability rating from 0% to 100%. We also add this rate to all SMC basic rates except SMC-O, SMC-Q, and SMC-R. You may receive 1 to 3 SMC-K awards in addition to basic and SMC rates.
SMC letter designation 67.00 How this payment variation works This is a protected rate that we havent awarded since August 19, 1968. If we awarded you an SMC-Q designation, we pay this rate in place of your basic disability compensation rate.

How Does Having My Disabilities Recognized By The Va Help Me And My Family

When Will I Get My VA Disability Back Pay?

Below are the reasons you should take the time to apply, even if you dont want deal with the red tape involved or don’t feel like you are disabled.

Regular Financial Support

Most veterans who have their applications approved receive additional monthly income. For Disability Compensation, this income is tax free. Even if a veteran is rated at only 10%, that is still an extra $115 every month, probably for life. If they live another 50 years, thats an extra $69,000 to help pay the mortgage, buy a car, or put kids through school.

Increased Access to VA Healthcare

Just as importantly, the VA provides free care for every service connected condition. If the veteran with a bad knee above needs to have knee replacement surgery, the VA pays for it. In many cases veterans receiving either Disability Compensation or Non-Service Connected Pension can also use the VA to receive care for conditions not related to their military service. This may not seem like a big benefit to a veteran who is currently working and has health insurance, but it can be a more significant benefit when they are between jobs or after they retire.

Access to More Robust VA Benefits

Many veteran benefits have been created to care specifically;for disabled veterans, so having your service connected conditions recognized may grant eligibility to other more robust benefits, such as:

Access to VA Benefits for Survivors

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What Is A Service Connected Disability

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Disability Compensation is:

a benefit paid to a veteran because of injuries or diseases that happened while on active duty, or were made worse by active military service. It is also paid to certain veterans disabled from VA health care. The benefits are tax-free. .

If you are considered to have a service-connected disability, then you may be eligible to receive a monthly compensation payment, and under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to receive additional compensation, usually if you have a service-connected rating of 30% or higher and have dependents , if you have missing limbs, or if you have a severely disabled spouse.

How Much Does Ssi Pay

The average SSI payment in 2021 is $586 per month. Children on SSI receive an average of $695 per month.

While SSI is a federal program , and the federal government pays a standard base rate of $794 per month, most SSI recipients receive less than the federal benefit rate, and some receive more. Your actual monthly payment will depend on how much income you or your family brings in or earns and how much of a “state supplemental payment” your state pays, if any.

If you are married and your spouse is also eligible for SSI benefits, you’ll get less than two individuals would get. The federal benefit rate for couples is only $1,191, which is less than two $794 payments.

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Is A 10% Va Disability Rating Worth It

For most veterans, the answer is yes. Everyone can use a steady stream of tax-free money. This not only provides a hedge against job loss, medical bills, or other unexpected life events but can help you plan for retirement. If the disability is permanent, like tinnitus, you could receive these payments for the rest of your life.

Moreover, a VA disability claim rated at 10% provides a stepping stone to greater benefits if your medical issues worsen or you develop new medical issues as a result of the disability. Once the VA approves a claim, simple inertia can keep the VA moving forward in approving additional or related benefits.

Finally, the derivative benefits the VA provides above and beyond the disability payments are often just as valuable as the cash. Free healthcare and prescription drugs to treat the disability, plus a preference for federal hiring and reduced closing costs for VA home loans can give you a secure job, health insurance, and a home.

Predicting whether you can obtain a 10% VA disability rating is difficult and will depend on the nature of the disability and the strength of the evidence. Contact a VA lawyer to discuss your VA disability benefits claim regardless of where you are currently located and whether you were deployed.

Va Disability Rates For Conditions 70 Va Disability Rating

How Much Do You Get for Disability as a Veteran ...

VA Disability Rates for Conditions

We have also built a VA disabilityrates for conditions expert-level guide that will assist veterans who currentlyhave a 70 VA disability rating.

This guide will also help you at both lower and higher VAratings, and explains VA disability rates for conditions in 2020.

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Can Veterans With Schedular 100% Va Disability Ratings Work

If a veteran has a schedular 100% disability rating for one or more service-connected conditions, they are fully entitled to continue working.; However, veterans should keep in mind that the VASRD is based off of average impairment to earning capacity so ability to work is going to be one of the factors VA considers when trying to determine whether there has been actual material improvement to a service-connected condition.

How To Apply For Educational Benefits

Check with the VA before you begin your program to make sure that your educational program is approved and eligible for reimbursement. Call the VA Regional Office in the state where you will be attending your program.

Complete the Dependents’ Application for VA Education Benefits and submit it to the VA Regional Office in the state where you plan to attend school or training. If you are already in school, you will also have to ask the school or job to complete and an Enrollment Certification form. Submit the Enrollment Certification along with your application.

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Va Disability Ratings: Subject To Review And Not Always Permanent

The Department of Veterans Affairs reserves the right to change VA disability rating schedules, screening requirements, and even revisit the VA award itself to see if the condition has improved or gotten worse over time.

In some cases you may get a letter from the VA instructing you to participate in a re-examination of your claim; in others the veteran herself may wish to have the claim reviewed. This is especially true in cases where the veteran feels the condition is not improving or getting worse.

Do not skip the re-examination process. Doing so may subject you to a more arbitrary decision from the VA.

How Va Assigns A Disability Rating

How much money will I get in SSI benefits

VA assigns a disability rating based on the frequency, duration, and severity of symptoms it uses to characterize a certain condition.

A veterans service-connected condition must have a combined disability rating of at least 10 percent for the veteran to qualify for VA monthly compensation. The highest scheduler disability rating VA can assign to a veterans condition is 100 percent, which yields the highest amount of monthly disability compensation.

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Veterans Disability Payment Rates For 2021

The amount of money a veteran receives in disability payments depends on a lot of factors. Primarily, it relies on the disability rating theyve received and their family situation.

10% Disability Rating $144.14

20% Disability Rating $284.93

Veteran with a dependent spouse or parent, but no children

Veteran Alone

Can The State Take My Child Support Out Of My Bank Account Where My Veteran’s Benefits’ Check Is Deposited

Yes. The state can force your bank to remove money that you owe in child support from your bank account. In other words, the state can garnish your bank account without your consent to collect child support. For many debts, except for child support, your Veteran’s Benefits are protected from garnishment. New laws require your bank to protect the money in your account equal to two months’ worth of benefits. However, the state can collect child support from your bank account at any time, no matter how much money you have in your account.

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How To Apply For Va Disability Compensation

First, obtain your DD 214. Then fill out VA Form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation and/or Pension. Once you have completed it, mail it to the following address:;

Department of Veterans Affairs

PO Box 4444

You can also apply online using VONAPP, or bring the form in-person to a Veterans Administration regional center near you.

If youre originating a new claim, be prepared to furnish your DD-214, and allow the Veterans Administration access to your medical records as well as your military records.;

You dont have to submit supporting evidence right away in order to apply, but you may have to submit to a medical exam. Once you start a VA disability compensation claim, you have up to one year to submit supporting evidence.;

How Much Do Veterans Get For Disability

VA Funding Fee

As a U.S. veteran, you may be eligible to receive a monthly, tax-free, monetary benefit. How much veterans get for disability depends on how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs rates your service-connected disability or condition. If veterans have more than one service-connected condition, the amount of monthly compensation will be based on their combined disability rating.

As of December 1st, 2020 the VA disability rate benefit amounts are as follows:

  • 0 percent disability rating: $0.00 per month
  • 10 percent disability rating: $144.14 per month
  • 20 percent disability rating: $284.93 per month
  • 30 percent disability rating: $441.35 per month
  • 40 percent disability rating: $635.77 per month
  • 50 percent disability rating: $905.04 per month
  • 60 percent disability rating: $1,146.39 per month
  • 70 percent disability rating: $1,444.71 per month
  • 80 percent disability rating: $1,679.35 per month
  • 90 percent disability rating: $1,887.18 per month
  • 100 percent disability rating: $3,146.42 per month

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Pay Attention To The Deadline

There are deadlines for your spouse to receive these benefits. Your spouse should apply for these benefits as soon as possible after your passing. They have until a year after your death to apply. If they apply within a year, benefits are paid retroactively from the date of the veterans death.;

That being said, if your spouse doesnt apply within a year, its unlikely your spouse is eligible for any missed compensation. Instead, the start date is whenever the VA grants the application.;

What Happens To Benefits If Your Spouse Remarries

Dealing with the loss of a partner is never easy. After grieving, many partners are finally ready to remarry. What happens to these VA benefits if your spouse chooses to remarry after your death?

In general, DIC benefits no longer apply after remarriage. Benefits are no longer given to these partners unless the remarriage ended in divorce, death, or annulment. These benefits also continue if the spouse remarried on or after reaching the age of 57.;

When in doubt, contact the VA office. Your local office is the only one who looks at your specific situation to determine what options are available. In the case of remarriage, benefits usually dont continue except in the few instances outlined above.;

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How Much Is A 10% Va Disability Rating Worth

In some circumstances, veterans know before filing a VA disability claim that the rating for their disability is capped at 10%. For example, tinnitus with no other symptoms or hearing loss can only be awarded a 10% VA disability rating even when both ears are affected.

The benefits from a 10% VA disability rating might not seem worth the effort. Under the current VA compensation tables, the monthly disability pay for 2020 is $142.29, which is not insubstantial.

However, more important for many veterans are the additional benefits unlocked by a 10% VA disability rating. A 10% VA disability rating could, for example, eliminate the thousands of dollars per year you spend on travel, copays, and prescriptions to treat your disability, waive some closing costs for a VA home loan, and entitle you to burial benefits.

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