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How Much Is 50 Va Disability

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How Much Is A 10% Va Disability Rating Worth

How Much Does VA Pay for 50 Disability?

In some circumstances, veterans know before filing a VA disability claim that the rating for their disability is capped at 10%. For example, tinnitus with no other symptoms or hearing loss can only be awarded a 10% VA disability rating even when both ears are affected.

The benefits from a 10% VA disability rating might not seem worth the effort. Under the current VA compensation tables, the monthly disability pay for 2020 is $142.29, which is not insubstantial.

However, more important for many veterans are the additional benefits unlocked by a 10% VA disability rating. A 10% VA disability rating could, for example, eliminate the thousands of dollars per year you spend on travel, copays, and prescriptions to treat your disability, waive some closing costs for a VA home loan, and entitle you to burial benefits.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about a 10% VA Rating
  • Va Disability Ratings: Subject To Review And Not Always Permanent

    The Department of Veterans Affairs reserves the right to change VA disability rating schedules, screening requirements, and even revisit the VA award itself to see if the condition has improved or gotten worse over time.

    In some cases you may get a letter from the VA instructing you to participate in a re-examination of your claim in others the veteran herself may wish to have the claim reviewed. This is especially true in cases where the veteran feels the condition is not improving or getting worse.

    Do not skip the re-examination process. Doing so may subject you to a more arbitrary decision from the VA.

    % And Lower Service Connected Compensation

    The largest increase in disability pay is when a veterans rating goes from 90% to 100%. How much is VA disability for a 90% rating? The monthly compensation for veterans rated at 90% with no dependents is $1887.18. The increases in monthly compensation between 10% to 90% are less dramatic, ranging from $140 to a little more than $200 for each 10% increment.

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    How To Get Va Disability For Erectile Dysfunction

    Research shows that the rate of erectile dysfunction among veterans is three times greater than the average. 1

    Millions of men in the US experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. However, veterans are more likely to suffer from this affliction than the average US male. Fortunately, the VA rates it as a disability.

    Woods and Woods, The Veterans Firm, has been adding staff during the Covid-19 pandemic to help serve more veterans.

    Erectile dysfunction can have far-reaching impacts on self-esteem, marital happiness, confidence, and relationships. Because erectile dysfunction can have numerous harmful effects on your personal life, if you are affected, it is important that you apply for VA disability for erectile dysfunction.

    Under certain provisions, the VA recognizes the loss of use of the penis as compensatable. However, gaining compensation can be tough if you are not familiar with the process.

    What Percentage Does The Va Typically Compensate For Hearing Loss

    VA Disability Benefits and Child Support: Can Benefits Be ...

    While the U.S. Armed Forces recognizes hearing loss as one of its most prevalent service-connected medical conditions, the VA ratings are not stellar.

    The typical disability ratings for hearing loss range from 0 10%.

    In other words, the average disability rating will likely not cover the inconvenience and hassle of hearing impairment issues.

    Nonetheless, additional services like hearing aids and service animals may supplement where monthly disability income is not sufficient.

    Those that suffer from more severe types of hearing loss can receive a much higher VA rating than 0 10%.

    It really depends on a case by case basis which is why you should schedule a hearing examination with a VA clinic as soon as possible.

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    Causes Of Hearing Loss

    The ear consists of three major areas .

    When sound waves pass through the outer ear it causes vibrations which are amplified as they travel through the inner ear.

    The nerve cells in your ears contain thousands of tiny hairs that help translate sound vibrations into electrical signals.

    Then, these electrical signals are transmitted to your brain where it processes the signals into sound.

    Hearing loss generally occurs when the ears are exposed to loud machinery or explosions over a long duration of time.

    Additionally, the inevitable factor of age slowly erodes away at our hearing like other senses in the body.

    Hearing loss can begin for a number of reasons yet is often attributed to damage in one or more parts of the ear.

    Moreover, it can be the result of an ear infection, abnormal bone growths, ruptured eardrum, or tumors.

    In the best-case scenario, removing excess earwax can sometimes remedy the problem if the damage isnt permanent.

    Unfortunately, most service members are unable to avoid long-term exposure to loud noises because of the occupation.

    With that said, you can take precautions by using hearing protection.

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    Breakdown Of The 50% Migraine Headaches Rating Criteria

    In order to prove your service-connected migraine headaches warrant the highest disability rating , you must understand all aspects of the rating criteria. Specifically, the 50% disability rating can be broken down into four main terms: very frequent, completely prostrating, prolonged, and productive of severe economic inadaptability. In regards to very frequent, VA will likely require your migraine headaches to occur on average more than once a month. For example, a veteran experiencing migraines two or three times per month would likely meet the very frequent standard.

    As mentioned above, prostrating refers to an individual laying down as the result of his or her migraine headache. Therefore, completely prostrating at the 50% level likely means that you are entirely bedridden for the period of time when experiencing a migraine headache. Veterans who are unable to sit or stand up during the migraine attack would likely satisfy this aspect of the disability rating. The term prolonged deals with the length of the migraine headache itself, or how long it lasts. VA does not outline a specific requirement, but veterans must at least show that they are affected for a significant amount of time. Finally, severe economic inadaptability essentially means that your migraine headaches affect your ability to work, often requiring you to be absent several days of the month.

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    Exposure To Loud Noise

    Noise exposure is a leading cause of hearing loss which also leads to tinnitus. Noise-induced hearing loss is a common complaint from military veterans who spent time in extremely noisy environments. Training on weapons ranges, operating heavy vehicles and machinery, and conducting aircraft operations are everyday situations for those on active duty. Although most service members wear hearing protection, this does not eliminate exposure risks. Many veterans experience some level of hearing loss or tinnitus due to exposure to loud noise.

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    Combined Rating System For Multiple Disabilities

    Why A 50% VA Rating Matters To Military Retirees

    The Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes that former service members may have incurred more than one disability or had a pre-existing condition made worse while on active duty. Veterans applying for a combined disability rating must submit relevant medical records for each disability. Here is how the VA assigns a combined disability rating:

    Using its internal Combined Rating Table, the VA lists the most severe disability first and the least severe disability last. After assigning a disability rating to each condition, the VA rounds the combined rating to the nearest 10th percentile.

    Veterans should keep in mind that the VA uses a different formula to calculate each disability percentage. For example, one disability rating of 50 percent and another of 30 percent does not mean the veteran will automatically receive an 80 percent combined disability rating. The actual figure is likely to be closer to 65 percent, which the VA then rounds to 70 percent.

    In another combined disability rating example provided by the VA, a veteran filing a disability claim has a 40 percent disability rating with the first service-related condition and a 20 percent disability rating for the second issue. The Combined Rating Table assigned this veteran a total disability rating of 52 percent. Since VA disability compensation only pays in what they refer to as whole percentages, the adjuster would convert the 52 percent rating to the nearest whole number divided by 10, which would be 50.

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    How Does The Va Diagnose Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a difficult condition to diagnosis for a variety of reasons.

    For starters, the symptoms for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea are similar and may overlap.

    Therefore, receiving a diagnosis that covers the correct form of sleep apnea is not always apparent at first.

    Furthermore, the patient may have Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome which includes both forms.

    Sleep apnea is difficult to diagnose unless you sleep with a partner .

    Consequently, the military traditionally orders a sleep study when sleep apnea is suspected.

    The sleep study enables medical professionals to study a patient while they are resting to confirm a diagnosis.

    A sleep study can serve as medical evidence of a diagnosis.

    Moreover, the VA has an expected duty to assist veterans in scheduling the sleep study examination.

    Thus, do not be afraid to contact your local veterans clinic or hospital to set up a new examination.

    What if you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea?

    The VA will likely still have you undergo a sleep study done by the military to confirm the diagnosis.

    Hearing Loss Va Ratings Schedule For 2020

    Hearing loss is a significant problem for veterans of the military.

    According to the VA, more than 2.7 million veterans currently receiving disability for hearing loss or tinnitus.

    However, most medical experts argue the number is even higher as not every veteran is aware of their hearing problems or have sought compensation for the disability.

    Regardless of the specific number of veterans receiving disability benefits for hearing loss, the problem is prevalent in the U.S. Armed Forces.

    Additionally, those that served after September 11 are 4x more likely to have hearing loss compared to civilian counterparts.

    The bottom line is hearing loss is a bigger dilemma for veterans compared to most individuals that have worked in the civilian world.

    Hearing loss can significantly alter your life, negatively impacting your quality of life and daily functioning.

    For this reason, the VA currently offers disability benefits to veterans with hearing loss.

    The VA rates hearing loss through federal code 38 CFR 4.85 Evaluation of Hearing Impairment.

    The VA ratings are designed to examine each patient on a case by case basis for hearing impairment.

    A rating is assigned to the patient based on age and the degree of hearing damage.

    The higher percentage the patient receives, the higher likelihood of receiving approval for a disability claim and therefore more compensation.

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    Application For Va Disability

    VA disability payments are not automatic – as with everything else in the military, there is a process, and this one requires that the retiree affirmatively apply for disability payments. 38 U.S. Code § 5101. The specific form used is the VA Form 21-526, Veteran’s Application for Compensation and/or Pension.

    A VA disability election is revocable, per DOD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 7B, Section 120205. Presumably a veteran would have little incentive to do this, unless to facilitate receipt of Combat-Related Special Compensation . Doing so requires filling out the same VA Form 21-526.

    What Is The Cost

    5 Things You Didnât Know About 100% Disability Ratings ...

    Every fiscal year, the Social Security Administration sets forth an updated cost-of-living adjustment , based on the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earnings and Clerical Workers . The CPI-W measures the change in prices of goods and services over time.

    After the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates the monthly CPI-W, the SSA pulls data from the third quarter of the previous fiscal year to the third quarter of the current year to determine the COLA for the upcoming year.

    In the fall, the Senate passes new legislation to allow a cost-of-living increase for veterans benefits. Then, on December 1, the Department of Veterans Affairs will adjust veterans monthly compensation amounts to reflect the updated cost of living. Veterans can expect to collect their newly adjusted benefits starting December 31.

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    Common Causes Of Service

    In order to qualify for VA disability for bronchitis, the illness must be related to your service. Bronchitis is a common illness after military service, and is most commonly caused when veterans breathe in airborne toxins, including:

    • Smoke
    • Sand
    • Cigarette smoke

    Your lawyer will work with you and your medical providers to establish the likely cause of your bronchitis.

    Service Connected Disability Explained

    The Department of Veterans Affairs official site describes VA Disability Compensation as a benefit paid to qualifying veterans disabilities that are the result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.

    VA rules also allow for compensation for post-service disabilities that are considered related or secondary to disabilities occurring in service and for disabilities presumed to be related to circumstances of military service even in cases where such issues are not discovered until after the veteran has retired or separated from the military.

    Depending on the nature and severity of the conditions evaluated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, you may be entitled to a monthly payment based on the VA disability percentage rating assigned to your condition.

    Some medical conditions can only warrant a 10% rating , while others may be rated as much as 50% or higher depending on the condition. Servicemembers with dependents may receive additional consideration for higher VA disability payments.

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    Who Is Hill & Ponton

    At Hill & Ponton, a team of va disability lawyers, we have reviewed our veterans ratings by hand over the last 8 years. We finally developed a disability rating calculator to combine all the veterans ratings and give the final combined rating. After the calculator determines the rating, then you can put in the number of dependents and it gives you the monthly compensation rate that VA should be paying you. This calculator has helped us a lot when we can double-check the ratings of our veterans. As a result, we decided to put it on our website so that others can benefit from it too. The calculator cannot make the VA get the right rating but it can help you understand where you stand. A foundation of where you are in your claim will better help you get to where you want to go.

    Please call for an appointment before visiting:

    Mail Processing Center: P.O. Box 449, Deland, FL 32721

    Orlando, FL: 605 E. Robinson Street Suite 635, Orlando, FL 32801Deland, FL: 1607 South State Road 15A Suite 12 Deland, FL 32720

    What Is Hearing Loss

    How much the VA pays for 100 percent disability

    Hearing loss is fairly common in adults as they age.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately one-third of people in the United States between the ages of 65 75 have some degree of hearing loss.

    Furthermore, nearly 1 in 2 adults past the age of 75 have permanent hearing loss.

    Hearing loss is divided into three different types:

    • Conductive
    • Sensorineural

    Mixed hearing loss is a combination of conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss.

    Therefore, it involves hearing damage in the outer, middle, and inner ear.

    Military personnel confronts additional dangers and concerns when it comes to hearing loss.

    Service members generally perform job functions around loud machinery or explosions.

    The repeated exposure to these types of loud sounds pays a price on your hearing as it slowly deteriorates over time.

    Most types of hearing loss are irreversible which is why taking care of your ears and exposure to loud noise from an early age is so important.

    Unfortunately, veterans often notice their hearing deteriorate at a much faster rate compared to the civilian population because of their job demands.

    As a result, seeking VA compensation through a disability claim is often the best means of getting relief.

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    What Is The Maximum Va Rating For Hearing Loss

    The maximum VA rating for hearing loss is 100%.

    However, most medical conditions listed under hearing impairment do not qualify for full disability coverage.

    The one major exception at the moment is Malignant Neoplasm which is a guaranteed 100% for 6 months following the end of treatment.

    At that point in time, the 100% rating might change depending on VA review.

    Moreover, veterans with Menieres Syndrome are entitled to a VA rating between 30 100%.

    Those that have attacks of vertigo and cerebellar gait which occurs more than once per week are entitled to a 100% rating.

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    How Does Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay Affect Me If I Am Under The 50% Level

    I see a lot of veterans who have one or more service connected disabilities. They often have a total VA rating of either 30 or 40 percent.

    Your VA rating determines your monthly VA disability benefit. The higher the rating from VA, the higher your monthly benefit. For a 40 percent total rating, a veteran generally receives between $600 and $900 per month depending on how many dependents the veteran has.

    But, a veteran who is at the 40% level and receiving military retirement benefits will not really receive any VA disability benefits. This is because the VA disability benefits are offset by the military retirement pay. This means that the veteran is essentially losing $600 to $900 per month.

    Normally, a veteran who has an increase from 40% to 50% would see an increase of about $250 to $300 per month in VA disability benefits. But, a veteran drawing military retirement benefits sees an increase between $840 and $1100 per month.

    This large increase occurs because the veteran drawing military retirement receives no VA disability benefits at the 40 percent total rating level because of the military retirement offset. But, CRDP makes the offset go away at the 50 percent level.

    CRDP should apply to your benefits automatically if you receive a rating of 50 percent or higher. But, VA will not automatically increase your rating. You have to take action to get your rating increased.

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