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Can You Claim Disability For Raynaud’s Disease

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Meniereâs Disease and Social Security Disability: How to Win Your SSDI Claim

You may be entitled to VA disability benefits if you developed an artery or vein condition after your military service. Unfortunately, proving you deserve benefits is difficult and a simple mistake can result in a denial. If the VA denied your disability claim, the veterans advocates at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD can help. Call us today to discuss your case: .

There Are Also Simple Things You Can Do Yourself Such As

How to qualify for social security disability. Make sure that you claim the dla reimbursement in the reimbursable expense portion of the claim. Raynaud’s syndrome or raynaud’s phenomenon, as it is known, causes the extremities of the body to be extra sensitive to changes in temperature and stress, causing these parts to change colour such as blue or these are autoimmune diseases. Talk to your doctor about treatment options. There are also simple things you can do yourself, such as. If you have raynaud’s disease, those blood vessels shrink down more and faster than. Blood vessels narrow and can almost shut down, causing the fingers or toes to turn from white to fast facts on raynaud’s disease. If you have raynaud’s disease, you could qualify for social security disability benefits. They will consider your previous jobs. Though raynaud’s disease causes are still being understood, we can look into what we do know about the circumstances. Some doctors may decide to continue with blood tests. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a rare condition that when exposed to cold temperatures or emotional stress, it causes the blood vessels to narrow resulting in numbness, tingling, and/or burning in one’s extremities. The condition affects the blood to your skin, mainly to your fingers and toes.

Work With A National Long

Your best chance of having a long term disability case approved because of scleroderma comes by working with an experienced National Disability lawyer.

Your LTD attorney will be familiar with how the insurance provider handles scleroderma claims and will help you prepare your application and collect essential evidence. Its important to note that your long term disability attorney does not get paid until you do, so you can proceed with your case without fear of upfront legal bills or costs.

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This Can Be Complicatedbut It Is Not Impossible

The SSA requires accurate and complete data before it will approve a Social Security disability application. This should not, however, discourage you from filing for benefits. Instead, it should encourage you to find out more about the process and to make educated decisions about pursuing your benefits. To find out more, we invite you to read our FREE book, Social Security Disability: What You Need to Know.

It Is Marked By Brief Episodes Of Narrowing Of The Blood Vessels Reducing Blood Flow

Hand Arm Vibration Claim Amounts: HAVS

They vary based on your type of raynaud’s and overall health. Raynaud’s symptoms may be the first symptoms to occur. Learn more about a condition called raynaud’s disease and what you can do if you have it. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a rare condition that when exposed to cold temperatures or emotional stress, it causes the blood vessels to narrow resulting in numbness, tingling, and/or burning in one’s extremities. Submitted 22 days ago by sierra400. An x may be marked on your skin where healthcare providers feel or hear. Raynaud’s disease is a blood vessel doctors diagnose raynaud’s by considering the patient’s history and symptoms and by performing a physical exam. Raynaud syndrome, also known as raynaud’s phenomenon, eponymously named after the physician, auguste gabriel maurice raynaud, who first described it in his doctoral thesis in 1862, is a medical condition in which the spasm of small arteries causes episodes of reduced blood flow to end arterioles. You could undergo additional blood tests and other exams to confirm. In raynaud’s disease, smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrow, limiting blood circulation to affected areas . The cause of primary raynaud disease is unknown. Learn more about causes, risk factors, screening and prevention, signs and symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments for raynaud’s, and how to participate in clinical trials. Caused by an underlying condition, usually an autoimmune disorder.

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Scleroderma And Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Patients with scleroderma may be unable to work because of their disease and its related complications. Patients who find themselves unable to work because of their scleroderma may qualify for long term disability benefits. The insurance company will review their claim to see if they qualify under the conditions of that plan.

What Are The Symptoms Of Raynauds Disease

The symptoms of Raynauds Syndrome are similar to those of Vibration White Finger. They usually happen in three stages:

  • First stage some fingers, toes, and other extremities start to turn white.
  • Second stage affected parts and extremities turn blue and begin to feel numb and cold.
  • Third stage affected body parts start turning red. This is usually due to blood returning at a higher rate than expected. During the third stage, the subject feels an unpleasant sensation in the areas affected. This is also when swelling and pain will manifest.

Not everybody experiences all three stages, and these stages may appear in different orders from time to time. As a result, the symptoms may disappear with time, whereas if the symptoms persist, then permanent damage to the tissues or ulceration of the tissues has occurred. If the extremity becomes ulcerated, the subject should consult a medical professional immediately.

Typically, Raynauds Syndrome results from occupational or environmental exposure, but it can also affect musicians, people who type a lot, or other people who use their hands excessively. Once the symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor for a diagnosis. You can see any doctor you choose, but if your employer provides one, its a good idea to go to the company doctor. In addition, it is also advisable to notify your employer in writing or just informally if you encounter any symptoms of either HAVS or Raynauds Disease.


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Facts About Raynaud’s Disease And Filing For Disability

  • How to Prove you are disabled and win your disability benefits
  • Facts about the conditionQualifying for disability benefits with this condition

    Why are so many disability cases lost at the disability application and reconsideration appeal levels?obtained and submittedMost popular topics on

    How We Can Help

    Kidney Disease Disability Claims

    There are several ways in which the team at Osterhout Berger Disability Law can help you receive the benefit you deserve. We help individuals who need to

    If you are facing one of these situations due to Buergers Disease, please do not hesitate in reaching out. Our team of experienced attorneys are here to help, and your consultation is free.

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    Qualifying For Disability Benefits With Raynaud’s Disease

    For many people, Raynaud’s disease is merely an intermittent but painful inconvenience. However, for those with severe cases of Raynaud’s disease, with Raynaud’s phenomena in conjunction with another condition, or with complications from Raynaud’s such as ulcers, infections, or gangrene, the experience can be painful and limiting. If the pain and limitations from Raynaud’s prevent you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

    In order to qualify for Social Security disability, you must prove to the Social Security Administration that you are unable to perform consistent full-time work due to your illness. Although there are specific qualification criteria set forth for some common conditions in the SSA’s Impairment Listings, disability benefits can be awarded for any number of conditions.

    When you apply for disability due to Raynaud’s disease, your application will be sent to your state’s Disability Determination Services office. Here, a claims examiner will review your application, obtain and review additional evidence, and eventually make a decision on whether or not to approve your application for disability benefits.

    How Do You Live With Raynaud’s Phenomenon

    Precautions can be taken to reduce the number and intensity of attacks of white finger. These precautions include the following:

    • Protect the body from cold temperatures.
    • Dress appropriately for cold weather by wearing layers, mittens/gloves, overcoat, hat, and scarf.
    • Avoid exposing your hands to extreme cold — wear gloves when working in cold water or reaching into a freezer.
    • Protect your hands and feet from injury.
    • Avoid tobacco — nicotine can reduce blood circulation.
    • Exercise can increase circulation. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration.
    • During an attack, warm your fingers and toes with your arms, run warm water over your fingers, or soak your feet in a bowl of warm water) and take time to relax.

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    Va Ratings For Raynauds Disease

    If a veteran is granted service connection for their Raynauds Disease, VA will assign a rating that corresponds to a rate of compensation. Raynauds Disease, listed as Raynauds syndrome in the rating criteria, is rated under 38 CFR § 4.104 Schedule of Ratings Cardiovascular System, Diagnostic Code 7117. Ratings can range anywhere from 10 percent to 100 percent. Below are the criteria for each rating:

    • 100%This is the highest rating a veteran can receive for Raynauds Disease. The rating is given with two or more digital ulcers plus autoamputation of one or more digits and a history of characteristic attacks
    • 60%Veterans with two or more digital ulcers and a history of characteristic attacks are eligible for the 60 percent rating.
    • 40%The 40 percent rating is given to veterans with characteristic attacks that occur at least daily.
    • 20%Veterans who experience characteristic attacks that occur four to six times per day can receive the 20 percent rating.
    • 10%Lastly, this rating is assigned to veterans who experience characteristic attacks one to three times per week.

    What Are The Symptoms

    When Your Blue Fingers are a Symptom of Raynaud

    During an attack of Raynaud’s, the body limits blood flow to the hands and feet. This makes them feel cold and numb and then turn white or blue. As blood flow returns and the fingers or toes warm up, they may turn red and begin to throb and hurt. In rare cases, Raynaud’s affects the nose or ears.

    An attack most often lasts only a few minutes. But in some cases it may last more than an hour.

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    Medical Evidence Required When Proving Disability Due To Raynaud’s Disease

    In order for your Social Security disability claim to be approved, the evidence in your file will need to show that, due to your condition, you are unable to work. When evaluating your claim, the SSA will be most concerned with how the symptoms and side-effects that you experience limit your ability to perform normal everyday activities.

    To get an accurate picture of the effects of your Raynaud’s Disease, the SSA will compile many types of evidence. They may send you, your family members, or your doctors paperwork to complete, interview you by telephone, or send you to be examined by a Social Security doctor. However, the most important pieces of the puzzle are the medical records from your treating providers.

    For your disability claim to have the best chance of being approved due to Raynaud’s Disease, your medical file should contain a few specific things, including:

    • A Raynaud’s Disease diagnosis
    • Records that show you have obtained consistent treatment
    • A history of what treatments you have tried and what the outcome was
    • Doctors notes indicating the severity of your symptoms
    • Records from any hospitalizations due to Raynaud’s Disease
    • A report from your doctor indicating that you are unable to work and why, and
    • Records covering any other conditions that you may have that limit your ability to work, whether or not they are related to the Raynaud’s Disease.

    Raynauds Disease And Social Security Disability

    Raynauds disease often resembles the signs of frostbite, as it causes areas of the body to feel cold and numb. This affect is due to the narrowing of arteries limiting the supply of blood to certain body parts. Cold temperatures or high levels of stress cause attacks of limited circulation as the blood returns after the attack, the arteries can swell and cause pain. The areas of the body most frequently affected by Raynauds disease are the toes, fingers, nose, and ears, and symptoms may include:

    • Coldness and numbness
    • Color changes of the skin
    • Tingling or stinging pain as blood returns to the affect area

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    What Are The Best Gloves For Raynauds Disease

    Heated gloves and glove liners have been proven to help alleviate pain associated with Raynauds Syndrome, with Blaze Wears heated glove liners being a very popular remedy for sufferers. Our Active Glove Liners provide direct heat to the perimeter of fingers, improving blood circulation for wearers.

    Treatment Of Buergers Disease

    Parkinsons Disease Long Term Disability Claims Information & Help

    Almost all people who develop Buergers Disease either smoke cigarettes or use chewing tobacco, so quitting tobacco products can decrease the likelihood of getting Buergers Disease. People who already have Buergers Disease might also notice fewer symptoms if they completely quit all forms of tobacco use.

    Some people also report fewer symptoms when they stay hydrated and eat healthfully. There are also people with Buergers Disease who report that staying out of the cold lessens the symptoms that they experience.

    Some health care providers might also want to have an angiogram done on and around the affected areas. An angiogram is a procedure that helps the doctor determine where the blood vessels are affected. In this procedure, a radio-opaque liquid is injected into the arteries and veins so that theres a contrast when the x-ray image is taken of the affected area. With the radio contrast liquid, doctors are able to see where blood is flowing in the veins and where it isnt flowing.

    If the pain is particularly strong, people with Buergers Disease might need to get a sympathectomy, which is a surgical procedure that eliminates the pain caused by Thromboangiitis Obliterans by destroying nerves in the sympathetic nervous system. The procedure can also increase blood flow and reduce the number of clots that are caused by Buergers Disease.

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    Dont Worry You Wont Be Labelled As Disabled

    Another important thing anyone considering the Disability Tax Credit should be aware of is that all claims and benefits within this program remain independent and confidential within Canada Revenue Agency . Only you, your medical practitioner, CRA, and anyone you have authorized, would be aware of your DTC claim and associated acceptance into the program benefits. Some of BMDs previous clients expressed that they were worried about applying for the DTC for some of these reasons, then after being provided with this information, they felt at ease and agreed to apply. It is important for DTC claimants to know that employers, family, friends, other health benefit program administrators, as well as any other entity that would not normally have access to your private income tax information, would not have access to any of your Disability Tax Credit benefits information. CRA is bound by very strict Federal Privacy Act guidelines that prohibit them from disclosing your private income tax information with any other source, without your express written permission.

    Being approved for the DTC does not in any way formally designate or label a person as disabled. More precisely, being approved simply allows a person to qualify for an annual income tax reduction. In other words, being approved for the DTC is an income tax standing, not a medical standing. No other organization considers DTC approval as a formal medical classification in any way.

    Medical Conditions That Qualify For The Disability Tax Credit

    Any Canadian, of any age, who has a significant health condition, may qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. BMD specializes in helping Canadians with health conditions to obtain credits that they are due. The Disability Tax Credit can often bring over $25,000 to qualifying claimants. Disabled Canadians as well as those less affected, who have health conditions and are restricted in their daily abilities can benefit! Many Canadians with medical conditions qualify for this income tax benefit and are simply not aware that they do. BMD Services helps Canadians with Disabilities, as well as those with lesser restrictions obtain their tax benefits. These refunds are important to those who qualify as these can equal $25,000 in a lump sum, as well as $2,500 per year for current and future tax years.

    Some common conditions that regularly qualify are:

    • Slowed Walking
    • Memory Loss, Confusion, Alzheimers, Dementia, Depression, ADHD

    See our list of other common medical conditions that qualify for the DTC.

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    What Tests Are Available For Raynaud’s Phenomenon

    Several laboratory tests can help determine if a person has Raynaud’s phenomenon. Some of these tests measure skin sensitivity or blood flow in the fingers, especially under cooling conditions. As yet, however, none of these tests is universally accepted for detecting Raynaud’s phenomenon. These tests together with careful analysis of an individual’s work history and detailed medical history including signs and symptoms are useful in judging if a person has Raynaud’s phenomenon. Other tests are often performed to rule out other possible underlying causes.

    To Keep Your Whole Body Warm

    • Eat a hot meal and drink a warm liquid before going outside. They may help raise your body temperature.
    • Wear layers of warm clothing. The inner layer should be made of a material such as polypropylene that pulls moisture away from your body.
    • Wear a hat.
    • Do not wear clothing that is too tight. It can decrease or cut off blood flow.
    • Try to stay dry. Choose waterproof, breathable jackets and boots. Being wet makes you more likely to become chilled.

    Current as of: April 30, 2021

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