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Who Qualifies For Disability In Wisconsin

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Wisconsinites With Disabilities Now Eligible For Federal Unemployment Assistance

Should You Apply For Disability Benefits In Wisconsin?

Wisconsinites with disabilities will now be eligible for federal unemployment benefits after the U.S. Department of Labor reversed course this week.

About 1,500 people who receive disability benefits applied for federal pandemic assistance after losing work because of the coronavirus outbreak. But their claims have been stalled as the Evers administration and congressional Wisconsin Democrats urged the federal labor officials to revise its rules for the state’s disabled residents.

The intervention came after Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman discovered the federal assistance could be off-limits for people with disabilities because state law bars people receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits from also receiving regular state unemployment benefits.

Federal labor officials maintained until this week that the state law prevented people receiving disability benefits from also receiving the federal assistance. But on Monday, the agency reversed course on its guidance in a letter dated Monday to Frostman.

“We just kept our pressure on to get a response and hope for the response we were looking for so last nights news was really welcome,” Frostman said Tuesday.

Frostman in June asked the federal department to reevaluate its initial decision, arguing federal officials misunderstood Wisconsin’s unemployment laws.

John Pallasch, the labor department’s assistant secretary for employment and training, agreed with Frostman’s understanding.

How Do I Know If I Meet The Definition Of Disabled

Under the Social Security Administrations rules, youre only considered to be disabled if a physical or mental condition is expected to keep you from work for one full year . Your disability can be mental, physical, or a combination of both.

If you can no longer work, its important that you keep regular medical appointments to create enough documentation to help prove your case to Social Security.

In most cases, Social Security considers you disabled if:
  • You can no longer do work youve done before
  • Youre unable to adjust to other work because of your medical condition and
  • Your disability has lasted or will last 12 months .

If you need to apply, we encourage you to contact the Social Security Administration to fill out an application. One of the easiest ways to file your application is online at Before you apply, you should know that the SSA denies most claims but thats where we come in.

If youre denied, we can help. Contact the Social Security Disability attorneys at Becker Law Office for help with your Social Security Disability appeal. Get started today with a free case evaluation.

How Do You Apply For Disability Benefits

There are three ways to apply for Social Security benefits:

Before you apply, make sure you have the names and addresses of all doctors and clinics you’ve visited over the last five years. Applying for benefits involves much more than filling out the disability application. Your first step should be making sure that you have sufficient medical records for Social Security to make a decision on your claim. If you’ve been seeing a doctor regularly, have a conversation with your doctor about your limitations , and whether the doctor thinks they rule out full-time work for you. If your doctor agrees, it’s time to apply for disability benefits.

If you haven’t been seeing a doctor, it’s time to start. As mentioned above, you need to have medical records that support your claim, including your diagnoses, your limitations, your test results, and your treatment plans. Once you’ve had several doctors’ appointments, ask if your doctor thinks your limitations are disabling and about your long-term prospects for work. Only then should you apply for disability.

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Duty Disability Insurance Helps Injured & Ill Workers In Protective Occupations

Wisconsin duty disability benefits are available to firefighters, police, law enforcement, emergency medical service providers, correctional officers, and other state and municipal employees in protective occupations.

Duty disability is an income-replacement benefit program for work-related injuries and conditions, governed by section 40.65 of the Wisconsin Statutes. The benefit amount is typically 75% of your average monthly salary. To qualify, the work-related injury or disease must prevent you from continuing to perform your job, affect your pay or promotion opportunities, or cause permanent assignment to light duty.

For some diseases, such a heart conditions, lung conditions, and some infectious diseases, the law will presume your condition is work related if you meet certain criteria.

Filing For Social Security Disability In Wisconsin

Does PTSD Qualify for Disability In Wisconsin?

The Social Security Administration is the federal agency that administers both Social Security disability and SSI benefits. The SSA offers multiple ways to apply for disability benefits, including:

  • Visiting an SSA branch office to apply in person. You can find the nearest Social Security office in Wisconsin by visiting the SSA office locator.
  • Applying for Social Security disability online at

Disability decisions arrive in writing an average of three to four months after the application is submitted .

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Wisconsin Disability Benefits: You Have 3 Ways To Apply

You may qualify for monthly cash benefits from one of three different Wisconsin disability programs. The first two are federal disability programs that the Social Security Administration manages. The last ones a state-run program for public employees, which includes local government workers as well as teachers.

Here are all three programs that offer Wisconsin disability benefits:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • WRS Employee Disability Retirement Benefits
  • For the first two programs, Wisconsin disability applicants can check one box on the claim form to apply for both. You can only qualify for SSDI or SSI benefits, not both at the same time. However, the SSA will review your eligibility for SSDI as well as SSI benefits. They do this to ensure youll get the most money possible once the SSA determines that youre eligible. The third Wisconsin disability benefits programs only available to teachers and public employees.

    Will I Qualify For Disability Benefits In Wisconsin

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    Ssi Financial Screening Looks For Very Low Income And Almost No Assets

    Youll have to list all your monthly income and financial assets on your SSI application for Wisconsin disability. The SSI program defines income as any money you get on a monthly basis. That means any money you earn through work, plus what the SSA calls passive income. This includes things like alimony or child support payments, interest from your savings account, lottery winnings, TANF, SNAP, etc. In addition, you cant have more than $2,000 in your bank account to qualify for SSI. Theyll also look for anything you own and can sell for cash to count towards your asset limit. Examples might include jewelry, property, 401k or IRA balances, a second car, stocks or bonds. Things that wont count towards your $2,000 limit include:

    • Your house and the land its on
    • One vehicle for household transportation
    • Wedding ring, furniture, clothing or other items for daily living

    Basically, you wont qualify for SSI if you own too much stuff or get paid more than $1,310 each month. Married couples must have less than $3,000 in assets and $1,310 in combined monthly income to qualify for SSI.

    What The Application Process Is Like

    The Difference Between Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) & (SSI)

    Nowadays, it is possible to apply for SSDI or SSI in several ways. You can apply online, by telephone or at the local SSA office. Regardless of what method you choose, the number of rejections for these sorts of claims are high. For this reason, we suggest speaking to us before taking any action.

    Our lawyers and staff will help you:

    • Prepare your application
    • Organize your medical records and other information
    • Review your entire application to make certain it is complete and accurate
    • File your application in a timely manner

    Our attorneys can discuss the application process with you and provide you with all of your legal options. While there is a chance that the SSA will reject your application, there are also grounds for reconsideration and appeal. In the event of a rejection, we will explore with you the possibilities for overturning the original determination.

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    How Much Money Do You Get On Disability In Wisconsin

    The amount of this state SSI supplement depends on your living arrangements, but for most Wisconsin SSI recipients who dont live with their spouse or in a nursing home, the state payment will be $83.78. For couples, the supplement is $132.05.

    Musculoskeletal System And Connective Tissue

    The SSA reports that the largest category of diagnoses among disabled workers receiving disability benefits was diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. These disabilities, which represented 32.3 percent of the diagnoses, involve damage to ones nerves, muscles, tendons or ligaments. Examples of this type of disorder include:

    • ArthritisAn individual with rheumatoid arthritis, a disorder of the immune system, must experience significant limits on his or her ability to work to qualify for benefits under this medical diagnosis. Rheumatoid arthritis is sometimes referred to as a connective tissue disorder.
    • Back pain Abnormal curvature of the spine may affect an individuals ability to walk as well as the function of other body systems. The intensity of back pain and the limitations on an individuals ability to function are considered in a disability diagnosis related to back pain.
    • FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is a complex syndrome in which a person has widespread pain in the joints, tendons, muscles and soft tissues that lasts for more than three months. Claims reviewers will try to assess whether there is adequate evidence to show that the condition limits a persons ability to perform any type of gainful work.
    • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD describes a range of symptoms that may occur from injury, diseases or surgery. RSD is characterized by intense burning or aching pain typically caused by trauma to a single extremity.

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    Keep You Up To Date On Your Case

    The process of awaiting a decision on your claim for social security disability benefits will take time. For cases that go smoothly with no need for appeals or reconsideration, most approvals can take several months. In cases where you receive a denial of your claim and must then begin the appeals process, it can drag for considerably longer.

    Your attorney will keep you in the loop of the requests and updates that take place on your file and let you know when things may change or when to expect a decision. If you receive approval, your lawyer will help you to understand the date you can expect your first benefit payment, as well as any back pay you may be eligible for.

    Does Ptsd Qualify For Disability In Wisconsin

    Qualify for Social Security Disability in WI
    Take Your Life Back after a Trauma

    When youve been through a severely traumatic experiencewhether it was an accident, natural disaster, violent crime or anything of the likeno one truly knows how you feel.

    Sure, some people may be able to compare. But no one went through exactly what you went through.

    On the other hand, if youre experiencing stress, fear, flashbacks or nightmares thanks to your trauma, you arent alone. You could have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder .

    According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, about 8 million Americans suffer from PTSD each year. No matter what anyone tells you, its serious.

    For many, PTSD makes working impossible.

    When you cant work, you struggle to pay your bills. The last thing you need is financial stress added to what youre already dealing with.

    Its why you need Social Security Disability benefits. The monthly checks can be a financial lifesaver for people in your situation.

    It can be tough to win benefits, unfortunately. You need an experienced disability attorney on your side.

    The compassionate lawyers at the Becker Law Office know youre going through a tough time.

    If youre in Madison, Wausau or anywhere in Wisconsin, we can help make your case as strong as possible so you can get the benefits you need.

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    Does A Medical Condition Have To Be In The Blue Book

    A Social Security disability claimant doesn’t even have to have an impairment that is listed in the Social Security disability blue book to be awarded disability benefits. For instance, migraine headaches are not included in the blue book, but if a claimant’s migraines are severe enough and are well documented, the SSA may grant disability benefits if the migraines make it impossible for the disability applicant to work a full-time job. The keys here are that the condition be a medically determinable impairment and that it reduces someone’s RFC enough so that they can’t do their prior job or any job. In this case, an applicant could qualify for benefits under a medical-vocational allowance. Other common impairments that aren’t listed in Social Security’s blue book include carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia,chronic regional pain syndrome,reflex sympathetic dystrophy, celiac disease, and degenerative disc disease.

    A Social Security Law Attorney At Tabak Law Llc Can Help You

    At Tabak Law LLC, we have a team of professional disability benefits lawyers that help plaintiffs get their disability claims approved. With over 45 years of experience, you can be sure that your case is in good hands.

    Our focus is on helping those in need. If you do not know if you qualify for social security disability benefits or you believe you are being treated unjustly, contact us today.

    We will be with you from the beginning of your application to the very end. And when all is said and done, we will ensure you get the best results. We cater to Wisconsin residents and clients from around the United States.

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    How Common Is It For Claims To Be Initially Denied For Social Security Benefits

    Between 60 and 70 percent of claimants receive a denial of benefits notice after their initial application for Social Security Disability Benefits. Unfortunately, many of these denials are on grounds other than the validity of the claim. Many people miss out on benefits not because they are ineligible but because of issues in their application or abandonment of their claim after the notice of denial.

    The reality is that individuals that suffer from disabilities and take the time to file for benefits are often in desperate need of money to survive and support their financial needs while they are unable to support themselves.

    A lawyer will only receive payment for their services to you if you are successful in your claim. You will have no upfront costs and little risk in obtaining a lawyer to represent you through the claims process, but you have a much higher risk going forward without one.

    Most applications for denials of benefits in social security disability claims are for individuals that attempt to handle the claim on their own. The reality is that dealing with a government agency such as the SSA can be tedious, confusing, and difficult to get right.

    Lawyers Who Understand What You Need To File For Disability

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    Disability benefits may be your only source of income. Without such benefits, you might not be able to remain in your home. Yet the Social Security Administration has strict rules concerning qualification. Without meeting the criteria the SSA sets down, you may not be eligible to receive disability benefits.

    It is important to have legal representation on your side to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Midwest Disability, P.A., has helped residents throughout Wisconsin receive Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits for over 50 years. We will thoroughly prepare your application. When necessary, we will provide representation to protect your rights to receive your disability benefits.

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    How Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability

    You must first have worked in jobs covered by Social Security in order to be eligible to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

    In addition to the work requirement, you must also have a medical condition that meets the SSA definition of disability. Basically, the SSA will pay monthly benefits to individuals that are unable to work for over a year because of an accepted disability.

    Helping Claimants For Decades

    Sigman Janssen is here to help improve your chances of being approved for disability. Our firm has represented many claimants and assisted them in obtaining the benefits they need. Let us answer your questions about Social Security Disability in a risk-free, no-obligation legal consultation.

    We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means there are no upfront fees to retain our services. There are also no fees while we work on a case and only get paid if you receive disability payments.

    Free Case Review. Ph:

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    Other Ways You Can Apply

    Apply With Your Local Office

    You can do most of your business with Social Security online. If you cannot use these online services, your local Social Security office can help you apply. Although our offices are closed to the public, employees from those offices are assisting people by telephone. You can find the phone number for your local office by using our Office Locator and looking under Social Security Office Information. The toll-free Office number is your local office.

    Apply By Phone

    If You Do Not Live in the U.S. Or One of Its Territories

    Contact the if you live outside the U.S. or a U.S. territory and wish to apply for retirement benefits.

    Mailing Your Documents

    If you mail any documents to us, you must include the Social Security number so that we can match them with the correct application. Do not write anything on the original documents. Please write the Social Security number on a separate sheet of paper and include it in the mailing envelope along with the documents.

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