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Reverse Social Security Number Lookup

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Reverse Social Security Number Lookup by California Private Investigator

The credit bureaus and various financial institutions may offer free credit monitoring or identity protection, especially if youve previously been the victim of identity theft or a data breach. If not, you can purchase the service to monitor your credit reports for suspicious activity and alert you when a new account is opened using your information.

How To Conduct A Social Security Number Lookup

You may need to conduct a Social Security Number lookup if you do not remember your federal ID number. You may also need to search for your childs number if you cannot locate his or her Social Security card. However, if you need to conduct a Social Security Number lookup by name, you should contact the Social Security Administration . Otherwise, you may be at risk of having your identity stolen.

If you plan to carry out a reverse Social Security Number lookup, note that it is not possible to do so. If you misplaced your Social Security Number , you must request a new card. Instead of a free Social Security Number lookup, you can contact your SS office and obtain a new ID at no cost to you.

Can I conduct a Social Security Number lookup online?

You should not use a Social Security Number free lookup service online. The SSA does not offer this service to cardholders. Therefore, any site you use to find your SSN is unlikely to be verified and could fail to protect your private information.

What to Do Instead of a Social Security Number Lookup

This site is not affiliated with the SSA or any other government services.

What Is An Ssn

Social security numbers are the main identifying number used for official government/legal transactions as well as on credit records consequently theres a wealth of information associated with a persons social security number . Typically, a lawyer, private investigator or credit agency can conduct an SSN search and get relatively fast public record results.

However, these SSN searches are far from free and can only be run if you have one of the few approved, official purposes. In addition, they typically require consent from the person youre searching .

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B Exception For Laws And Regulations In Effect Before January 1 1975

Federal, state, and local agencies may deny an individual a right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individuals refusal to disclose the individuals social security number if required under statute or regulation adopted prior to January 1, 1975, and used to verify the identity of an individual.

A second exception to the general provisions of section 7 is set out in subsection 7, which grandfathers statutes or regulations in effect before January 1, 1975, and provides that the prohibition on denying a benefit because of an individuals failure to provide a social security number does not apply to those statutes and regulations. SeeSchwier v. Cox, 439 F.3d 1285, 1285-86 grandfather exception did not apply to Georgia voter registration procedures), affg 412 F. Supp. 2d 1266 , remanded by 340 F.3d at 1288-89 McKay v. Thompson, 226 F.3d 752, 755 s exception for systems of records in existence prior to January 1, 1975, where disclosure was required under statute or regulation).

Disclosure Of Social Security Number

Reverse Social Security Number Lookup

It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individuals refusal to disclose his social security account number.

theprovisions of paragraph of this subsection shall not apply with respect to

any disclosure which is required by Federal statute, or

the disclosure of a social security number to any Federal, State, or local agency maintaining a system of records in existence and operating before January 1, 1975, if such disclosure was required under statute or regulation adopted prior to such date to verify the identity of an individual.

Any Federal, State, or local government agency which requests an individual to disclose his social security account number shall inform that individual whether that disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority such number is solicited, and what uses will be made of it. Section 7 of the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, 5 U.S.C. § 552a note ).

Although this provision applies beyond federal agencies, it does not apply to: any disclosure which is required by federal statute or any disclosure of a social security number to any federal, state, or local agency maintaining a system of records in existence and operating before January 1, 1975, if such disclosure was required under statute or regulation adopted prior to such date to verify the identity of an individual. See Sec. 7-.

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Do Social Security Numbers Expire

No social security numbers do not expire. In fact, social security numbers are widely used by people researching their US ancestry as SSNs are not reused and will always be associated with a specific person even after they are deceased.

In extreme situations where an identity has been compromised, a new SSN may be issued by the Social Security Administration.

Can You Look Someone Up By Their Social Security Number

Yes, you can look someone up by their social security number, but it depends on what youre trying to do. With a name and social security number, you can run background checks and check public records. If you only have a social security number with no name, you wont be able to do much more than verify that its an authentic SSN issued by the Social Security Administration.

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Area Group And Series Numbers

Area Number – Tells you which state a number was issued in or, in some cases, to which special group the number was issued to. For instance, Social Security Numbers beginning with 700 to 728 were issued to Railroad Workers, numbers beginning with 729 to 733 were issued to naturalized citizens and some numbers beginning with 580 to 586 were issued to citizens living in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and the Philippines.

Additionally, 9-digit numbers with first three digits greater than 899 and the 4th and 5th digits ranging from 70 to 88 are Tax Identification Numbers not Social Security Numbers.

Social Security Numbers were assigned to each state starting with the northeast states and moving southwest. The states assigned groups of numbers first were given the lowest numbers. SSN Areas were assigned in the following order:

  • New Hampshire
  • Employees Without Social Security Numbers

    Who lives at this address? Reverse Address Lookup by Private Investigator

    Although almost all employers can go years without seeing this situation, and most employers never encounter it at all, every once in a while, an employer might run across an applicant or a new hire who claims not to have a social security number, or else refuses to disclose it. Now, the situation could be as simple as that of a person who is newly arrived in this country and does not yet have a social security number, in which case the employer can give the applicant, if hired, or the new hire the basic information on how to apply to the Social Security Administration for a number , and proceed with the I-9 process as usual . However, the situation is more complex if the applicant / new hire claims not to have a social security number, or refuses to disclose it, because of a religious or other form of conscientious objection.

    Many employment-related laws call for new hires and other employees to furnish a social security number to the employer, and SSNs are often requested in a number of other situations that affect the workplace – following is a list of the most common situations in which SSNs will be requested:

    • Job applications
    • Background check consent forms
    • W-4
    • I-9
    • New hire report
    • Professional and other occupational license applications and renewals
    • Permits needed by the employee or the company for the job
    • Driver’s license application
    • Some benefit applications and sign-up forms

    Source: M-274, I-9 Handbook for Employers )

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    There Are Two Tin Matching Options Offered Through E

  • Interactive TIN Matching verify up to 25 name/TIN combinations and results will be received immediately. The user can input name/TIN combinations in groups of 25 there is a limit of 999 requests during a 24 hour period.
  • Bulk TIN Matching verify up to 100,000 name/TIN combinations and results will be received within 24 hours
  • Prior to completing an application to TIN Match, all prospective users must complete an on-line e-services registration by going to the e-services registration home page.

    How To Search For People Using Their Social Security Number

    If youre trying to search for someone by their social security number, read this page first. It will help you perform an SSN search for free, check SSN validity, or perform an SSN search with a number.

    We also discuss how to run a social security number search by name to give you the greatest chance of finding someone quickly.

    Before we dive into running an SSN background search, lets look at what a social security number is, and what its used for:

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    How Can Enformion Help With An Ssn Reverse Lookup

    If you want to do an SSN reverse lookup, you might be able to get that information through Enformion. However, even if you choose to do your SSN reverse lookup somewhere else, Enformion can help you expand upon the information that you get from the SSN reverse lookup. More information is never a bad thing, and Enformion proves that.

    What Type Of Information Does An Ssn Reverse Lookup Offer

    Verify SSN with Reverse Social Security Number Lookup

    Because a Social Security Number is often one of the most sensitive pieces of information in a persons life, the information you receive from an SSN reverse lookup may not be as expansive as the information you could receive from another type of search. However, an SSN reverse lookup will likely have this information:

    • Year the number was issued
    • The estimated age of the cardholder
    • Full name If the person is deceased
    • The location where the SSN was issued

    Youll notice that youre only able to get the users full name if theyre deceased. This is a cautionary detail to make sure youre not able to steal someones identity just by looking up their Social Security Number. However, you can use an SSN reverse lookup to verify someones information.

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    Social Security Numbers By State

    From 1936, when Social Security Numbers were first issued, until June 2011 groups of numbers were issued to each state. Then the state issued numbers to individuals. Because of this, we can figure out approximately when and where a Social Security Number was issued. Click on a state in the map below to see where different groups of Social Security Numbers were issued. You can decode SSNs for all 50 states!

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    VerifyLookupGenerateArticlesLegal is a public site and is not affiliated with the Social Security Administration.

    Data on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended for Fair Credit Reporting Act regulated purposes.

    How Do I Solve This Problem

    Scraping through databases can waste valuable time and incur high labor costs. Once you find the data you need, there is still the matter of verifying and cross-checking each detail to determine its usefulness. Thats where InfoTracer Business Solutions comes in we take the entire process off your hands and deliver to you comprehensive reports you can use to solve any issue.

    Our mission is to provide the same data available to those large corporations at a far more affordable price. Using a cost-shared payment structure, weve been able to do away with the subscription-based model that plagues so many modern industries. With our service, you only pay for the searches you make.

    Each search will yield a complete and accessible report containing everything you need to identify a person or business. Whether it be our Social Security Number Validator, Business Report, Background Report, or any other of our search solutions, we help you ensure that the data you receive is accurate and up-to-date.

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    Can I Get A Replacement If Ive Lost My Sin

    It happens. People lose or have their Social Insurance Numbers stolen. But not to worry. SIN replacement isnt difficult. Service Canada can reissue your SIN confirmation letter for free if you apply.

    • In person: Visit your local Service Canada branch with the required information that proves your identity, status, and proof of address. Youll get a reissued version of your SIN confirmation letter on the spot.
    • Online: Submit an application through Service Canada depending on your situation and status in Canada.
    • Mail: Complete, sign, and mail the SIN application form along with the required documents. Service Canada will mail your SIN confirmation letter. But, before mailing your SIN request, you must first get permission from Service Canada by calling 1-800-206-7218 .

    Do You Need To Get Someones Social Security Number

    Can You Buy SSN Online? What is Doxing, Robocheck, Ssndob, Carding & Fullz?

    As long as you have a permissible purpose to get someones SSN, all we will need is their full name, age or date of birth and address.

    Social Security Numbers ARE NOT Public Records And Should Be Kept Secure And Private. Social Security Numbers are Classified As Personally Identifiable Information, Such As Drivers License Numbers And Passport ID Numbers.

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    Child Support Judgment Collection 1099 Issuance Litigation

    If your purpose to find a Social Security Number is for unlawful reasons then of course this would be a criminal act. For instance, it would be illegal to search to determine a subject’s credit worthiness, hiring purposes or for any fraudulent purpose, such as identity theft. Also, we will not process any order requesting your own SSN or that of your child.

    However, a request by the Court to determine the military status of a civil defendant is acceptable.

    So is a request to determine the SSN of a contract employee so that a 1099 may be issued. More permissible purposes can be found at .

    What Is A Social Insurance Number

    Commonly referred to as a SIN number, your SIN is a 9-digit number that Service Canada gives you as a citizen, permanent resident, or temporary resident.

    Every person has their own unique SIN. Its what you need to work in Canada, file your income tax returns, or access government programs and benefits like collecting tax credits.

    Your parents or legal guardians may have applied for your SIN when you were born. Otherwise, you likely got yours as a teenager, before you started your first job.

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    Social Security Number Lookup Services

    SSNVS is not meant to be used for checking an employee’s identity, credit score and other personal information. Its main purpose is to help employers file the W-2 form correctly. If you’re trying to verify a new hire or track down a customer, consider using a paid tool.

    Experian’s Social Security Search, for instance, can make it easier to detect fraud and locate customers based on their SSN. This online tool retrieves data from Experian’s File One database, offering the latest identifying information associated with your clients.

    Another option is to use the Social Security Number Trace, a service provided by Occuscreen. This tool allows users to check the validity of an SSN and find out when and where it was issued. It also provides all names and previous addresses associated with that number. The results are available within 24 hours. With this service, employers can verify potential new hires and determine the accuracy of the information received from them.

    A similar Social Security Number lookup service is Background Direct. Users can choose from three different plans that include SSN validation and access to national criminal records, terrorist watch lists and other databases. The premium plan also allows you to check the educational and professional background of potential new hires and current employees.


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    One of the most popular and widely used identification numbers is the Social Security Number . Although the government told organizations they should not use this in every day transactions, the number has been used for employment, credit searches and crime records. There are many online search sites that permit people to look for anyone by using the Social Security Number and last name.

    Freedom of Information Act of 1966

    On July 4, 1966, the Freedom of Information Act was passed giving individuals, landlords, employers and law enforcement officials more access to the numerous files detailing the life history of every American. This information is meant to be delivered on the right to know of the requester.

    Some families use the Social Security Number to check up on their loved ones. Many families tend to be very mobile and spread out throughout the country. For family reunions, birthdays or deaths, it makes sense for family members to search for that long lost cousin or aunt twice removed. This has been considered a legitimate search reason.

    Reverse Social Security Number Search

    It has become quite easy to get a hold of a Social Security Number. The Reverse Social Security Number search is used on sites to verify whether the person matches his number. Usually, this search is conducted with a last name.

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