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Is High Blood Pressure Considered A Disability

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Pursuing Compensation For Service

Meeting A Social Security Disability Listing For High Blood Pressure

While receiving a diagnosis of hypertension is an important part of pursuing a successful claim, veterans must also be able to make a connection between their high blood pressure and their time spent on active duty. VA maintains a list of presumptive service-connected conditions, which includes hypertension. If a veteran receives a diagnosis of this condition while on active duty or within one year of discharge, they may automatically qualify for disability benefits. There is also talk of adding hypertension to the presumptive list for veterans exposed to Agent Orange unfortunately, this proposal has been met with stiff resistance.

Otherwise, it would be necessary to sift through service records and identify a specific incident that may have caused the blood pressure problems. Relevant medical records can also establish when a high blood pressure issue may have begun. One of VetLaws qualified legal representatives can help former servicemembers gather evidence to prove their entitlement to service connection in an effective and thoroughly prepared appeal in the event of a denial.

What Determines Your Hypertension Va Rating

The claim examiner reviews your medical history and physicians opinion before assigning a VA disability for hypertension rating. Below are the ratings that determine your VA high blood pressure compensation, according to the agencys Schedule for Rating Disabilities page:

  • 60% if your diastolic pressures usually 130 or higher
  • 40% if your diastolic pressures consistently 120 or higher
  • 20% if your diastolic pressures usually 110 or higher, or systolic pressures usually 200 or more
  • 10% if your diastolic pressures usually 100 or higher while under control with prescription medication

These rating percentages help claim examiners determine whether you may qualify for monthly VA disability for hypertension benefits. If your combined disability ratings 30% or higher and you have a spouse, child or dependent parent, then the VA may increase your monthly payments.

Keep Copies And Receipts

Always keep a copy of your entire application packet including additional documentation. If you choose to file your application by mail, you should receive a VA letter within a few weeks. For eBenefits applications, youll receive a digital confirmation within hours.

Add these letters or confirmations and any other correspondence to your file. This will prove invaluable when checking on the claim and if you decide to appeal the decision.

Here one of our VA disability lawyers talks about one of the most important parts of a winning veterans disability claim: the nexus letter.

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High Blood Pressure: How To Know If You May Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

To start receiving disability payments in relation to your high blood pressure, you must prove that your symptoms make it impossible for you to maintain a job or return to work in the same capacity that you were previously able to do. Some of the most common examples of high blood pressure-related conditions that may qualify for SSD benefits include:

The Risks Of Hypertension

Blood pressure of 130 is the new

Every heartbeat pumps blood through your bodys arteries. Blood pressure measures the amount of force exerted on artery walls throughout your circulatory system. So when your blood pressure rises to higher-than-normal levels, your heart works much harder to circulate blood through your body. Ideal blood pressure numbers stay consistently below 120/80 . If your blood pressure usually ranges anywhere from 120/80 to 129/89, you may have whats known as prehypertension. Below are the American Heart Associations current number ranges for diagnosing hypertension:

  • 130/80-130/89: High blood pressure, stage 1. If this describes you, ask your doctor to conduct a 10-year heart disease and stroke assessment. With a risk of 10% or less, you can likely control your BP with medication and lifestyle changes. Schedule a follow-up visit to reassess your status in 3-6 months.
  • 140/90 or higher: High blood pressure, stage 2. Your doctor will likely recommend lifestyle changes, prescribe two or more blood pressure medications and monthly follow-ups. Once your BPs under control, your doctor may potentially decrease your medications. Losing weight, eating less salt, drinking less alcohol, regular exercise and not smoking can help improve your blood pressure.

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Filing A Disability Claim For High Blood Pressure Or Hypertension

First, you will be required to provide a lot of medical evidence.

The insurance company may require reports from any time your blood pressure was measured. If you have HBP, chances are it has been measured many times by your physician and your healthcare team.

Youll need to prepare your treating physicians office for the requests from the insurance company that are about to begin. They are a key part of your claim.

The insurance company will also want to see any and all treatments for high blood pressure. That will include any prescriptions, recommendations for changes in lifestyle habits and any other treating doctors. Some example include:

  • If your high blood pressure has resulted from kidney disease, they will want to see everything from your urologist or nephrologist.
  • If your high blood pressure has caused any cardiovascular disease, the insurance company will need to see any and all records from your cardiologist.
  • If you have gone to the ophthalmologist for problems with your eyesight that have been connected to high blood pressure, those records will be needed as well.
  • At its core, however, is the manner in which the doctor can and will provide supporting information, more than just the conclusion that you are disabled.

Physical Conditions And Secondary Service

Back Pain: Suppose you had hip problems in the military because you were a paratrooper. You have walked a little off for years because of your injury and now your back hurts. Your back pain could be considered as a secondary service-connected disability.

Sleep Apnea: Sleep apnea can be caused by long-term exposure to chemicals and toxins that veterans have been exposed to through their military service. Some of the most common secondary service-connected disabilities from sleep apnea are high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, asthma, and even acid reflux disease.

Spinal Problems: Many veterans obtain spinal problems from their time in the service from accidents. Pain, depression, headaches, neck pain, problems walking, hip problems, and more are considered secondary service-connected disabilities from spinal problems.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Veterans with service-connected traumatic brain injuries will find that a long list of side effects are eligible for secondary service-connected impairments. Anger, amnesia, headaches, balance disorder, fatigue, speech problems, nausea, tinnitus, and more are considered secondary service-connected disabilities for VA disability benefits purposes.

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What Do I Need For My Claim

Its important to work with your physician to document your condition and to demonstrate the treatment you have received. Medical evidence is the most compelling information you can provide your insurance company when you submit a claim.

Include information about prescriptions, lifestyle changes, and treatments from other health care professionals such as physical therapists or chiropractors. If your HBP was caused by another medical condition, you will need to provide information from your urologist, cardiologist, or ophthalmologist. Be sure your medical records are up-to-date and complete.

In addition to medical records and documentation, you will need to demonstrate how your high blood pressure prevents you from performing work and how it limits your daily activities. For example, if your vision is adversely affected or if you experience shortness of breath, you may be unable to perform even sedentary work.

If you run into challenges with your disability claim, consider hiring the services of an experienced Ocala disability attorney. We can review your medical records, make recommendations about your claims, and represent you in the event you need to file an appeal.

Philadelphia + Bucks County Disability Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

Veteran with High Blood Pressure? VA Disability Attorney Talks About Compensation.

If you or someone you love is living with hypertension, you may be able to qualify for benefits. To speak confidentially with an experienced New Jersey or Pennsylvania disability benefits lawyer, contact Young, Marr & Associates today. Your first consultation is free, so call right away at 755-3115 in New Jersey or 701-6519 in Pennsylvania.


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The Heart Pumps Blood Into The Blood Vessels Which Carry Blood Throughout The Body

Blood pressure is the force of blood pulsing against blood vessel walls. If blood pressure is high, the heart has to work harder to pump blood out through the body. A blood pressure reading is a combination of two measures, systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the amount of pressure in arteries during the contraction of heart muscle. Diastolic is blood pressure when the heart is between beats. The more blood the heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher the blood pressure.

Appealing Your Va Benefits Decision

If your condition worsened and prevents you from working, youre eligible to file an appeal. A VA benefits attorney can help you apply for the Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefit.

If you disagree with the VA disability rating, you may file a Clear and Unmistakable Error claim. This states that the rating is incorrect and should be set aside. Its the veterans duty to show that the C file facts and regulations or the VAs decision at the time of the ruling were wrong.

Its important to understand that CUE claims arent often approved. Thus, many veterans choose other legal approaches for appealing VA disability claims.

Incorrect back pay may present another reason for an appeal. All back payments should be from the effective date. Sometimes, the VA has an incorrect effective date which impacts the payment amount.

Whether you choose to file a VA disability appeal or a CUE VA appeal, you must begin within one year. This clock starts when you received the VA decision about your rating. Filing a CUE claim is a long process and may jeopardize your ability to later file a disability appeal.

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Your High Blood Pressure Disability Case

If you are claiming Social Security disability benefits based on high blood pressure, you should secure the services of an attorney who is familiar with the Social Security system in your state. Social Security lawyers can help you present the evidence for your claim in a manner which is more likely to be approved by the SSA.

A Social Security attorney can help you, even if you have already been denied benefits. Whether you are just starting the process of making a disability claim, or have received a denial and are unsure how to proceed through the appeals process, your Social security lawyer can provide immeasurable help. Your initial consultation is free and your disability attorney will only collect if your claim is ultimately awarded.

Tip #: Receive Updated Mris Ct Scans Stress Tests Blood Tests And Blood Pressure Measurements

Treat Hypertension

High blood pressure can occasionally be tricky to qualify with because it is a common diagnosis. When applying, your goal should be to show the Social Security Administration that your high blood pressure is more severe than the average case.

One of the best ways to do this is by providing up-to-date tests. MRIs and CT scans can show any areas of the body with damage due to blood pressure, such as the brain, eyes, or limbs.

Blood tests can show abnormalities or other disorders linked to your hypertension. And, of course, blood pressure measurements can measure the overall severity of your high blood pressure.

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Medical Evidence To Submit To Social Security

While a hypertension diagnosis alone will not qualify you for benefits, no matter how high your blood pressure is, your medical records should reflect this diagnosis. Additionally, your disability claim file should include the following:

  • records of all blood pressure readings taken by your doctor or yourself
  • results of any other tests that you were given
  • reports indicating what treatments you have tried, including lifestyle remedies and medications, and what the outcome was
  • your doctor’s notes regarding your reports of any symptoms you experience due to your hypertension, and
  • complete medical records on any other condition that impacts your ability to work.

After you file a disability application, you will be notified of your claims examiner’s name and phone number via mail. You may receive other paperwork to complete, and you could also be called for a telephone interview or sent to a medical examination at the SSA’s expense.

Once a decision has been made on your claim, which usually takes 3-4 months, you will be notified via mail. It is not unheard of for it to take much longer for this decision to come, but you can check with your claims examiner with any questions.

Should your Social Security disability claim be denied, you will be able to appeal the decision by filing a Request for Reconsideration. If your reconsideration is denied, you’ll be able to request a hearing.

Hypertension Symptoms And Treatments

Hypertension can be difficult to detect because many people do not have noticeable symptoms. As such, it is often referred to as the silent killer. To determine whether or not you have high blood pressure, have it checked on a regular basis by a medical professional. You can also find self-administered machines at supermarkets and pharmacies all over the country. And, pharmacies with on-site medical professionals can administer the check for you, sometimes even for free.

If your high blood pressure goes without detection, it can cause significant damage to your heart, kidneys, blood vessels and other vital organs that are not reversible or able to be repaired. There are four stages of hypertension, with the fourth stage being the most dangerous. A hypertensive crisis is when your blood pressure becomes extremely high, and it has two stages: hypertensive urgency and hypertensive emergency. When checking blood pressure, if the bottom number is 120 or higher, or the top number is 180 or higher, that indicates that the person is in hypertensive crisis.

Remember, a person can be undergoing organ or vessel damage even if they are not in hypertensive crisis, so the earlier stages of hypertension are also important to treat.

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Causes Of High Blood Pressure

There are two types of high blood pressure:

  • Primary high blood pressure . There is no identifiable cause for this type of high blood pressure.
  • Secondary high blood pressure, where high blood pressure is caused by an underlying cause, such as kidney disease, or a particular type of medication that you are taking.

Primary high blood pressure

While the specific cause of primary high blood pressure remains unknown, there is compelling evidence to suggest that a number of risk factors increase your chances of developing the condition.These risk factors include:

  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • stress

A number of health conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease, have also been linked to an increase risk of developing primary high blood pressure.

Secondary high blood pressure

Some cases of high blood pressure are the result of an underlying condition or cause. These include:

  • kidney conditions, such as a kidney infection, or kidney disease
  • narrowing of the arteries
  • hormonal conditions, such as Cushings syndrome
  • conditions that affect the bodys tissue, such as lupus
  • medication, such as the oral contraceptive pill, or the type of painkillers that are known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , such as ibuprofen
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • recreational drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines and crystal meth

Occasionally, a rise in blood pressure can result from taking oral contraceptives or herbal remedies, such as herbal supplements.

Understanding Va Disability Ratings For Diabetes

Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2017

Diabetes mellitus also known as Type II or adult onset diabetes is a growing health issue among U.S. veterans. In fact, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently listed type II diabetes as the number 9 most-prevalent disability claim among compensation recipients, with more than 431,000 veterans receiving some level of disability support while suffering from the condition.

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Let Attorney Carmichael Help You Win Your Fibromyalgia Disability Case

Experiencing fibromyalgia? Not able to work because of it? We can help. Social Security has a specific Social Security ruling that deals with fibromyalgia. Social Security Ruling 12-2p states that fibromyalgia can be the basis for a disability finding. But like with anything, in order for Social Security to consider the severity of your fibromyalgia, we must show that you have objective evidence to confirm the diagnosis. Also, with respect to fibromyalgia we need a doctor to observe upon physical examination that you have eleven out of eighteen positive tender points upon physical examination.

When you receive medical treatment, it is important that the doctor notes when hes physically examining you and showing where those tender points are because under Social Security Ruling 12-2p we need eleven out of eighteen positive tender points. In addition to that objective diagnosis of fibromyalgia required under the ruling, we also need your medical records to show the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Fibromyalgia causes individuals to experience a lot of symptoms certainly the biggest one: PAIN. You need to tell your doctor where you are experiencing pain and any other symptoms that you are experiencing. Also, if you are experiencing problems with fatigue, report that to your doctor.

If you have any questions about how to start a fibromyalgia claim or if you need help with your fibromyalgia case please give Disability Attorney Brian Carmichael a call at .

Va Disability For Hypertension: Claim Eligibility Requirements

Your physician must clearly document your high blood pressure diagnosis before you can get a VA disability for hypertension rating. To file your VA disability for hypertension claim, you must:

  • Get a release of information form from your doctor to complete and submit along with your claim. If your healthcare provider doesnt have this form, thats okay! to complete and submit along with your VA disability for hypertension claim.
  • If you have federal records from any agency, say that on both VA Forms 21-4141a and 21-4142. Dont worry about your Service Treatment Records from VA medical hospitals or facilities. The VA already has access to those and can pull them automatically.
  • Your doctor should measure your blood pressure twice or more daily on three different days to accurately diagnose your condition. The VA also asks for relevant information about any additional hypertension-related health problems. Your physician should include a detailed medical history and any conditions, symptoms, etc. that may influence the VAs determination decision. The VA also wants to hear your doctors professional opinion on whether hypertension affects your ability to work.

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