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Is Essential Tremor Considered A Disability

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Is Essential Tremor A Disability Uk

Essential tremor

If a benign essential tremor severely affects your ability to use your hands, you should be able to get disability benefits. Although essential tremors and Parkinsons disease appear to have similar symptoms, essential tremors do not cause other life-threatening complications .

You may ask, Is Essential tremor a neurological disorder?

Essential tremor is a nervous system disorder that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. It can affect almost any part of your body, but the trembling occurs most often in your hands especially when you do simple tasks, such as drinking from a glass or tying shoelaces.

Causes Of Essential Tremor

The cause of essential tremor has not been identified.

Essential tremor might be caused by abnormal electrical fluctuations in the brain. These fluctuations send incorrect signals to the muscles, causing the body to contract.

There are several regions of the brain linked to essential tumor, including the cerebellum, globus pallidus, thalamus, and cortex.

Genetics may be one a factor in the development of essential tremors. It is more common in the elderly and tends to become more pronounced with age. An essential tremor is not dangerous or life-threatening, but it can be annoying and embarrassing for many people.

How Is Essential Tremor Diagnosed

The appearance of your tremor, in the setting of a comprehensive neurological examination by an experienced clinician, can result in diagnosis of essential tremor. Your doctor will probably need to rule out other conditions that could cause shaking or trembling. For example, tremors could be symptoms of diseases such as hyperthyroidism. Your health care provider might test you for those as well.

In some cases, the tremors might be related to other factors. To find out for certain, your health care provider may have you try to:

  • Abstain from heavy alcohol use trembling is a common symptom among people with alcohol use disorder.
  • Avoid caffeine.
  • Avoid or reduce certain medicines.

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Other Causes Of Tremor

A tremor can also be one of the withdrawal symptoms for people who are dependant on alcohol and have stopped or reduced their alcohol intake.

Risk Factors Of Tremors

Veterans Disability Ratings for Essential Tremors vs ...

Because we are still trying to determine the exact cause of essential tremor, we know relatively little about the factors that increase your risk of developing it. The biggest risk factor we know of for sure is having a parent with the condition.;

Beyond the genetic component, the biggest risk factor we know of right now is age. People over age 40 are much more likely to develop essential tremors than younger people. Experts also believe there are some environmental risk factors, but so far have not been able to confirm any specific factor.

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How Is A Diagnosis Made

There is no medical test that can confirm a diagnosis of ET. Your physician will review your medical history and family history, and will conduct a physical exam. He or she will explore whether another condition is causing your tremors by conducting a neurological exam and ordering laboratory tests. Your doctor also may give you a “performance test,” in which you are asked to drink from a glass, hold your arms outstretched, write your name, or draw a spiral.

Essential tremor is sometimes misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. But whereas people with Parkinson’s often have balance problems, slowness of movement, and freezing of gait, people with ET only rarely have problems in their legs.

Considerations Before Full Disclosure

Its important to think twice before sharing personal or medical information with a boss. You cant predict how you will be perceived, and once you share your diagnosis you cant unsay it. Will you suddenly be under scrutiny to see how well youre working? Will your confidentiality be honored? Will co-workers resent you if your boss makes extra allowances for you? Will it go on your record and affect your future employability? Will you lose your job? It is natural to worry about these and other potential scenarios, but there are very good reasons for opening up to your employer.

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Social Security Disability Benefits & Essential Tremor Information

Posted Scott B. Cooper on in Social Security Disability

Consider the case of Martha, a 38-year-old elementary school teacher. About two years ago, Martha noticed she was having a certain difficulty holding onto small objects. A year after that, even colleagues noticed that Marthas hands often shook with an irregular tremor, and there was a shaky sound to her voice. The tremor worsened when she was under stress, even when she tried not to shake.

Today, Marthas gait has become unsteady, and she now uses a cane to walk most of the time. She is no longer able to write by hand, and typing lesson plans on the computer keyboard has become a frustrating challenge. She continues to work at school, even though she recognizes that she should not be driving and that she can no longer always maintain control over her fourth grade classroom. She lives in constant worry that her declining physical health will force the principal to fire her.

Fortunately, Marthas primary care doctor referred her to an excellent specialist in neurology. After just a few tests, the neurologist was able to reassure Martha that her condition wasnt Parkinsons diseaseas she had fearedand wasnt likely to be fatal. Its a chronic condition that millions of Americans live with, called essential tremor.

Charity Calls For Greater Recognition Of ‘essential Tremor’ As A Disability

What do I need to know about essential tremor?

A charity for people who have uncontrollable shaking is calling for the condition to be given greater recognition as a disability.

The Scotttish Tremor Society says shaking is often mistaken for Parkinson’s.

It is estimated that up to 6% of the population have “essential tremor” – a rhythmic trembling of the hands, head, legs, trunk and/or voice.

It can appear at any age, and is four times as common as Parkinson’s.

Essential tremor is a disorder of the nervous system, but is not always due to trauma. It can be hereditary or caused by a stroke – or it can simply begin for no apparent reason.

Six-year-old Greg McLelland was born with the condition but his mum, Stacey, says it wasn’t properly diagnosed until he was aged five.

“At first we thought it was epilepsy but then a year-and-a-half ago we got the proper diagnosis. It was actually a speech and language therapist who noticed the tremors.”

Greg’s shakes are worse at night.

“We had a single bed for him but we had to get bed guards to stop him falling out with the night tremors. We’ve now got him a new double bed and, fingers crossed, he won’t fall out of this one.

“We don’t know what the future holds for him. Now, his writing is very small and he doesn’t write much. The school try to get him to do things without writing, or by using a tablet.”

“There are three ‘t’s. Two for Scottish and one for tremor,” she said

The petition will be presented to the government in October.

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Laboratory Tests For Tremors

Because your doctor will be using the process of elimination to diagnose your essential tremor, they may want to order some laboratory tests. These will help rule out any other conditions that could be contributing to your tremors. Your doctor may need samples of your blood or urine to perform these tests.

Your doctor may order lab tests looking for thyroid disease or metabolic problems. They may also want to check if any medications youre taking have tremors as a possible side effect. And if your bloodwork shows certain levels of chemicals, that might explain why youre having tremors.

Here are tips on going in for your C&P Exam from one of our VA disability lawyers that has reviewed hundreds of them.

Petition Get Essential Tremors Recognised As A Disability

To Make Essential Tremors a recognised Disabililty. Just like Parkinsons disease is recognised, and to be able to claim the disability allowances needed to make life easier for the people that suffer daily with this debilitating illness that gets worse with age, At present ESA and DLA is very difficult to be awarded for this illness and getting jobs and holding down jobs is extremly difficult due to the nature of this illness..and how if affects the person.. it changes day to day. Essential Tremors is more commonly suffered than Parkinsons, but it is not widely publicised and not many people are aware of this illness and how many people actually suffer from it.

This petition is closedThis petition ran for 6 months


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Accommodating Employees With Essential Tremors

People with essential tremors;may develop some of the limitations discussed below, but seldom develop all of them. Also, the degree of limitation will vary among individuals. Be aware that not all people with essential tremors;will need accommodations to perform their jobs and many others may only need a few accommodations. The following is only a sample of the possibilities available. Numerous other accommodation solutions may exist.

Qualifying With A Residual Functional Capacity

Why Don

If your condition does not meet the Parkinson’s disease listing or any other listing, you can may qualify for benefits though a residual functional capacity assessment . This assessment is a detailed report that explains what you can do for regular, full-time work. The RFC should explain how your tremors will likely affect your ability to perform basic job functions such as:

  • Carrying
  • Walking
  • Standing

Additionally, the SSA will consider whether there are other limitations that your tremors will impose on your work that are non-exertional in nature. Your tremors may impact other aspects of your ability to perform expected job functions even if strength is not relevant to these determinations. For example, your tremors, medication or treatment of your condition may impact the following basic job functions:

  • Typing
  • Completing other specific body positions that are routine for the job
  • Completing other activities that require the repetitive use of fine motor skills
  • Speaking clearly so others can understand

Tremors may also impact the ability of a person to work with others, pay attention or concentrate. They may also suffer from some mental health complications associated with essential tremors, such as anxiety, depression or nervousness.

If it is concluded that your condition prevents you from being able to work, you should qualify for benefits.

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Disability Evaluation Of Et

Long-term disability;insurance companies most often refer to the Center for Disease Control to evaluate essential tremor. The CDC defines essential tremor as a movement disorder that causes rhythmic and involuntary shaking, especially in the hands. It usually occurs by itself, without any other neurological signs or symptoms.

In order to qualify for long-term disability, your tremors must significantly interfere with your school, work, personal, and social activities. You must also experience at least four of the following symptoms for six months or more:

  • Balance issues
  • Tremors that decrease with rest
  • Tremors that worsen with purposeful movement
  • Tremors that get worse during periods of emotional stress
  • Head nodding
  • Shaking voice
  • Uncontrollable shaking for extended periods of time

To be approved for long-term disability benefits, youll need medical documentation that proves you fit the above criteria and that none of your symptoms were caused by a condition before the onset of your essential tremor.

Essential Tremor And Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program that provides monthly payments to Americans with a solid work history who find themselves unable to hold down a job due to illness or injury.

Many neurological conditions are sufficiently serious to qualify people for SSDI benefits. Essential tremor, however, is not always a significant impediment to employment. If you are applying for SSDI in Pennsylvania because of a neurological condition such as essential tremor, you will need to provide detailed medical evidence that your condition is truly disabling. In addition, you need to show that your work history was extensive enough and recent enough to fall within SSDI rules.

Most people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits have their cases initially rejected, often on technical grounds. For this reason, its important you gain the assistance of a;Social Security benefits lawyer;as early as possible.

The lawyers at Schmidt Kramer can help you construct a watertight application, or they can file an appeal on your behalf if your original claim was denied. Call us today at or; toll-free to schedule a free, confidential case review.

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Psychosocial Factors And Perceived Tremor Disability In Essential Tremor

Tremor severity changes psychological and social functioning exacerbating disability.

In ET greater impairment is experienced in social situations.

Tremor severity and tremor disability in ET, exhibit weak association.

ET patients exhibit cognitive abnormalities and higher avoidant personality types.

Proposed model present behavioral and cognitive factors that exacerbate disability.

When A Tremor Becomes A Problem

Living with Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is more severe than normal tremor and it gradually gets worse over time. Eventually, the tremor may become so severe that carrying out normal, everyday activities can become difficult.

Certain things may temporarily increase any tremor, including:

  • tiredness caused by strenuous activity or lack of sleep
  • caffeine from tea, coffee and some fizzy drinks
  • being very hot or cold
  • taking certain medicines including some antidepressants and treatments for asthma

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Is Essential Tremor A Disability

disabilityessential tremordisability

People Also Asked, Is essential tremor a progressive disease?

Essential tremor is a progressive, neurological disease characterized by tremor, most often of the hands or arms. A tremor is an involuntary, rhythmic, movement of a body part. Tremor may be seen as involuntary shaking or trembling of the affected area.

Also know, Can you drive with essential tremor?Essential tremor and driving. You must tell DVLA if your essential tremor affects your ability to drive safely. You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving. Ask your doctor if youre not sure if your essential tremor will affect your driving.


Determining Your Ability Or Inability To Function

To decide whether there is any work you can do, the SSA will prepare a detailed report called a residual functional capacity assessment . An RFC is the most you can do on a regular and sustained basis . The report will look at how your tremors affect your ability to do certain strength-related activities like:

  • lifting
  • walking, and
  • standing.

If you have the RFC to do a sit-down job, you will be denied. However, if the SSA concludes your tremors prevent you from doing the full range of physical activities required to do sedentary work, you could be approved.

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What Makes Essential Tremor Worse

Overview of Essential TremorAccording to the National Organization for Rare Disorders:Symptoms of Essential Tremor:

  • Hand Shivers:
  • Voice Trembles:
  • Head Tremors:
  • Other Body Shakes:

Does ET Get Worse and What to Avoid?How to Treat Your ET?

  • PrimidoneUp to 350 milligrams daily
  • PropranololUp to 320 milligrams daily
  • TopiramateUp to 400 milligrams daily
  • ClonazepamUp to 6 milligrams daily
  • GabapentinUp to 2700 milligrams daily
  • MirtazapineUp to 45 milligrams daily

What Are the Causes of ET?

This neurological condition has no scientific proof of its cause or what triggers its existence in the human body. However, there are some theories that might explain the origin of this intense syndrome. The most relative and negotiated ones are exposed to toxic components that can cause genetic mutations, which lead to essential tremors. Other theories state that it might be passed on by families which have already been diagnosed with this disease. Although these theories are still yet to be proven by scientists as its not clear what causes ET to emerge.

Treatments for ET

Equaling A Disability Listing

Essential Tremor Treatment London

If you have tremors in both hands, another way to win your claim for disability is to prove that your condition is equivalent to one of Social Security’s medical listings that is similar to your tremor; in this case, Parkinson’s disease. If your symptoms and limitations are as severe as those in the listing for Parkinson’s, you could be automatically approved for benefits without having an RFC assessment. You can meet the requirements of the Parkinson’s listing if you can’t control the movement of both of your arms or hands, resulting in your inability to use your hands, despite at least three months of treatment.

Here is an example of how the SSA might decide a case based on equivalence to this listing.

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Is An Essential Tremor Considered A Disability

Potentially, yes! Found on the Pennsylvanian Department of Labor and Industry website, someone will be considered disabled for the purpose of Social Security disability benefit if they are, unable to do any substantial work due to medical condition. If a worker has a medical condition that keeps them from sustainable and substantial work for longer than a year, then the worker will be eligible to receive social security disability.

However, if a diagnosis of an essential tremor stems from a work-related injury or environment, a worker may be eligible to receive a partially disabled denotation and be awarded accordingly through workers compensation. This benefit will trigger after only a week of inability if the tremor is severe enough to affect a workers typical job. Money may come in two weeks following the initial report.

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