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Free Ymca Membership For Disabled

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How To Freeze Ymca Membership


It is possible to Freez your YMCA membership for free. In most circumstances, you can keep your membership for four months per year.

However, keep in mind that membership freezing procedures vary by club location.

For example, in some clubs, you must give a notice of membership freezing seven days before the due date. The bill date may fall on the 15th in some clubs, while it may fall on the 1st, 20th, or any other date in others.

The notice time may also differ between clubs, and it may be 7 days, 5 days, or, most commonly, thirty days.Please inquire with your club about their membership freezing policies.

The Ymca Of Greensboro Is A Charitable Not

YMCAs are here to serve people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes. The YMCA is community-based and believes that its programs and services should be available to everyone. We are committed to ensuring that every community member has access to our Ys.

We strive to serve the entire community by providing financial assistance, which is determined by individual applicant needs. This program is possible thanks to the many generous donors who support the YMCAs Annual Campaign 100% of donations made to the Y help support kids, adults and families in our communities.

Financial assistance is granted based on the need demonstrated by household income and/or extenuating circumstances and is on a sliding scale.

Financial Assistance can be applied to any program or service at the Y. This includes:

  • YMCA membership
  • Day and Overnight Summer Camp
  • Preschool
  • And more!

This Program Offers A Sliding Fee Scale That Is Designed To Fit The Financial Situation Of Each Individual And Family In Our Community

The YMCA will provide memberships, programs, and services for individuals and families who desire to participate and understand the benefits of the YMCA, regardless of ability to pay the established fees. Assistance will be granted, based on financial need. Download an application for financial assistance. Bring the finished sheet in to meet with a membership specialist to determine your eligibility for assistance.

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Ymca Senior Family Membership Fees

$52 per month for a family with at least one child and an adult over 19 years old that live at the same address The fee is $35 for seniors , students , and individuals under age 19 there is no charge for infants There is also an additional fee required if you wish to take part in programs such as gymnastics or swimming lessons.

Can I Freeze Ymca Membership

Employee Benefits

Yes, you can freeze your YMCA membership usually at no extra cost. Typically, you can freeze your membership for up to 4 months a year.

But keep in mind, membership freezing policies will vary from club to club.

For instance, at some clubs, you need to give a membership freezing notice 7 days before the next billing date. At some clubs, the billing date will be on the 15th. Whereas at some other clubs, it may be 1st, 20th, or some other date.

Additionally, the notice period may also vary from club to club. It may be 7 days, 5 days, or most usually, 30 days.

So, contact your club, and learn about their membership freezing policies.

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How Much Is Ymca Initiation Fee

YMCA doesnt have a fixed uniform initiation fee. Rather, it depends on the type of membership. Given below are the membership fees for different types of YMCA memberships:

  • YMCA Individual membership initiation fee: $50
  • YMCA Adult + 1membership initiation fee: $78
  • YMCA Family membership initiation fee: $75
  • YMCA Single parent family membership initiation fee: $60
  • YMCA Senior membership initiation fee: $50
  • YMCA Senior household: $75
  • YMCA Student membership initiation fee: $15

A Few Things To Know About Financial Assistance

  • To request financial assistance, visit your Y branch to have a simple and confidential conversation about your household income. Our trained staff will help you identify a monthly membership rate that is accessible for you. In most cases, you will be approved on the spot and can begin using your membership right away.
  • Although you do not need to provide income documentation during the initial conversation, we review a random selection of MFA recipients every quarter.
  • Your financial assistance will automatically renew each month until there is a change to your membership, such as adding an additional person to your membership. If there is a change to your membership, you will need to have another conversation about your household income in order to receive financial assistance.

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We Work Towards A Better Community Through The Support And Generosity Of Our Members

We believe that everyone in our community deserves access to the benefits and services the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis has to provide.

The Y is like no other organization in that we work hard to ensure that our programs are open to all. With financial assistance, eligible families and individuals who otherwise might need an extra hand, have access to our facility, our camps, our sports programs, and our child-care centers. Therefore, we provide a supportive environment for healthier living we address our communities most pressing social issues such as nutrition, education, child welfare, and more and we create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued and needed.

Apply For Respite Child Care

New program offers free YMCA membership
  • Visit ASYMCA DOD Military Outreach Initiative to view eligibility requirements, FAQs and program applications
  • Fill out and bring your eligibility form, Military ID and any other required documentation to a participating Y for verification. Please do not leave copies of these documents at the Y
  • For more information, please visit Armed Services YMCA.

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    Child Care While You Work Out

    They offer care for your kids aged from 6 weeks to 12 years as you exercise. Kids Zones Child Zone programs and programs are run by their top caretakers who offer games, activities, craft projects and outdoor playtime for your children.

    Kids Zone programming and services are part of the YMCA Membership for children who are already a member. Every visit to the Kid Zone is limited to 2 hours.

    Open Doors Charitable Assistance Program

    At the Y, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive, regardless of their financial circumstances. Thats why our Open Doors charitable assistance program each year provides financial help to allow more than 90,000 people to belong to the Y and participate in its life-changing programs and services.

    Open Doors offers financial assistance for membership on a sliding scale based on your households income. Individuals with a special circumstance, such as a job loss or other financial challenge, are also encouraged to apply for assistance.

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    Ymca Of Central Texas Financial Assistance Policy

    The YMCA of Central Texas is a nonprofit, health and human services organization committed to helping people reach their full potential in spirit, mind, and body. The Y recognizes that many of the children and families throughout our community would benefit from Y programs and services but cannot afford to participate. The Ys commitment to our community assures that financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Our financial assistance is based on a sliding fee scale that is designed to fit each familys financial situation.

    Thanks to the generous donors of our Annual Campaign, we are able to make the Y accessible through our Financial Assistance Program. The YMCA of Central Texas is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the YMCA of Central Texas are deductible in the manner and to the extent of the law.

    The YMCA of Central Texas requires that individuals provide all the requested information on the application regarding income, family size, and necessary expenses so that we can provide assistance in a fair and consistent manner. The scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to available funds. The Y also requires that individuals renew their application annually, or when requested, to keep information on their applications updated.

    Ymca Deals & Discounts

    Disability activities

    The YMCA is unlike any other commercial gym. One noticeable feature that distinguishes the YMCA is that they provide excellent discounts for those who cannot afford an expensive gym membership.

    They also offer special discounts for military personnel, students, children, senior citizens, families, and, most importantly, single parents.

    YMCA also offers several other appealing deals and discounts listed below.

    Corporate memberships: The YMCA has partnerships with several organizations. If you work for one of these organizations, you can get a good deal on a YMCA membership.

    Check with your company or the YMCA to see if you qualify for a corporate discount.

    YMCA income-based membership plan: Most clubs provide income-based memberships. For instance, if you want to join a gym but are struggling financially and cannot afford it, they will help you.

    In such circumstances, you must provide documentation of government aid or social security information to receive a discounted/free membership.

    Aside from this, the YMCA may provide seasonal discounts and special offers. You can either browse their website or contact your local club directly to learn about current promotions and discounts.

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    Respite Child Care Eligibility

    Title 10 personnel are eligible for a Y membership, including:

    • Active Duty Independent Duty personnel and their families that are not located at or near a free or service-provided fitness facility
    • Unaccompanied Spouse/Family of Active DutyNote: The Relocated Spouse category supports families/spouses who relocate away from an installation/duty station while the active duty service member is deployed
    • Unaccompanied Spouse/Family of Joint Deployed Guard and Reserve
    • Community Based Warrior Transition Unite

    Tampa Ymca Financial Assistance

    YMCAs are charitable organizations that serve people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes. The YMCA is community-based and believes that its programs and services should be available to everyone. Thats why the Tampa Y offers a financial assistance program called YMCA Open Doors. Thanks to charitable contributions, YMCA Open Doors is a sliding fee scale designed to fit each individuals financial situation. Members who complete an Open Doors application may be granted a YMCA membership discounts and lower rates for programs like summer camp, swim lessons and youth sports. Everyone who qualifies will receive assistance to the greatest extent possible based on the availability of funds.The Open Doors program has been most utilized by:

    • Youth referred by schools, churches and community organizations
    • Adults who are temporarily out of work
    • People who are divorced and are experiencing financial hardships
    • People on fixed incomes
    • People who are overwhelmed by medical bills
    • People experiencing other financial hardships

    If you would like more information about our Financial Assistance program, contact your local YMCA today.Program ScholarshipsSummer camp scholarships must be completed as a separate application from membership and program scholarships. To learn more about youth program scholarships for sports and summer camp, contact the Welcome Center at the Tampa Y location you would like to enroll your child.

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    Membership For All Assistance

    At the Y, strengthening the foundation of our community is our cause. Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. We believe that lasting personal and social change can only come about when we work together to invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. We provide support for families and promote positive change overall through our Annual Campaign. When you give to the Y, you help more people move forward.

    Use the Online Calculator to see if you qualify for the Membership for All Assistance Program. The calculated rate is not guaranteed. Please visit the Y with required paperwork for verification.

    How to Apply

    In order for us to process your application, you must complete the confidential Scholarship Application form. Please bring copies of the following documents to the Member Services desk at your local Y to verify your rate:

    • Required: Copy of most recent tax return/W2/1099 forms OR taxes not filed letter from IRS.
    • Required: Copy of two recent payroll stubs OR copy of unemployment check stubs.
    • If Applicable: Verification of any other assistance received, like food stamps, child support, housing assistance.
    • If Applicable: Social Security income verification .

    Payment can be made in the following ways:

    • Bank draft

    Joiner Fees are waived for MFA members.

    Program and Child Care Assistance

    Selection Process

    How You Can Get A Free Ymca Membership

    YMCA Membership $0 Enrollment

    If you don’t live near a military base during deployment – or are stationed far away from one – you could get a free YMCA membership for your family.

    That’s because a program that gives free YMCA memberships to deployed military families who do not live near a military installation has been extended until March of next year, DoD announced this week.

    The program lets those families, most of whom are Guard or Reserve members, apply for a free membership to their local participating YMCA. Spouses who have decided to move back home during deployment can also use it, as can families assigned to a community-based warrior transition unit and active duty families assigned to an independent duty location .

    While the application process is a tiny bit different for some of the categories above , here are some general rules of thumb:

    – Not every YMCA participiates in the program, so you should go here to make sure the one near you does.

    – For Independent Duty folks, you have to live at least 10 miles away from the nearest military base with free fitness programs.

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    Everyone Deserves The Opportunity To Live Healthier Happier Lives

    The YMCA of Okanagan is a charity offering opportunities for personal growth, community involvement and leadership. We believe that everyone should have equal access to critical YMCA programs and services that support their health and wellbeing. The YMCA Financial Assistance Program serves those individuals and families who have the greatest need in our community. We provide assistance for those who wish to register for membership, programs or camps, but are not able to afford the full registration fee. YMCA donors and partners help make this assistance possible. If financial circumstances or a permanent disability are limiting your ability to participate, you may be eligible for Financial Assistance.

    Free Ymca Memberships Available Through Silver Sneakers

    MILTON Senior citizens who enroll in classes through the Milton YMCA develop tight bonds as they work out side-by-side.

    Some of them have said it helps get them out of the house and be social again, Kellie Bates, the YMCAs Membership director, said. They become about like a family together.

    If one of them is sick, they always write cards to one another, Cortney Lahr, the YMCAs Program director, added.

    Bates and Lahr recently met to discuss the many advantages to seniors enrolling in classes at the YMCA.

    According to Bates, the Milton YMCA participates in the Silver Sneakers program, which is offered through many health insurance companies.

    Bates said individuals who have the Silver Sneakers benefit offered through their insurance are eligible for free YMCA memberships. Generally, she said individuals age 62 and older are eligible for Silver Sneakers.

    Anyone with questions on whether their insurance carries the Silver Sneakers benefit should contact their insurance provider or the YMCA.

    Along with offering free memberships to Silver Sneakers participants, Bates and Lahr said the YMCA offers classes specifically designed for senior citizens.

    According to Lahr, Silver Sneakers Stability teaches fall prevention skills through exercise.

    The aquacise classes are held in the shallow end of the swimming pool. The arthritis class is also held in the pool.

    In addition, the pool is open for seniors to use from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. each Wednesday.

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    What Do I Need To Do

  • Contact Military OneSource at or 800-342-9647 to confirm your eligibility and receive an eligibility form.
  • Find a participating Y in your area using the search tool below.
  • Fill out and bring your eligibility form, Military ID and any other required documentation to a participating YMCA for verification. Please do not leave copies of these documents at the YMCA.
  • No Contract No Annual Fees And Access Everywhere

    YMCA adding equipment for disabled people

    We dont bind you to contracts or force you to pay upfront for a whole years membership. Exercise with us at every YMCA across the USA at no cost or per-day fee.

    Thanks to the YMCAs Nationwide Membership program, YMCA members can access all YMCAs across the nation and, of course, all YMCAs within the Triangle. You can exercise at over 3,000 additional YMCAs with no extra or daily cost. This means youll be able to maintain your fitness routine when you travel for business or personal reasons across the state as well as around the nation.

    YMCA members get drafted monthly and can cancel at any time. The fee for joining can be paid over four months. It is included within your draft.

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    Is It Hard To Cancel Ymca Membership

    One attractive feature of the YMCA is that there will be no contracts. You can cancel your membership anytime you want to, that too at no extra fee.

    But keep in mind that you should give your membership cancellation request a specific number of days before the next billing date. The billing date, as well as the notice period, may vary from club to club.

    At most clubs, the billing date will be either on the 1st, 5th, or 15th of the month. The notice period duration can be 7, 15, 30, or some other number of days.

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    Can I Go To Any Ymca With My Membership

    Yes, If you have a YMCA National membership, you can visit any of their branches, not just in the United States but also in other countries.

    This article helps you to get the complete information about YMCA Membership Price and its cost.

    For More Information Visit Their Official Website

    Read the post carefully and check out the membership pricing of YMCA. For more information about other gym prices check out our website

    Disclaimer: YMCA Membership Prices & YMCA Membership Cost above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site visits, and/or via phone. YMCA membership prices may vary by their location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local YMCA centre.

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