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Can You Get Disability For Ms

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What Are The Symptoms Of Spinal Stenosis

Can I apply for Social Security Disability Benefits with Multiple Sclerosis?

Pseudoclaudication is one of the most common symptoms of spinal stenosis. This is a situation where the nerves in the central portion of the spinal canal become irritated. When this happens, you may experience pain in one or both legs with weakness or numbness. The mechanics of standing bring on these symptoms. It gets to a point where the longer you stand, the worse it gets. At this point, sitting or leaning forward will relieve the numbness and pain. When these symptoms get so bad that it interferes with your ability to walk and work, you may be able to get disability from spinal stenosis automatically.

How Can You Get Disability For Spinal Stenosis

You can get disability for spinal stenosis automatically if you meet the requirements for the listing. These requirements are:

  • The spinal stenosis has to be in your low back, which is the lumbar region of the spine
  • You have to have an imaging study like an MRI or a CT scan that shows the spinal stenosis in the lumbar region of your spine
  • You have to have the symptoms of pseudoclaudication described above
  • Your pain and symptoms have to come from the stenosis and not from a nerve condition called radiculopathy
  • And finally, your ability to walk has to be so impaired that you need a walker or the use of two crutches to get around. You could also show that you need help even getting to work because of your inability to use your legs.
  • If you can prove these things, then you may be awarded disability benefits automatically. That could significantly reduce the time it takes you to start getting benefits.

    Can I Receive Disability Benefits For My Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

    Aug 12, 2012 | Social Security SSD/SSI |

    What is Multiple Sclerosis and How Can I Prove my Disability?

    If you live with multiple sclerosis and are unable to work due to an MS-related disability, you might be entitled to disability benefits. MS is a disease in which the medical community knows little regarding its cause or how to best treat it. Doctors do know that it is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. Signals transmitted along the nerves are slowed or even stopped by damage to what is known as the myelin sheath. In healthy people, myelin helps the nerve impulses travel smoothly throughout the nervous system. This slowing or stopping of the nerve impulses is what causes the MS symptoms. These symptoms include vertigo, depression, fatigue, tremors, bladder dysfunction, reflux, bowel dysfunction, pain, vision problems, muscle weakness, muscle spasm and even possible cognitive impairments.

    Under the MS listing, the SSA considers the following four factors in determining if a person is sufficiently disabled to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits: 1) fatigue 2) disorganization of motor function 3) visual impairment and 4) mental impairment. A sufficient showing under any of these four categories can qualify a claimant for benefits.

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    Applying For Ssdi Benefits And How Much You May Receive

    Your monthly payments for SSDI benefits will depend on your eligibility. If your SSDI benefits claim is denied, you might qualify for SSI benefits. SSDI benefits arent easy to get as it may depend on the amount of money you have earned and paid into social security over time.

    The average disability benefit in 2021 is $1,277. The maximum amount is $3,148.

    Anybody who was assessed as being eligible for SSI in 2021 will receive $794 for one month. How much you receive depends on any other income you receive and the assets you own.

    How Ms Qualifies For Disability Benefits

    How can I qualify for SSDI with multiple sclerosis ...

    Social Security Disability Income is a federal disability insurance benefit for those who have worked and paid into social security.

    Keep in mind that SSDI is different from supplemental security income . That program is for low-income people who didnt pay enough into social security during their working years to qualify for SSDI. So, if that describes you, consider looking into SSI as a starting point.

    In either case, benefits are limited to those who are unable to perform substantial gainful activity, according to Liz Supinski, director of data science at the Society for Human Resource Management.

    There are limits on how much a person can earn and still collect, she says, and its about $1,200 for most people, or around $2,000 per month for those who are blind.

    That means most people who are able to qualify for disability benefits are not working for others, says Supinski. Self-employment is common among both disabled workers and those with disabilities severe enough to qualify for benefits.

    Another consideration is that even though you might have private disability insurance, which is usually obtained as part of workplace benefits, that doesnt mean you cant apply for SSDI, Supinski says.

    Private insurance is typically a short-term benefit and usually offers smaller amounts to replace income, she notes. Most people use that type of insurance as theyre applying for SSDI and waiting for their claims to be approved.

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    Compassionate Allowances And Multiple Sclerosis

    The Compassionate Allowances program is available to those that have severe advanced conditions. Similar to the Blue Book, each condition will have a set of criteria that has to be met in order to qualify. The difference is the time that it takes to be rewarded disability. The standard application process can take over a year, however when applying for a Compassionate Allowance, you can have a decision in only a matter or weeks.

    When To Stop Working

    A person with MS should stop working when their symptoms interfere with their ability to perform on the job. The symptoms that can cause disability may vary depending on what type of MS a person has and where the lesions are on the brain or spinal cord. Types of MS include:

    Not all people who have CIS will develop MS or disability. Relapsing-remitting MS may not lead to permanent disability depending on how often the symptoms come and go. Roughly 85% of people with MS have this type.

    Secondary and primary progressive MS are characterized as versions of the disease that worsen over time. Both types of progressive MS can lead to severe disability.A persons ability to work will depend largely on how their disease progresses, and there is no solid timeline for when work will become impossible.

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    Contact Cuddigan Law For Help Obtaining Ms Disability Benefits

    If you’ve been diagnosed with MS, and the SSA determines that your condition severely limits your physical and mental ability to do routine, typical activities and prevents you from holding a job, it may grant disability benefits. Cuddigan Law handles Social Security Disability claims for clients who need assistance with their applications or the appeals process if their claim was denied. Contact Cuddigan Law to speak with an intake specialist for free about your situation.

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    Assistance And Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

    If I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis can I receive Social Security Disability

    Presently, multiple sclerosis is not curable, but it is treatable. There are many methods to help patients manage their symptoms, keep the disease under control, and maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible.

    • Medications. Medication is a primary method of MS treatment. There are a variety of drugs that can be used. The first kind is made up of medicine that targets a certain part of the MS process to keep relapse-inducing inflammation under control. Doctors can also prescribe steroids to control relapses. Finally, there are plenty of medicines that can be used to target and treat specific symptoms of MS, depending on the patients primary concerns and experiences.
    • Canadian Disability Tax Credit. The Canadian government offers help for those patients suffering from MS. The disability tax credit is offered to help bring some tax relief to people who may incur costs out of their own wallet associated with their conditions.
    • Physical Therapy. Physical therapy can be a useful treatment method for patients who want to learn effective stretching and exercise techniques. These can help patients regain strength they may have lost as a result of MS symptoms.
    • Lifestyle Changes. MS is a disease that can be life-changing, but not all of those changes have to have a negative impact on the patient. Living a healthy life with good nutrition, rest, and exercise, as appropriate, can help keep the body working to the best of its ability.

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    If You Meet The Definition Of A Person With A Disability

    Your local Ontario Disability Support Program office will confirm that you still qualify financially. If you still qualify, you will receive Income Support.

    If the Disability Adjudication Unit thinks that your disability might get better over time, you will also be given a date for a Medical Review.

    What Is Spinal Stenosis

    Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal that can result in compression on the spinal nerves. It is usually the result of the aging process but can be accelerated by back injuries like a herniated disc. When the spinal nerves are encroached upon and irritated by the narrowing of the canal, it can cause significant symptoms.

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    Who Makes The Decision About Your Disability

    Specially trained staff who work in the Disability Adjudication Unit of the Ministry of Community and Social Services will:

    • look at the information you provide about your disability, and

    This is called the Disability Determination Process. It is only done after we decide you qualify financially for Income Support.

    Don’t Minimize Your Difficulties Or Let Them Get You Down

    How To Get Free Microsoft Points (Method 2)

    Don’t let the process of applying for disability cause you to feel less about yourself because you have to write or talk about your limitations. Unfortunately, it’s important to emphasize the problems you encounter in daily life as part of the Social Security disability evaluation process. The fact that you can’t work full timeâor do everything you could before your health problems startedâdoes not mean you’re not a good parent, spouse, child, friend, or person.

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    Q: What About The Patient Who Has Hidden Symptoms Of Ms

    A: Documenting disability for patients with hidden symptoms of MS may be more difficult than for those with measurable deficits. Symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and cognitive impairment are often not seen on standard neurological examination. It is important to document the presence, quality, location, timing, exacerbating and relieving factors, and treatments for pain, as well as some evaluation of the relationship with MS. For fatigue, documenting severity and how this interferes with functioning may be helpful. There are scales for fatigue that also may be useful such as the Modified fatigue impact scale.

    Neuropsychological assessments, particularly repeated over time, are very helpful in objectively documenting deficits that do not show up in routine bedside assessment.

    Meeting The Official Listing For Multiple Sclerosis

    The Social Security Administration’s “Listing of Impairments” provides specific criteria for certain conditions that, if met, automatically classify you as disabled. The qualifications for multiple sclerosis are described under listing 11.09. To be found disabled under this listing, you must have documented proof of:

    • the inability to effectively control the movement of at least two extremities . This must result in extreme difficulty in your ability to balance while standing or walking, to stand up from a seated position, or to use your arms and/or hands.
    • “marked” physical problems along with a “marked” limitation any one of the following:
    • thinking
    • social interactions, or
    • concentrating or finishing tasks.

    Note that marked means worse than moderate, but less than extreme. You can think of it as severely limiting.

    For children with multiple sclerosis, meeting the first set of symptoms will qualify them for SSI . The second set of criteria does nto apply to children.

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    Do I Qualify For Disability Insurance Benefits If I Have Multiple Sclerosis

    Disability insurance companies dont always make it easy for policyholders who have multiple sclerosis to get the disability benefits they deserve.

    MS is a progressive disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within your brain and from the brain to your body. Each of the four types of MS have different symptoms. The symptoms and progression vary from person to person.

    Regardless of which type of MS a policyholder has or the progression of the disease, disability carriers are notorious for denying and terminating many claims.

    The Common Reasons Disability Carriers Deny MS Disability Claims

    Common arguments disability carriers make are that:

  • Coverage is excluded because of the pre-existing condition clause in your disability policy.
  • Benefits are limited under the subjective limitation clause. Loss of balance, fatigue, pain, and difficulty concentrating may be the most disabling symptoms you have, but carriers routinely dispute the impact of those symptoms.
  • You have had MS for years and have not been disabled before now. You will have to overcome the carriers argument that you have been working with these problems for years and nothing has changed. It is crucial that your medical records develop the progression of your symptoms.
  • Your symptoms are intermittent.
  • There is no objective basis of the diagnosis,

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    How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits For Multiple Sclerosis

    Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Multiple Sclerosis

    The Disability application process is complicated. You have to meet deadlines and Blue Book disability requirements and provide extensive evidence to back up your claim. The sad truth is that the SSA only approves about 30 percent of the applications it receives, and there are a thousand little reasons why your application might end up in the pile of rejections. You can appeal, but it will add months to your wait time.

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    How Much Does Disability Pay With Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is classified as an autoimmune disease that alters the nervous system so that it may be hard to work. Women are affected more than men and it occurs more often in the 20 to 40 age group, but any age can be affected. Common symptoms are:

    • tingling
    • muscle spasms that are painful
    • blurry vision
    • cognitive impairments.

    A neurological exam should be able to identify the symptoms that indicate MS is present, but it may not always be reliable. It is typically diagnosed once your physician has ruled out anything else. If you are experiencing fatigue and muscle weakness, poor vision, or uncontrolled movements which have been diagnosed as due to MS, you could be eligible for SSDI benefits.

    You Can Get Disability For Spinal Stenosis

    by Matt Lewis | Jul 3, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

    You can get disability for spinal stenosis through the Social Security Administration. It can be such a debilitating condition that the SSA has even made it a diagnosis that can qualify for an automatic award of benefits. Whether or not it is an automatic award depends on the severity of the symptoms and the evidence.

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    Q: What Should I Know About Job Accommodations

    A: We try to support our patients working as long as they possibly can. At times, continuing in a job requires reasonable accommodations on the part of the employer. If this is the situation, we recommend that the person with MS advise their employer of the need for accommodation and the symptom that requires this or the diagnosis that requires this, whichever they are comfortable with.

    As long as the person with MS is able to maintain key elements of their job, the Americans with Disabilities act requires the employer to comply with accommodations. If the needed accommodations are expensive or require work site modifications, a referral to the state office of vocation and rehabilitation should be considered. These state agencies are charged with assisting individuals with disabilities to maintain or retrain for continuing work. The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation is a resource for such issues.

    How To Get Social Security Disability For Moderate Multiple Sclerosis

    We Can Get Through Anything Together Poster

    Individuals with multiple sclerosis who use walkers or wheelchairs, can’t see well enough to drive, or have two or more severe exacerbations a year generally have no problem being approved medically for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits. Men and women with mild MS symptoms or those who enjoy long-term remissions are often able to work successfully and have no need for disability benefits.

    Between the two groups are folks who can do just about anything on a good day or morning but can’t function well at other times due to unpredictable interference from MS symptoms. Compared to some people with MS, their doctors may think their MS is not very severe even though the symptoms prevent the patient from working full time. Such individuals often have difficulty with Social Security disability claims.

    If you are in this group, there are ways to help your case. The following advice can help a borderline claim for benefits become a successful one.

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