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How To Get Long Term Disability

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What Should You Know When Buying Long Term Disability Insurance

How to Get Long-Term Disability Insurance (Long Term Disability Insurance 2/2)

Before buying a policy, you should know how much income youll need to replace if youre unable to work, how long you can wait before you start to receive benefits, and how long youll need to receive benefits. Depending on your policy, disability insurance can replace up to 60% of your pre-tax income following a waiting period sometimes called an elimination period after a qualifying injury or illness initially occurs. Every policy is different, but a typical elimination period is usually 3 months. Benefit periods also vary by policy. Your benefit period can last 5, 10 or 20 years, or until you reach retirement, depending on the terms of your policy, so consider how man working years are ahead of you while comparing policies.

Medical Conditions That May Qualify For Long

Many people think long-term disability insurance is for people who have been physically injured in an accident and are unable to work as a result of their injury. While this may be true, its important to know there are many medical conditions that may also entitle you to receive disability payments.

Some of the medical conditions that may qualify for long-term disability benefits include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis

The above list of medical conditions is not exhaustive, and qualifying conditions vary from policy to policy. Before filing a long-term disability claim, its important to understand how your insurance company defines a disability. This information can be found by carefully reading your insurance policy.

How Do You Obtain Long

Long-term disability coverage can be obtained either by a group or individually. Group coverage can be offered through an employer, professional group or association. Individual coverage can be purchased directly from an insurance broker based upon medical underwriting.

Individual policies are usually available if you have not had any medical treatment during the past 10 years for a potentially disabling medical condition. Medical treatment includes prescription medications and physician consultations.

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Every Month A Disability Insurance Claimant Has A Duty To Get Medical Treatment Regularly

If youre not regularly seeing a doctor, its time to start. Disability insurance carriers have a financial incentive to deny claims whenever they can, so seeing that youre seeking medical treatment only intermittently may help the insurer argue one of two things: your disability isnt that serious or youre exacerbating your disability by not going to the doctor. Many disability insurance policies specifically provide, as a condition of the continued receipt of benefits, that claimants continue ongoing treatment until it is determined to no longer provide any benefit. But even if your disability insurance policy doesnt specifically require ongoing treatment, maintaining regular appointments is still a good idea as it will help you continue to document your condition.

Contact the disability insurance Attorneys at Dell & Schaefer, give us a call or visit our website to get in touch with our team of experienced disability insurance lawyers, who can set up a free consultation to discuss your claim.

Can You Be Kicked Off Ltd

Necessary Steps to a Successful Long

Technically, an employee is entitled to stay on LTD so long as they remain totally disabled. However, sometimes after a few years, the insurer raises the argument that the insured is no longer totally disabled and is fit to return to work in the same or some other occupation. In this case, it is the employees responsibility to prove they are still totally disabled. If a disagreement still remains, it is advisable that the insured should contact a lawyer to challenge the insurance company.

For any more questions about long term disability in Ontario, or if you need help applying for LTD or appealing an LTD decision, contact Dutton Employment Law for a free consultation.

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How Long Does Long Term Disability Last

Unlike short term disability , long term disability benefits maintain until an individual is well enough to resume working or until the end of the coverage period , or whichever comes first. To that end, an individual could go on LTD for decades. There is no maximum time limit other than the terms of the plan, which is, again, usually age 65.

Nevertheless, to remain eligible for LTD benefits, individuals must meet certain thresholds of disability. To that end, most long term disability policies generally provide LTD benefits for the first two years when the individual cannot work in her own occupation. However, after two years, long-term disability benefits are generally only paid if they cannot return to work in any occupation.

An own occupation LTD policy means you are totally disabled and entitled to benefits if you cannot work in your usual occupation or your chosen employment field.

An any occupation LTD policy means you are totally disabled and entitled to benefits if you cannot work in any occupation you are suited to by education, training, or experience.

Therefore, an own Occupation policy is friendlier to the employee than an any occupation LTD policy because, unlike an any occupation policy, if you could return to work in another field, you could still receive your benefits.

Long Term Disability Insurance Takes A Weight Off Your Shoulders

If you experience a covered illness or disability that leaves you unable to work for an extended period of time, Unum Long Term Disability Insurance can pay a monthly benefit of up to 60% of your normal income. You can use this benefit however you need, whether its to pay out-of-pocket treatment costs or to cover personal bills and day-to-day expenses.

Our coverage includes treatment for serious forms of cancer, as well as recovery from severe injuries. The most common reasons our customers use this benefit are1:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Joint disorders

A disability can drastically impact your financial situation if youre not prepared. If youre the primary income provider in your home, a disability can place a huge stress on your loved ones. Protect what youve worked so hard to build. Talk with your HR representative to see if Long Term Disability Insurance is available through your workplace.

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Failure To Meet The Policy’s Definition Of Disability

Check your policy’s summary plan description for the precise definition of disability to see if you can meet it. Under an “own occupation” LTD policy, you are disabled if you’re medically unable to carry out the duties of your particular occupation. An “any occupation” policy defines disability more narrowly: the inability to perform the duties of any job. Some LTD plans transition from “own occupation” to “any occupation” after a certain length of time, usually 24 months.

Also check your policy’s summary plan description for any excluded conditions. Medical impairments related to substance abuse or pre-existing conditions are typically excluded from coverage. Individuals whose conditions are based on subjective complaints rather than objective testing may be limited to 24 months of benefits.

Pros And Cons Of Long

Long-term disability | How does LTD work?

The pros of buying long-term disability coverage generally outweigh the cons, especially if youâre able to find an affordable policy.


  • Benefits are tax-free if you pay for your policy with after-tax dollars

  • You can spend the benefit however you want

  • You donât have to pay back the benefits you get


  • Coverage costs more the older you get or the more dangerous your occupation is

  • Policies can come with exclusions that donât cover pre-existing conditions

  • You may pay for coverage you donât need if you never experience a disability

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Lack Of Objective Medical Evidence

It is important for your doctors and specialists to understand how the symptoms of your condition, be it physical or psychological affect you. Therefore, you must be honest with symptom reporting so that your treating physicians can properly document this in your chart.

This is especially crucial for chronic pain and psychological claims. Sometimes, insured persons will receive denial letters that state their claim is denied or terminated as a result of lack of objective medical evidence. This is challenging for cases of invisible disabilities, such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental illnesses and traumatic brain injuries, where the illnesses/injuries do not show up on blood tests or diagnostic imaging.Because your insurer cannot see the injury or illness, it is harder for them to understand how a persons functioning is affected. This is why it is important for an insured person to seek treatment, comply with treatment and accurately report symptoms.

Adults Disabled Before Age 22

An adult who has a disability that began before age 22 may be eligible for benefits if a parent is deceased or starts receiving retirement or disability benefits. We consider this a “child’s” benefit because it is paid on a parent’s Social Security earnings record.

The disabled “adult child” including an adopted child, or, in some cases, a stepchild, grandchild, or step grandchild must be unmarried, age 18 or older, have a disability that started before age 22, and meet the definition of disability for adults.


It is not necessary that the disabled “adult child” ever worked. Benefits are paid based on the parent’s earnings record.

  • A disabled “adult child” must not have substantial earnings. The amount of earnings we consider “substantial” increases each year. In 2021, this means working and earning more than $1,310 a month.

Working While Disabled: How We Can Help

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What Medical Conditions Qualify For Long

Almost any illness or injury can qualify for long-term disability. Insurance companies dont approve claims based on a diagnosis. Rather, they focus on the disability caused by your medical condition.

Its possible to have a serious diagnosis but not be disabled. For example, you may consider the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis to be very serious. However, many people with MS arent totally disabled. At least, not right away. So, insurance companies deny many disability claims for MS. The reason for denial is because the symptoms are not serious enough yet.

So, your diagnosis alone wont get you approved for benefits. However, insurance companies do want to see a solid diagnosis. This is because a diagnosis will shape your treatment plan. And your insurance company will only approve your claim if you have a treatment plan. Moreover, it cant just be any plan. They have to agree with it.

If they dont agree with your treatment, then they can deny your claim or stop your payments.

Check out these articles on disabling medical conditions to learn more:

Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Short Term and Long Term Disability Comparison

Long term disability insurance is a type of insurance that covers a portion of an individuals income if they have become injured or ill. The coverage will not usually supplement someones income 100 percent, instead, long term disability insurance limits provide between 50 and 70 percent of a monthly salary.

The most significant difference between short-term and long-term disability benefits is that long-term benefits are measured in benefit periods of years rather than months. The benefit period usually begins a few months after making the claim. If needed, you can claim long term disability insurance for anywhere from two to ten years, or even until retirement age, based on individual policy terms of your LTD insurance and the type of disability claim you file. Typically, long-term benefits cover up to 60 percent of a persons gross monthly income.

According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, most long-term plans have a maximum amount payable and the median maximum payout in 2014 was $8,000 per month.

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Acquire Your Employers Statement

Your employer is also responsible for completing a portion of the LTD application. In this section, the employer will generally have to provide information such as your date hired, effective date of insurance coverage, earnings, last date worked and whether you returned to work, other insurance benefits or income you are eligible to receive, title of your occupation, and the physical and mental requirements of your occupation.

How To Find A Long

A growing number of people are coming forward with allegations that, after they filed legitimate disability claims with Unum Life Insurance Company of America, they were unjustly denied their claim. If you believe your disability insurance claim was unfairly denied or terminated, you should first file an appeal for the claim, but you may later be able to file an Unum claim denial lawsuit and pursue compensation.

Filing a lawsuit can be a daunting prospect, especially while dealing with insurance issues, so Top Class Actions has laid the groundwork for you by connecting you with an experienced disability insurance attorney. Consulting an attorney can help you determine if you have a claim, navigate the complexities of litigation, and maximize your potential compensation.

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Supplemental Long Term Disability

Eligible active employees may elect more coverage for additional protection. The Supplemental Long Term Disability benefit provides competitive group rates survivors benefits for eligible dependents coverage for injury, physical disease, mental disorder or pregnancy return-to-work incentive SLTD conversion insurance cost-of-living adjustment and lifetime security benefit. Below is an overview of the coverage:

  • A 90-day or 180-day benefit waiting period
  • A monthly benefit1 of 65 percent of your predisability earnings, reduced by deductible income
  • A minimum $100 monthly benefit and
  • A maximum $8,000 monthly benefit.

is determined by your age as of the preceding January 1 and your benefit waiting period.

What If My Claim Was Denied

How Long Does Long-Term Disability Last? | Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

Even if your claim has been denied or you think it is about to be denied, it is still important to participate in, and seek ongoing treatment and pursue the appropriate treatment options for your condition.This is particularly important for claims that involve conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome and psychological illnesses. These types of illnesses are difficult to diagnose with objective testing such as bloodwork or diagnostic imaging and this is why it is important to attend regular doctors appointments and attend regular treatment so your physicians can determine your limitations and restrictions and document your ongoing symptoms that prevent you from working.Insurance companies may deny claims for invisible illnesses due to a lack of objective medical evidence or because a person has not participated in treatment/followed treatment recommendations or is not under the care of an appropriate physician.

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Is Long Term Disability Insurance Worth It

The best time to buy long term disability insurance is right now.

A serious accident or injury can occur at any time, anywhere. If you wait until you become disabled, it will be too late to get covered. That’s why the worst thing you can do is assume “it can’t happen to me.”

Furthermore, putting a plan in place today comes with a serious financial incentive. Like just about any other type of insurance, long term disability coverage only gets more expensive with age. Thatâs why it makes sense to lock in a lower rate at a young age.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not to insure your income is as important of a decision as you will ever make â and itâs entirely up to you.

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Benefits Of A Longer Elimination Period

A longer elimination period means lower premiums. If you can only afford so much for long-term disability insurance, you may need to pick a longer elimination period.

You should find the right balance of premium payments versus elimination period length that works for you. Most long-term disability insurance policies are the most cost-effective with a 90 day elimination period, so opting for a longer elimination period likely wonât be worth it.

Many people are able to get some financial support during the elimination period with a short-term disability policy, which has shorter elimination periods and pays benefits for a much shorter amount of time.

Ready to shop for disability insurance?

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List Of Conditions That Qualify For Ltd In The United States:

Again, you may be eligible for short or long term disability benefits in the U.S. even if your condition isnt listed above. Not only do many other conditions qualify, but a combination of medical conditions also can qualify. To find out more about your specific case, please do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey. We can determine if your medical condition or combination of conditions qualifies you for benefits under the terms of your disability policy.

What Happens If I Quit My Job While On Short Term Disability


Unlike a leave of absence you might take under the Family and Medical Leave Act , short-term disability doesnt offer any direct job protection. Many people are surprised to hear that you can legally be fired from your job while on leave, and you also arent entitled to the exact same position when you return.

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Request An Application From Your Employer

Someone at your employers Human Resources Department should be able to provide you with an application and all instructions to complete your LTD application. However, sometimes there are situations where your employer fails to provide you with the materials necessary to apply for LTD benefits. If so, you can probably find an application from the insurance company or claim administrator online. For example, if CIGNA is your insurer, try a Google search for CIGNA long term disability application or CIGNA long term disability claim form. There is a good chance that the forms necessary to apply for LTD benefits will be available on the insurance company or claim administrators website.

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