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How To Be Approved For Disability Benefits

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Assessment By Your Rheumatologist


Your rheumatologist can also give a professional opinion on your limitations. This includes an assessment of your ability to:

  • sit, stand, and walk in an 8-hour workday
  • lift and carry heavy loads
  • conduct fluid movements like bending, balancing, or crawling
  • maintain punctuality and attendance at work

The SSA takes all documentation into consideration before making a decision on your disability application. Once you submit your application, a team of doctors that works with the SSA will evaluate all of its components.

The team of doctors will also include a psychologist to see if FM has resulted in any mental impairment. These impairments are based on:

  • memory
  • speech
  • word-finding

The team interprets your medical information and attempts to predict the impact of your condition on your overall function and well-being.

When youre ready to apply for disability benefits, you can apply:

  • online
  • at 800-772-1213, or if youre hard of hearing, TTY 800-325-0778

Until March 2020, you were also able to apply for benefits at your local Social Security office. However, in-person service is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SSA says you can apply for benefits as soon as you receive a fibromyalgia disability diagnosis.

Its best to apply for benefits once you become disabled. The SSA states that theres a 5-month waiting period before your benefits begin. Moreover, it may be 7 months before you receive the first payment.

Which Medical Conditions Are Likely To Qualify For Disability

While any of the above medical conditions are SSDI and SSI qualifying disabilities, some medical conditions are more likely to lead to an approval of benefits than others. We recently surveyed our readers about their experiences in applying for disability benefits and compared their answers to government statistics. The conditions most likely to get approved were multiple sclerosis and some types of cancers. Respiratory disorders and joint disease were also high on the list. For the details, see our article on survey statistics on getting Social Security disability for common medical conditions.

The Other Parts Of Medicare

  • Medicare Advantage Plan people with Medicare Parts A and Part B can choose to receive all of their health care services through plans that are offered by private companies and approved by Medicare. For more information, we recommend you read Medicare’s How do Medicare Advantage Plans work?
  • Medicare Part D helps pay for medications doctors prescribe for treatment. For more information on the enrollment periods for Part D, we recommend you read Medicare’s How to get prescription drug coverage page.

If you receive Medicare and have limited resources and income, you may be eligible for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs.

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‘apply As Early As Possible’

The first thing to realize about applying for Social Security disability benefits is that it is often a lengthy process, Geist said.

Once an initial application is filed with the Social Security Administration, it can take three months to five months to get a decision. If that initial application is denied, it can take four months to six months for the application to be reconsidered on a first appeal, Geist said.

From there, if the application has to be reviewed at a hearing, it can take up to 12 months just to get scheduled before a judge, Geist said.

“Apply as early as possible, because it is a long process,” Geist said.

A 2020 Government Accountability Office report found that about 1.3% of applicants filed for bankruptcy while waiting on their appeals, and 1.2% died before receiving a final decision.

“Many particularly those without legal representation end up wrongfully denied on multiple occasions before finally being approved with a lawyer’s help,” said Rebecca Vallas, senior fellow that the Century Foundation. “Untold numbers spend what savings they have to try to stay afloat while waiting for an appeal to be heard and countless more lose their homes in the process.”

There are about 8.2 million disabled workers collecting benefits, according to the Social Security Administration. Their average monthly benefit is $1,277.

Ideally You Should Have Already Been Out Of Work For Five Months Or More When You Apply For Ssdi

If I am approved for disability, how much will my Social ...

If you work up until the day you submit your disability benefits application, the SSA will almost certainly reject it. Thats because you must prove that you cannot work directly as a result of your disability to qualify for benefits. In some cases, you can show that it was difficult to work full-time because of your disability. But for the most part, spending the last five months unemployed because youre disabled seems to be the sweet spot. The SSA will also ask you:

  • Whether your medical condition caused you to cease working at your previous job
  • If you had to reduce hours before leaving work altogether
  • Whether your employer had to provide special help in order for you to complete your routine job tasks

If you have an especially complicated claim, ask a Social Security attorney to review your application before submitting it. Lawyers often know disability secrets that apply to someone in your specific situation that you wouldnt find anywhere online.

IMPORTANT: Did you have an unexpected/abrupt accident or illness? If a sudden disability makes working obviously impossible on a short-term basis, you may be exempted from the five-month rule. The SSA will estimate how long your inability to work should last based on your medical diagnosis. If its one year or longer, you may still qualify for disability benefits.

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Why Is There A Shortfall In The Disability Insurance Trust Fund And What Can Be Done About It

As described above, Disability Insurance is funded by a dedicated share of payroll tax contributions0.9 percent of taxable wages paid by workers and the same amount by employers. Since the mid-1990s the Social Security Administration has consistently projected that the Disability Insurance trust fund would have sufficient reserves to cover all scheduled benefits until 2016, but that after that date, additional funds would be needed to avoid a shortfall in the necessary funds to continue paying full benefits. If no action is taken to address the shortfall, the Disability Insurance trust fund will only be able to pay 80 percent of scheduled benefit levels after 2016.

Congress has addressed similar shortfallsin both the Disability Insurance trust fund and the Old Age and Survivors Insurance trust fund, which pays retirement benefitsnearly a dozen times in the past by temporarily reallocating the share of overall payroll tax revenues that is dedicated to each trust fund. In some cases, they have reallocated funds from the Disability Insurance trust fund to the Old Age and Survivors Insurance trust fund in others, they have reallocated funds from the Old Age and Survivors Insurance trust fund to the Disability Insurance trust fund.

Victor Malca Law A Trusted Name In Florida

Victor Malca P.A. has over 25 years of litigation experience in Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability lawsuits. His experience and continued success in fighting for his clients puts among the most trusted workers compensation lawyers in Florida. Our area of expertise is in representing injured workers on compensation benefit cases and disabled individuals claim social security disability benefits.

Our unwavering advocacy for employee rights and privileges are recognized by our past clients across South Florida. Book a free consultation today.

About The Author

Judy Ponio is a writer for Victor Malca Law P.A. and enjoys helping people with questions about social security, workers compensation, and other serious matters involving peoples livelihood. She is not an attorney and her writing should not be considered legal advice.

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What Happens At Dds

Each case is assigned to a disability examiner who writes to all medical and other sources listed by the applicant. Often the treating sources’ medical records provide enough documentation for the determination of disability.

In some cases, the DDS purchases a consultative examination. The treating physician/psychologist is asked if he/she would like to do the consultative exam if one is needed. If the treating source is not qualified or unwilling to perform the consultative examination, it is scheduled with an independent source. The DDS also asks the claimant to complete a form that describes the job duties, skills, and exertion levels of all jobs the claimant had in the last 15 years.

When all required medical and vocational information is received, the disability examiner and staff physician and/or psychologist carefully evaluates each claim, using the sequential evaluation process.

You May Qualify For Legal Assistance

SSDI Approval Does Not Mean LTD Disability Insurance Benefits Will Be Paid

Today, the SSA can take anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years to approve your disability claim for benefits. If you cant afford to go that long without any income, why not get a disability lawyer to file your application? You can sign up for a free, no-obligation paperwork review by clicking the button below today!

People who qualify for legal assistance through our website typically get a lump-sum payment totaling over $10,000 plus monthly benefits. Those who apply on their own usually appeal 2-3 denials in court before they get their first SSD payment. In fact, 4 out of every 5 disability appeals that win have legal assistance. Every disability lawyer in our network offers contingency-based help. That means if the SSA doesnt award you benefits, you pay $0 for legal assistance. And if you do win, youll only pay a small, one-time fee.

Ready to see if you may qualify? Click the button below to start your free online benefits evaluation now!

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How Common Is It For Beneficiaries To Return To Work

Both Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security provide incentives for beneficiaries to work. Disability Insurance beneficiaries are encouraged to work up to their full capacity and can earn an unlimited amount for up to 12 months without losing any benefits. Beneficiaries who work for more than 12 months and have earnings above the substantial gainful activity level cease to receive a monthly benefit. If at any point in the next five years their condition worsens and they are not able to continue working above the substantial gainful activity level, however, they are eligible for expedited reinstatement of their benefits. This means they do not need to repeat the entire, and typically lengthy, disability-determination process that they initially went through to qualify for benefits.

Supplemental Security beneficiaries who are able to work are encouraged to do so as well. Their benefits are reduced based on their earningsafter the first $85 of earnings each month, which is not counted against the benefitbut by only $1 for every $2 of earnings. Beneficiaries who are able to do some work will therefore always be better off with both earnings and a reduced benefit than just the benefit alone.

Example : How To Be Approved For Disability Benefits

Imagine, George filed for disability benefits. On his application, he listed his past work as a supervisor in a warehouse. Social Security needed more information about his job duties. Particularly, they needed to know if he hired or fired other employees. George provided a detailed description of his job. Social Security could properly categorize his past work. Based on the additional information, Social Security approved Georges disability benefits.

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Does Your Credit Get Pulled For Pre

Can Eligibility Affect Your Credit? As long as the mortgage eligibility only asks you to share the estimated points, or the lender ensures your credit is attractive, your credit will not be affected.

Can you get a pre-approval without a credit pull?

With a preliminary certificate, you do not have to provide much information about your finances, and the lender will not pull off your loan. Without your credit report, your lender can only give you estimates. This means the amount of approval, loan program and interest rate may change as the lender receives more information.

Do they run your credit for pre-approval?

Pre-approved mortgage lending may also require a solid loan check, which means pre-approved mortgage lending can damage your loan. You should be aware, however, that the problem of bridge bridges related to one difficult question, if any, will be a little temporary.

What Is The Easiest Va Disability To Claim

Overview of CPP Disability Benefits: Are You Eligible ...

VAs Simplest # 1 Disability Claim: Tinnitus According to the 2018-2019 disability claims data, Tinnitus was the number one VA disability claims number of all Soldiers with 157,152 compensation. 93.6% of Veterans are rated at 10%. Tinnitus can have one VA rating. It is 10% or nothing.

What percentage of VA disability claims are denied?

The Veteran Affairs website states that 75 percent of all initial VA benefits applications are rejected. These requests are often rejected because they contain incomplete information or lack the necessary documentation. Other reasons for refusal include: There is not enough evidence to support your disability.

What is the VA 5 year rule?

The 5-year VA Disability Assessment Act states that the US Department of Veterans Affairs cannot reduce a veterans disability assessment if he or she was five years of age or older until the situation shows steady improvement over time. In this case, the jihadist assessment is considered a stable assessment.

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Health Resources For People With Disabilities

Federal, state, and local government agencies and programs can help with your health needs if you have a disability.

Visit USA.govs Government Benefits page to learn more about government programs and services that can help you and your family.

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan provides monthly payments to people who contribute to the plan during their working years.

You may be eligible for CPP disability benefits if:

  • you contributed to the CPP for a certain number of years
  • you’re under 65 years old
  • you have a severe and prolonged mental or physical disability
  • your disability prevents you from working on a regular basis

The benefits include payments to children of a person with a disability.

Apply as early as possible if you think you’re eligible for CPP disability benefits. Quebec residents may be eligible for a similar program called the Quebec Pension Plan . It may take several months to process your application.

If you applied for CPP or QPP disability benefits and were told that you’re not eligible, you can ask to have your application reviewed or considered again.

Once you reach age 65, your CPP disability benefit will automatically change to regular CPP payments. Your regular CPP payments may be less than the CPP disability payments you got before.

If so, consider:

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Claiming The Disability Amount Once The Dtc Application Is Approved

You can claim the disability amount on your tax return once the person with the disability is eligible for the DTC.

If a person was eligible for the DTC for previous years but did not claim the disability amount when they sent their tax return, they can request adjustments for up to 10 years under the CRA’s Taxpayer Relief Provision.

To claim the disability amount for those prior years, you can ask for a reassessment. For more information, go to How to change a return.

See the following chart to know the maximum federal disability amounts and the maximum supplement for children with disabilities for prior years.

Maximum disability amounts

The Facts On Social Security Disability Insurance And Supplemental Security Income For Workers With Disabilities

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income provide critical lifelines for the roughly 12 million people with disabilities in the United States.

  • Shawn Fremstad
  • Rebecca Vallas

Nearly one out of every six working-age Americans29.5 million peoplehas a disability, making them much more likely to experience economic hardship than people without disabilities. Many people with disabilities are able to work, although they face greater challenges finding work than people without disabilities. But many individuals with severe and long-lasting disabilities have no or only limited capacity to work and are particularly vulnerable to economic hardship.

For roughly 12 million people with disabilities, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, both core components of our nations Social Security system, provide critical lifelines. The modest but vital assistance that Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security provide makes it possible for individuals with severe disabilities and health conditions to live independently, keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, and pay for needed, often life-sustaining medications and other basic expenses.

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When Your Benefits Start

Generally, if your application for Social Security Disability Insurance is approved, you must wait five months before you can receive your first SSDI benefit payment. This means you would receive your first payment in the sixth full month after the date we find that your disability began.

Example: Your disability began on June 15, 2020 and you applied on July 1, 2020. Your first benefit would be paid for the month of December 2020, the sixth full month of disability.

However, there is no waiting period if your disability results from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and you are approved for SSDI benefits on or after July 23, 2020.

Example: We found that your disability began on November 3, 2020 and you applied on January 11, 2021. We would pay your first benefit for the month of December 2020, the first full month of disability.

We pay SSDI benefits in the month following the month for which they are due. This means that the benefit due for December 2020 would be paid to you in January 2021, and so on.

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