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How To Apply For Social Security Disability For A Child

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Finding Records And Documents

How to Apply for Social Security for Autism

You will need to have important documents handy during the SSI application process. It is crucial to keep your child’s medical records organized in a care notebook with all your child’s medical and educational paperwork. The Social Security Administration will ask for many of these documents and accepts original documents only.

Here is a partial list of documents and proof to gather. We recommend you read over the full list of documents you may need on the SSI website.

  • Identification and proof of age: your child’s birth record or certificate and their Social Security card or number.
  • Proof of income: payroll stubs, tax returns, and checking account statements for the family or for your adult child.
  • Proof of living arrangements: rent receipt, deed, or property tax bill for the family.
  • Medical records: names of all your child’s medications, names and addresses of their doctors and other medical providers, and medical reports.
  • Education documents: a copy of your child’s Individualized Education Program , names and addresses of all teachers, caregivers and school therapists who see your child.

Once your child is approved for SSI, they will begin getting monthly payments, including back pay, for the months in the waiting period. If you want to learn more, the Social Security Administration has a web page about the application process and your rights.

How To Apply For Social Security Benefits On Behalf Of A Child With Hearing Loss

Submitted by Eric Minghella

If your child is experiencing hearing loss, then there may be help financially in terms of Social Security benefits. The Social Security Administration offers monthly benefits to those of all ages who cannot work because of a disability. If you believe that your childs hearing loss will prevent them in the future to maintain regular employment, then they may be able to qualify for Social Security benefits. Here is how to apply for Social Security benefits on behalf of a child with hearing loss.

How to Qualify for SSI Benefits

There are two types of financial benefits that the SSA administers to people with disabilities. They are Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income . SSDI benefits are for those who have worked in the past, but can no longer because of a disability. If your child is under 21, most likely they will not have worked enough to qualify for SSDI benefits. They will most likely have to apply for SSI benefits. SSI benefits are for individuals with a disability and very low income, regardless of any prior. To qualify, the SSA must deem your child disabled, but there are also very strict financial requirements. If your child is under 18 and you the parent are working, the SSA will take into consideration some of your income and resources to be available to your child.

How to Medically Qualify Using the Blue Book

How to Qualify Without a Cochlear Implant

If your child is between 5 and 18 they can qualify:

Payment Components And Rates

Child Disability Payment is tax-free and made up of 2 components:

  • care
  • 3 months old or over may qualify for the care component
  • 3 years old or over may qualify for the mobility component

If the child is terminally ill:

  • they qualify for the care component from birth
  • theyll also qualify for the mobility component if theyre 3 years old or over

A child’s care and mobility needs are not only about their physical ability. They can include:

  • emotional difficulties

This has 3 different payment rates:

  • lowest


This is a weekly rate of £23.70 and paid if the child either:

  • needs attention from someone, for a significant part of the day, in connection with their bodily functions due to a physical or mental disability
  • is 16 or older and, due to a mental or physical disability, unable to prepare a cooked main meal for themselves


This is a weekly rate of £60 and paid if the child either:

  • needs frequent attention from someone during the day, or prolonged or repeated attention at night, in connection with their bodily functions due to a physical or mental disability
  • needs continual supervision during the day, or another person to be awake for a prolonged period or at frequent intervals at night, to avoid substantial danger to themselves or others
  • gets renal dialysis treatment, during the day or at night, at least twice a week


This is a weekly rate of £89.60 and paid if the child either:

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Can My Child Lose Ssi

Once your child is approved for SSI and getting monthly payments, the Social Security Administration will look at your family or child’s income, resources and living arrangements once every one to six years. This process is called a redetermination. However, if the Social Security Administration has reason to believe that your income or your child’s income has changed, they can decide to review income every year.

In addition, there are some situations where the Social Security Administration will review your child’s case and make a recommendation to continue or stop payments because your child no longer meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. Timelines for these reviews vary. Here are some review guidelines:

  • If your child’s condition is expected to improve, a review will be done every three years.
  • Babies born with a low birth weight will be reviewed again at 1 year old.
  • As part of the review process, you might have to give proof that your child has been receiving medical treatment that is medically necessary.

As long as your child remains approved to get SSI, they will receive payments until age 18.

How Much Will My Child Get If I Get Ssdi

How a Child Can Qualify for Social Security Disability ...

Generally, your child will receive up to 50% of your total SSDI benefit. It is important to note that there is a maximum amount that a family can receive based on one disabled individuals benefits. The family limit is usually 150% 180% of the SSDI benefit awarded to the disabled individual.

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Social Security Disability And Ssi Benefits For Autism

Autism and other disorders that fall on the autism spectrum can make it difficult for children to reach specific developmental milestones and function socially. Adults with autism may be unable to work and earn a living, even with milder forms of the disorder.

The Social Security Administration recognizes conditions like autism as potentially disabling. They may qualify you or your child for Social Security Disability benefits through SSI or SSDI.

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Social Security Disability Filing

With childhood autism, the Social Security Administration has a listing in the Impairment Listing Manual under Section 112.10. Under this listing, there are requirements for the child to meet to be eligible for benefits. Examples of things that Social Security will consider are if your child had difficulty making friends and understanding social cues from others these are considered delays in reciprocal social interactions. Children on the Spectrum may have difficulties with changes to their schedules and knowing how to appropriately express emotions, such as disappointment or anger. Information from doctors, teachers, daycare providers, and family members can be very useful in helping Social Security determine your childs disability and eligibility for benefits.

A diagnosis of autism does not automatically make a child eligible to receive benefits. Children with autism are often very high functioning. In order to determine disability Social Security will look at your childs development and ability to function in comparison to other children their age. If your childs development is significantly delayed compared to their peers, they may qualify for benefits. Social Security uses 6 domains to evaluate your childs disability. Having an experienced representative to help you understand what evidence you will need is very important. Disability Support Services representatives have many years of experience and can help you navigate this maze.

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Who Can Get Ssdi

For adult benefits, any worker who has a disability that keeps them from working as they once did may be able to get SSDI. This includes adults with disabilities or special health care needs.

An adult applying for SSDI must have worked for a specific number of quarters and earned a certain minimum amount of money per quarter. You can find these amounts at the Social Security Administrations Benefits Planner page.

Your child must also have a disability or special health care need that prevents them from working, and their condition must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of an adult disability for SSDI. There are hundreds of medical conditions on the Listing of Impairments, including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and diabetes.

The Social Security Administration looks at areas of your childs life and situation before approving SSDI benefits for your child. The decision is largely based on whether the following 3 statements are true:

  • Your child cannot do the work that they did before due to an injury, a disability, an illness, or other medical condition.
  • Your child cannot adjust to other work because of their medical conditions.
  • Your childs disability has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 1 year or is life threatening.

What Are Social Security Disability Benefits For Children

Social Security Disability For Kids | Payouts for Minor Children

SSDI gives monthly cash benefits to those workers or children of workers who have paid enough Social Security taxes to get disability earnings they can use when they are no longer able to work.

Our adult children with disabilities or special health care needs can collect SSDI benefits in 2 ways. The first is when your child gets benefits based on their own employment record if they are approved for these benefits. The second is by collecting childs benefits, which is when an adult child gets benefits through their parents Social Security retirement and disability earnings. While both ways can give your child financial help, there are different rules for each.

In either case, once your child has been receiving SSDI benefits for 24 months, they can get Medicare health insurance too.

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How Is Autism Diagnosed

Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder early can make life easier for afflicted children and their families. However, making an ASD diagnosis can be difficult. Because there are no specific tests for the disorder, doctors rely solely on observing young childrens behavior and listening to parental concerns.

Autism symptoms vary greatly. Some individuals who fall on the spectrum are highly intelligent, able to take care of themselves, and live on their own. Others may have severe mental disabilities. No matter where they fall on the spectrum, your childs diagnosis will require a two-step process. The first is making sure your child sees their pediatrician for their 18- and 24-month checkups. The doctor will talk to and watch your child as well as ask you questions about their behavior and development and your familys medical history.

If your childs pediatrician suspects your child has ASD, theyll refer you to a team of specialists. This may include a neurologist, developmental pediatrician, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, and/or a child psychologist. Theyll evaluate further your childs life skills like going to the bathroom, dressing himself, and eating as well as their language abilities and cognitive level. Your child must meet the requirements put forth in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association in order to receive an official diagnosis.

Ssi Benefit For Two Children With Autism

Learn how people with severe hearing loss can seek work modifications, either on their own or by securing a Social Security residual functional capability rating to restrict work conditions.

Hi Benefits Advisor,

Chris in St. Joseph, MI

Dear Chris,

The calculation of how much parental income is deemed available for the support of disabled children is the same whether you have one or more disabled children. The only difference is that with multiple disabled children, the deemed amount is split among the children.

In the case of your family, I calculate the same figure as you, $333 for each of your two children . The calculation follows the formula given you by the Social Security Administration. The formula makes provisions for parents supporting themselves and their non-disabled children and gives a work incentive by not counting part of the earned income.

With regard to resource rules, two parents living in the same household with one or more disabled children can have $3,000 in countable assets and each disabled child can have $2,000. If you and your wife have more than $3,000, the excess will be divided between your two disabled children and counted toward their individual $2,000 limits. Note that several assets are not countable including but not limited to a home you live in, one vehicle, resources necessary for self-support and certain kinds of burial policies.


Benefits Advisor

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How Much Work Do You Need

In addition to meeting our definition of disability, you must have worked long enough and recently enough under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits.

Social Security work credits are based on your total yearly wages or self-employment income. You can earn up to four credits each year.

The amount needed for a work credit changes from year to year. In 2021, for example, you earn one credit for each $1,470 in wages or self-employment income. When you’ve earned $5,880, you’ve earned your four credits for the year.

The number of work credits you need to qualify for disability benefits depends on your age when you become disabled. Generally, you need 40 credits, 20 of which were earned in the last 10 years ending with the year you become disabled. However, younger workers may qualify with fewer credits.

For more information on whether you qualify, refer to How You Earn Credits.

Successfully Receive Social Security Disability Benefits With Autism

Social Security Disability Application Form For Child ...

Families can often make sacrifices to support their children and make sure they live joyful and productive lives. When a family has an autistic child, sometimes those sacrifices financially increase in order to improve their childs quality of life through needs such as doctor visits and therapy. Luckily, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits

Families can often make sacrifices to support their children and make sure they live joyful and productive lives. When a family has an autistic child, sometimes those sacrifices financially increase in order to improve their childs quality of life through needs such as doctor visits and therapy. Luckily, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to help those families with the medical and living costs of getting help for autism. As the application process can have its ups and downs, fully understanding it can be extremely useful to successfully file a disability claim.

Disability Benefit Programs

The Social Security Administration offers two types of disability benefits programs to help families and individuals: Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

For Adults:

  • They cant do the type work that they did before
  • They cant do other types of work because of their medical condition and
  • The condition will last for at least one year.

How to Prepare

Now Its Your Turn

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If You Are Offered Services Under The Ticket To Work Program

Social Security may send you a Ticket that you can use to obtain services to help you go to work or earn more money. You may take the Ticket to your state vocational rehabilitation agency or to an Employment Network of your choice. Employment Networks are private organizations that have agreed to work with Social Security to provide employment services to beneficiaries with disabilities. Your participation in the Ticket Program is voluntary and the services are provided at no cost to you.

My Child Has A Savings Account: Will That Disqualify Them From Getting Ssi

It depends on how much money is in your childs saving account. Generally speaking, the asset limit for any individual who receives SSI is $2,000 in the bank at any given time.

Since 2014, any disabled person who became disabled before the age of 26 has had the opportunity to keep money above the $2,000 limit in an ABLE account and still qualify for SSI.

So! If you have a plump saving account for your child , transfer that money into an ABLE account and keep under $2,000 in the regular bank account.

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After You Apply For Social Security Benefits

Your application will be reviewed by Disability Determination Services . DDS is an office within the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services . Even though Social Security is a federal program and makes the final eligibility decisions, DDS helps the Social Security Administration process your application. Someone from DDS will likely contact you to tell you whether your application was successful, or to get more information. If you have already filed a disability claim with Social Security, you can contact DDS at 512-437-8000 or 1-800-252-7009 for information or questions concerning your claim.

For more details, download What You Should Know Before You Apply for SSI Disability Benefits for a Child .

How Can My Adult Child Qualify For Ssdi

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits for Transition Age Youth by Lucy Miller

SSDI is a benefit available to people who have paid taxes to the Social Security Administration , much like Social Security retirement. Even if your adult child never worked, he may be eligible for Social Security “child” benefits based on your Social Security earnings record if your child:

  • became disabled before his or her 22nd birthday
  • is 18 years of age or older
  • is not married , and
  • has a parent who begins to get Social Security retirement or disability benefits or has a parent with a qualifying work history who dies.

In addition to these requirements, you must be able to prove that your child’s medical condition prevents him from performing what Social Security calls “substantial gainful activity” . For 2021, SGA is defined as earning $1,310 a month from work. To determine whether an adult child can work, the SSA uses the same disability guidelines for an adult who was disabled before the age of 22 as it does for a person who didn’t become disabled until adulthood.

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