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How To Apply For Disability In Michigan

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How Much Money Do You Get On Disability In Michigan

Applying for Disability in Michigan

Usually, the maximum SSI benefits amount is $783 . The VTR reduction is one-third of that, or $261.00. Therefore, if the VTR rule applies, the maximum SSI benefits amount most people can get is $783 $261.00 = $522.00. An individual in this situation also gets $9.33 every three months from the state of Michigan.

Obtaining Social Security Disability Income Benefits

If you have been in the workforce for a specified number of years and have regularly paid Social Security taxes during this time, you might be eligible to recover Social Security disability benefits. In addition to meeting the credit requirement, you must suffer from a disability the SSA covers.

In terms of money, to maintain your eligibility for SSDI benefits, you cannot make more than $1,180 per monththe substantial gainful activity limit. If you do make more than that amount, the government will not consider you disabled, regardless of your particular medical condition. Moreover, your diagnosed medical condition must limit your ability to do certain job duties for a period of at least 12 months. Those job duties could include the following:

  • Standing
  • Lifting
  • Sitting

Applicable medical conditions supported by the SSA include cystic fibrosis, chronic heart failure, blood clotting, certain bleeding disorders, and chronic liver disease. In general, the medical condition must have lastedor must be expected to lastfor a period of 12 months or greater. Alternatively, the medical condition must be one for which death is anticipated in the future.

If the applicants medical condition prohibits him or her from performing work duties in the past , the SSA will look to see if jobs are available that the applicant would still be able to do, despite his or her medical condition.

Michigan’s State Supplement For Ssi

If you haven’t worked long enough, or recently enough, to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you could still be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income payments. SSI is a needs-based federal disability program and there are no earnings requirements. However, you do have to fall under strict asset and income limits to qualify for SSI benefits.

Those who receive SSI in Michigan may be eligible for a small additional monthly payment from the state. The amount of this benefit varies depending on the living arrangements of the disabled person. For example, under the current laws, Michigan SSI recipients who reside in a Medicaid facility would receive only $7 extra per month, but those who live independently would get an extra $14 each month, and those who live in a private home for the aged would get an extra $179.30 per month.

For couples, the amounts are included below:


Home for Aged


The Michigan Department of Human Services administers the state supplement for those living in a private residence the Social Security Administration administers the payment for all others.

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Understanding The Process Of Filing For Social Security Disability

For many Michigan residents, the thought of filing for Social Security Disability benefits is daunting. Many are unsure of where to begin, how long the process will take and which pieces of information they will need to gather for a successful SSD application.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Willis Law have helped the people of southwest Michiganpursue SSD benefits for years, and we can help you too. We take immense pride in our reputation for providing outstanding customer service, and we will work diligently to help you obtain the benefits you need for a secure future.

Michigan Social Security Disability Branch Offices

Form MV

You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits by visiting one of the Social Security branch offices throughout Michigan. For branch locations, or to speak with a representative, you can contact the Social Security Administration by dialing 772-1213 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Have your Social Security number ready when you call.

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Speak With A Michigan Social Security Lawyer Today

The process of filing for and obtaining Social Security benefits in Michigan can be both convoluted and confusing. The knowledgeable legal team at Thurswell Law can explain every step of the process to you and can assist you with filing your application or appealing a denial.

To schedule a free consultation or case evaluation with a Michigan Social Security lawyer, please contact us online or call us at 354-2222.

If Your Application Is Approved

If DDS determines your medical condition meets the disability criteria, it will recommend to the retirement board that your application be approved. If the board agrees with the DDS evaluation, ORS will notify you of the approval. We will then process your application and insurance enrollments and you will receive your first pension payment four to six weeks after all required information is received. Your first payment will include any past due benefits as well.

If the board approves your disability retirement and you have not terminated your employment with your school yet, contact your human resource office immediately so your benefits are not delayed. If you do not terminate employment within 30 days of the board’s decision, you may have to reapply.

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What Are The Five Steps In The Ssd Evaluation

Here are the five steps the SSA will use when it decides whether you are disabled and therefore qualify for SSD benefits. They can be thought of as five questions the SSA will ask.

1. Are you currently doing any substantial gainful activity?

The Social Security Administration first asks, in essence, if you are currently working. The way it decides if you are working is by asking whether you are engaged in what it calls substantial gainful activity.

So what does that mean? It most cases, it just means that the Social Security Administration will look at how much you actually earn every month. If you earn more than a certain amount, the agency does not consider you to be disabled. The amount changes every year. For 2014, you have to earn less than $1,070 per month. If you earn more than that, then the SSA will conclude you are engaging in a substantial gainful activity and you are not disabled. .

2. Is your condition severe?

After deciding that you are not working at a substantial gainful activity, the SSA asks whether your condition is severe. That means you must have a real medical problem that a doctor can identify, and your condition must interfere with basic work-related activities. Those can include activities like walking, sitting, standing, and moving and carrying things. It also can include hearing, speaking, and seeing, and being able to interact with others at a workplace like understanding instructions and directions about how to accomplish tasks.

If You Return To Work

Applying for SSDI Benefits in Michigan – Updated for 2021 | Citizens Disability

If you return to employment, there is a limit on how much you can earn without affecting your pension. As a disability retiree, you can be employed only after receiving the approval of the retirement system, and you can earn up to the difference between your final average compensation and your annual pension without your pension being reduced. If you earn more than the limit, you will have to repay the excess amount to the retirement system . This limit applies until you reach the regular age and service pension requirements.

See Leaving Employment, Savings Component

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Assistance Available For Social Security Disability Claims

The above process is definitely tiresome and consists of a significant amount of hassle. Moreover, a person and family dealing with a major mishappening and disability dont usually have the mental and physical bandwidth to deal with such long procedures. Thankfully, theres help available for such people. We, at Huron Case Management, specialize in assisting people with applying for a social security disability claim in Michigan. We help a person and their family throughout each step of the process. Whether its collecting and reviewing documents, coordinating with healthcare providers or dealing with the relevant authorities, we take care of it all for you. With a significant expertise in the area, we will make the process easy and seamless for you and make the painful experience more bearable. To know more about social security disability claims in Michigan, contact us here.

We, at Huron Case Management, provide case management and social security disability claims in Royal Oak, Michigan. To know more and connect with our experts, contact us at 487-6626 or HURONCM.

How to Reach Us

You Or Your Family Members May Be Eligible For Increased Benefits

Our mission is to deliver Social Security services that meet the changing needs of the public.

Its not unusual for a benefit recipients circumstances to change after they apply or became eligible for benefits. If you, or a family member, receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income , certain life changes may affect eligibility for an increase in your federal benefits. For example, if your spouse or ex-spouse dies, you may become eligible for a higher Social Security benefit.

To find out if you, or a family member, might be eligible for a benefit based on another persons work, or a higher benefit based on your own work, see the information about benefits on the Social Security website. You can also use the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool to find out if you could get benefits that Social Security administers. Based on your answers to questions, this tool will list benefits for which you might be eligible and tell you more information about how to qualify and apply.

The questions and answers below are about a few of the life changes that could possibly increase your benefits.

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Program #: Michigan State Disability Assistance

If approved for either SSDI or SSI, you probably qualify for state-based Michigan disability payments as well. And if your condition isnt expected to keep you from working for 12 months, apply for Michigan SDA first! Here are the basic requirements to apply for Michigan disability through the states SDA program:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or approved resident alien
  • Caregivers for disabled persons or individuals aged 65 and up may qualify
  • Must reside in Michigan and not currently receiving benefits from another state
  • Cannot have cash or assets totaling more than $3,000 in value
  • Current SSDI or SSI beneficiaries can qualify for supplemental state-based payments

After approval, SDA claimants can get paid this amount in monthly Michigan disability benefits:

  • $200 for each eligible individual
  • $315 for an eligible adult plus their spouse

Bonus Tip: If you get an SSI or SSDI award letter in the mail, immediately apply for Michigan SDA! It takes about 60 days after you file your application to get approved for SDA benefits. That way, youll up to $200 more in Michigan disability each month in addition to your federal payments.

Social Security Disability Claims In Michigan: Things You Need To Know

Do You Need Assistance With Social Security Disability ...

Michigan Disability Claim Advocates: Out of the 6 million people living in Michigan, approximately 4.8% of those currently receive social security disability benefits. Additionally, at this time, there is also a large backlog of applicants waiting for a decision on their social security disability claims in Michigan around 50,000 per year. This isnt because of the slow system, but a large bulk of those applications are usually denied on the initial process of their claim.

If you have found yourself in a situation needing SSD benefits, dont be baffled by the numbers above. Youre already under so much stress, and filing for disability claims should be the least of your concerns. Here, well talk about the entire process and what we can do to ensure that youll go through the entire process smoothly and get favorable results.

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Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits In Michigan

There are multiple ways to file for Social Security disability in Michigan. You can file in person at a local Social Security Administration field office. Or you can telephone the SSA at 772-1213 or apply online at .

To apply for disability benefits in Michigan, you’ll need to have a significant amount of information on hand, including details about the condition that cause you to be unable to work, medical or psychiatric treatment you’ve obtained , and your past employment and earnings.

After you file your application, it will be sent to Disability Determination Services , a state-level agency under the Michigan Department of Health Services. A claims examiner at DDS will decide whether you are disabled.

How To Apply For Ssd Benefits Online

Nowadays you can file for SSD benefits by going through the online application process found on theSocial Security website. Before you apply for benefits, you need to gather the appropriate information and documents that you will need :

  • Your Social Security number, date and place of birth
  • The same information for your current or former spouse
  • Names and DOBs for any of your minor children
  • Electronic deposit details
  • Details about your illness or injuries
  • Details about your current or former employment and income
  • Your birth certificate, proof of citizenship, military papers , latest W-2s and tax returns, documents from any temporary or permanent workers’ comp benefits
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    How Our Law Firm Helps Clients Through The Process

    Without legal knowledge, the application for SSD benefits is often intimidating. By securing legal representation early in the process, you can avoid this feeling. Our attorneys will walk you through the application process, explain which documents you need to support your claim and ensure that the Social Security Administration has all of the information it needs to make a decision on your case.

    Also, by beginning the process with an attorney’s help, you will not waste time obtaining documents that are irrelevant to your situation or file an application that is incomplete. When time is of the essence, as it so often is for those who need SSD benefits to remain financially stable, why risk extending the process?

    How To Apply For Ssi In Michigan

    SSID Lawyer – Applying for Social Security Disability Michigan – Supplemental Benefits MI

    To simplify the application process, its best to verify your eligibility for SSI before you begin. You can do this quickly and easily by checking the requirements provided by the Social Security Administration. You must be blind, disabled, or at least 65 years of age to apply for disability in Michigan. In addition, you must have a limited income, limited resources, and U.S. citizenship.

    For the purposes of this application, your income includes:

    • Earned income such as wages or royalties.
    • Unearned income such as Social Security benefits, state disability payments, and unemployment benefits.
    • In-kind income such as food or shelter thats provided free or at a discounted rate.
    • Deemed income such as income from a spouse or parents that reside with you.

    Your resources include your:

    • Personal property.
    • Life insurance.

    If you believe you may be eligible for SSI benefits, you can apply online, in person, or by phone. Gather all applicable documentation before you begin so you can proceed through the application as smoothly as possible. You may need to have your:

    • Social security card.
    • Citizenship status record.
    • Proof of income including payroll stubs, tax returns, and bank statements.
    • Proof of resources including the deed for your home, life or disability insurance policy information, and vehicle registrations.
    • Proof of your living arrangements.
    • Medical documents pertaining to your blindness or disability.
    • Work history.

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    Maximum Monthly Ssi Payments Are $783/person Or $1175/couple In 2020

    Again, this monthly federal aid program only helps the poorest Americans that are blind, disabled or over 65. For this reason, the SSA investigates any reason to deny you SSI benefits. Do you live rent-free with your family or get free meals through church? Theyll count those as money, and include them in your monthly SSI income limit.Please dont lie to the SSA about anything when you apply for SSI. The SSA checks up on anyone getting SSI every three years to confirm theyre still eligible for benefits. If they think you dont qualify for SSI anymore, youll get an overpayment letter in the mail. That means youll have to repay any SSI benefits they say you owe them all at once. If you cant pay that amount, the SSA will keep your benefits or IRS refund until that debt is repaid.

    Contact A Michigan Disability Lawyer

    It may be helpful to contact an experienced disability lawyer to talk about your case, especially if you’ve been denied once already. To find an attorney in your area, visit our list of Michigan disability lawyers.

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