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How Much Is Disability Living Allowance

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If Your Child Has A Terminal Illness

How To Claim Disability Living Allowance Rates

Special rules allow children who are terminally ill to get help quickly. A child is considered to be terminally ill if they have a progressive illness that is likely to limit their life expectancy to six months or less. It is impossible to say exactly how long someone will live and some children who receive DLA under these rules live much longer than six months.

Under these special rules your child does not have to satisfy the qualifying period . They also do not have to have been present in Great Britain for 104 weeks out of the last 156 week before claiming they only need to be present at the time of claiming.

If you are claiming DLA for a child under these rules, their claim should include a DS1500 form which is available from your childs GP or consultant. You do not have to complete the main part of the claim form that asks about your childs personal care or supervision needs as they will automatically qualify for the higher rate care component. You will, however, have to complete the sections about any mobility problems your child has for them to be awarded the mobility component.

How To Apply For Eia

For more information on how to apply for EIA, contact your local EIA office.

Phone: 204-948-4000 in Winnipeg

After-hours emergency support may be available if you have a crisis that cannot wait until regular business hours. For emergency support, call 204-945-0183 in Winnipeg or toll free at 1-866-559-6778.

Can I Get Dla

Children who are under the age of 16 and have difficulties walking or need much more looking after than a child of the same age who doesn’t have a disability may be eligible for DLA. The DWP makes the decision about the amount of Disability Living Allowance you get and for how long. The amount of DLA you get is made up of 2 parts called components – the care component and the mobility component. Each component is paid at different rates.

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More Information About Dla

We have produced a guide full of hints and tips about claiming DLAfor children with cystic fibrosis. If you need more information or need help with your claim, please speak to your CF team or contact our helpline on 0300 373 1000 or . We are open MondayFriday, 9am5pm.

For information about DLA and the telephone number you need to start a claim, please visit the Government website.

For over 16s, DLA is being replaced by Personal Independence Payment.

Budgeting Loans And Advances

Are you eligible for Disability Living Allowance, what

This is a Government scheme providing interest-free loans to help if you need essential items for your home or other things that you cannot pay for in a lump sum, such as clothes and furnishings.

You can only apply if youve been on an income-based benefit for at least six months. Demand can be high, so there isnt a bottomless pit of money.

Savings over £1,000 will affect any payments. The money needs to be paid back within two years, usually directly from your benefits. Repayments range from 5%-20% of your available income depending on your circumstances.

If youre claiming universal credit, youll have to apply for an advance rather than a budgeting loan. The maximum you can get is the amount of your first estimated payment.

2021/22 amount: You can apply to borrow from £100 to £812 depending on your circumstances, the urgency of your situation and funds available in your region.

How to apply: Apply via your nearest Jobcentre Plus or download a SF500 claim form from

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How Do I Claim

Disability Living Allowance is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions and in Northern Ireland by the Disability and Carers Service. Contact details are on the Disability benefits helpline page and for Northern Ireland on the NIdirect website.

Is Scotland apply via Social Security Scotland if you are in one of the pilot areas.

Other Help You May Qualify For

Means-tested benefits and tax credits

If your child has been awarded DLA it is always a good idea to check if you are entitled to an increase in any means-tested benefits such as Universal Credit, or tax credits that you are already getting, or if you might be entitled to any means-tested benefits that you are not currently getting.

If you’re already receiving any means-tested benefits or tax credits you should notify all of the offices which pay them that your child is now getting DLA.

Note: You can still get the extra amounts below in Child Tax Credit and Universal Credit even if your child is not included in your claim do to the “two child limit”.

Universal Credit is assessed more generously when a child receives DLA. This is because families will qualify for an extra disabled child addition which will increase the amount of Universal Credit they are awarded. If your child is awarded the higher rate care component of DLA, a higher disabled child addition will increase the amount of Universal Credit even more.

Similarly Child Tax Credit can be higher. It means that families will qualify for an extra disability element which will increase the amount of Child Tax Credit they are awarded.

If you get help with your housing costs through Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, getting DLA for your child may increase the amount you are awarded if you are not already getting your rent covered in full.

Getting a benefit check

Exemption from the benefit cap


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If You Earn Money From Work

The DWP dont take any money off your ESA if both of the following apply:

  • you earn £143 or less each week
  • you work less than 16 hours each week on average

This is called permitted work.

  • Housing Benefit or Discretionary Housing Payments
  • Child Tax Credits or Child Benefit

If you get other benefits, contact your nearest Citizens Advice to check if your benefits affect your ESA.

Getting A Dla Decision

How To Complete Your Disability Living Allowance Form

Once youve sent your completed form to the office dealing with your Disability Living Allowance claim, you should get an acknowledgement within two weeks. You should normally get a decision within three months.

The Department for Work and Pensions , or Social Security Agency in Northern Ireland, will send you a decision letter telling you their decision.

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Can I Get Free Prescriptions

Medical prescriptions are free in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They are also free for people in England who meet certain criteria, including people who are:

  • under 16 or over 60
  • receiving Income Support, JSA, ESA or Universal Credit
  • pregnant
  • 16-18 and in full-time education
  • and/or have certain health conditions, including a continuing disability or diabetes that cant be controlled with diet.

What If Im Not Happy With A Dla Decision

If your child is refused DLA or awarded it at a lower rate than you expected, you may wish to challenge that decision.

Firstly you can ask for a decision to be looked at again. This is known as a mandatory reconsideration request, and you can do it by phone or in writing. You must normally ask for this within one month of the date of the decision you are challenging, although late requests will sometimes be accepted.

If you are still not happy with the outcome of the mandatory reconsideration, you can request an appeal. You must do this in writing using an appeal form . You must normally do this within one month of the date on your mandatory reconsideration decision, although late appeals will sometimes be accepted.

Find out more about .

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Will My Child Get Dla

Your child may be eligible for DLA if their epilepsy or any other disability or health condition means:

  • They need much more looking after than a child of the same age who doesnt have a disability and/or
  • They have difficulty getting about

They must have had these difficulties for at least 3 months and expect them to last for at least 6 months. If your child gets the middle or higher care rate of DLA and you care for them for 35 hours a week or more, you may be able to get Carers Allowance.

How Do I Claim Dla

What is Severe Disability Premium &  Allowance? How much ...

There is a specific form that is used for claiming Disability Living Allowance for a child, called DLA1A Child.

Its preferable to phone the DLA helpline and ask for this form, rather than downloading it yourself. This is because the form they send you will be date-stamped with the date you made your call and this will help ensure the benefit is paid from the earliest possible point. Order a claim form from the DLA Unit by calling 0800 121 4600, or for Northern Ireland call 0800 587 0912.

If a child has a terminal illness a claim can be made under special rules. for more details.

DLA cant be backdated. The earliest it can be paid is the date the form was requested or issued from the DLA Unit, after which you are given six weeks to complete and return the form. If your child qualifies, DLA will be paid from the date it was stamped.

If you dont call, the earliest DLA can be paid is from the date the benefits office receives your form. As it may take time to complete the form and get any medical evidence you may need, its always better to call and ask for a form to be sent to you.

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How Much Is Dla Worth

There are two components of DLA:

  • care component this can be paid at a lower, middle or higher rate there is no lower age limit for claiming.
  • mobility component this can be paid at a lower or higher rate. However, the higher rate cannot be paid until the child is three years of age and the lower rate cannot be paid until the child is five years of age.

For 2021/22 the rates are:

Disability Living Allowance For Adults

Disability Living Allowance for adults was a benefit for people aged under 65 who had problems:

  • walking
  • moving around outdoors safely
  • looking after themselves.

DLA for adults has now been replaced by Personal Independence Payment . If you live in England, Scotland or Wales and claimed before June 2013, you may still be getting DLA for adults.

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Who Can Get Dla

Your child may be able to get DLA up to the age of 16 if:

  • they need more looking after than most children of the same age, this includes help with washing, dressing, eating or using the toilet, or needing to be watched over to prevent harm
  • they’re three years old or over, and cannot walk, or have difficulty walking a short distance due to pain or breathlessness, or they have severe sight or mental impairment
  • they’re five years old or over, and can walk, but need more looking after when they are in unfamiliar places, than most children of the same age
  • they have other care or mobility needs in excess of most children of the same age
  • they have had these difficulties for at least three months and you expect them to last for at least another six months.

One or more of these needs may mean that the child qualifies for DLA care, or mobility payments, or both.

How Much Is It Worth

How To Change Disability Living Allowance

There are two different rates for each component of PIP. You may be able to receive one or both components.

Daily Living Component weekly rate

If you have a limited ability to carry out daily living activities Standard rate – £60.00
If you have severely limited mobility Enhanced rate – £62.55

If you receive the enhanced rate mobility component of PIP, you may be able to exchange it to hire or buy a car, scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability scheme.

You dont have to spend your PIP on care its up to you how you spend the money. Claiming PIP wont reduce the amount you receive from other benefits.

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Disability Benefits For Veterans

You may be eligible for disability benefits if you’re on disability from your service in the Canadian Armed Forces or Merchant Navy.

You may get social assistance payments from:

  • your province or territory
  • your First Nation

These payments will depend on your household income, savings and investments.

You may also be eligible for health-related benefits from your province or territory. These benefits may include benefits that help cover the cost of:

  • medications
  • medical aids or devices

Disability Benefits And Entitlements For Children

If your child has a disability or long-term health condition, you might be entitled to Disability Living Allowance for them as well as other financial support. Its important to know what disability benefits and entitlements your child might qualify for and how to claim them.

Whats in this guide

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Jsa And Low Income Benefits

Find out how to claim JSA and Low Income Benefits in United Kingdom. This informative section includes expert help and advice on how to get:

  • Income Support
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit

Note: One of the most visited pages is the ultimate guide to budgeting loans with essential guidance for people who need crisis assistance from the Social Fund.

Dla Change Of Circumstances

Disability Living Allowance

You must inform the Disability Service Centre if you have a change of circumstances such as an address change.

So, when do you need to inform the Disability Service Centre? You need to get in touch if any of the below apply:

  • You go into a hospital or care facility for more than 28 days
  • You leave the country for more than 13 weeks
  • The level of help you need changes
  • Your condition changes
  • Your name, address or bank details change
  • Your doctors details change
  • You wish to stop receiving your benefit

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Disability Assistance Rate Table


  • All rates are monthly.
  • An additional Transportation Supplement is provided to a person with the Persons with Disabilities designation as $52 in cash or as an in-kind bus pass.
  • In addition to the support rate, families may also receive a monthly payment for each child under 19 years of age. For more information, see Child Benefits Top-up Supplement.
  • Families of two or more that include someone on Old Age Security are entitled to a maximum shelter rate for the family size.
  • Shelter increments continue to increase by an additional $35 for each additional dependant after unit size 7.
  • Disability assistance is paid in the month following designation. In cases where designation occurs prior to the individual’s 18th birthday, payments begin in the month of the 18th birthday.

If You’re Over State Pension Age

If you are already getting DLA and are over State Pension age with a lifetime award, your DLA will continue, if you continue to meet the eligibility criteria. You will not be reassessed for Personal Independence Payment.

If youre over State Pension age and havent received DLA or Personal Independence Payment in the last year, you may be able to claim Attendance Allowance instead.

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What Is Disability Living Allowance

Disability Living Allowance is a benefit that helps with the extra costs that disabled people face as a result of their disabilities. DLA is not a means tested benefit and is not affected by earnings, other income or savings. As part of its welfare reform programme, the Government is replacing Disability Living Allowance with Personal Independence Payment for working age adults . You can only make a new claim for DLA if you’re claiming for a child under 16.

If You Have Walking Difficulties

What Is Disability Living Allowance?

You might get the mobility component of DLA if, when using your normal aid, you:

  • cannot walk
  • can only walk a short distance without severe discomfort
  • could become very ill if you try to walk

You might also get it if you:

  • have no feet or legs
  • are assessed as 100% blind and at least 80% deaf and you need someone with you when outdoors
  • are severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and get the highest rate of care for DLA
  • need supervision most of the time when walking outdoors
  • are certified as severely sight impaired and you were aged between 3 and 64 on 11 April 2011
Mobility component

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If You Need Help Looking After Yourself

You might get the care component of DLA if you:

  • need help with things like washing, dressing, eating, using the toilet or communicating your needs
  • need supervision to avoid putting yourself or others in danger
  • need someone with you when youre on dialysis
  • cannot prepare a cooked main meal

You can get this part if no one is actually giving you the care you need, or you live alone.

Care component Level of help you need
Lowest Help for some of the day or with preparing cooked meals
Middle £60.00 Frequent help or constant supervision during the day, supervision at night or someone to help you while on dialysis
Highest £89.60 Help or supervision throughout both day and night, or youre terminally ill

If you get DLA and Constant Attendance Allowance, the care component of your DLA will be reduced by the amount of Constant Attendance Allowance you get.

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