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Facebook Disable Account No Reason

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Facebook Users Angry After Accounts Locked For No Reason

Facebook DISABLED my account for NO reason. Now what?? #FacebookDisabledMe

Facebook users around the world have been waking up to find themselves locked out of their accounts for no apparent reason.

The message many received reads: “Your Facebook account was disabled because it did not follow our Community Standards. This decision can’t be reversed.”

One user told the BBC there was no warning or explanation given.

Parent firm Meta said it was investigating.

In a tweet, Meta’s Andy Stone said: “We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues accessing their Facebook accounts and we are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.”

He did not say how many were affected, or what the issue was.

PR consultant Jen Roberts was one of those to find herself locked out of her account. She told the BBC: “I haven’t posted anything or commented for quite some time, so it’s extremely unlikely that I’ve done anything that could be construed as offensive.”

But, despite not being an avid user, finding her account locked was still upsetting: “All of the images from my university years and family occasions are on Facebook

“I will no longer have access to 15-plus years of content, which is genuinely sad.

“It is also quite stressful not knowing what the issue is, and having no recourse to resolve it. To be given no warning and then no way to access our own data is mindboggling.”

Where I Will Receive An Update On The Complaint

If you are logged in to new profile


Check out the open appeal below that youll be able to see the status.

P.S: if you try to talk with Facebook support, they will give you similar information as stated above.

Not all accounts get enabled, sometimes Facebook is strict and never lets you access old accounts, in this case, be strong and start from scratch.

Lets move on to the most common disabled thing on the mother earth.


Your Facebook Ad Account has been Disabled

This notification hurts more than break-up!

OK, Dont Cry. Lets Get it Back!

How To Get Your Disabled Ads Account Back With The Help Of Customer Support

Step 1:

Open Business Manager Click on ? As given in the picture below

Business Manager Help

Scroll Down and Click on the Contact Support Team.

Facebook Support Team

Some might find the option some might not get it.


Facebook support is mostly available for accounts with a history of good ads spend / old ads account.

What should I do if I dont see the option?

Your answer will be given shortly!

Step 3:

Fill the form with your information and in the end, notify about your problem. Dont forget to select a proper ad account.

Facebook Chat Support Form

Once the form is submitted, you will be able to start to chat with customer support and they will be able to guide you further.

P.S The Customer Support team isnt responsible for the deactivation of your account, be polite with them.

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Thats The Exact Feeling We Get When Facebook Disables Our Business Manager

Your Advertising Access is Restricted Business Manager Disabled Notification

There may be 1 or 5 Ads Accounts with BM, if Facebook gets cranky which usually happens whenever elections are near / too much activity on newly created Business Manager / Adding People to New Business Manager just after creating a new one / fail to make payment.

Like Ad Accounts, Facebook likes if you go slow and create some history on the new business manager and then add people or play with it.

Thats all right! I already made a mistake!

Get Your Ad Account Back Without Facebook Support Help


Step 1: Visit

Request Review of Restricted Ad Account

Step 2:

Select Your Ad Account if you have multiple ad accounts then make sure you select the correct one.


You will be able to see the above options, if you know the reason why its been disabled, then select one of the first two options.

I suggest using 3rd for all kinds of reasons. Give them proper information about why your account should not be disabled.

Step 3:

Submit the form.

If everything goes well, it will be reviewed by the internal team. Sometimes Facebook will ask you to confirm your identity.

Just send them your valid Id Proof and then you will be able to send a request to review again.

Once you submit the form, normally it used to take 24hrs but now it takes a week to get it back.

You will receive a reply to your complaint here

If you believe one of your ads from a disabled account is still active which is a very rare case, then contact your bank and stop Facebook payment, because even Facebook support team will not be able to stop the ads.

Sometimes the situation goes so wrong that you want to throw your laptop!

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Now How Do I Get My Business Manager Back Without Help From Facebook Support

Ok! First thing First.

Chatting for hours with support wont get your BM back!

Step 1: Visit

You will see the form as below:

Request Review of restricted business account

Once you select Business Manager and then click on YES.

I will suggest, always select the Another Reason explain everything in detail, make sure whatever you said is under the policy of Facebook.

Once you submit the complaint, it will take a week for them to review, and in your support inbox, you will see the ticket answered.

Business Manager Inbox Message

Yes, thats my complaint and it was resolved without any problem!

But it doesnt mean every time they will get it enabled, we have to respect Facebook policy and be polite with them.


If you are struggling to get any of the accounts back, then chat with support, ask them to call you on your phone, 50% of the time they will!

Then be nice with them, they will take your matter to Priority level and it will be solved with a positive note.

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