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Can Va Disability Be Garnished For Child Support

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Can Va Disability Benefits Be Garnished

Garnishments From Veteran Disability Compensation is ILLEGAL!

Veterans are often concerned about how much of their VA disability compensation they may lose during and after a divorce, due to property division, alimony, and child support. Each state has its own laws governing divorce, child support, and alimony however, there are also federal laws governing the distribution of VA benefits and whether they can be garnished. Importantly, these federal laws provide certain protections for veterans disability compensation and benefits.

How Garnishment Affects Louisiana Specifically

Non-taxable disability compensation has been falsely assumed to be a benefit only to the individual veteran, not their dependents. With the high divorce rates in Louisiana, the state encounters a lot of child support cases. This bill will force legislation to ensure the financial stability of a veterans family after divorce, regardless of the veteran’s emotional attachment to the family after. Of course, there is opposition to taking any earned wages from veterans, largely based on the idea that only those that serve deserve to reap the profits. Marriage and children, however, are a commitment. It is a parent’s duty to provide for their children and financially support their spouse.

Can Va Benefits Be Garnished

Veterans benefits are considered to be protected income and as such, exempt from a garnishment order in most cases. However, the key phrase is most cases, because federal and state laws do not protect all types of VA benefits from every garnishment scenario. Understanding when your VA disability, pension or retirement payment is under legal protection is vital to safeguarding your money.

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Consumer Vs Federal Debt

VA benefits cannot be garnished to repay consumer debt, such as a past due credit card bill or a personal loan. Benefits also cannot be garnished to repay past due federal student loan debt or be included in bankruptcy proceedings. However, there is no built-in protection for VA pension and retirement benefits if you owe money to the federal or state government. Pension and retirement benefits are subject to assignment for federal debts such as child support or alimony, as well as federal and state income taxes.

What To Do If My Benefits Are Illegally Garnished

Can SSDI Be Garnished for Child Support?

If your SSDI benefits were garnished and you believe that this was illegally or unfairly done, you will need to take it up with the entity that authorized it. In the case of garnishment for taxes, this would be the IRS, for instance. Similarly, if your benefits were garnished for child support, you will have to take it up with the court that authorized it. In either case, it is best to hire a qualified attorney to help you with the process.

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Can Va Disability Compensation Be Used To Calculate Child Support Or Income

While courts typically protect benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs from some collection activities, these protections don’t extend to child support payments in most states. When you divorce, the court calculates the individual income of both parents when determining if child support payments are necessary. Most of the time, VA benefits are included as income in these calculations.

Does Va Disability Reduced Retirement Pay

If you receive VA compensation for your VA disability, military retired pay is reduced by the VA waiver. Concurrent receipt will not restore retired pay above the amount due to years of service. Extra retired pay can occur when someone is medically retired from the military with a high service disability rating.

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Can Child Support Be Taken From Disability

When someone is obligated to pay child support, an issue that often arises is whether certain disability benefits are impacted by the child support order. This typically occurs when the individual ordered to pay child support is receiving Social Security Disability payments, VA benefits, or other disability insurance benefits.

To be clear, if you are disabled and receiving disability benefits, you are still obligated to pay child support. This means you must adhere to, and comply with, the child support order that has been issued by a California court.

Overview Of Allowance Benefits And Child Support

Can my veterans disability compensation be garnished for child support and/or alimony?

When you receive disability benefits, your dependents may also be eligible to receive auxiliary benefits under your name. Some people mistakenly believe that the disability payments their children receive will go toward the child support that is owed. This is incorrect. There is no law in place in California stipulating that the family allowance may be used to satisfy any unpaid child support. Any money that your dependents receive from disability benefits is in addition to what you owe in child support. The two are not one in the same.

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Social Security Disability Insurance And Child Support

Social Security disability insurance is provided by the government and is open to anyone whoâs worked the prerequisite number of years. As with private disability insurance, SSDI benefits are factored into your income for the purpose of determining your child support obligation. Likewise, these benefits can be garnished if you fail to make your child support payments.

When applying and getting approved for SSDI takes a long time, many SSDI recipients are also eligible to receive backpay for the number of months that elapsed between becoming eligible for SSDI and being approved for benefits. This backpay can be used when determining your child support obligation, and it can be garnished just like your regular disability benefits.

Benefits from supplemental security income , a related program for blind or deaf people who have limited financial resources, cannot be garnished. In some states, qualifying for SSI also reduces the amount of SSDI that can be used to calculate your income. Your Medicare, Medicaid, and assistance from the TANF program are also not affected by child support obligations.

Your SSDI benefits may include dependent benefits, a sum of money given to SSDI recipients who also care for dependents. If you owe child support, some states allow you to apply dependent benefits to your child support payment, leaving you responsible only for the excess amount.

Can A Military Retiree Receive Both Pension And Disability

Military retirees with a disability rating of greater than 50% are eligible to receive both payments under CRDP. They will receive their full military retirement pension, along with 100% of their VA disability compensation. They do not need to offset their military pay by the amount of the compensation they receive from the VA.

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Va Disability Benefits And Child Support: Can Benefits Be Applied For Child Support

Learn about your VA Disability Benefits and Child Support. When a Veteran receives disability from the VA, its a great feeling to know that they have a steady tax-free income. The income that they receive aids in supporting themselves. There are many ways to claim your disability, and its your job to ensure your medical records support it. While claims are lengthy, in the long run, they are worth every penny. However, what happens to your VA Disability when you are being forced to apply for child support?

Life takes a turn, and youre finding yourself in the process of separation and eventually a divorce. What if your divorced spouse had a child together? What circumstances would you face throughout the process? While every state has various rules and regulations that the Veteran must abide regarding VA Disability Benefits and Child Support, the Federal level will get involved, and especially the VA will step in to ensure the proper protocol in place.

The primary purpose of the VA benefits is to support the Veteran the benefits also serve a mission to support their family as well. In this case, the spouse can order garnishments from the VA to have the Veterans benefits to provide support to their child.

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    Can Your VA Disability Be Garnished?

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    Can Va Disability Be Garnished Or Not

    Berry LawVA Disability Claim

    VA disability benefits are often vital for Veterans to pay for daily needs, maintain a certain standard of comfort, and pay for medical expenses. Disability benefits are typically protected from wage garnishment.

    However, the VA can garnish disability compensation under specific circumstances.

    What You Can Do Now To Protect Yourself In Case Of Va Garnishment

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    Can I Modify My Child Support Payments While Im Disabled

    Yes, youll likely have your child support payments modified if you experience a disability and cant work. This is because the courts base your child support payment on your income and income is often significantly reduced after a disability. If you want to try to modify your child support payment, you have a couple of options.

    • Negotiate with the other parent. If you have a good relationship with the other parent, you could reach an agreement to lower your monthly payment while youre on disability. This option allows the greatest flexibility, but youll have to be in agreement.

      Youll also want to get your new agreement in writing, ideally in a contract drafted by an attorney and signed by both parties. Otherwise, the court might not honor the agreement.

    • Request a child support modification. You can also request a modification from the court. The court looks at your income and ability to pay child support. This process can take longer than negotiating with the other parent, and you need to keep paying your existing child support amount until the court can modify it. The court may or may not reach a new agreement while youre still on disability.

    Does my child qualify for dependents benefits?

    Your child may qualify to receive benefits if youre receiving SSDI payments. The amount for each child is generally up to 50% of your disability benefits, but theres also a cap if you have multiple children that cant exceed 180% of your total benefit.

    Apportionment Of Va Benefits


    Apportionment is a process by which the VA assigns a certain portion of a veterans benefits to a family member. Basically, the VA will pay the eligible family member part of the veteran’s monthly cash benefit directly, thus reducing the amount of benefits the veteran will receive.

    In no case will be benefits be garnished for alimony until the former spouse first elects to receive the “apportioned” share of the veteran’s benefits. Similarly, claims for each child’s right to an apportioned share must be filed before child support garnishment can occur. The family member must apply for apportionment by filing VA Form 21-0788, Information Regarding Apportionment of Beneficiary’s Award, before a garnishment for spousal or child support will be considered.

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    I Am Disabled And Get Disability Benefits Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support

    You should not have to pay child support if you receive Supplemental Security Income .

    You may have to pay child support out of your check if you receive Social Security Disability Insurance .

    • If you do not pay, Social Security can garnish part of your benefit. The largest amount they can garnish is 65%.
    • NOTE: If your child receives benefits on your record, then the court can consider that in deciding whether to lower your support amount. You will have to file a Petition to ask the court to change the amount of support you are ordered to pay. To find out which Petition you should use, see I cant afford my child support payment. Can I lower the amount?.

    Generally, your VA disability compensation benefit cannot be garnished to pay for child support. Exception: Your benefit can be garnished if you waived part of your military retired pay to receive VA disability benefits.

    Defaulted Student Loan Payments

    If a student loan was guaranteed by the federal government and you failed to make loan payments, the federal government can garnish your disability benefits to pay the loan. As with unpaid taxes, garnishment for student loans cant be more than 15% of your monthly benefits or the monthly payment amount above $750.

    In addition, SSDI payments can also be garnished for any other tax-free federal loans such as federal-backed home loans. Finally, a court can also order the garnishment of the benefits as restitution for a crime victim.

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    Child Support Payment Modification

    Because qualifying for Social Security disability insurance requires significant financial hardship â earning above a certain amount of income can cause your benefits to end â you may be able to get a child support modification that lowers your payments while youâre disabled. You may have to submit the modification in court, but it could save you hundreds of dollars.

    Be sure to submit the request as soon as possible, because they take time to process, and you could be stuck paying child support in accordance with the income you earned before you got disabled.

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    Can The Va Garnish My Benefits

    Can Your VA Disability Be Garnished?

    The short answer is yes. The VA can garnish your benefits according to Title 38, which states that you must be able to support your dependents. On the flip side, your compensation cannot be garnished if you choose to waive a portion of your military retirement pay.

    Lets say you choose to waive 25% of your military retirement to receive the non-taxed compensation. The non-taxed compensation that you received in place of your retirement pay can be garnished. The garnishment can also be used to meet alimony and child support. More on alimony and child support funds will be later discussed regarding apportionment. The remainder of your disability, however, will NOT be garnished.

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    Va Disability In A Divorce

    By Carl O. Graham

    When a veteran has a service-connected disability, she may be entitled to receive VA disability payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs. If the disability rating assigned by the VA is under 50%, then a retired member must waive retirement, dollar for dollar, to receive VA disability.

    Why waive retirement to receive disability? Two reasons – first, disability is not taxable, and second, the payments are not divisible by the a domestic relations court.

    Garnishment Of Disability Payments

    The garnishment of disability payments depends primarily on two key factors: the type of disability benefits you are receiving and whether or not your child support payments are current.

    For example, if you are receiving SSI disability payments, then you do not need to worry about garnishment. Why? Because SSI payments are issued to people who have a very low income. These payments cannot be garnished for unpaid child support.

    On the other hand, if you are receiving SSDI payments and have unpaid child support, then those benefits may be garnished to fulfill child support obligations.

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    How Are Va Disability Benefits Related To Child Support

    VA disability benefits are compensation for the veterans impaired earning capacity and are intended to provide reasonable and adequate compensation for disabled veterans and their families. The logic here is if the veteran wasnt disabled, he or she would be earning an income upon which a family court would base child support.

    Va Disability Benefits And Child Support

    VA Disability, Divorce, Child Support, Alimony, Garnishment & Apportionment

    However, VA disability benefits can count when a court calculates a veterans income for child support purposes. VA disability benefits are compensation for the veterans impaired earning capacity and are intended to provide reasonable and adequate compensation for disabled veterans and their families.

    The logic here is if the veteran wasnt disabled, he or she would be earning an income upon which a family court would base child support. In this case, the veterans disability benefits replace that income. Therefore, most states treat VA benefits as income for the purpose of determining an appropriate amount of child support. Since VA disability benefits are tax-free, the entire amount of compensation is considered when making this determination.

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