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Is A Congenital Heart Defect A Disability

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What Disability Benefits Are Available To Children

What is congenital heart disease?

Supplemental Security Income is available to children who are disabled according to the Social Security Administration’s definition. However, whether or not a child can get SSI also depends on the parents’ income and assets. This means that if you make too much money or if you have too many financial resources , your child may not be able to get SSI even if the SSA decides she is disabled. If you want to learn more, you can read our article on SSI benefits for children.

Fares For Visiting Your Child In Hospital

If you receive Income Support, income-based Jobseekers Allowance, or Pension Credit, you may be able to get help towards the cost of fares for hospital visiting from the Social Fund.You can apply for a Community Care Grant on form SF300. This is available from your local Jobcentre Plus office or from the Department for Work and Pensions.Be aware that these payments are not given in all cases.

What Happens If You Dont Meet Or Equal An Ssa Listing For Heart Disease

The good news is you may still qualify for benefits. The next action SSA will take with your claim is to assess your Residual Functional Capacity . Your claim will then undergo Steps 4 and 5 of the evaluation process, where the SSA decides whether you can perform any past relevant work, or any other work.

An RFC evaluation looks at your maximum remaining ability to do sustained work activities in an ordinary work setting on a regular and continuing basis. The SSA not only takes into account all limitations associated with your cardiovascular disease it also must consider any other problems you may have when formulating an RFC.

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Is Your Child Eligible For Ssi Benefit

If your child is suffering from CHD or has a hole in the heart which has resulted in severe limitations in his activities and the condition has lasted or is about to last for a year or may result in the childs death, then your child is eligible for SSI benefits for disability. For checking out the functional limitations of your child, take help of the Social Security. However there are some medical situations which are extremely severe and they get easily approved by the social security team. These conditions are listed under the Impairment Listing. Many of the congenital heart defects are also included in this listing. Each listing has its own particular set of criteria which must be fulfilled in order to get the approval for disability benefits.

A hole in the heart is a laymans term for describing a congenital defect of human heart. It is a condition in which there is actual hole present in between the walls separating the heart chambers. This condition comes under the congenital heart defects which makes the child eligible for the SSI benefits. Sometimes the procedure for getting the disability benefits becomes very lengthy and tedious. If the application for the benefits is not approved in the first trial, you can take the help of a disability attorney.

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Socioeconomic And Demographic Factors

Clues to genetics of congenital heart defects emerge from ...

Low-income may be an indirect determinant of congenital anomalies, with a higher frequency among resource-constrained families and countries. It is estimated that about 94% of severe congenital anomalies occur in low- and middle-income countries. An indirect determinant, this higher risk relates to a possible lack of access to sufficient, nutritious foods by pregnant women, an increased exposure to agents or factors such as infection and alcohol, or poorer access to healthcare and screening. Factors often associated with lower-income may induce or increase the incidence of abnormal prenatal development.

Maternal age is also a risk factor for abnormal intrauterine fetal development. Advanced maternal age increases the risk of chromosomal abnormalities, including Down syndrome.

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Friday Afternoon One Hours Notice

You dont always get a lot of time to plan. I was phoned at 4pm on Friday and asked to go to the hospital for a pulmonary valve replacement the following Monday. An hours notice that Id need around 3 months off.

Hospital timetables are complex and ever-shifting things and if a date comes up, you take it. Because I work in such a supportive environment, I was able to tell everyone what was going on ahead of time without any fear that Id be judged. That enabled me to get a detailed plan into place so everyone knew what they needed to do and what work theyd be covering.

Even admitting that you have a heart problem is an issue for some people. Its sometimes seen as a weakness, particularly if the person is in a high-profile, fast-paced job. As an employer, if you make it harder for people to be open about their condition, its going to be harder for everyone if one of your employees suddenly disappears for a few months.

The necessity for support doesnt end with the surgery. In fact, thats often the easy bit. Open heart surgery takes months to recover from. During that time there are all sorts of issues to manage mobility is severely restricted, and the medication can make a quick return to work impossible.

What If My Child’s Heart Condition Doesn’t Meet The Listing Requirements

If your child’s heart defect doesn’t meet the requirements of one of the above listings, he or she may still be approved for benefits if Social Security decides that the symptoms caused by the heart defect are so severe that they “functionally equal” the listings. Specifically, your child’s symptoms must result in a “marked” limitation in two areas of functioning or an “extreme” limitation in one area. Areas of functioning include moving about and manipulating objects, learning and using information, and caring for his or her personal needs.

Social Security will use information from your child’s medical records, school records, therapist reports, and other documents to decide whether your child has marked or extreme limitations. For more information, see our article on functionallyequaling the listings.

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Filling Out The Application

This is what you will need. Get it all together before you start actually filling out the application.

  • Social security number and proof of age, usually a certified birth certificate
  • Names, addresses and dates of places you have worked
  • Your most recent tax return
  • Name, addresses, phone numbers of doctors or treatment facilities where you received carewith dates of treatment
  • Names, doses and frequency of any medicines you are taking
  • Copies of medical records from all your doctors and treatment facilities for the last three years, including reports of any lab work, procedures or surgery, and office notes
  • A detailed letter from your doctor describing you, your condition and how it affects your ability to do normal activities and work.

The letter is a critical part of the application. SSA decisions are often made based on what doctors and hospitals say about your condition. The letter should include:

  • Your doctors qualifications

This site provides instructions, information, a benefits calculator and an online application for SSA disability benefits. You will need to take four steps to file your application.

  • Review the Adult Disability Checklist
  • Complete the online Disability Benefit Application
  • Complete the online Adult Disability Report
  • Complete the Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration
  • To schedule an in person or telephone interview, or to apply by phone, call 800-772-1213.
  • Qualifying For Disability Because Of Reduced Functional Capacity

    What is a Congenital Heart Defect and how do you care for it… Nursing Care Plans

    Many adults have serious heart conditions that make it difficult for them to work, but they don’t meet the stringent requirements of the SSA’s impairment listings above. For instance, maybe you have coronary artery disease and had one ischemic episode in the past year but not three. Or maybe you have systolic heart failure but your ejection fraction is 40%, not 30%, and the results of your exercise test is poor but not as bad as the SSA requires.

    You still may be eligible for disability benefits . When you don’t automatically qualify for disability benefits under the SSA’s official listings, as the next part of the disability determination process, the SSA is required to consider the effect of your heart condition on your capacity to perform routine daily activities and work. The SSA will then determine whether there is any kind of job you can safely be expected to do.

    What Is Your Residual Functional Capacity ?

    If you have had an episode of heart failure or ischemia, or you have shortness of breath, exhaustion, or angina when you do physical work, the SSA should give you a rating of the type of work it thinks you can do. This is called your residual functional capacity . The SSA will consider your lab tests, your exercise tests, your imaging tests, and your doctor’s notes on your functional limitations and restrictions, as well as your reports of angina and other symptoms.

    What Jobs Can You Do With Your RFC?

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    Congenital Heart Disease Listing Requirements

    The listing requirements for symptomatic congenital heart disease is set forth in Listing 4.06 and covers both cyanotic and acyanotic diseases. To be approved under Listing 4.06, you first must be diagnosed with congenital heart disease by cardiac catheterization or another established test. You must also experience one of the following three complications:

    • Cyanosis at rest, and one of the following:
    • Hematocrit of at least 55%, or
    • Oxygen saturation of less than 90% in room air or resting plasma oxygenation of 60 Torr or less.
  • Occasional abnormal blood-flow in the heart that causes cyanosis with physical effort and with arterial plasma oxygenation of 60 Torr or less with brisk movement.
  • Secondary pulmonary vascular obstructive disease that causes elevated blood pressure.
  • These listing requirements are particularly complex ask your doctor to determine whether you meet the criteria for this listing .

    Cardiovascular Disease And Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

    The rules and laws followed by SSA vs. insurance companies are very different. If you have long-term disability insurancecovered by an employee benefits plan through your workplace or under a privately purchased policy your entitlement to disability benefits for cardiovascular disease depends on the specific wording of the insurance policy.

    Its not uncommon for insurance companies to delay or deny a valid disability claim, or deny again on appeal. Insurers deny benefits for many reasons both in error and by plan. You may already be receiving SSDI for cardiovascular disease, but that does not mean an insurance company will approve your LTD claim.

    Even so, it is good practice to apply the same criteria and scope of evidence used to prevail in an SSDI claim for cardiovascular disease. This lays a strong foundation for developing a solid LTD insurance claim or an appeal that will stand up in court.

    Long-term consequences of heart disease on working individuals can be devastating. Our firm has litigated against every major U.S. disability insurance carrier. Our attorneys deal with these companies on a daily basis, and are very familiar with each companys claims handling practice.

    If you need to file an initial LTD claim to the insurance company, we will help you prepare a conclusive application for disability benefits for cardiovascular disease, so that it is handled correctly from the start.

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    Are You Disabled Ssa Used Five Questions To Answer That Question

  • Are you now working? You cannot make more than $1,130 per month in earned income to be considered.
  • Is your medical condition severe enough to interfere with your ability do your normal tasks at work?
  • Is your condition listed in SSAs Blue Book?
  • Can you do the work you did before. If yes, you are not considered disabled.
  • Can you do any other work? SSA looks at your age, education, experience and other skills to make this determination.
  • Your doctor can provide supporting evidence for your disability claim. Simply stating that you are disabled is not sufficient.

    Va Presumptive Conditions For Heart Disease:

    Congenital heart disease in infants symptoms and ...

    VA assumes certain diseases of the cardiovascular system can be related to a veterans qualifying military service. These are called presumptive diseases and include the following circumstances:

    • Agent Orange Exposure: VA presumes service connection of Ischemic Heart Disease . If you were exposed to Agent Orange and meet service requirements, you do not have to prove a medical nexus between their condition and their military service.
    • Gulf War Veterans Medically Unexplained Illnesses: VA presumes service connection of cardiovascular symptoms if you served in the Gulf War and have a condition that is at least 10% disabling by December 31, 2021. VA refers to these illnesses as chronic multi-symptom illness and undiagnosed illnessesthat include cardiovascular disease.
    • Other qualifying veterans with at least 90 days of continuous service can be eligible for presumptive service connection for conditions such as arteriosclerosis, endocarditis, myocarditis, and Raynauds disease.

    Cardiovascular disease is often associated with many other diseases that affect veterans. It can be very confusing and frustrating for the disabled veteran to prove all the requirements the VA has imposed to finally get the maximum ratings deserved.

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    Heart Condition And The Americans With Disabilities Act

    The ADA does not contain a list of medical conditions that constitute disabilities. Instead, the ADA has a general definition of disability that each person must meet. A person has a disability if he/she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a record of such an impairment, or is regarded as having an impairment. For more information about how to determine whether a person has a disability under the ADA, see How to Determine Whether a Person Has a Disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act .

    Am I Entitled To Free Prescriptions

    Medical prescriptions are free of charge in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. They are also free for people in England who meet certain criteria, such as people aged over 60 or under 16, or those who have certain medical condition and have a valid medical exception certificate. NHS choices has information on who is entitled to free prescriptions in England.If you arent entitled to free prescriptions for your medicines, paying for them can be quite expensive. But you may be able to save money by buying a Prescription Prepayment Certificate . You can purchase PPCs with fixed monthly payments which allow you to obtain all of the prescriptions you need, instead of paying for each prescription individually.You may find it cheaper to buy a PPC if you need to pay for:

    • four or more prescription items in three months, or
    • more than twelve items in twelve months.

    To find out more about this, you can call the NHS Low Income Scheme helpline on 0300 330 1343. The NHS choices website has more information about who is eligible for free prescriptions, and how to buy PPCs.

    Citizens Advice has information about other health-related expenses that you may be able to get help with, such as the cost of travelling to receive NHS treatment.

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    Applying For Disability Benefits

    You can apply for Social Security Disability benefits online or in person at your local Social Security office. You will be asked to fill out a number of forms, which you should complete with as much detail as possible, and you may be asked to attend a consultative exam. After completing the disability application process, you will receive a decision from the SSA within two to four months. If you are approved for benefits, this notice will tell you when benefits will begin, which benefits you will be receiving, and how much you will be receiving each month. If you are denied benefits, you have 60 days from the date of denial to appeal the SSA’s decision to deny benefits.

    If you do need to pursue a Social Security Disability appeal, do not give up hope. A number of applicants who are denied during the initial stage of the application process go on to successfully receive benefits through the process of an appeal

    Your Symptomatic Congenital Heart Disease Disability Case

    Congenital Heart Disease â Cardiology | Lecturio

    If you or a member of your family is disabled as the result of a Congenital Heart Disease diagnosis, you are very likely entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Because of the potential for difficulties in proving the presence of a disability, you would be well-advised to consult with a Social Security Disability attorney.

    The guidelines established by the SSA are intended to make certain that the funds intended for disability benefits are given only to those who legitimately need them the unfortunate reality is that far too many people view disability benefits as little more than lifelong unemployment benefits. An unintended consequence is that these benefits are exceedingly difficult to obtain for those who do have a legitimate need for them. While the governments intent to prevent fraud is indeed commendable, the result is that nearly 60% of applications for disability are denied. To make matters worse, many of these applications are denied based upon simple mistakes in the application paperwork, in spite of the applicants genuine disability. While these deserving applicants will eventually get their benefits after a lengthy appeal process, they could easily have avoided the delay simply by having their cases evaluated by an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

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    Can A Heart Transplant Qualify For Social Security Disability

    Hypertensive Heart Disease. In order to qualify for Social Security Disability, your hypertension must be so serious that you would also meet the criteria for disability from ischemic heart disease or chronic heart failure. Heart Transplant. The SSA considers a heart transplant a disability one year following the surgery.

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