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Ecobee Calibrating Heat/cool Disabled

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Solutions To Ecobee Calibrating Heat Cool Disabled Problem

Ecobee Thermostat Manual

Ecobee is a Canadian, smart thermostat company, known for making smart lightbulb switches, cameras, temperature sensors, and of course the smart thermostat. It is an amazing smart device you can have. However, many users are complaining about the Ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled. This is a very common problem and can be fixed by some work. Here, calibrating means that your device is checking and measuring the temperature of your house so that it can maintain the room temperature. If you are also facing such a problem, then feel free to read our article as we are going to help you find the solution to your problem and help fix it. So, lets get started!

What Does It Mean When Ecobee Says Calibrating

Calibration helps your Ecobee thermostat get an accurate reading of the temperature inside your house or office.

The Ecobee uses its built-in sensors to measure the temperature, which also helps it to measure humidity and room occupancy.

Usually, calibration happens right after installation and every time you reboot your device.

The heating and cooling features will be disabled at this time, as stated on the screen of your thermostat.

Ecobee Calibrating Heat Cool Disabled: 5 Easy Solutions

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Smart thermostats can be pretty stupid at times. That dreaded Ecobee Calibrating Heat/Cool Disabled message is a prime example. When your system stalls during calibration, its entirely useless, and your home can quickly get uncomfortably hot or unbearably cold.

In this article, well show you what to do when your Ecobee says calibrating for longer than it should, including how to stop the calibration and how to diagnose the underlying cause of the power loss.

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Why Thermostat Calibration Is Key To Your Comfort

An improperly calibrated thermostat can read the temperatur4e incorrectly and cause your system to malfunction. This may lead to you constantly adjust the thermostat. Frequent readjustment of your thermostat could increase your electricity bills by 10 percent or more. Proper calibration ensures that your homes temperature is the same as the reading on the thermostat. A properly calibrated thermostat helps to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home and ensure consistent comfort.

What If Ecobee Calibrates Incorrectly

My ecobee says " Calibrating" : How To Troubleshoot [2021]

Every once in a while, Ecobee calibration problems will linger after the process completes. This can result in the system reading the wrong temperature for your home.

If its just off by a degree or two, youre probably fine Anything more than that, though, can render the thermostat nearly useless. Fortunately, fixing an incorrect Ecobee calibration is fairly easy. Youll just need some way of determining the real temperature of your home.

Once you have an accurate temperature for your home, follow these steps:

  • Press the menu button on the Ecobee display.
  • Select Settings.
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    Calibrating After A Power Outage

    Suppose the power goes out for any reason, like when a switch is turned off or because of bad weather or faulty wiring, the Ecobee re-calibrates itself. No matter what is going on, an Ecobees screen may go black, turn off, and then back on again, causing it to say calibrating heat & cool disabled. This is how an Ecobee will calibrate again every time it loses power.

    Ecobee Calibrating For Too Long:

    An ideal Ecobee measures approximately 10 to 20 minutes. It should not take longer than that. Even after half an hour, if you see the message, it is probably a mistake.

    Try turning on your Thermostat when this happens. You can pull it off the wall, wait about 5 minutes, and plug it in again. The power cycle can help solve the problem.

    After rebooting, wait for the calibration to start and check if it stops in 20 minutes.

    Another way to fix the problem is to unplug your router and modem for at least 1 to 2 minutes and plugin again.

    If it still takes more than 20 minutes, you should take it with Ecobee support.

    Incorrect Ecobee Thermostat Calibration:

    The final result of the calibration is considered to be a very accurate reading of your room temperature. A slight change is perfectly normal, but if the temperature is not even close to the appropriate value, this means that the calibration does not work.

    Fortunately, you can adjust your temperature reading manually. Follow the steps below to solve this problem.

    • First, go to the menu on your Ecobee screen.
    • Select Installation Settings from the Settings menu.
    • Now go to Threshold and select Temperature Correction.
    • You can adjust the temperature as you see fit.

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    What Exactly Is The Auto Setting On The Ecobee

    Ecobee thermostats provide an auto mode that is excellent for maintaining a pleasant home temperature in milder areas or during the transition between heating and cooling seasons. In system mode, the ecobee will show two set pointsone for heating and one for coolingon its screen at the same time.

    How To Tell If Your Ecobee Is Calibrating

    Advanced settings tutorial for your Ecobee Smart Thermostat Pro

    Ecobee wont always show the same message while its calibrating. All of these behaviors indicate that your system has entered or will enter calibration mode:

    • Ecobee says Calibrating Heat/Cool Disabled below the current temperature.
    • Your Ecobee display goes blank, reboots, and takes a few minutes to turn back on.
    • The Ecobee app shows a temperature of -500 F or says N/A instead of showing a valid temperature.

    If any of these occur for more than 2030 minutes at a time, you may need to take action.

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    Solution #3 Clean The A/cs Drain Pan

    As weve mentioned above, if your A/Cs drain pan is full of debris, it could be affecting your thermostats ability to scan the surrounding temperature, thus the calibration process will persist longer than usual.

    This is why our next recommendation is to make sure your A/Cs drain pan is clean.

    Since there isnt much we can do, due to your specific A/C and drain pan configuration, it is up to you to clear your system firmly.

    Make sure to clean all of your A/Cs drain pans and test out the calibration afterward.

    Solution #4 Update Your Ecobee

    As you know, outdated firmware could always cause issues with your devices OS.

    You must make sure that your Ecobee is up-to-date, before applying any of the remaining solutions.

    Ecobee would usually auto-update, but system issues might have prevented the notification from alerting you.

    You must make sure that the thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi and as soon as the update is available, it will automatically apply it to itself.

    Keep in mind that the internet connection must be reliable for the thermostat to start downloading. If there are outages, any updates might have been skipped and your software could be outdated.

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    Why Does Ecobee Say Calibrating

    Whenever the Ecobee loses its power and turns itself back on, the Ecobee will have to recalibrate its temperature sensors.

    If your Ecobee says Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled then it means that your Ecobee has lost power in roughly the last 15-20 minutes. If you have not removed the Ecobee from the power source yourself, then it does mean that there is an issue somewhere with the power supply.

    If you are setting up the Ecobee for the first time, then it is perfectly normal to see this message. It should disappear within about 20-minutes once the Ecobee has managed to determine what the ambient temperature in the room is.

    In exceedingly rare cases, an Ecobee may display the Calibrating message if you have a faulty Ecobee. If this happens, then you will likely see the message displayed for hours on end i.e. your Ecobee is unable to determine a temperature in the room.

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    In Addition Id Want To Know How To Calibrate My Ecobee

    My ecobee says " Calibrating" : How To Troubleshoot [2021]

    Temperature Correction must be configured.

    On the main screen, press the Menu button.

    Navigate to the Settings menu.

    Then choose Installation Settings from the drop-down menu.

    Thresholds can be selected.

    Then pick Temperature Correction from the drop-down menu.

    Make the necessary adjustments to the temperature reading to meet your requirements.

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    How Do I Optimize Ecobee

  • Handsfree temperature control with virtual assistants. …
  • An easier way to build a schedule. …
  • Troubleshoot for accurate temperature readings. …
  • Balance the temperature throughout your home. …
  • Override the scheduled temperature for better comfort. …
  • Protect your home.
  • Why Is My Ecobee Not Connecting To Wifi

    This is how to troubleshoot. For example, you might be able to power up a wall ecobee if unplugging the ecobees and leaving them unconnected. In theory, when Wi-Fi has been restored, place the ecobee back on the wall and wait for it to recharge once it has completed recharging. In order to connect, keep the ecobee connected to the wall and ensure it always has Wi-Fi on.

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    What Is Stage 1 Cooling Ecobee

    Stage 1 Cool of Ecobee is the device’s primary setting that ensures the maximum temperature set by the users. Once the pre-set temperature is reached to its max runtime, the stage 2 level is enabled automatically. … Ecobee is known for high-end devices that are energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

    Why Does My Thermostat Show Wrong Temperature

    Ecobee 5 Smart Thermostat: Advanced Settings Tour

    Your thermostat will read the wrong temperature if it isn’t located in your home’s most optimal place. If it’s located near drafts or heat sources, or it’s in an area that isn’t centrally located, you may need to have it moved. If you can’t fix your thermostat problems, contact an HVAC professional soonest possible.

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    What Is Ecobee Calibrating Heat Cool Disabled

    Ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled is an indication that the ecobee smart thermostat sensor couldnt get the accurate room/home temperature to convey a message that getting the accurate temperature ready takes more time than expected.

    So, with the Ecobee Cablibrating spending more time to measure the accurate room temperature, the heat cool disabled feature of the smart thermostat will appear on the screen.

    However, when your ecobee says calibrating heat cool disabled, you wont be able to use your air conditioner and heater. This can lead to your thermostat restarting within an interval.

    Therefore, in this article, we will provide the steps to take to solve the calibrating heat cool disabled in your smart thermostat.

    Which Thermostat Is Most Accurate

    The Best Smart Thermostat

    • Our pick. Google Nest Learning Thermostat. The best smart thermostat. …
    • Runner-up. Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control. The most versatile smart thermostat. …
    • Budget pick. Honeywell Home T5 Smart Thermostat. Cheaper smart control. …
    • Our pick. Mysa Smart Thermostat. Best baseboard option.

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    How To Fix Ecobee Calibrating Heat Cool Disabled

    Most times, ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled warns that your ecobee smart thermostat is not working effectively and efficiently. This, you can conclude when the ecobee smart thermostat touchscreen says your calibrating heat cool is disabled.

    So, if you are facing Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled, on your ecobee smart thermostat, you will find this article a lasting solution to fix this problem.

    Solution #2 Reconnect The Power Cord

    My ecobee says " Calibrating" : How To Troubleshoot [2021]

    Now that youve configured the calibration of your thermostat, another quick solution to the issue is to reconnect the power cord.

    This method is often referred to as a hard reset or power cycle because it will actively discharge your device.

    Here is how to reconnect your Ecobees power cord:

  • Locate the 24V C wire, which should be in red color, going in from the side of your thermostat.
  • Disconnect the wire and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Reconnect the C wire and test your thermostat.
  • Keep in mind that once you reconnect the wire and turn on the thermostat, another calibration will initiate.

    If it keeps going on longer than 20 minutes, proceed with the next solution.

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    What Does It Mean When My Ecobee Is Calibrating

    This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

    Asked by: Jannie Roberts

    The Calibrating message on your Ecobee thermostat screen indicates that it is measuring the current indoor temperature. Ecobee calibrates once it’s installed initially or when it reboots, and it typically takes around 5 to 20 minutes.

    Calibration After Initial Installation:

    You can install Ecobee yourself in approximately 45 minutes. Immediately after installation, you will see Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled, and you will have to wait for another 10 to 20 minutes for the process to complete.

    This message makes it clear that you will not be able to use your heater or air condition during this time. If the thermostat display says calibrating after 20 minutes, there may be something wrong with the wiring.

    It is best to try to remove the Thermostat from the wall plate and then check your wire. Check that all wires are connected to the appropriate terminal. You can use the following guide to see which wire letter corresponds to which color.

    Y or Y1 Yellow

    If you think there is something wrong with the wiring, it is best to call the nearest electrician and ask them to come and see the wiring.

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    How Can You Check The Uptime Of Your Thermostat

    Chances are that you may only notice that your Ecobee Thermostat is going down a fraction of the times that it does. Thankfully, Ecobee makes it easier to check the up time of your Ecobee to see whether there are any deeper issues.

    In order to check the uptime of your thermostat, you will need to login to the Ecobee Web Portal. You will need to look for the option that says Home IQ. From here, select Download Data. You can then open it up.

    If there seem to be huge gaps on the record, then this indicates that your Ecobee was switched off for long periods of time. Thankfully, you can use this information to determine what the potential cause of the thermostat power loss is. If you notice it switches off shortly after the Ecobee requests cooling or more heat, then you will know that it is a problem with either your heater or air conditioner

    Calibration After Initial Installation

    Ecobee humidity control setting thermostat tutorial

    Installing Ecobee is easy to do by yourself it takes about 45 minutes. However, after installation, you will need to wait for another 5-20 minutes for the device to calibrate. During this time, you cannot use your heater or A/C.

    If your thermostat still says its calibrating after 20 minutes, there may be an issue with the wiring. Remove the thermostat from the wall to check the wires. All the tabs next to the wire terminals should be completely pressed down, and each wire should be in the correct terminal. The wire letters correspond with the following wire colors:

    Y or Y1 Yellow

    Sometimes, the wires may have different colors. If this is the case for your thermostat wires or you suspect another issue with the wiring, contact an electrician for help.

    Note: If you are using a Power Extender Kit, you will not have a C wire.

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    What Thermostat Calibration Is

    All thermostats have some form of control element. It senses the indoor air temperature and communicates to the heating or cooling system when to initiate a cycle. Proper calibration ensures that this sensor correctly reads your homes temperature. The process involves matching adjusting the control elements reading to the rooms temperature. You can check your thermostats calibration with a room thermometer. Place the thermometer a few inches away from your thermostat. Allow it to take a reading. If its more than 1 degree Fahrenheit different from what your thermostat shows, your thermostat may not be calibrated properly.

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    Solution #6 Factory Reset Your Thermostat

    If nothing worked so far and Ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled after all of these solutions, then you should bet on a factory reset to resolve the issue for you.

    If the problem has something to do with the software of the device, you should definitely reset your thermostat and reset ALL of its features.

    Here is how to reset your Ecobee thermostat:

  • Go to the menu of your thermostat.
  • Hit the settings.
  • Scroll down until you find Reset.
  • Choose Reset all settings.
  • Choose a reset option.
  • Wait for your thermostat to finish.
  • Keep in mind that the calibration may not come up once your thermostat finishes resetting.

    Perhaps from the second boot, your thermostat will start working as usual and fix the calibration issues.

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    Bottom Line:

    To fix calibrating heating/cooling issues with your Ecobee thermostat, reconnect its power adapter, clean the air filter and the A/Cs drains. Next, check its internet connection and perform a factory reset.

    Now that you know why Ecobee calibrating heat cool disabled, we hope youve managed to fix your thermostats calibration issues.

    After all, your thermostat could have come to an end life and this is the first sign you should get a replacement as soon as possible!

    For more guides such as this one, dont forget to check out our technical blog!

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