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How To Get A Ged With A Learning Disability

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How Is Ld Screening Different From Ld Diagnosis

Learning disability awareness: what you need to know about learning disability

An LD diagnosis is a formal assessment that determines the actual presence of a learning disability. LD screening is an informal process that shows whether there is a probability that the person might have an undiagnosed learning disability. Informal screening can be done by an advocate for the person with a suspected learning disability, but formal diagnosis must be done by a qualified professional who can evaluate learning disabilities.

The Ged For Students With Learning Disabilities

Students with any kind of learning disability usually do not fare well in the traditional classroom situation. While being inclusive seems noble, when there is no time for teachers to make accommodations for the benefit of children with learning difficulties, the disadvantages of including children who learn differently in the typical classroom scenario start adding up.

Classrooms are places that are often busy, noisy, time-driven and competitive. Students measure their performance against their peers and peg themselves intellectually by comparing their own abilities with those of their classmates. Generally, children with learning difficulties only see their own weaknesses in this kind of system. Their talents and strengths are seldom acknowledged and so they accept all kinds of limiting labels and feeling stupid, inadequate, slow and inferior to their classmates.

If a learning difficulty is not diagnosed at a very early age, a child might even be labelled as lazy, not reaching potential, rebellious, disorganised, scatter-brained, slow etc. and these labels can have a lasting detrimental effect on their academic performance and self-esteem.

Besides struggling with their own particular learning issues, these children very often develop test-anxiety because they feel that they dont measure up and make the grade.

Taking The Ged In Idaho

You must be at least 18 years old and not currently enrolled in high school to be eligible to take the GED®. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, youll need to send a completed GED® Youth Waiver form to your selected testing center before you can schedule any tests. Email notification will be sent to the tester once the youth waiver is processed by the testing site. Please note that you can study for the GED® and take GED® Ready tests without a waiver on file at the testing center.

To register to test for the GED®, please visit There you can set up a user profile, view testing sites in your area, and schedule tests. Taking all four tests costs $120 total. You do not have to take all the tests at the same time, and they can be taken in any order. The four current GED® tests are:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts: $30
  • Mathematical Reasoning: $30
  • Science: $30
  • Social Studies: $30

Taking all four tests is $120. You do not have to take all four tests at the same time, and they can be taken in any order.

GED Transcripts

The State of Idaho uses Parchment, an external internet-based service, to manage and verify all GED records for the state. All GEDs completed in Idaho, regardless of the year passed, are contained in this database.

High School Equivalency Certificate

The certificate is a high-quality, individually numbered, and frameable document signed by the State Superintendent of Education. It excludes test scores or other information about your GED®.

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Can I Get Help With Test Prep For Learning Disabilities

GED prep for students with ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities is available online. Features that can help make the process easier are:

  • The ability to study at home
  • Being able to learn at your own pace
  • Multimedia programs, with audio and images as well as text
  • Other accessibility features like subtitles and screen reader compatibility

The truth is, the features that can help learners with disabilities also help most other learners succeed. The best study programs will let you learn at your own speed. They will explain ideas in multiple ways, using audio, images, and text. But just like testing accommodations, the best study program for you depends on your unique needs. Think about what helps you learn, and search for the study program that will help you most.

Essential Education’s HSE study programs have all of these functions. Students can study at their own pace with unlimited access to review. The combination of video and audio lessons with interactive questions means the lessons will work for you no matter what kind of learner you are, plus they are fully accessible. There’s no need to look for GED classes near you since online courses will provide everything you need and more. Also, you can get started with the online study program right away. Learn more.

Ged Test Accessible To Adults With Learning Disabilities



COLUMBIA, Mo. — If you are older than 25, you may have missed being diagnosed with a condition that has already altered your life, making you more frustrated and less successful than if you had been identified and helped in your early school years.

This is a message that thousands of adults with learning disabilities need to hear because unfortunately, 1974 was the first year learning disabilities were formally recognized. Individuals with learning disabilities have average or above average intelligence, but without accommodations they don’t generally excel in employment, education or life situations at the same level as their peers. They can be successful, though, and there is help available for the estimated 20 percent of adults who have the condition.

A top researcher in the field, James Koller has dedicated his 25-year career to diagnosing, treating and creating awareness for the condition. A professor of educational and counseling psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Education, he has been tapped by the General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education to help them reach out to more adults with unidentified learning disabilities in an effort to help them become more successful.


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Learning And Cognitive Disorders

There are many learning disabilities and cognitive disorders that can create testing difficult. If you have been diagnosed with one, you may qualify for additional accommodations. These include:

  • Autism
  • Dyscalculia
  • Other processing disorders

Dyslexia can cause challenges with reading, dysgraphia with writing, and Dyscalculia with math. These disorders sometimes manifest as a jumbling of letters or numbers, trouble spelling, or completing simple math. They are common learning disabilities but can often go undiagnosed.

Ged Requirements In New York

  • To take the TASC exam in New York, you must be at least 16 years old.
  • If you are 16, 17, or 18 years old, however, additional eligibility rules, requirements, and restrictions apply.
  • You must, for instance, have permission from your school district and hold parental consent. Please contact a test center.
  • You are eligible to take the TASC if you have lived in New York State for at least 30 days.
  • You are not a high school graduate or hold a high school-equivalent credential.
  • You cannot be signed up for any other school program.

For more information, get in touch with New York State Education Department, Adult Career & Continuing Education Services at

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What Is On The Ged

  • Language Arts, Writing 50 multiple choice questions, one essay 1 hour, 5 minutes
  • Social Studies 50 multiple choice questions 2 hours
  • Science 50 multiple choice questions 1 hour 30, minutes
  • Language Arts, Reading 40 multiple choice questions 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Mathematics 50 multiple choice questions 1 hour 10 minutes.

What Are Test Accommodations

How to Get Your GED

Accommodations are any modifications made to tests or testing conditions that allow with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or limited English-language ability to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a testing situation . In other words, they are changes made to a test or the way someone takes a test that make sure everyone has a fair chance to show their skills and knowledge.

You can apply for accommodations if you have a learning disability or disorder, a physical disability, or any condition that might need for you to have changes made for you to test.

You need to have current documentation from a licensed medical professional that says you have a certain disability or disorder for GED Testing Service to consider you for accommodations.

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Will The Staff At The Ged Testing Service Help My Child If Hes Having Trouble With The Process For Requesting Test Accommodations

Yes. The GED Testing Service has a team of accommodations specialists. Theyre there to help test takers understand the accommodations request process. If your child needs an accommodation, theyll try to make sure he knows what the service needs in order to approve his request.

If your child didnt finish high school, you may have worried that he was limiting his options. But passing the GED test can give him many of the same opportunities.

How Do I Apply For Accommodations For The Ged Test

The way you apply for accommodations can be a little complicated. If you are taking GED classes, see if your instructor can help you out.

  • After you have your MyGED® account set up, you need to make a separate account on Pearsons accommodations website .
  • Then, you have to apply for accommodations for the test you want to take: Math, Language Arts, Science, or Social Studies.
  • Then, you have to apply for the specific accommodation you need, such as a private room or extended time, and provide what GED Testing Service calls the rationale for why YOU think you need that accommodation.
  • After that, you need to for the conditions that require you to have accommodations. These forms need to be completed by a licensed medical professional.
  • Once the forms are completed, you have to scan and upload those documents back into your Pearson accommodations account, combine them with your previously included rationale, and submit that altogether as one application for the accommodation request. If you require more than one accommodation , this process must be repeated for each accommodation.

GED Testing Service lists the steps you need to take to request an accommodation on their website here. However, the language they use is a little complicated. If youre having trouble, see if someone at your GED program can help you out.

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What Is A Disability

A disability can involve one or more impairments, such as:

  • physical, including mobility or functional limitations, such as arthritis or a wide range of medical conditions like muscular dystrophy, chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia
  • sensory, including being deaf/hard of hearing or blind
  • psychiatric, including depression, anxiety or behavioural disorders or eating disorders
  • cognitive, including developmental disabilities, learning disabilities or ADHD

These impairments can be:

A short-term illness could be a disability if it is:

  • chronic, such as a thyroid condition
  • recurring, such as severe seasonal allergies
  • temporarily affecting your ability to function, such as a cast on a broken leg or a short-term brain injury

Impairments can create learning barriers. If these barriers are not addressed, a students disability can affect their full participation in society.

How To Get Assistance

Specialty Programs

Please complete one of the following Request for Testing Accommodations forms:

  • Emotional/Mental Health
  • Learning and Other Cognitive Disabilities
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Physical/Chronic Health Disability

Return the completed form with documentation of your disability to the exam centre. Each request is considered on an individual basis. If the accommodations are approved, your local GED examiner will arrange with you to conduct the testing with the approved accommodations. There will be no additional cost for accommodations.

For more information, contact:

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How Do I Apply And Register For The Program

To register for General Education Development or Adult High School programs, you must complete a mandatory orientation and placement testing session.

Please call to schedule an orientation on campus today. Space is limited.

We have a new online orientation option for students who would prefer to complete orientation remotely. However, all online orientation slots are currently full for this fall. Please visit this page in January 2022 to complete an online orientation. In the meantime, face-to-face orientations are available in October and December 2021.

Online class options are also available, but online students are required to complete pre- and post-testing on campus before starting classes and periodically throughout the year.

We have opportunities for students to enroll online or in person during orientation most months of the year . However, we do not admit new students between April 9 and June 30.

Our 2021-22 enrollment periods for new students to start our classes after completing orientation and testing will be:

You must fully complete the orientation and testing process before you may register for classes. Please call 336-334-4822 Ext. 53107 or Ext. 55087 to reserve your space and to learn more details about our schedule. Students may choose from the following times to attend our in-person orientation:

Greensboro Campus

9:00 am – 12:00 pm or 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Monday Tuesday Adult Education Building, Room 161-C 3505 E Wendover Ave

How Can An Accommodation Help Me

Test accommodations are meant to make sure everyone has the same chance to show the skills and knowledge that they have without other factors getting in the way. For example, a person who is dyslexic and has difficulty reading may need more time to read test questions and passages. They can have the same skills as anyone else and be able to correctly answer the questions, but they wont have time to answer the questions if they take longer to read. So a dyslexic person may be provided with more time to take a test as an accommodation.

Accommodations arent just for learning disabilities, either. If a test-taker has an anxiety disorder, they might be allowed to take the test by themselves in a separate room instead of surrounded by other test-takers. If you have a physical disability that makes it hard for you to type , you might have whats called a scribe, which is someone to write for you, as an accommodation.

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What Information Do I Need

After the psychologist or professional has completed the diagnostic process it is important to schedule an appointment to discuss the results of the assessment with them. Ask questions and make certain you understand what the professional is telling you. If you do not know what is meant, for example, by a “visual-motor” problem, ask the professional if s/he can draw it out to show you or give you examples of how this impacts learning. You need to understand the disability so that you can advocate on your behalf.

You also want to make certain you obtain a report. The psychologist cannot give you the test materials you completed but you must have a written report. This report must contain a list of the tests used in the assessment process, the results of the assessment, diagnosis and recommendations. If a learning disability and/or AD/HD are identified the recommendations given must relate to the disability identified. For example, a psychologist might state that extended time is needed because a person has a visual-motor problem that limits reading speed. The psychologist could not simply give a diagnosis of dyslexia and request the use of a calculator. There must be a link in the report stating why the accommodation is needed in light of the disability identified.

Option : Pass 5 Ged Tests

4 Steps for Adults with Learning Disabilities

The second method of obtaining a High School Equivalency Diploma requires that an individual write and pass the 5 General Educational Development tests.

The 5 GED Tests

Test 1: Language Arts Writing Test Test 2: Social StudiesTest 4: Language Arts Reading Test:Test 5: Mathematics


To receive a High School Equivalency Diploma by writing GED tests, a person must meet of the following eligibility requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • have been out of school for at least 10 consecutive months
  • pass all five tests in the General Educational Development test battery, with a standard score of 450 or better for each tests
  • meet the eligibility requirements

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Request For Testing Accommodations

Tests for people with disabilitiesSpecial arrangements may be made for candidates who, due to physical, psychological or learning disabilities, may not have the ability or aptitude to perform the tests under standard test conditions.

Some accommodations are available upon request however, to make a request for testing accommodations to write the tests will require additional documentation to be filled out by a health professional or others.

Please click on one of the links below to access the form corresponding to your needs. The Accommodation Request Form must be filled out and returned with the GED Test Application Form when you request testing accommodations.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Testing for AD/HD usually includes:

  • Extensive developmental history to determine if the symptoms are present across many facets of a person’s life
  • A questionnaire that may be given to the student, a partner, a teacher or other who works with the student
  • A computerized test that requires the person to maintain attention while responding to stimuli presented on a computer screen
  • Testing of cognitive functioning and educational achievement.
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    Assessment For Adults With Ld And/or Adhd

    Among adults who have not graduated from high school there may be an unusually high rate of undiagnosed learning disabilities and/or AD/HD. Adult students, teachers and other professionals who work with adults should consider the possibility that learning disabilities and/or AD/HD may underlie the difficulties faced in school, employment and everyday social relationships.

    Understanding an individual’s learning styles is very important. This helps a teacher know how to help a student learn. It also helps a person make better career choices. If we know what kinds of thinking we are very good at, we can work in jobs that use those abilities. Sometimes a person’s relative pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses is also indicative of a learning disability and/or AD/HD. Understanding these learning differences is part of a diagnosis. People with diagnosed LD and/or AD/HD can request accommodations in the work or educational setting.

    Diagnosis, then, is critical to employment choices and to accommodations in both work and school for individuals with LD and/or AD/HD.

    Four questions are critical to diagnosis. Knowing the answer to these questions before seeking professional help can save time and assure you that you are getting the information you need. These questions are:

    • Who diagnoses?
    • What is involved in the process?
    • How can I afford cost of diagnosis?
    • What information do I need after diagnosis is complete?

    Some answers to these questions are provided below.

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