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How Much Is 70 Va Disability

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Increased Disability Payments For Veterans With Dependents

70% PTSD VA Rating: What it Means and How to Qualify

Veterans entitled to compensation who have a disability rated at 30% or more are entitled to additional compensation for dependents. Dependent children between the ages of 18 and 23 must be attending school and a dependent for tax purposes.

Parents may be considered dependents if the veteran provides more than 50% of their support. Veterans with a disabled spouse may also be eligible for increased benefits. Check with the VA for details.

There is also a Dependency & Indemnity Compensation benefit for survivors of some disabled veterans.

What To Do When Applying For Va Compensation For Service

It is best to apply for VA compensation before your final out-processing appointment, but this is not always possible.

In any case, service members will need to supply copies of discharge paperwork such as the DD Form 214 for active-duty military members, medical records, supporting documentation for the medical claim, and a completed VA Form 21-526.

Depending on the type of claim you are making, you may need supporting evidence that shows how your condition affects your ability to work, socialize or pursue hobbies.

You may need to gather medical records and personal statements from yourself, family and co-workers. You might also need to show how your condition has worsened over time. Submit all medical records pertinent to your condition as evidence.

Keep in mind that your family status may play a role in how the VA approaches your compensation claim. If you receive a VA disability rating of 30% or higher, changes in your family status may result in changes to your payments.

Notify the Department of Veterans Affairs in such cases. Changes to your claim or payments of the claim are never automatic.

Why Is 100 Va Disability So Hard

Meeting the criteria for a 100% VA rating on the ratings schedule, or combining multiple disabilities to obtain a 100% rating, can be very difficult. For this reason, the VA regulations provide for an alternate route to a total disability ratingindividual unemployability.

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How Much Is Va Disability Your 2021 Guide To Va Disability Compensation

Veterans trying to make their way through the process of filing a disability claim often come away with more questions than answers about ratings and compensation.

Understanding the complicated paperwork and the VAs unique way of doing math can make it confusing to determine how much VA disability compensation you might receive.

If youve ever scratched your head trying to figure out just how much is VA disability and where can you go for help with your claim, then youve come to the right place!

At VA Claims Insider were veterans helping veterans, and we know how challenging the VA disability claims process can be. We also know how important it is to understand that process so you can get the rating and compensation you deserve by law.

Lets take a look at some common questions related to how much is VA disability?including how to calculate your compensation, how disability ratings affect compensation, and how to get help with your claim.


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How Va Disability Ratings And Va Disability Compensation Work

2016 VA Disability Rates  Archwood Mortgages

Military members who became injured or ill in the line of duty, or struggle with other service-connected physical or mental health conditions, may be eligible for VA veterans benefits.

But, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not award compensation automatically. The VA will review your health, medical records, medical history and other factors during the claims process.

You are responsible for scheduling your first claims appointment. You can do this when you out-process from the military, or you can schedule an appointment after you leave the service but sooner is better than later.

Those applying for VA compensation benefits may also be eligible to sign up for VA healthcare benefits and a Veterans Health Identification Card.

VA compensation for service-connected medical issues is not necessarily tied with VA healthcare benefits. If you have a VA-rated disability, consider the options open to you under the VA health system.

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Am I Eligible For Va Disability Compensation

Veterans with a service-connected physical or mental disability that makes everyday tasks difficult or impossible may be eligible for VA disability benefits.

Eligibility to file a VA disability claim is dependent on meeting one of the following conditions as set by the VA:

  • A Veteran who became sick or injured while serving in the military, or
  • A Veteran with an illness or injury before enlisting that was worsened by service, or
  • A Veteran with a service-connected disability that didn’t appear until after separating from the military

The VA will need evidence to support your disability claim when applying, which we discuss in the next section.

The 2021 Compensation Rates Are Shown In The Following Charts:

Total Combined Rating
You, 1 Parent, & 1 Child $144.14
You, 2 Parents, & 1 Child $144.14
You, Spouse, 1 Parent, & 1 Child $144.14
You, Spouse, 2 Parents, & 1 Child $144.14
You, 1 Parent, & 1 Child $1,300.39
You, 2 Parents, & 1 Child $1,384.39
You, Spouse, 1 Parent, & 1 Child $1,412.39
You, Spouse, 2 Parents, & 1 Child $1,496.39

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How Much Is Va Disability For Mental Health

VA regulations provide for ratings of 0%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100% for psychiatric conditions. While VA ratings are generally available in 10% increments from 0 to 100, the ratings schedule provides that all mental illnesses will be rated as chronic adjustment disorders with only the percentages listed above.

Top Va Benefits For Veterans With 70 Va Disability

AJ’s Testimonial – 10 to 70% – How to get a higher VA Disability Rating

In this post, we will be covering the 70 VA disability rating in detail, along with tips, strategies, and lessons learned to help veterans get the VA benefits you have earned for serving our country.

Weve also compiled a comprehensive list of benefitsavailable for disabled veterans with a 70 percent VA rating or higher.

In our experience at VA Claims Insider, many disabledveterans with 70 VA disability are stuck, frustrated, and underrated, meaningyou do NOT currently have the VA disability compensation benefits youdeserve by law.

This means youre likely missing out on thousands of dollarsof VA disability benefits for you, your spouse, and your dependents.

The good news is you can increase your VA rating from 70% to 80%, 70% to 90%, and even 70% to 100% in less time with the VA Claims Insider Elitepremier education-based membership program.

Okay, so lets jump right in and explore the 70% VA rating disability benefits in detail!

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A Higher Disability Rating Means More Monthly Compensation

VA awards disability compensation on a sliding scale. To determine your level of benefits, the VA assigns you an impairment rating from 0% to 100%. This rating signifies the severity of your condition higher ratings correspond to higher compensation.

To determine your disability rating, VA uses the following criteria:

Veterans diagnosed with social anxiety receive VA impairment ratings of 0%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100%. As of 2019, the monthly compensation for each of these ratings is:

  • 0% rating: $0 per month
  • 10% rating: $140.05 per month
  • 30% rating: $428.83 per month
  • 50% rating: $879.36 per month
  • 70% rating: $1,403.71 per month
  • 100% rating: $3,057.13 per month

What Is Va Disability Compensation

Disability compensation is a tax-free benefit paid to a veteran for disabilities that are a result of or made worse by injuries or diseases that happened while on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training. Disability compensation is also paid to certain veterans disabled from VA health care.

Who Is Eligible?

You may be eligible for disability compensation if you have a service-related disability and you were discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.

How Much Does VA Pay?

The amount, for a single veteran, of basic benefit paid ranges from $140.05 to $3,057.13 per month, depending on how disabled you are.

Note: You may be paid additional amounts, in certain instances, if:

  • you have very severe disabilities or loss of limb
  • you have a spouse, child, or dependent parent
  • you have a seriously disabled spouse

Related Benefits

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Using The Rfc If You Do Not Meet Blue Book Requirements

The Social Security Administration will use their set of medical guidelines, commonly known as the Blue Book, to determine whether your condition qualifies you for disability benefits. If you are found to be able to work, either in a modified setting at your current job or in another position that accommodates your condition, then you will not be eligible for benefits.

In some cases, your medical condition will not be enough to meet the medical guidelines listed in the Blue Book, but you are still unable to work. This is where the residual function capacity form will come into play.

The RFC determines the maximum amount of work that you are able to perform given your condition. Your doctor will be the one to complete the form, and this is beneficial for your case because it is an opportunity to present information specific to your condition directly to the SSA.

Your doctor is likely the one who diagnosed you and was the one to develop your treatment plan, so he or she can explain how you are actually doing and what issues have come about that prevent you from performing certain tasks.

You should inform your doctor of your intent to file an application for disability benefits as early as possible so that the RFC can be completed and submitted quickly. In many cases where a diagnosis is not enough to qualify for benefits, the RFC is the most important document in the claim.

Combined Rating System For Veterans With Multiple Disabilities

Va Ptsd Rating Chart

Veterans with multiple disabilities use the combined rating system.

To use the combined rating system, arrange the disabilities in order by severity and locate the intersect of the two numbers on the table below.

The VA rounds the final figure to the nearest to 10 percent.

If the Veteran has more than two disabilities, find the combined value for the first two, without rounding, and repeat with the third disability. Once you have a final number, round to the nearest 10%.

For example, if disability 1’s rating is 40% and disability 2’s is 20%, the combined rating is 52%. That figure gets rounded to the nearest 10%, making the disability rating 50%.

For a three-disability example, if disability 1’s rating is 60%, disability 2’s rating is 30%, and disability 3’s rating is 20%, we first find the rating of 1 and 2. The rating of 1 and 2 comes out to be 72. We then take the first combined rating and find the intersect with disability 3. The final number comes out at an even 80% rating.



  • Rates for more than one child are shown separately and are not included with any other compensation rates unless otherwise stated. For example, a Veteran with a 70% disability rating, spouse and four children would receive $1,975.71 .
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    How Do I Apply For Va Disability Benefits

    The Department of Veterans Affairs recommends eligible Veterans apply for disability compensation benefits through the VA’s eBenefits online portal. However, Veterans may also apply by mail with VA Form 21-526EZ, in person at your regional benefits office, or with help from a trained professional.

    In any case, you will need access to your DD214 , the medical evidence of the disability, and dependency records .

    If you have yet to separate from service, you may still apply using the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program. To be eligible for the BDD, you must:

    • Be on full-time active duty , and
    • Have a known separation date, and
    • Your separation date is in the next 90 to 180 days

    If you have less than 90 days until separation, you may still file a fully developed or standard claim.

    How Much Compensation Can I Receive Without A 100% Disability Rating

    The VA disability compensation schedule runs a broad gamut. With a 0% rating which signifies a minor disability that has a minimal impact on your ability to work youre not eligible for any monthly compensation. But even with a 0% rating, you can receive free VA healthcare for your service-connected conditions and other ancillary perks.

    The 2019 VA disability compensation schedule is as follows:

    • 10% rating: $140.05 per month
    • 20% rating: $276.84 per month
    • 30% rating: $428.83 per month
    • 40% rating: $617.73 per month
    • 50% rating: $879.36 per month
    • 60% rating: $1,113.86 per month
    • 70% rating: $1,403.71 per month
    • 80% rating: $1,631.69 per month
    • 90% rating: $1,833.62 per month
    • 100% rating: $3,057.13 per month

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    How To Determine Your Monthly Va Disability Payment

    To determine your monthly disability payment, navigate to the table below that fits your disability rating, marital and dependent status. Once you’re on the correct table, follow your rating across to your specific marital and dependent status.

    If you have additional children or a spouse receiving Aid and Attendance benefits, you should include these figures from the added amounts table.

    Jump directly to the tables here:

    $3,802.99 $3,952.08

    You may qualify for more depending on if your spouse receives Aid and Attendance benefits and the number of children you have. View the added amounts table here and how to calculate.

    How Va Assigns A Disability Rating

    A top VA disability attorney explains how to get a PTSD rating of 70% on a VA disability claim.

    VA assigns a disability rating based on the frequency, duration, and severity of symptoms it uses to characterize a certain condition.

    A veterans service-connected condition must have a combined disability rating of at least 10 percent for the veteran to qualify for VA monthly compensation. The highest scheduler disability rating VA can assign to a veterans condition is 100 percent, which yields the highest amount of monthly disability compensation.

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    Disability Ratings Are Awarded On A Case By Case Basis

    To rate a disability claim, the VA first tries to determine whether or not you sustained your illness or injury in military service. Then, they assign a rating for each illness or injury.

    If the VA determines your injury or illness isnt related to your military service or didnt happen while you were in the military, they will deny your claim. If the VA approves your claim, they will assign it a rating between 0% 100%.

    A 0% rating shows there is an illness or injury that is connected to your military service, but it doesnt warrant compensation at this time. It is still good to get a 0% rating compared to no service-connected link because if the condition worsens at a later date, you can apply to have your disability rating upgraded.

    Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About My Disability Rating

    There are many organizations that specialize in helping veterans with their benefits and claims.

    The first place to start is with the VA. VA representatives have access to your records and are the best source for up-to-date information.

    However, the VA isnt always the best place to get assistance with your claim, especially if you are filing an appeal after the VA denied your claim. In that case, I recommend contacting a veteran benefits counselor at your county VA office, or an organization such as the DAV, AMVETS, VFW, American Legion, or a similar Veteran Service Organization.

    You can also use the Physical Evaluation Board Forum to anonymously ask questions about VA disabilities, ratings and the military medical board process.

    If that doesnt work, consider hiring a lawyer that specializes in VA disability claims. I dont have any specific recommendations for lawyers, so please do your research before hiring a law office to represent you. At the minimum, you will want to ensure they specialize in military law, VA disability claims, social security disability claims, or similar types of law. As with all legal agreements, also make sure you understand the compensation structure.

    Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your service!

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    Can Veterans With Schedular 100% Va Disability Ratings Work

    If a veteran has a schedular 100% disability rating for one or more service-connected conditions, they are fully entitled to continue working. However, veterans should keep in mind that the VASRD is based off of average impairment to earning capacity so ability to work is going to be one of the factors VA considers when trying to determine whether there has been actual material improvement to a service-connected condition.

    Presumptive Disability Benefits For Certain Groups Of Veterans

    Honest VA Claims Insider Reviews

    What is “Presumptive” Service Connection?

    VA presumes that specific disabilities diagnosed in certain veterans were caused by their military service. VA does this because of the unique circumstances of their military service. If one of these conditions is diagnosed in a veteran in one of these groups, VA presumes that the circumstances of his/her service caused the condition, and disability compensation can be awarded.

    What Conditions are “Presumed” to be Caused by Military Service?

    Veterans in the groups identified below: Entitlement to disability compensation may be presumed under the circumstances described and for the conditions listed.

    Veterans within one year of release from active duty: Veterans diagnosed with chronic diseases are encouraged to apply for disability compensation.

    Veterans with continuous service of 90 days or more: Veterans diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis /Lou Gehrig’s disease at any time after discharge or release from qualifying active service is sufficient to establish service connection for the disease, if the veteran had active, continuous service of 90 days or more.


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