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Can You Get Disability For High Blood Pressure And Diabetes

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What If Im Sent A Second Form Regarding Time Spent

Can High Blood Pressure Qualify for SSDI? | Citizens Disability

If sent an additional form regarding your time spent tending to your diabetes, it is best to not only confirm that it takes 14 hours or more a week to maintain, but you should also elaborate further than you had on the initial form.

Heres some examples of how to add up your time:

For injections, take into account the time it takes to:

  • Clean the area where injection will go
  • Clean and prep the vial
  • Perform the injection

Preparing and injecting insulin usually takes around 3.5 hours or a week.

For insulin pumpers, take into account the time it takes to:

  • Change pump tubing and insulin cartridge
  • Adjusting pump programming

It usually takes 7 plus hours a week to maintain an insulin pump.

For logging, take into account the time it takes to:

  • Analyzing trends

It would total 30 minutes per day, equating to 3.5 hours per week.

For checking blood glucose levels, take into account the time it takes to:

  • Wash the area to be tested,
  • Ensure meter is coded properly
  • Insert the test strip
  • Apply blood
  • Record reading

This is usually done 8 times per day, taking around 3 minutes per test equating to 24 minutes per day or 3 hours per week.

How Can Hypertension Be Treated

According to considerable research, treating hypertension has very beneficial effects. It can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks, and long-term heart disease by a very large amount and can often mean the difference between life and death. There are multiple types of treatments for hypertension, and they usually fall under the categories of either lifestyle modifications or medication.;

A lifestyle modification is an alteration or elimination of certain lifestyles and habits that are unhealthy and potentially harmful. This can fall into a lot of different areas of life and generally focusing on healthier living. Some general guidelines include focusing on exercising, eating healthier, and quitting smoking if that is an already existing habit.;

Generally, these lifestyle changes will assist in many areas, but they especially help people who experience hypertension. Increasing cardiovascular health is generally the driving factor behind lowering blood pressure, and these practices will aid in that to a very high degree. Other solutions include getting aerobic exercise to enhance the strength of the heart and lowering alcohol intake. These are all very general guidelines for health in general but are especially important when dealing with different stages of hypertension.;

Can I Get A Va Rating For Hypertension

Yes, you can get a VA rating for high blood pressure, more commonly known as hypertension in the medical community.

According to CFR 38 Part 4 the Schedule for Rating Disabilities, veterans may receive a VA disability rating for hypertension between 10% and 60%, with breaks at 20% and 40%, depending upon the severity of symptoms:

  • 10% VA rating for hypertension: If your diastolic pressure is 100 to 109, or your systolic pressure is 160 to 199.
  • 20% rating for hypertension: If your diastolic pressure is 110 to 119, or your systolic pressure is 200 or higher.
  • 40% VA disability rating for hypertension: If your diastolic pressure is 120 to 129.
  • 60% VA rating for hypertension is warranted if your diastolic pressure measures 130 or higher.

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Let Attorney Carmichael Help You Win Your Fibromyalgia Disability Case

Experiencing fibromyalgia? Not able to work because of it? We can help. Social Security has a specific Social Security ruling that deals with fibromyalgia. Social Security Ruling 12-2p states that fibromyalgia can be the basis for a disability finding. But like with anything, in order for Social Security to consider the severity of your fibromyalgia, we must show that you have objective evidence to confirm the diagnosis. Also, with respect to fibromyalgia we need a doctor to observe upon physical examination that you have eleven out of eighteen positive tender points upon physical examination.

When you receive medical treatment, it is important that the doctor notes when hes physically examining you and showing where those tender points are because under Social Security Ruling 12-2p we need eleven out of eighteen positive tender points. In addition to that objective diagnosis of fibromyalgia required under the ruling, we also need your medical records to show the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Fibromyalgia causes individuals to experience a lot of symptoms certainly the biggest one: PAIN. You need to tell your doctor where you are experiencing pain and any other symptoms that you are experiencing. Also, if you are experiencing problems with fatigue, report that to your doctor.

If you have any questions about how to start a fibromyalgia claim or if you need help with your fibromyalgia case please give Disability Attorney Brian Carmichael a call at;.

Consult With An Attorney Before Filing Hypertension Claims Or Appeals

Chronic high blood pressure in pregnancy

Hypertension is a common health problem that affects millions of U.S. veterans. If you are able to make a connection between your time in uniform and your high blood pressure diagnosis, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation benefits.

In many cases, this condition may qualify an applicant for a disability rating of at least ten percent. A diligent and knowledgeable attorney from our firm can explain how high blood pressure may make you eligible for benefits and help you collect the evidence needed to support your hypertension claim or appeal. Reach out to VetLaw today to schedule an appointment with a professional.

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Diabetes And Heart Attack

Here well explain what can happen in your body to cause;these heart complications.

Lets start with the major blood vessels in your body, these are your:

  • arteries they carry;blood away from your heart
  • veins they carry;blood back to your heart.

If these arteries and veins get damaged, it can be harder for blood to flow around the body and get to the areas its needed.;

High cholesterol

If your cholesterol is too high, then the extra fat in your blood sticks to the walls of your blood vessels. Over time, this fat hardens and is known as plaque. Hard plaque can block up the blood vessels, which makes the space narrower and leaves less room for blood to flow.

This;is called arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis and is the most common cause of a heart attack.

In the narrower space, blood flow slows down and causes some of the blood cells to group together and clot.;If a blood clot breaks away, it will travel through your arteries and veins until it reaches a section too narrow to pass through, making it;partially or completely blocked.

This;can starve;the heart of oxygen and nutrients and this is what causes;a heart attack.

High blood pressure

Not only does the blood struggle to flow through the blood vessels, but over time;atherosclerosis makes the walls of your blood vessels more rigid and less elastic. This can lead to high blood pressure or make high blood pressure worse.;

The Risks Of Hypertension

Every heartbeat pumps blood through your bodys arteries. Blood pressure measures the amount of force exerted on artery walls throughout your circulatory system. So when your blood pressure rises to higher-than-normal levels, your heart works much harder to circulate blood through your body. Ideal blood pressure numbers stay consistently below 120/80 . If your blood pressure usually ranges anywhere from 120/80 to 129/89, you may have whats known as prehypertension. Below are the American Heart Associations current number ranges for diagnosing hypertension:

  • 130/80-130/89: High blood pressure, stage 1. If this describes you, ask your doctor to conduct a 10-year heart disease and stroke assessment. With a risk of 10% or less, you can likely control your BP with medication and lifestyle changes. Schedule a follow-up visit to reassess your status in 3-6 months.
  • 140/90 or higher: High blood pressure, stage 2. Your doctor will likely recommend lifestyle changes, prescribe two or more blood pressure medications and monthly follow-ups. Once your BPs under control, your doctor may potentially decrease your medications. Losing weight, eating less salt, drinking less alcohol, regular exercise and not smoking can help improve your blood pressure.

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How Can I Improve My Chances Of Winning My Social Security Disability Claim

First, be honest and thorough when reporting your condition to Social Security. People are sometimes embarrassed to report psychological difficulties or learning disabilities, even though both can be important factors in receiving benefits. A lawyer can also vastly improve your chances; Social Security’s own numbers show that that people with legal counsel are much more likely to win benefits.

If you want to see if your particular situation qualifies for Social Security disability benefits, contact us today. More people win disability benefits with our help than when they try to win benefits on their own.

First You Must Meet Social Securitys Basic Eligibility Requirements: 1 Your Medical Condition Must Prevent You From Working And Must Last At Least 12 Months Or Be Expected To Last 12 Months; And 2 You Must Have Worked Long Enough At A Job Where You Paid Social Security Taxes

Understanding sugarâs effect on the brain, ADHD, Alzheimerâs, high blood pressure and diabetes

Social Security will review your medical records to determine if your disability matches one of their impairment listings. It will look for organ damage and whether your high blood pressure is under control. If high blood pressure has damaged your vision, Social Security will evaluate your disability under visual disorders; if you have had a stroke caused by high blood pressure, your disability would be evaluated under neurological disorders.

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What Determines Your Hypertension Va Rating

The claim examiner reviews your medical history and physicians opinion before assigning a VA disability for hypertension rating. Below are the ratings that determine your VA high blood pressure compensation, according to the agencys Schedule for Rating Disabilities page:

  • 60% if your diastolic pressures usually 130 or higher
  • 40% if your diastolic pressures consistently 120 or higher
  • 20% if your diastolic pressures usually 110 or higher, or systolic pressures usually 200 or more
  • 10% if your diastolic pressures usually 100 or higher while under control with prescription medication

These rating percentages help claim examiners determine whether you may qualify for monthly VA disability for hypertension benefits. If your combined disability ratings 30% or higher and you have a spouse, child or dependent parent, then the VA may increase your monthly payments.

Physical Conditions And Secondary Service

Back Pain: Suppose you had hip problems in the military because you were a paratrooper. You have walked a little off for years because of your injury and now your back hurts. Your back pain could be considered as a secondary service-connected disability.

Sleep Apnea:;Sleep apnea can be caused by long-term exposure to chemicals and toxins that veterans have been exposed to through their military service. Some of the most common secondary service-connected disabilities from sleep apnea are high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, asthma, and even acid reflux disease.

Spinal Problems:;Many veterans obtain spinal problems from their time in the service from accidents. Pain, depression, headaches, neck pain, problems walking, hip problems, and more are considered secondary service-connected disabilities from spinal problems.

Traumatic Brain Injury:;Veterans with service-connected traumatic brain injuries will find that a long list of side effects are eligible for secondary service-connected impairments. Anger, amnesia, headaches, balance disorder, fatigue, speech problems, nausea, tinnitus, and more are considered secondary service-connected disabilities for VA disability benefits purposes.

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Work With Our Committed Arkansas Disability Benefits Lawyer For Your High Blood Pressure Case

If you or a family member was diagnosed with high blood pressure and need assistance to apply for disability benefits, you should consult with an experienced Springdale disability attorney. Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, possesses over 20 years of legal experience helping clients file for disability benefits, and he is prepared to use this experience to represent you. To learn more about applying for disability benefits in Arkansas for high blood pressure, you should call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at 316-0438 to schedule a free legal consultation. You may also use our online submission form to schedule your free consultation.

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Completing The Initial Application For Disability Benefits For Hypertension

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Because high blood pressure by itself is not listed as a recognized disability in the Blue Book, you are heavily dependent on the opinion of your doctor. As long as your doctor has been treating you for some time, he or she will be the best person to comment on your ability to work. The SSA will not accept written statements by themselves but will want to look at all the past medical records, including treatment for hypertension, test results and treatment.

They will also want to look at a completed RFC as a Blue Book listing is not available. Your own doctor is best placed to fill in a RFC form, which provides detailed evidence of just what you can and cannot do because of your medical condition and disability.

The results of the RFC will be examined together with your medical records, and consideration of your age, work experience, work history, skills and aptitude to learn a new skill.

After the initial application has been completed you may be asked to attend an interview in which you will be questioned about your disability and past work experience. You will be asked to provide your medical records and any other accompanying documentation which cannot easily be sent online.There is then normally a five month interval before any benefits can be approved, although in practice, it may be anywhere between 5 months and a year before a decision is made.

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Understanding Va Disability Ratings For Diabetes

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2017

Diabetes mellitus also known as Type II or adult onset diabetes is a growing health issue among U.S. veterans. In fact, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently listed type II diabetes as the number 9 most-prevalent disability claim among compensation recipients, with more than 431,000 veterans receiving some level of disability support while suffering from the condition.

Agent Orange And Secondary Service

Diabetes:;Agent Orange is responsible for giving untold numbers of troops diabetes. What many veterans dont realize is all the conditions caused by their diabetes may also be considered service-connected. For example, if you were in Vietnam and have diabetes that caused neuropathy, the latter is one of your secondary service-connected disabilities.

Heart Disease:;Agent Orange is believed to cause heart disease. If you were a veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange and has heart disease, you could be eligible. You may also be eligible for any condition caused by heart disease. Some veterans may be able to secondary service-connect their peripheral artery disease, heart attack, and;stroke to;their;service-connected heart disease.

Some veterans with serious mental conditions may have heart disease as a secondary service-connected impairment. Stress, depression, and anxiety can lead to heart disease and related conditions. Many mental conditions can lead to extreme strain on the heart and cardiovascular system.

Hypertension:;Hypertension is generally service-connected through Agent Orange diabetes claims. Hypertension can be caused by diabetes. You can also service-connect impairments related to hypertension like aneurysms, damage to the heart, strokes, and kidney problems.

One of our VA disability lawyers goes over the Agent Orange Presumptive Conditions list in this video:

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If You Are Living With Diabetes

…You may be eligible to receive financial aid from the Social Security Administration. If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, you are likely struggling with the disease.; Fortunately, the government provides disability benefits for those that have been affected by the disease.

Diabetes is very common, affecting nearly 2.1% of the population.; The most common symptoms include diminished vision, exhaustion, dizziness, high blood pressure, general pain, and a host of other issues. Often times, these symptoms can prevent you from working.

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes and want to see if you qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, get the facts by below. Then, contact us for a free evaluation of your situation.

Service Connection In The Va Diabetes Claim

Diabetes and blood pressure | How it works | Diabetes UK

For Veterans who are trying to establish service connection for Diabetes, there are at many ways to skin the proverbial cat. ; Here are 4:

1) Get a copy of your C-File: I cant stress this enough. Without a copy of your C-File, you are battling the VA with blindfolds on.

2) Locate all references to the early symptomatology of diabetes in the military service and military medical records

3) Get copies of all of your private and post-service medical records.

4) Build a chain showing that the symptomatology of diabetes that first appeared in service continued from discharge until the actual diagnosis of diabetes.

To show that diabetes is secondary to another condition there must be some other injury which is already service connected, or which can be service-connected, and which is the cause of the Veterans diabetes.

I have seen many try to attempt this proof, and very few are successful.

#3:Service Connection by Legal Presumption.

If Diabetes is diagnosed in service, or if the symptoms of Diabetes present to a compensable degree within one year of discharge, the Veterans Diabetes will be presumed to be service-connected.

#4: Agent Orange Exposure.

On November 9, 2000, the VA announced that Vietnam veterans with Type-II diabetes would now be eligible for disability compensation.

So, for Veterans that set foot on soil in Vietnam, exposure to Agent Orange is presumed, and diabetes is then presumed connected to the Agent Orange exposure.

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Social Security Is Primarily Concerned With How Your Disability Has Limited Your Daily Activities

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you will need to prove your hypertension is more severe than average and you are unable to work in any type of job on a consistent basis. Though hypertension does not qualify as a disability by itself, hypertension should be stated as a diagnosis in your application. You should also list all the ways high blood pressure impacts and limits your daily activities; for example, vision problems may prevent you from driving and headaches and nausea may make it difficult to perform many tasks.

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