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Is Veterans Advantage Worth It

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The Aim Of Vetrewards:

Veterans Association and Medicare: Are The Extra Costs Worth It?

They want you to be able to rely on military discounts that have been checked as genuine. They advocate for you by providing special benefits and cultivating a supportive online Veterans Advantage Community, awarding outstanding achievements after service, and event marketing that brings our members together and reinforces them. They can make a difference in the lives of those who serve in a significant way that gives back today and every day if we work together.

Vetrewards Card Plan Options & Pricing

There is a free Veterans Advantage plan that gives you access to certain military discounts, a jobs & career network, and free Veterans Advantage events.

The paid membership gives you all of the above, plus exclusive VetRewards Deals, a VetRewards ID Card, discounted travel insurance, and VIP member assistance.

Primary Member Plans

  • 30-Day Trial only pay a standard $4.95
  • Month-to-Month: $9.99 per month for primary subscriber
  • 1 Year: $59.95 $4.99 average per month paid in full upon enrollment
  • 24-month extension: $3.75 average per month paid in full upon enrollment a 25% savings
  • 48-month extension: $2.92 average per month paid in full upon enrollment a 42% savings

What Kinds Of Discounts Do They Offer

There are far too many to list here, but they have partner companies from everyday retail shopping, travel, hotels, dining, entertainment, health & wellness, home & office, and financial services industries. Check out the Military Discounts Marketplace on their website.

They offer a 30-day trial for a one-time fee of $4.95. They also have a month-to-month plan for $9.99 per month, which gets you a digital VetRewards Card. You can cancel anytime. The best deal is the annual plan which costs $59.95 per year, which averages out to $4.99 per month. With the annual plan you will receive a physical VetRewards Card.

Veterans Advantage offers savings and discounts in every area of life and is certainly worth the membership fee. When partnered with companies like Legacy, Veterans Advantage brings services to our military community that had been out of reach for so many.

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Anonymous Complaint: Complaint Type: Advertising/sales Issues



Business Response


Thank you for bringing *** ********* concerns to our attention. Veterans Advantage partners with companies, like the *** **** *****, to provide special offers on their goods and services to honor those who have served, those who continue to serve and their families. The *** **** ***** provides an exclusive every-day 50% discount off home delivery for our premium VetRewards subscribers. A paid subscription to VetRewards is necessary to redeem this offer.

When following the process of accessing the offer, it is stated three different ***** that a paid VetRewards subscription is required to obtain this offer: 1) under the discount details on the *** **** ***** website at https://www.*** 2) on the *** **** ***** offer page on and lastly, 3) under the Terms and Conditions on our member site.

When *** ******* navigated from the *** **** ***** site to our site , he was entered into the enrollment flow for a VetRewards subscription, but evidently thought he was proceeding to purchase a *** **** ***** home delivery. The prices he was reviewing were related to a VetRewards subscription and NOT a *** **** ***** subscription. Continuing with the enrollment process, *** ******* added a 48-month extension to his VetRewards subscription which increased his cost from $64.90 for one year subscription to $204.90.

Experimenting With The Veterans Advantage Card

Charlotte Veterans Benefits Lawyer

To read the latest on the Veterans Advantage Card, please go here.

I have to admit that I am one of those guys who follows the old rule if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So when I came across the Veterans Advantage Card on the Deals & Offers tab on the new website I was skeptical. The main draw was a 5% discount on all United flights, but there were a host of other discounts including pretty much every rental car company, AMTRAK, Greyhound, and a bunch of stores. The catch was that to join you needed to pay $60 plus a $4.95 handling fee. Hmmm. Lets do the math, hey Im an engineer, I like math. So to recoup $64.95, I divide it by 0.05 and get $1299. I would need to buy $1299 worth of United tickets to make this worthwhile. I probably spend about $3000 on United per year, so that part works out.

I decided to investigate more. The UA website link brings up a page giving some details of the program and touting the ability to get a free 30-day membership, but it didnt really provide the detail I want before making a committment. Going to the website gave me the answers that I needed. It lists the many programs involved, plus if you go to the Plan Options tab and then the Special Offers tab on the left side you will find two mutually exclusive options. One allows you to get a 15% discount on the membership price and the other gives you a free companion ticket.

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Which Plan Is Right For You

As a registered public benefit corporation, a major part of our Veterans Advantage mission is to offer a low-cost VetRewards subscription with new military benefits. We also issue the VetRewards Card as an affordable military ID for all active duty military, veterans, guard, reserve, and their family members.

To get started with Veterans Advantage, you can register for a free member account to learn about publicly-available military discounts that are not generally advertised by retailers. You will also get easy access to savings opportunities in our Military Discounts Marketplace and can keep connected to your benefits with our member newsletters. Once you become a Veterans Advantage member, you are also eligible to subscribe to VetRewards to access exclusive benefits that have been created just for our members and not available to the general public.

Why should you enroll in VetRewards? Your participation creates the group purchasing power to acquire new partner benefits and create the new, deeper discounts that become VetRewards Exclusives. We advocate for VetRewards Exclusives to be publically-advertised by our partners, easy for members to redeem and available every day so that they deliver you A Real Thank You ®.

Your VetRewards subscription also gives us the ability to provide the benefits and services included in the VetRewards CarePackage, which is provided to you as a subscriber and valued at more than $1,000 annually.

Veterans Advantage & Legacy Deliver Fertility Benefits

If you are a member of the military community, then you may already be familiar with Veterans Advantage. It is a website that has been around for twenty years and offers exclusive discounts to active military, reservists, National Guard, retirees, veterans, and family members. Ive used a number of their discounts on phone service, online shopping, and even pet supplies.

On August 11th, Veterans Advantage announced a partnership with Legacy, an international company specializing in male fertility, to offer a 25% discount on their core products which can help our nations veterans protect their opportunity for future parenthood. Male fertility can be impacted by ones lifestyle, and we know that life in the military is not easy. Taking steps to improve and preserve fertility is important as many couples are waiting longer to have children.

The discount applies to the at-home fertility testing and analysis kit, which is the first step in cryogenically preserving your future. The cost of the kit is $195, so 25% off is a great deal. After testing and analysis, you will have three options: Analysis only, 5-year Storage, or Lifetime storage. Each storage option also comes with personalized lifestyle recommendations to improve reproductive health and fertility.

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Veterans Advantage Card And Discounts

Veterans Advantage, Card Benefits Prorgram is a veteran-owned and led public benefit organization intending to bring extra benefits to repay its members who are U.S. military veterans and their families. Founded by Scott Higgins, an Army Vietnam War veteran, as The #1 Most Trusted Name in New Military Benefits,Veterans Advantage, CBP is a veteran-owned and led public benefit corporation. Its mission is to create new benefits to thank its members who are U.S. military veterans and their families. VetRewards members receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes: valuable insurance coverage, VIP travel, financial, and medical benefits, as well as exclusive member-only discounts on travel, retail, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, computers, electronics, fitness centers, wireless services, moving services, health, flowers, donations, and more.


Experticity Is Honoring Your Service With An Exclusive Opportunity From Our Partner Veterans Advantage

Service Disabled Veterans Insurance: Dont Miss This Opportunity

As a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, youve served your country with courage and honor. Now Veterans Advantage is rewarding you with an exclusive opportunity to unlock even more discounts on travel, hotels and resorts, dining and entertainment, health and wellness plus everyday shopping. As an added bonus, family members are also eligible to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Its this simple:

  • Enjoy 50% off your membership when you sign up before October 31, 2016
  • Start enjoying exclusive discounts through Veterans Advantage

9 Exchange Place, Suite 1000, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 USA

Privacy Overview

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Veterans Advantage Card Plan Benefits

Travel Card for Veterans of America Every plan also will include: advertising discounts and favored payment options available to members each plan also includes:

  • Get your 30-day trial for just $4.95
  • Save thousands: save daily nationwide
  • Special Insurance coverage: Up to $55,000 insurance coverage at no extra charge
  • Prescription Drug Discounts: up to 65% off medication at no extra charge
  • Personal Attention: Toll-free member support number plus online help

Members will receive a Veterans Advantage ID card in the mail, along with a benefits booklet outlining the programs perks and a list of the numerous US companies that participate.

Vet Rewards Card Eligibility

There are no restrictions on the length of service, military branch, or rank of the individual who will participate in the program. The Veterans Advantage Program, which is based on a membership plan, offers benefits to active members and veterans throughout the country. If you meet any of the following requirements, you are eligible to participate in the VetRewards Program:

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Lincoln Veterans Advantage Members Program

Lincoln Motor Company is a veteran in the automotive industry having produced luxury cars for more than 90 years. As it is a newly re-imagined company with fresh designs on the American-made Lincoln MKS, Lincoln Navigator, and Lincoln MKC, all inspired by presidential history and innovators alike, we want to reward our Veterans for their service to our company with Lincoln’s VetRewards Card and X-Plan Pricing.

Lincoln’s parent company, has a long history of supporting veterans and military personnel as well, having donated more than 207 vehicle to the DAV Transportation Network and investing in scholarships.

Lincoln has been a Veterans Advantage military verification partner since 2012. The Lincoln Motor Company Partner Recognition Program honors Veterans Advantage members with purchase or lease savings on eligible Lincoln vehicles.

    X-Plan Partner Recognition Vehicle Pricing Benefits:

  • Exclusive Pricing: The Plan price is established before Veterans Advantage members visit the dealership, so no need to negotiate!
  • Exceptionally Simple: The vehicle’s X-Plan price is clearly marked on the vehicle invoice. Veterans Advantage Members should simply ask for a copy of the invoice to confirm pricing.
  • Great Value: These exclusive savings are in addition to most other publicly offered programs

Inquire today about how you can get more with your Veterans Rewards with Lincoln Motor Company! Benefits include:

  • VIP Member Support

Anonymous Complaint: Complaint Type: Billing/collection Issues

For Dummies: Veterans Benefits for Dummies (Paperback)



Business Response


Thank you for sharing *** ******* inquiry. Our VIP Customer Support is a live U.S.-based team of veterans and veteran family members, who are available at ************* during extended hours, every weekday, 9am-9pm ET, to assist our members with any needs or concerns. This information is easily found on our website: *********************************************** A support ticket may also be started from this page 24/7 and will be replied to within 24 business hours, likely sooner.

Our records indicate that *** ***** registered as a member of our free community tier, but never confirmed her registration. She has never been charged by Veterans Advantage and she has never tried to contact us directly. We reached out to her to discuss this inquiry and left a message on her voicemail. To date we have not heard back from her. We encourage *** ***** to contact us if she has further questions or concerns.

In the meantime, we hope *** ***** will engage with our Veterans Advantage free basic member offers and services available as Military Community Deals in our Military Discounts Marketplace at *************************. No membership fees are associated with this level of participation.Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

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Wendy’s Joins With Veterans Advantage To Honor Us Veteran And Military Families

Wendy’s has partnered with Veterans Advantage, a veteran-founded public benefit corporation, to provide Veterans Advantage members exclusive WendyMail offers throughout the year at Wendy’s restaurants nationwide to recognize their dedicated service to our country.

“Were very appreciative that Wendys has taken a position of quick-service restaurant industry leadership to reward our members year-round for their dedicated service to our country, said H. Scott Higgins, co-founder and CEO of Veterans Advantage, and a Vietnam War veteran. These special offers – discounts on Wendys hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and other signature menu offerings – are a real benefit to our U.S. Military veterans, including Active Duty, Military Retirees, National Guard and Reserve and their families, enrolled in Veterans Advantage.

Similar to Veterans Advantage, Wendys military roots go deep. Our founder, Dave Thomas, volunteered at age 18 for the Army at the onset of the Korean War and attended the U.S. Armys Cook and Bakers School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Sent to Germany, he attained the rank of staff sergeant and became one of the youngest soldiers to manage the Enlisted Men’s Club. For two and a half years, he performed his military job serving as many as 2,000 people a day, honing his skills and building a command of day-to-day operations, that would serve him well in his future restaurant career as the founder of Wendys.

Anonymous Complaint: Complaint Type: Problems With Product/service



Business Response


Thank you for bringing Mr. ******** concerns to our attention. Veterans Advantage has partnered with ****** ******** for over 10 years, providing a 5% discount on air travel for our paid tier of VetRewards subscribers. Mr. ****** did not pay to join and was participating in our free Community tier of engagement. This is not bait and switch advertising, simply different tiers of service provided.

At Veterans Advantage, we take privacy very seriously and devote extensive resources to protecting our customers personal information. We closely follow the U. S. and State privacy laws, including the ********** Consumer Privacy Act .

As stated in our Privacy Policy, our customers have the right to request that we delete personal information… To do so, we need to verify the identity of the consumer to the degree of certainty required by law.

The CCPA states that businesses must verify that the person making a request to delete is the consumer about whom the business has personal information. Businesses may need to ask the consumer for additional information for verification purposes. If the business asks for personal information to verify the identity of this person, it can only use that information for verification purposes.

Again, we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and trust that it has been fully resolved.

Customer Response

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Veterans Advantage Vetrewards Card Benefits Program

Advertiser Disclosure: Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone. This article may contain links from our advertisers. For more information, please see our .

The Veterans Advantage Card Benefits Program is a nationwide benefits program developed in 2001 to provide rewards to the members of those who have served in the United States Military including active military members, retired veterans, members of the National Guard and Reserves, as well as the family members of eligible service personnel.

Over 300 companies and organizations have partnered with the Veterans Advantage program to provide preferred pricing on products and services to show their appreciation of military members. Companies that participate in the program range from a wide spectrum of categories including travel, entertainment, home, office, health, business, and financial. There are also benefits offered by both the federal government and participating state governments.

The Advantage Of Veterans Advantage

Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR& E) 5 Tracks

When you enroll with Veterans Advantage, you will receive a unique discount code that you can use to purchase a Legacy package. You will enter your Veterans Advantage discount code in the Promo Code section while ordering.

If you are unsure about which package would best suit your fertility needs, Legacy has a Help Center that can answer your questions. Call +1 514-0901 for more information. To better understand the process, check out their How It Works section.

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Cropsford Elite Gear Vendor

That said, veterans’ benefits only cover your care at VA clinics. Medicare covers you ANYWHERE that accepts Original Medicare. So, adding Medicare is a great way to save on costs and have more choices with your health insurance. For even more coverage, savings, and flexibility, you can add a Medicare Supplement or switch to Medicare Advantage. About Veteran Benefits Guide. Veteran Benefits Guide was founded by former United States Marine, Joshua Smith. After his honorable discharge, Josh was employed by the Veteran Benefits Administration as a Rating Veteran Service Representative . While working in this capacity, Josh was thoroughly trained on the VAs Disability ….

The VA funding fee for cash-out refinancing is higher than for an IRRRL. Current funding fees are 2.30 percent of the loan amount for first-time use of the entitlement, and 3.60 percent for. Many employers with Defined Benefit Plans provide an option for a retiree to take a lump sum instead of a monthly pension.With interest rates rising quickly, the. The advantage of estimating a pensions lump-sum value from a TSP annuity is its lower price and the TSP websites calculator.Assuming that the $3000/month pension is paid to a 38-year-old veteran and limited.

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