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Portable Lift For Disabled Person

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Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift With Six Point Cradle 5 Casters

Portable Lift for Disabled Pool Access – Video

The Drive manual hydraulic patient lift is an excellent choice for the home caregiver who needs to be able to move their loved one from different places in the house. Large 5 rubber-grip casters are easy to lock and unlock, so the person riding will always be secure whether you are moving on a wet surface such as a bathroom or on carpet, or if the lift needs to be stationary for transfers. The adjustable legs extend to a width of 22.5 to 42 to ensure a good fit in many spots.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of durable silver vein steel
  • On rolling 5 casters that easily lock securely in place
  • Adjustable width to suit a variety of locations in the home
  • 6-point cradle design for maximum comfort
  • Can support up to 450 pounds
  • Lift weighs 72 pounds and is easily assembled out of the box

Easy Body Lift My Recommended Portable Patient Lift For Travel

This device is a great option for people with an active life that wants to travel. It is manually operated too, it has the ability to be divided into 3 parts which make it portable and will fit almost any cars trunk.

The easy body lift is made of stainless still and chrome materials which make it perfect as a shower chair too.

It is very comfortable and provides an easy sitting position and can save the need for a wheelchair as it serves as a wheelchair too.It does not have the ability to lift a patient from the floor. This Great device is currently priced at 2499$. I find it best to buy on 1800

Product specifications:

Easy Body Lift Video

What Do Wheelchair Lifts Cost

Wheelchair lifts that run on an incline over stairs begin at roughly $10,000 depending on the brand, weight capacity, and optional features. A curved staircase wheelchair lift will be a bit more expensive due to the customizations involved. A base model vertical wheelchair lift also starts at around $5,000. For installation, plan on approximately $1,000 to $4,000 for a professional job.

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Transfer Belts Turntables Turning Cushions Swivel Cushions Etc

There are a variety of different types of Transfer Turntables, Turning Cushions, Swivel Cushions and other similar Transfer Aids which are available to purchase in South Africa from various companies such as Sitwell Technologies, Mobility Aids, Pro Mobility, Nkidi Manufacturing and Ability Assist, which are ideal to assist with short distance transferring, when the patient has some strength in their upper body and some use of their legs. Each of these products offer different benefits and features, these products include:

Transfer Belts: are designed to help lift persons from a bed, chair, wheelchair, or for short distance transfers. The adjustable belt is fitted around the persons waist enabling the helper to grab onto the webbed grips. This product is 720 x 140mm in Size and has a Strap length of 705mm. The maximum load weight is 95kg. This product is available to purchase from Companies such as Ability Assist, Pro Mobility and Mobility Aids, you can contact them to find out more or to receive a quote.

Swivel Cushion Fleece: Helps turning when getting in or out of the car, wheelchair or bed, it has a washable soft fleece cover.This Cushion swivels 360 degrees for smooth and easy turning in any direction. It is ideal for getting in and out of a car or chair and helps ease hip and back strain. This product is available to purchase from Companies such as Ability Assist and Pro Mobility, you can contact them to find out more or to receive a quote.

How To Use A Hoyer Lift

Mobility Products for Disabled People: Suas Portable Hoists

When using a patient lift it is imperative that you are fully aware of how to operate the equipment. Whilst these devices are much safer than manual transfers, using them correctly will ensure optimal safety.

Before you begin using the lift, a risk assessment is essential to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Once this is complete, you should approach the patient in this example, we will assume that they are lying on the bed.

First of all, ensure that the patient is comfortably rolled over onto their side, this will allow you to position the sling. It is important that you use a compatible sling that is designed to work with the lift and that matches the weight of the patient. Position the sling around the back of the patient and take the shoulder strap nearest to the bed and feed this underneath the head you will adjust this properly later.

Now, you should roll the patient back onto their back before turning them onto their other side. Doing this will allow you to position the sling from the other side to ensure it is comfortably and safely in place. They can now be moved onto their back once more.

Bring the leg straps around the legs and secure these as necessary. You are now ready to bring in the lift.

Once you are satisfied that everything is to the expected standard, you are ready to fully raise the lift so that it clears the bed by a couple of inches.

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Types Of Hoists Patient Lifters Slings Etc

A Hoist or Patient Lift is an assistive device that is used to transfer persons with Mobility Impairments between a bed and a wheelchair or other similar places. Most hoists are Hydraulic or Electric Powered, these include Wheeled Lifts, which are mobile, Wall Lifts, which are mounted to the wall, or Ceiling Lifts, which are suspended from the ceiling & are mounted or can run on overhead tracks.

All of these Hoists require some way to connect you safely to the Hoist, so that you can move from point A to point B, they include:

  • The Sling Lift & Sling
  • SureHandsĀ® Body Support, which is a product from the HandiMove hoist range.
  • A Sit-To-Stand Lift.

The Best Hoyer Lifts: What Is A Hoyer Lift And How Do You Use It

Caring for an aging loved one at home can be a challenge, especially if they begin to struggle with mobility and need more assistance moving around. Getting in and out of bed in the morning can be a difficult task for even a youngster without years of joint and muscle stress that compounds overnight, making seniors wake up stiff and sore. For those with existing mobility issues, it can be impossible to get in and out of bed without assistance, and caregivers can become worn out quickly without any help. This is where the Hoyer Lift can become a back and stress-saving device.

What is a Hoyer Lift?

People who are living with immobility can rely on the Hoyer lift to safely transport them from place to place with the help of their caregivers. A Hoyer lift is a mobility tool used to help seniors with mobility challenges get out of bed or the bath without the assistance of another person. Named for its inventor, the Hoyer lift is also referred to as a portable total body lift or a patient lift. These devices can be free-standing, on wheels, or can be secured to a wall or the ceiling, depending on the users needs and room set-up.

Did You Know?

Types of Hoyer Lifts

How a Hoyer Lift Works

Paying for a Hoyer Lift

  • Medicare: Patient lifts are considered Durable Medical Equipment , and with a prescription, may be covered by Medicaid or Medicare assistance.

Keep reading to see our list of the best Hoyer lifts for sale in 2019.

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Draw Sheets And Glide/slide Sheets

A Draw Sheets and Glide/Slide Sheets are those sheets that are placed crosswise over the middle of the mattress to cover the area between the person’s upper back and thighs, often used by medical professionals to move patients. They can be made of plastic, rubber, or cotton and some are about half the size of a regular sheet. When a Draw Sheet is used to move patients, it is sometimes known as a Lift Sheet, some nursing manuals recommend that, when a plastic or rubber draw sheet is used, a cotton draw sheet is placed over it.

Meelu’s Slide/Glide Sheet

A basic Draw Sheet can be made from a normal bed sheet, by folding the sheet in half, but these may not be suitable for everyone, various other types of Draw Sheets, Glide or Slide Sheets are available to purchase in South Africa, with some of them including handles or straps and others made specifically for easy sliding. They include products such as:

The Tubular Glide Sheet is easy to maintain . The hanging loops facilitate easy storage. These products are available to purchase from Maria Vermaak, please feel free to contact her on Cell no: 082 963 4338 or via email: , to order any of these products or to find out more about the Meelu range that are supplied by Maria Vermaak.

Using The Motorstep Ms800 Rv And Travel Trailer Step Lift

Introducing the Mobile Stairlift: The Last Word on Portable Mobility

Pressing the conveniently situated push buttons , Motorstep MS800 Step Lift raises you up or lowers you back down safely while you hold the handles on the central moving column allowing you to safely enter and exit your RV or Travel Trailer. Sturdy & secure legs make a stable base able to lift up to 20 stone/125kg/280lb in weight, Motorstep MS800 rises from just 1.5inches/40mm to a maximum height of 32inches/800mm giving you safe effortless access into your RV or Travel Trailer eliminating bulky steps and ramps.

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Medline Mds88200d Hydraulic Patient Lift

Best Hydraulic Patient Lift

  • Lifting range: 28″ to 73″
  • Base width: 31.5″ , 26″
  • Base length & height: 42″, 5.5″
  • Product weight: 80.5 lbs
  • Spreader bar type: 6-point
  • Lift type: Manual

The Medline MDS88200D hydraulic patient lift is a good choice if youre looking for a more economical option to assist non-weight bearing patients with transfers around the home.

Despite it being a manual lift, it is easy to use and operate. The hydraulic hand pump requires limited force to operate, thus helping to reduce the caregivers workload.

The hydraulic lift has an impressive lifting range. It can extend from 28 up to 73 inches. The extended reach makes the lift extremely versatile. It is capable of performing floor lifts as well as carrying out other types of lifts such as bed, wheelchair, or toilet transfers.

While it may be the cheapest patient lift we have reviewed, it certainly does not skimp on quality. The lift features a 6-point cradle that can rotate 360 degrees, which are more commonly found on premium lifts. This means the lift can accommodate most slings including 2-point, 4-point and 6-point slings. The Medline lift also comes with a complimentary full-body sling which is another bonus. The durable frame has a good weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, and for added safety the rear casters are lockable.

Disability Transfer Devices: Hoists Elevators Stair Lifts

Updated/Revised Date: 2022-04-05Jump to:Main Document

Synopsis:Information on different types of hoists, elevators, transfer devices, and stairlifts for the disabled and seniors with mobility problems. Adaptive technology such as sling lifts or other patient transfer devices help transfer users between beds and chairs or lift chairs , transfer or convertible chairs. There are different kinds of stairlifts to fulfill the needs of different people with different conditions and disabilities. They can be installed on almost any type of stairway, regardless of the length of the stairway. Whether the staircase is spiral or straight, a stairlift can be installed even in the toughest spots.

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What Are Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are motorized platforms that move a person while they’re sedentary going up or down staircases or from one level to another like an elevator. They are used inside the home and outside. An outdoor wheelchair lift is often used when a ramp would be too steep or otherwise difficult for a person in a wheelchair to navigate.

Capabilities Of The Patient

Hoists for Lifting Disabled People  Dolphin Mobility

One of the main reasons that people opt for a mobile lift is to allow the patient to be transferred whilst being fully supported by the lift. It pays to think about the individual needs and capabilities of the patient since these lifts are designed for use by people who are unable to take any of their own weight.

If the patient does have some weight-bearing ability, then it may be more beneficial to consider a sit to stand lift.

You should also think about how and why the patient needs the lift. For example, if they need a lift for helping them into the bath or for using the toilet a powered option may not be safe for use around water. Other environmental factors to consider might be how frequently the patient needs to travel and whether the lift is compatible with these needs.

Furthermore, the needs of the caregiver should also be taken into account since easy operation is vital in further ensuring the safety of both the carer and the patient.

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Heavy Duty Patient Lift

For larger patients, a regular mobile lift may not be sufficient and a serious risk of injury is posed. However, there is a wide range of heavy-duty mobile patient lifts that are designed for use with bariatric patients. Some of these lifts have a much more generous weight capacity of, on average 600 lbs.

Ms800 Optional Usa/can/euro Power Supply

A 110v-12v power supply can be supplied to all customers in the United States and Canada with fitted US/Canadian style plug meaning the Motorstep can easily be powered by any power outlet. We can also supply a 230v to 12v European power supply fitted with Euro style plug to all our European customers.

Want to order the Motorstep MS800 from overseas? We ship worldwide!

If you live outside the UK we can quote you the cost and take payment of the Motorstep tax free in GBP, EURO and CAD, simply contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Or if you live in the United States or Australia you can order from one of our distributors.

Contact us for shipping quotation.

Shipping to any country in Europe 85.00

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Patient Lifts For Safe Transfer

People with limited mobility should occasionally get up from their beds or from the wheelchair on which they sit for quite a few hours. Their movement is also important to prevent the formation of pressure sores, but also for other purposes, such as performing certain treatments, preventing muscle degeneration and mood swings, traveling, etc.Because even the most powerful caregiver is not always able to simply carry another person, the need arises to invent an electrical or manual device that will allow the patient to be carried safely. This is how the device called in the professional jargon the patient lift was invented.Like I have mentioned, a great patient lift is the Easy Body Lift Check it out on

Pre Manufactured Small Ramps

Car Transfers with the Portable Take-Along Lift

Images Courtesy of Sitwell

There are a variety of Pre Manufactured Small Ramps that are sold in South Africa which are manufactured out of rubber or metal and include small thresh hold Ramps to get you over that half a step, as well as slightly longer Ramps to get you over a full step or two. These ramps are available to purchase from various companies in South Africa, including Prima Care, Pro Mobility, Ability Assist, Mobility Aids, Sitwell and Simplify Wheelchair Seating and include products such as:

Rubber Threshold Ramps: Threshold ramps are products that allow for smooth transit between rooms or other areas, created with convenience in mind, they comprise of bevelled edges that allow ease of access from any direction and can be used to provide efficient wheelchair, or scooter, access between rooms with stairs or lips. Theres a wide range of threshold ramps at different heights to accommodate various areas. These threshold ramps are made of high-quality PVC or rubber that reduce the risk of sliding. These ramps are available in various depths from 2cm height 10cm height and can be purchased from companies such as Sitwell, please click on the link to find out more about these and other similar types of Ramps that are available, or to receive a quote.

Images Courtesy of Sitwell

Images Courtesy of Sitwell

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Mobility Patient Lifts And Elevators Promote Comfort

Mobility patient lifts and elevators are special tools that allow individuals who are disabled or have other mobility issues to move from place to place in safety and comfort. Here on eBay, you can find a wide variety of patient lifts and accessories. Whether you need special power, mounting, or sling options, the right patient mobility materials can give you the comfort that you deserve.

What are some common mobility lift types?

Here on eBay, you can find the major mobility lift types in new or used condition. These include sling lifts and stand from sitting lifts.

Sling lifts are specialized devices that use special crane-like components to supports slings that in turn carry people like you. Sling type lifts often include sturdy bases, durable masts, and high-leverage booms in their designs. These features allow slings lifts to comfortably carry and support you regardless of your size and weight range.

Stand from sit lifts are limited assistance devices that help individuals like you to move from a sitting to a standing position. Many types of stand from sit lifts include special belts and straps that attach to your upper body. These types of lifts can come in handy if you have some level of mobility but have difficulty standing or sitting.

What are some common lift power options?

Both sling type and stand from sit lifts get their power from various sources. These sources include electricity, hydraulic power, and manual force.

How are patient lifts mounted?

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