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How To Apply For Short Term Disability In Az

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How To Get Cobra

Applying for short or long term disability insurance benefits should not be done alone

Group health plans must give covered employees and their families a notice explaining their COBRA rights. Plans must have rules for how COBRA coverage is offered, how beneficiaries may choose to get it and when they can stop coverage. For more COBRA information, see COBRA Premium Subsidy. The page links to information about COBRA including:

Types Of Disability Policies

There are two types of disability policies.

  • Short-term policies may pay for up to two years. Most last for a few months to a year.

  • Long-term policies may pay benefits for a few years or until the disability ends.

Employers who offer coverage may provide short-term coverage, long-term coverage, or both.

If you plan to buy your own policy, shop around and ask:

  • How long do benefits last?

  • How much money will the policy pay?

Following Up On A Claim

Unum will contact your physician to request additional information.  If they don’t receive a timely response from your physician’s office, Unum may recommend that you contact your physician directly in order to expedite the request. Once your claim has been processed, you should call Unum directly with any questions you may have.  Note that if your disability needs to be extended past the initial approval date, it is your responsibility to contact Unum and let them know that your status may need to be extended.

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Psprs Dc Plan And Eodcrs Members

For those enrolled in a Defined Contribution Plan

The Town of Marana participates in the Long Term Disability plan with the Public Safety Retirement System defined contribution plans.  Benefits are offered through Nationwide   


All Tier 3 Police Officers who have elected the defined contribution plan and Elected Officials newly appointed after 1/1/2014 who are enrolled in the defined contribution plan. 

Monthly Income Benefit: 

Please refer to your local board contact for additional information or contact PSPRS: for additional information.

Elimination Period: 

Please refer to your local board contact for additional information or contact PSPRS: for additional information.

What If Youre Still Not Ready To Go Back To Work

Short Term Disability Application Form

If youre on short-term disability, your benefits will end when your predetermined time period is over or when you return to workwhichever comes first. But what if youve already maxed out your short-term disability benefits and you still cant head back into the office?

Lets return to our example of missing out on work for major back surgery. Your doctor determined that youd need six months to fully recover, and your short-term disability plan approved you for that amount of time.

However, you had some pretty significant complications with your surgery and your recovery. As the end of those six months draw near, its evident that you arent physically capable of sitting at a desk for eight hours each daythis is a problem that will plague you for a lot longer, perhaps even permanently. Now what? Are you just out of luck?

If you have long-term disability benefits, it should be straightforward enough to transition into those benefits if you meet the new definition of disability for your long-term plan. The definition for disability under a long-term plan is typically subtly different than the definition for short-term disability.

Some insurers require new paperwork from the claimant and new medical records before they will begin paying a long-term disability benefit, says McDonald.

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When To Sign Up

The sooner you sign up for disability income insurance, the better. With employer-sponsored plans, you should sign up during your pre-enrollment period, also called the initial enrollment period. With other group policies, you may have to be a member of the group for a period of time before you can enroll in the plan. Once you become eligible to enroll, sign up as quickly as you can to avoid exclusionary periods or the exclusion of specific conditions.

Some employers will only offer disability income insurance policies after you have worked for them for a set period of time, called a service wait or a minimum service requirement . Some policies also pay higher benefits for people who have worked for longer periods.

Service waits are also common for group plans that are offered by unions and other organizations. Your eligibility to enroll may depend on how long you have been a member of the group.

If you are interested in purchasing an individual policy, you should apply as young as possible. Young people pay lower premiums and if you purchase disability income insurance at a young age, you may be able to get a noncancelable policy, which means that your coverage cant be canceled. You also may be able to get a policy where your premiums cant be raised as long as you pay your premiums on time.

If you have a dispute with a disability income insurance provider, you can file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance. You can file a complaint if you:

Apply For Benefits Online

You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. Follow these easy steps to apply online for disability:

  • To start your application, go to our Apply for Benefits page, and read and agree to the Terms of Service. Click Next.
  • On that page, review the Getting Ready section to make sure you have the information you need to apply.
  • Select Start A New Application.
  • We will ask a few questions about who is filling out the application.
  • You will then sign into your mySocial Security account, or you will be prompted to create one.
  • Complete the application.

You can use the online application to apply for disability benefits if you:

  • Are age 18 or older.
  • Are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record.
  • Are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death; and
  • Have not been denied for disability in the last 60 days.
  • Note: If your application was recently denied, our application is a starting point to request a review of the determination we made.

You may be able to file online for SSI at the same time that you file for SSDI benefits. Once you complete the online process above, a Social Security representative will contact you if we need additional information.

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The Disability Application Process

Whether you apply online, by phone, or in person, the disability benefits application process follows these general steps:

  • You gather the information and documents you need to apply. We recommend you print and review the . It will help you gather the information you need to complete the application.
  • You complete and submit your application.
  • We review your application to make sure you meet some for disability benefits.
  • We check whether you worked enough years to qualify.
  • We evaluate any current work activities.
  • We process your application and forward your case to the Disability Determination Services office in your state.
  • This State agency makes the disability determination decision.

To learn more about who decides if you are disabled, read our publication .

Once You’ve Applied

Once we receive your application, well review it and contact you if we have questions. We might request additional documents from you before we can proceed

Look For Our Response

Youll receive a letter in the mail with our decision. If you included information about other family members when you applied, well let you know if they may be able to receive benefits on your record.

Check The Status

You can check the status of your application online using your personal mySocial Security account. If you are unable to check your status online, you can call us 1-800-772-1213 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Appeal A Decision

  • Reconsideration.

Apply Online For Disability Benefits

Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability and Social Security Disability

Social Security offers an online disability application you can complete at your convenience. Apply from the comfort of your home or any location at a time most convenient for you. You do not need to drive to your local Social Security office or wait for an appointment with a Social Security representative.

You can use the online application to apply for disability benefits if you:

  • Are age 18 or older;
  • Are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record;
  • Are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death: and
  • Have not been denied disability benefits in the last 60 days. If your application was recently denied for medical reasons, the Internet Appeal is a starting point to request a review of the medical determination we made.

We suggest that you have the following information at hand. It will make completing the application much easier.

Information About You

Information About Your Medical Condition

Information About Your Work

We may ask you to provide documents to show that you are eligible, such as:


We accept photocopies of W-2 forms, self-employment tax returns or medical documents, but we must see the original of most other documents, such as your birth certificate.

Mailing Your Documents

After we receive your online application, we will:

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Arizona No Longer Offers A State Supplement To The Federal Ssi Disability Payment Administered By Social Security

By Melissa Linebaugh, Contributing Author

Filing for Social Security disability in Arizona is the same as in other states, since Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income are federal programs, but Arizona differs in how long a claim takes to be decided, how many disability claims are approved, and how appeals are processed. We discuss these differences in this article along with contact information for the various disability-related offices in Arizona.

Short Term Disability Vs Long Term Disability

The main differences between short term and long term disability insurance are:

  • The injuries and illnesses they cover.
  • How long you can receive disability benefits.
  • How long you have to wait following a disabling event to receive compensation.
Coverage Comparison
1, 7, 14, 30 days30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days

You shouldn’t skip long term disability insurance coverage in lieu of having just a short-term policy. Short term coverage will not be adequate in the event you suffer a serious injury or illness. Without long term coverage, you could find yourself without any kind of income after just a few months.

The best strategy is to buy an individual long term disability insurance policy; then supplement it with any short term and/or long term group plans your employer may offer. By combining different types of coverage, you can protect your income against just about any type of injury or illness that would affect your ability to earn an income.

Learn More:Short Term vs. Long Term Disability

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How Much Does Az Disability Pay

The Social Security Administration awards SSI benefits based on its belief that the cost of basic needs is the same for people in similar circumstances, regardless of where a person lives. This monthly rate is called a Federal Benefit Rate .

Every year, the government adjusts the FBR to account for a rise in the cost of living over time. This rate is the highest amount a person can receive. Your benefit may be lower, depending on your situation.

Social Security Disability Insurance is calculated in a different way. Your maximum eligible benefit is based on how long you have worked and how much you have paid into Social Security through payroll taxes. The Social Security Administration uses a complex formula to determine your monthly benefits. This amount can be modified if you have other disability benefits or income.

Whats It Like To Return To Work After Short

Disability insurance claim form â Schiffman Law Office

As the above answer illustrates, depending on your disability, different logistical elements obviously need to be sorted out upon your return.

But thats not the only factor at play heretheres also an emotional and relational element involved when you return to the office after an extended amount of time off.

Most of it was just emotional and mental fatigue after having spent four months not really on a computer every day or using my brain in that kind of way, says Tiernan.

There was the expectation that I was going to be able to jump back in right away, she adds. Looking back, I appreciate that now because I dont think I wouldve been able to transition as well as I had if it had been slow.

In addition, companies arent stagnant and there are likely some larger changes that will happen while youre out on your leaveincluding employees leaving and new team members being added. There were shifts that occurred during my time gone, so I needed to readjust to the changes that had happened, Tiernan adds.

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Where Do I Apply For Disability Benefits In Arizona

There are three ways to apply for disability regardless of where you live: online, in person at an Arizona field office, and by telephone.

Online applications. Online applications are available for SSDI claimants only . To apply online for SSDI, visit

Applications by telephone. You can apply for disability benefits by phone at 800-772-1213 . If you are deaf or hearing impaired, call 800-325-0778.

Local field offices. You can contact information for the Arizona Social Security field offices below. Before you go, you should call Social Security to schedule an appointment at the field office.

After you submit your application, it is sent to Disability Determination Services , a state agency run by the Arizona Department of Economic Security . DDS decides whether you are medically disabled or not.

Is Your Job Protected While You Take Short

Unlike a leave of absence you might take under the Family and Medical Leave Act , short-term disability doesnt offer any direct job protection. Many people are surprised to hear that you can legally be fired from your job while on leave, and you also arent entitled to the exact same position when you return.

However, the Americans With Disabilities Act protects people who meet the ADAs definition of disability, and makes it far more challenging for companies who are covered by ADA to fire an employee due to their disability.

Before terminating an employee, the company must first determine whether or not there are any accommodations they could make that would allow the employee to adequately do their job.

The company must work with the employee to try several variations of accommodations in an effort to find something that works. If theres no reasonable way to enable that person to fulfill the essential responsibilities of their position, only then can the employer explore termination of the employee.

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Disability Advocacy Resources In Arizona

Assistance and advocacy for Arizonans with disabilities are available through:

Arizona Center for Disability Law177 North Church Ave., Suite 800Tucson, AZ 85701520-327-9547 Voice/TTY800-922-1447 Voice/TTY

While the Center for Disability Law will not represent you in getting disability benefits from Social Security, you can use our lawyer directory to arrange a consultation with a disability lawyer in Arizona.

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    What Is A Disability

    U.S. Short-Term Disability Insurance Laws : Legal Lessons

    In the United States, only a small percentage of the population has enough savings to cover living expenses after a disabling illness or injury. As an employment incentive, many employers will offer short- and long-term disability benefits as a part of your employment package. Your employer may cover all or part of your premiums, and the insurance is designed to cover a percentage of your earnings if a disability prevents you from working. To claim your individual or group disability benefits, you must prove you have a qualifying disability under the terms and limitations of your specific plan.

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    Health Resources For People With Disabilities

    Federal, state, and local government agencies and programs can help with your health needs if you have a disability. 

    Visit USA.govs Government Benefits page to learn more about government programs and services that can help you and your family.

    Arizona’s Role In Awarding Ssdi And Ssi

    After Social Security reviews your disability application for financial eligibility for SSDI or SSI, the agency sends it to Arizona’s Disability Determination Services , a state agency run by the Arizona Department of Economic Security . DDS decides whether you are medically eligible for SSDI or SSI. The Arizona DDS approved just 28% of initial disability applications over the past year.

    There are two DDS locations in Arizona:

    Phoenix DDS4000 North Central Ave., Ste. 1800Phoenix, AZ 85012

    4710 South Palo Verde RdTucson, AZ 85714 362-6368

    In Arizona, if DDS finds that you are disabled and approves you for SSI, you are automatically approved for Medicaid as well.

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    Is Short Term Disability Insurance Worth It

    Most advisers will tell you not to buy a personal short term disability policy. In many cases, it may be just as expensive as long term coverage, but will only offer benefits for a much shorter period of time. A wise alternative to buying temporary disability coverage is setting aside an emergency fund to have in the event you miss work for a few months.

    Individuals with pre-existing conditions are also advised not to buy short term disability insurance. In most cases, they would not even qualify for coverage. And those who can get a policy will have a longer waiting period to receive benefits, perhaps 12 months or more. As if that’s not enough reason to steer clear, most short term policies will not provide benefits if your disability is related to your pre-existing condition.

    If you can get short term disability insurance from your employer or another group at a reduced cost or no cost at all, do not hesitate to take advantage. Even if you have this as an option though, you should also save money in an emergency fund. Thatâs because most short term disability policies will only pay a fraction of your income in benefits. You may need to rely on a savings account to bridge that gap and avoid going into debt.

    Jack Wolstenholm is the head of content at Breeze.

    How Much Time Off Do You Get With Short

    Kerala Disability Scholarship Scheme 2021 Application Form ...

    While I might sound like a broken record, a concern like, How long is short-term disability? is another aspect that can vary depending on your own plan.

    By definition, its short-term, but it can range in duration. Ive seen be as short as 30 days and as long as one year, Bartolic says, pointing to the maximum covered benefit periods hes seen in his own practice. It depends on the overall structure of the disability benefits through the employer.

    Your time off also depends on your specific health problem. The medical field has guidelines as to how long recovery should take, explains Bartolic. That provides a roadmap for your employer or plan provider to establish a reasonable amount of time for you to be out of work.

    What if things are really serious and youre not looking at a few weeks or even months away from the jobbut much longer? That would fall under a long-term disability benefit, if your employer offers such a thing.

    As the names imply, short-term disability is used to cover injuries or illnesses that persist for a shorter amount of time . In contrast, long-term disability comes into play for any issues that will take you out of work for longer than that.

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    Arizona Maternity & Paternity Leave

    Maternity and paternity leave in Arizona is a hit or miss experience.

    About half of parents qualify for FMLA, which means they can take off 12 weeks and return to the same or similar job at the same pay scale. The other half have no legal safeguards at all and must rely on the policies established by their employer.

    However, most of this time off from work is unpaid.

    FMLA does not require income continuation, and most employers do not offer this benefit. Also, AZ does not provide paid family leave like its neighbor to the west. However, the paid sick leave law helps a little but caps the number of hours at 40 or 1 week out of 12.

    What Does Short Term Disability Insurance Cover

    Short term disability insurance covers temporary injuries and illnesses that are less serious in nature. Like long term coverage, what qualifies for short term disability depends on the definition of disability, which varies from policy to policy. In general, eligibility for benefits is tied to your ability to perform the duties of your current occupation.

    Your short term disability insurance policy may also require that you lose a certain percentage of earnings due to disability. During your short term disability leave, you may be required to provide the insurance company with updated medical information to verify your disability and continued eligibility for benefits beyond the initial approval of your claim.

    In addition to injuries and illnesses that limit your ability to work, surgical procedures that are deemed medically necessary will qualify you for short term disability benefits. Some policies will provide benefits for bariatric weight-loss surgeries. Organ donation is usually covered as well. Purely cosmetic procedures will likely not be covered.

    You may also qualify for benefits if prescription medications or medical procedures cause side effects that keep you from working.

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    Health Coverage For People With Disabilities

    If you have a disability, you have three options for health coverage through the government. 

    • Medicaid provides free or low-cost medical benefits to people with disabilities. Learn about eligibility and how to apply

    • Medicare provides medical health insurance to people under 65 with certain disabilities and any age with end-stage renal disease . Learn about eligibility, how to apply and coverage.

    • Affordable Care Act Marketplace offers options to people who have a disability, dont qualify for disability benefits, and need health coverage. Learn about the .

    How To Apply For Short Term Disability Benefits

    How does Short Term Disability Work?

    This article was co-authored by Clinton M. Sandvick, JD, PhD. Clinton M. Sandvick worked as a civil litigator in California for over 7 years. He received his JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998 and his PhD in American History from the University of Oregon in 2013.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 67,529 times.

    Sort-term disability benefits are offered by private insurers. As of 2015, there is no federal short-term disability program. Some employers may offer temporary disability as a benefit, and in a few states employers are required to provide this benefit. In order to apply, you need to submit an application to your employer or to the insurance carrier directly. Then, when the need arises, you file a claim.

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