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Disabled Veterans Benefits In Texas

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Enroll And Manage Your Account Online

Texas State Veteran Benefits

The Texas ABLE Program is an online program which means you can enroll and manage your Account online. Online enrollment is quick and easy at The minimum initial contribution to open an Account is $50, and there is a minimum of $25 for subsequent contributions.

After establishing an Account, you can access and manage it online.

There is no brick and mortar location for ABLE programs. Enrollment and account activity are administered fully online at

Can I Rollover Funds From A 529 College Savings Plan To A Texas Able Program Account

Yes. Effective for distributions after December 22, 2017, and before January 1, 2026, amounts in a 529 account may be rolled over to an ABLE account of the 529 accounts designated beneficiary or a member of the family of the 529 accounts designated beneficiary. Such rollover amounts would count toward the Annual Contribution Limit. The amount that may be rolled over may not exceed the Annual Contribution Limit . To qualify as a rollover, it must be paid to a Texas ABLE Program Account within 60 days after the date of the withdrawal. In the case of a rollover to the designated beneficiarys Texas ABLE Program Account, only one rollover is allowed within 12 months of a previous rollover to the Account for that designated beneficiary. Please see the offering document from your 529 account administrator for information regarding the tax consequences of Rollovers out of your 529 account.

How To Apply For A Property Tax Exemption As A Disabled Veteran

In order to apply for a property tax exemption as a 100% rated disabled military vet, youll require three important documents:

  • A VA disability letter proving a 100% disability rating according to the VA
  • Form 50-114 , completed and notarized
  • A copy of your ID with an address that matches the residence seeking property tax exemption

If your disabled status is between 10% and 99% according to the VA, you can apply for two different types of exemptions: the Residence Homestead Exemption and the Disabled Veteran Partial Exemption.

Forms 50-114 and 50-135 are required in order to apply for both of these exemptions, as well as your VA proof of disability letter and a copy of your ID with an address matching the property seeking exemption. In order to receive an exemption during the current tax year, applications need to be submitted between January 1 and April 30. Otherwise, they will be applied to the following tax year.

The deadline to apply for a disabled veteran exemption is looser than for other exemptions. While the deadline is normally April 30, you may file for total exemption up to five years after the taxes have gone delinquent. If you become qualified for the exemption mid-year, you may receive the exemption immediately for the applicable part of that tax year.

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How Tax Exemptions Benefit Disabled Veterans And Others In Texas

Property taxes can be a significant consideration for current and potential Texas homeowners. Though property taxes go to good use in Texas through community improvement, tax exemptions for former service members provide relief for those whose service has caused them potential financial stress. Veterans in Texas should collaborate with their appraisal district and the VA to ensure that they receive the financial relief theyve earned.

Ready to live your best life in Texas? at to contact an experienced local real estate agent who can help you discover the Texas home of your dreams.

What Happens If My Texas Able Program Account Is Flagged For Identity Verification

Louisville &  Jeffersonville Veterans Disability Lawyers

You will be asked to submit additional documentation to verify your identity and if you are an Authorized Legal Representative, you may be asked to submit proof of your legal authority to establish an Account for the Designated Beneficiary. You will be unable to perform financial transactions unless all requested documents are submitted in good order in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in suspension or closure of the Account.

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Who Can Open The Account

An Eligible Individual who is at least 18 years of age can open and manage his or her own Account. If the Eligible Individual is under the age of 18 or is not able to exercise signature authority over an Account, or chooses to establish an Account but not exercise signature authority, an Authorized Legal Representative may act on his or her behalf with respect to opening and managing the Account. The Authorized Legal Representative must be a parent, legal guardian, or other fiduciary for the Designated Beneficiary) authorized by law to act on behalf of the Eligible Individual.

See the FAQs for more information about establishing an account as an Authorized Legal Representative. For information on how to request a change of Authorized Legal Representative, see the FAQ Can I change my Authorized Legal Representative? below.

Pension Benefits For Veterans In Texas

Federal VA pension programs are available to low-income servicemembers and their families. These veterans pension programs include survivors and veterans benefits, Aid and Attendance and Housebound payments.

To apply for VA pension benefits in Texas, claimants must complete an Application for Pension , or Form 21P-534EZ to apply as a surviving spouse.

To enroll in Housebound veterans pension benefits or to receive A& A benefits, claimants must submit medical evidence to the following address:

Department of Veterans AffairsClaims Intake CenterAttn: St. Paul Pension CenterP.O. Box 5365Janesville, WI 53547-536

While the TVC does not grant funds directly to financially-needy servicemembers, many other local organizations do offer financial assistance to veterans and their families. Several of these organizations include the Alamo Area Council of Governments, Center Point, the Citizens Development Center and Meals on Wheels.

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Important Benefits And Services For Texas Veterans

  • Education Benefits
  • Texas Veterans Portal
  • State Programs for Texas Veterans
  • The care and advocacy for veterans is extremely important to the people and the leadership of the state of Texas. This commitment is brought to life through the states extensive programs and services offered to Texas veterans.

    Texas proudly leads the country in the way they treat their veterans. The state makes sure every Texas veteran is cared for, has access to the benefits theyve earned, and has a voice when it comes to advocacy and legislation that help improve quality of life for all veterans.

    Who Can Open A Texas Able Program Account

    The BEST VETERAN Benefits in Texas 2022 | Moving to Texas

    An Eligible Individual who is at least 18 years old can open his or her own Account. If the Eligible Individual is under the age of 18, is not able to manage his or her Account, or prefers to have assistance managing the Account, an Authorized Legal Representative may act on his or her behalf. The ALR must be a parent, legal guardian, or other fiduciary for the Designated Beneficiary) authorized by law to act on behalf of the Eligible Individual. An ALR may be requested to provide copies of the legal documents to the Program for review to verify the ALRs legal authority to establish an Account for a Designated Beneficiary. A Social Security Representative Payee is not a fiduciary authorized to open a Texas ABLE Program Account on behalf of a Designated Beneficiary. See the FAQ that follows regarding Representative Payees.

    Once an Eligible Individual opens an Account, or an ALR opens an Account on an Eligible Individuals behalf, the Eligible Individual is referred to as the Designated Beneficiary of the Account.

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    Va Guaranteed Home Loans

    The Department of Veterans Affairs offers home loan guarantees for eligible veterans that may result in lower interest rates and loan origination and closing costs. The veteran is required to submit a “Certificate of Eligibility” issued by the DVA to the lending institution to verify eligibility for the loan guarantee. Applications for Certificates of Eligibility may be picked up at our office or obtained from the local DVA Benefits Office at 5788 Eckhert Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240. For additional information you may call the toll free DVA number, 1-888-232-2571. For a complete discussion and information on the VA Home Loan program, you may also visit the DVA Home Loan Guaranty Services web site at .

    Texas Veterans Employment Benefits

    Veterans Employment Preference

    Those employers who have established a policy for providing an employment preference to veterans when making hiring decisions will be put on a list of private employers in Texas that have such a policy for veterans. That way, veterans can be connected with these veteran-friendly employers.

    Texas State Employment Veterans Hiring Preference

    According to Texas state law, state agencies must practice veterans preference until they have reached 20% veteran employment. Those who qualify for veterans employment preference are entitled to a preference in employment with an appointment to a public entity or for a public work of the state over other applicants that do not have a greater qualification.

    If the position requires a competitive examination under a merit system or civil service plan for selecting or promoting employees, then those who are entitled to a veterans employment preference, who are also qualified for the position and who has received at least the minimum required score for the test, will be able to have 10 points added to their score. Those with an established service-connected disability are entitled to have a service credit of five additional points added to their score.

    Texas State Retirement Military Service Credit

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    Special Policy For Residents Of Harris County:

    Residence Homestead: “Residence homestead” means a structure or a separately secured and occupied portion of a structure that: is owned by one or more individuals, either directly or through a beneficial interest in a qualifying trust is designed or adapted for human residence is used as a residence and is occupied as the individual’s principal residence by an owner, by an owner’s surviving spouse who has a life estate in the property, or, for property owned through a beneficial interest in a qualifying trust, by a trustor or beneficiary of the trust who qualifies for the exemption.

    10-90% Disabled veterans that are over 65 may apply for three exemptions:

    A disabled veteran may also qualify for an exemption of $12,000 of the assessed value of the property if the veteran is age 65 or older with a disability rating of at least 10 percent totally blind in one or both eyes or has lost use of one or more limbs.

    May I file for a disabled veteran’s exemption after the deadline has passed?Yes. The deadline for filing for a disabled veteran’s exemption is between January 1 and April 30 of the tax year. However, you may file for a disabled veteran’s exemption up to one year from the delinquency date. To file for a disabled veteran’s exemption, you must complete the Application for Disabled Veteran’s or Survivor’s Exemptions form and submit it to the appraisal district in which the property is located.

    Va Claims And Counseling

    Department of Veterans Affairs eBenefits Summary Letter with Character ...

    The VA Claims and Counseling program in Texas serves veterans, their dependents, and survivors with issues related to disability benefits and compensation. As a subset of the Texas Veterans Commission, this is the specific state agency designated to represent Texas veterans before the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

    The program helps Texas veterans in each of the following areas:

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    Is There A Minimum Amount Of Money I Must Keep In My Texas Able Program Account

    If an Account has a zero balance for 90 days or more, it may be closed by the Program. The $3.50 per month account maintenance fee will continue to accrue until the Account is closed. If the Account owner wishes to reinstate a zero-balance Account that has been closed by the Program, the Designated Beneficiary or the Authorized Legal Representative must complete an online reinstatement process.

    Texas Veterans Dmv Benefits

    Free Drivers License for Texas Disabled Veterans

    Disabled Veterans in Texas with at least a 60% VA disability rating and an honorable discharge can get a Texas drivers license or ID card for free.

    Free Hunting and Fishing License for Texas Veterans

    Disabled Veterans in Texas with an honorable discharge and a 50% or greater VA disability rating, or who have suffered the loss of use of a foot or leg as a result of service, can get a free Super Combo Hunting and Fishing License each year.

    The Super Combo Hunting and All-Water Fishing Package is available at no cost for Texas Disabled Veterans.

    The Super Combo License Package includes:

    • Resident hunting license
    • Federal Duck Stamp is NOT included, but is required for waterfowl hunting

    Texas Veterans State Park Admissions

    The Disabled Veterans passport allows free entry to Texas state parks for Texas Disabled Veterans with a 60% or more service-connected disability or loss of lower extremity.

    One additional person may assist the pass holder at a reduced rate of 50% of the standard entry fee.

    Present valid identification AND at least one of the following to get your passport:

    • Disabled Veterans of Texas license plate receipt
    • Veterans VA Disability Summary Award Verification Letter
    • Tax exemption letter for Texas veterans

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    Are Contributions Made To A Texas Able Program Account Considered Income For The Designated Beneficiary

    Contributions from the Authorized Legal Representative, family, friends, or another third party are not considered income to the Designated Beneficiary when determining eligibility for federal disability benefits.

    Contributions to an Account from the income of the Designated Beneficiary are still considered countable income of the individual. The fact that a person uses his or her income to contribute to an Account does not mean that income is not countable for SSI purposes.

    Can I Change My Authorized Legal Representative

    Hidden VA Benefits for Florida & Texas Residents

    Yes. There can only be one Authorized Legal Representative on the Account at any time, but you can request a change of the Authorized Legal Representative by contacting the Program directly at 1-844-489-2253 or sending an email to . The Program will require documentation necessary to support the change and reserves the right to not allow withdrawals from the account for up to fifteen business days following the change of Authorized Legal Representative.

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    Veterans Home Improvement Program

    The VLB offers home improvement loans up to $50,000 for a maximum 20 year payoff or a 10 year payoff for loans of $7,500 – $10,000. Veterans with a VA service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater qualify for a discounted interest rate.

    The loans may be used for alterations, repairs and improvements to the veteran’s home. The improvements must substantially protect or improve the basic livability or utility of the property.

    Help From The Texas Veterans Commission

    This state agency offers many services for veterans. Their employment help for vets includes one-on-one job coaching, interview skills, and resume development according to the official site. The site includes news and application information for the Hazelwood Act, which offers 150 hours of tuition waivers for public colleges and universities in Texas.

    There are indirect benefits, too. The Texas Veterans Commission offers general assistance grants to agencies dedicated to helping veterans. Similar grants are available to approved agencies for mental health, treatment court grants, and the Housing For Texas Heroes program.

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    Texas Disabled Veteran Home Loans

    Texas Disabled Veteran Home Loans

    The Veterans Land Board, Veterans Land LoanProgram is the only one of its kind in the nation, giving Texas Veterans andMilitary Members the opportunity to borrow up to $150,000 to purchase land atcompetitive interest rates while typically requiring a minimum five percentdown payment for tracts of one acre or more.

    The program is easy touse and offers Texas Veterans and Military Members exclusive financing towardsthe purchase of their own piece of Texas.

    The bonds used to fundthe program are retired from loan repayments and the cost of administering theprogram is financed through a small fee charged on each loan.

    Texas Disabled Veteran Land Loans Financing

    The current Land Loansinterest ratefor Texas Disabled Veterans is 7.25%.

    VLB provides financing on tracts up to $150,000 with a minimum 5%down payment and a fixed-rate 30-year loan term.

    The 5% down payment is subject to credit approval.

    A $325 appraisal and contract service fee are due at the time ofapplication.

    There is no pre-payment penalty.

    Ifyou have not already identified the land you wish to purchase, consider thefollowing options:

    • Visit a property search website that lists land for sale in Texas

    Once a Veteran, or his orher successor, has successfully paid off a VLB land loan s/he may apply foranother VLB land loan.

    The same applies to our home and home improvement loan programs.

    Course Credit For Military Service

    Disabled Veterans Benefits

    An institution of higher education will award to an undergraduate student course credit for all physical education courses required by the institution for an undergraduate degree and for additional semester credit hours that can be applied to satisfy any elective course requirements for the student’s degree program for courses outside the student’s major or minor if the student:

    • graduated from a public or private high school accredited by a generally recognized accrediting organization or from a high school operated by the United States Department of Defense and
    • is an honorably discharged former member of the armed forces of the United States who:
    • completed at least two years of service in the armed forces or
    • was discharged because of a disability.
  • An institution of higher education may award additional course credit for a student’s military service as the institution considers appropriate.
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    Texas Disabled Veteran Benefits Financial Assistance

    Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Texas

    Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Texas

    Property taxes in Texas are locally assessed and administered by each county.

    Disabled Veterans in Texas with a 10% to 90% VA disability rating can get a reduction of their homes assessed value from $5,000 to $12,000 depending on disability percentage.

    Surviving spouses also qualify. Disabled Veterans are required to apply for residence homesteads owned by veterans or surviving family each year.

    The deadline for filing for a disabled veterans exemption is between January 1 and April 30 of the tax year.

    However, you may file for a disabled veterans exemption up to one year from the delinquency date.

    To file for a disabled veterans exemption, you must complete the Application for Disabled Veterans or Survivors Exemptions form and submit it to the appraisal district in which the property is located.

    The table below lists the exemption by VA disability rating.

    Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Texas Quick Calculator

    $12,000 from the propertys value

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