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Can You Still Work If You Collect Disability

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Social Security Disability Insurance

Can you work if you receive SSI disability payments?

Social Security Disability Insurance is for people who qualify as disabled and have paid enough Social Security taxes through past employment to reap additional benefits.

SSDI recipients are also allowed to work, and the rules are more lax because they have paid taxes into the system for much longer.

This program isnt for low-income people, per se. But there are monthly limits on how much income someone can earn from a job: $1,260 a month or $2,110 for blind workers. Income and assets outside work earnings are unlimited.

The benefits for the SSI folks are different because they didnt pay into the system, says Paula Vieillet, CEO of My Employment Options, a national employment network and advising company for people on Social Security assistance.

Adding On The State Supplement

While the federal benefit rate is the same throughout the United States, many states add a state supplemental payment onto the federal benefit. The payment varies from $10 to $400, depending on the state. Even within your own state, the supplementary payment can vary depending on whether you are married or single and what your living arrangement is. For instance, in 2021, California adds an extra $160 to the monthly SSI payment for most people living independently with cooking facilities and $247 to those living independently without cooking facilities.

Some states pay the supplement only to those living in nursing homes. For example, Texas pays a $60 supplement to those living in a nursing home, and pays nothing to others. Similarly, Georgia pays an extra $20 to those living in nursing homes, and nothing to others. Maine pays only $10 extra, both to those living independently and those living in nursing homes.

A few states dont pay a supplement at all, including Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

For more information, see our article on the state supplementary payment.

Can You Work And Still Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

Those who receive Social Security disability benefits can still receive these payments and seek employment through the Ticket to Work program.

When those in Missouri experience a serious impairment, they often rely on Social Security disability benefits to meet their basic needs. After receiving disability benefits, however, many recipients desire to establish their financial independence by going back to work. The Social Security Administration makes this possible through their Ticket to Work program.

The purpose of the Ticket to Work program

Adults between the ages of 18 to 64 who receive disability benefits are eligible to participate in the Ticket to Work program. Through this program, disability benefit recipients gain access to services and support designed to help them earn more money and move back into the workforce. While what type of training and support recipients can gain varies, the primary goal of this program is to help those receiving benefits become financially independent.

Incentives to participate

Besides moving towards greater financial independence, there are many reasons why disability benefit recipients might want to participate in the Ticket to Work program. These benefits can include the following:

Additionally, if benefit recipients decide that they cannot continue working because of their medical condition, they can restart their benefits once more. In some cases, a new application may not be needed.

The trial period and what it entails

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Can I Work & Receive Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must comply with strict rules regarding your employment. Generally speaking, you cannot work while receivingSocial Security Disabilitybut there are some exceptions.

As of 2020, you can earn up to $1,260 per month and still receiveSSDI benefits.

There is no limit to unearned income, such as your spouses earnings, inheritances, gifts, etc. associated with SSDI. Understanding your options and your rights can help you avoid a mistake that could cost you your benefits. Since 1922,Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC has served the hard-working people of Pennsylvania, fighting for the fair treatment and benefits they deserve when they are disabled and cannot work. Federal and state benefit programs are in place to help those who cannot support themselves, andour attorneys believe in upholding the principles upon whichSSDI and SSI were founded.

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Why Ssdi Requires Work Credits

Can You Work and Still Receive Disability Benefits?

As the acronym indicates, SSDI is an insurance program. You pay the premiums of this program through the Social Security deductions that your boss takes out of your paycheck and sends to the government on your behalf. That money helps to fund the monthly Social Security disability and retirement checks that people receive.

On the other hand, the source of funding for SSI benefits is general revenues, like income taxes and additional money that the government collects. Because SSI does not use payroll deductions for Social Security taxes as its source of funding, you do not have to pay into the system and accumulate work credits to be eligible for these benefits.

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What To Do Before Deciding To Return To Work

If youre considering working while on long-term disability, be careful to review your policy with an experienced attorney. Your attorney should help you fully understand whether it is an own occ or any occ policy, and the implications of both. This will help you benefit from both continued disability checks and participation in meaningful work.

Extended Period Of Eligibility

Once your trial work period is over, you can still receive disability benefits for any month in which your earnings fall below the SGA threshold. This extended period of eligibility lasts 36 months and offers additional protection in the event that youre unable to work consistently as a result of your condition. Furthermore, if your Social Security disability payments do stop because your income exceeds the SGA limit, you still have five years to get those benefits reinstated.

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More Information On How To Request A Review Of The Decision

There are 3 ways you can make your request for reconsideration:

  • prepare and submit a written request to review the decision and include:
    • your name
    • your Social Insurance Number or Client Identification Number
    • a detailed explanation of why you do not agree with the decision
    • any new information that could affect the decision
    • your signature and the date

    If you complete your request on paper

    Sign and date your written request and submit it:

  • electronically by signing into My Service Canada account, or
  • in person at a Service Canada office
  • Reconsiderations can take several months to complete, depending on the case. Service Canada will review your application and any new information you submit in support of your request and send you a decision by mail.

    Contact Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick For Help

    Can I Work And Collect Disability Insurance Benefits?

    If you wish to try and return to work while still receiving long-term disability benefits, it may be beneficial to seek the help of an LTD attorney. Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick attorneys have experience handling such cases and can evaluate your policy to ensure you are proceeding within the bounds of your plan. If you are appealing a loss of benefits, our team can help you fight back. Our lawyers have over 33 years of combined experience working with long-term disability law and are available to assist you with your case as you try to return to work. You can contact our team for a complimentary consultation at 800-544-9144 or by reaching out online.

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    Can You Do Any Other Type Of Work

    If you cant do the work you did in the past, we look to see if there is other work you could do despite your medical impairment.

    We consider your medical conditions, age, education, past work experience, and any transferable skills you may have. If you cant do other work, well decide you are disabled. If you can do other work, well decide that you dont have a qualifying disability and your claim will be denied.

    Talk To A Social Security Disability Lawyer For Free Today

    Many disabled individuals struggle to get the SSDI benefits they deserve. If you are worried about losing benefits or not qualifying, talk to John Foy & Associates. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to help you with your SSDI case.

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    Comparison Of Federal Vs State Vs Private Disability Benefits

    The inability to work can create personal financial hardship. There are many different programs that can work as financial safety nets if your diagnosis makes it difficult to maintain employment.

    Social Security Disability is a federal program administered by the Social Security Administration that provides benefits to people limited by total disability. Disability has two programs within it- SSI and SSDI. SSI is a program designed to assist low-income individuals who may have never worked, or who havent worked enough to earn sufficient work credits for SSDI. SSDI is funded by taxes, so only adults with a work history are eligible. To receive SSDI, your application must show that you can no longer work in your previous occupation, you cannot adjust to a new work environment, and your disability prevents you from being able to return to work for at least a year.

    An Overview Of Work Credit Requirements For Ssdi

    Can You Work While Receiving Social Security Disability ...

    The Social Security Administration says that you generally need at least 40 work credits over your lifetime to qualify for Social Security benefits at retirement. However, the number of credits required to qualify for SSDI varies by age. You do not want to assume that you lack the right amount of work credits based on the facts of another persons situation. We can use the following scenario to explain the work credit system.

    Suppose you worked with a 50-year-old man who became too ill to work because of Parkinsons disease, and he had only worked at a job that paid into Social Security for 5 years. You can earn up to 4 work credits a year. In this situation, your coworker would only have 20 work credits, and likely would not qualify for benefits.

    If you worked at the same place of employment for 5 years and became disabled, you might assume that you do not have enough work credit but that assumption could be incorrect. For example, if youre 35 years old, you would only need 20 work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits. Again, your age and how long and how recently you worked a job that paid into Social Security will determine how many work credits you need to apply for SSDI.

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    How Does Social Security Know If You Are Working

    The SSA is legally obligated to verify the details of your case from time to time.

    Additionally, once approved for disability, you are required to update the SSA, by mail, phone, or in person, of certain changes that may impact your disability claim.

    • If you work, no matter what you earn
    • If you receive other disability benefits
    • If youre offered services under the Ticket to Work program
    • If you move
    • If you change direct deposit accounts
    • If youre unable to manage your benefits
    • If you get a pension from work not covered by Social Security
    • If you get married or divorced
    • If you change your name
    • If you care for a child who receives benefits
    • If you become a parent after entitlement
    • If a child receiving benefits is adopted
    • If you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest
    • If youre convicted of a crime
    • If you violate a condition of parole or probation
    • If you leave the United States
    • If your citizenship status changes
    • If a beneficiary dies
    • If youre receiving Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits

    Special Rules For Workers Over Age 50 Who Apply For Disability Benefits

    According to the Social Security Administration, more than 25 percent of todays 20-year-olds will be put out of work by a disabling condition before reaching the age of 67. A disability becomes more likely as workers age and their bodies become less resistant to injury and illness.

    Fortunately, for qualifying disabled workers who have paid enough into the system, compensation may be available in the form of Social Security Disability benefits. As of June, 2013, the Social Security Administration reported that there were 8.9 million disabled workers receiving Social Security Disability at an average monthly benefit of $1,129. While a worker of any age can apply for benefits after suffering a disability, for older workers, special rules may make it easier to obtain Social Security Disability.

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    Litigating Your Right To Partial Disability Insurance Benefits

    Having an award-winning long-term individual disability attorney or ERISA lawyer fromDarrasLaw on your side during your return to work is critical, because many long-term individual and group disability insurers may try to terminate your benefits. Typically, youre considered disabled under your long-term disability plan if youre unable to perform the important duties of your occupation or in some cases, any occupation by which you are trained, educated or suited.

    During the period of disability, both your treating doctors and often improperly credentialed independent physicians hired by your insurance company will report on your ability to perform the essential tasks of your occupation. If you decide to return to work part-time, youre admitting youre able to perform at least some of your work functions some of the time. Accordingly, your long-term individual or group disability insurer may try to terminate your benefits if your medical records dont show why you cant work full-time or perform all of your occupations important duties. When you decide to return to part-time work and also claim disability insurance benefits, you must make it medically clear why you still cant return to work full-time.

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    Social Security Disability Income For People With Cancer

    Can you work and receive Social Security Disability benefits at the same time – pt1

    Social Security Disability Income is a federal disability insurance benefit earned by people who have worked and paid into Social Security. Its only available to people who have disabilities that keep them from working. If you have cancer, you may be able to have your SSDI application processed more quickly

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    Myth: Why Bother Ill Just Be Denied

    Not true for everyone, says William Jarrett, a spokesperson for the Social Security Administration. While Jarrett says standards are strict, and the process is rigorous, the SSA wants to be certain the person is truly disabled and unable to work. And the rejection rate is high, he says.

    The allowance rates for disability claims in fiscal year 2013, the most recent data available, was around 33 percent, he says. That means 33 percent of the applications received in fiscal year 2013 were approved.

    In my experience, people rarely get it the first time they apply, says Melissa Proudian, an attorney in Fresno, California, whose primary focus is on Social Security disability cases. But if youre denied the first time around, you can appeal.

    And if the administration determines that you have a true, severe disability, they pay out.

    Working Under An Own Occupation Policy

    Own Occupation LTD policies usually define disability as the inability to perform the substantial and essential duties of the occupation you had at the time your disability started. For example, a police officer who becomes unable to perform the physically demanding activities associated with that position could be found disabled under an Own Occupation policy, even if he/she is able work in a less physically demanding position.

    For those receiving LTD benefits under an Own Occupation policy, having part-time or even full-time work in a different job will usually not affect their entitlement to benefits. However, there may be a claw back of some of the benefits they receive or they may lose all of their benefits if their earnings reach a certain level.

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    Can You Get Social Security Disability If You Dont Have Enough Work Credits

    Home » Frequently Asked Questions » Can You Get Social Security Disability If You Dont Have Enough Work Credits?

    You cannot get Social Security Disability Insurance benefits on your own work record if you dont have enough work credits, but you might qualify for Supplemental Security Income payments. While the SSDI program requires applicants to meet a work credits requirement, the SSI program does not.

    If your application is approved for SSI benefits, you could receive monthly cash payments, Medicaid, and back pay dating from the month you originally applied. Our firm assists clients who are seeking disability benefits in Rutherfordton and other communities in North Carolina. We take calls day or night, so you do not have to wait to reach out for help.

    • An overview of work credit requirements for SSDI
    • How you earn work credits
    • Why SSDI requires work credits
  • How to qualify for SSI benefits
  • How a lawyer with our firm can help you apply for disability benefits
  • In Many Cases The Answer Is Yes

    Can You Work and Still Receive Permanent Total Disability ...

    , and originally published on May 16, 2016.

    Social Security isnt just for retirees its also designed to help people with disabilities stay afloat financially. As of 2017, nearly 9 million Americans received Social Security disability benefits. But as useful as those benefits might be, theyre often not enough to help recipients cover their living costs in full. If youre receiving Social Security disability benefits, theres good news in this regard: You can work and continue to collect your monthly Social Security payments as long as you meet certain criteria.

    To be considered eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you cannot engage in whats known as substantial gainful activity . The Social Security Administration defines substantial as earning more than a certain amount each month. For 2018, you can work and collect your disability benefits as long as your earnings dont exceed $1,180 per month, or $1,970 if youre blind . However, there are also exceptions to this rule.

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